all the feminism

twefs: we’re leftists! we’re rrradical!
twefs: *repeatedly side with anti lgbt right wing movements in order to take down mutual targets*
twefs: *openly push the trap narrative*
twefs: gender and sexuality are transhistorical biological facts. other societies are just too primitive to realize them/never existed at all and diamat just a cheap tactic to make male rape culture stronger.
twefs: homosexual
twefs: you support refugees? you disgusting male/clinton supporter
twefs: *slap stalins ugly antisemitic, revisionist face all over everything like a fed trying to fuck minisoc*
twefs: intersex people?? whats that
twefs: *readily convert to nazism*
twefs: *doxx and make sexual comments about trans minors*
twefs: white liberal feminist “issues”? no sweetie this is radical praxis!
twefs: *harass black women for calling out their racism*
twefs: *perpetuate myths about transwomen created by the right*
twefs: anyone who wants trans people to have rights is a liberal
etc. ad infinitum

it would be nice if, as a woman, I/we could stop doing the emotional labor in relationships and even just the simply labor of communication because it would be nice to put down this heavy weight but if I/we don’t do the work than no one will do the work and the work won’t get done so I/we just kinda keep carrying the weight around and doing all the work for men because damnit it has to get done by someone. 

anonymous asked:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to me that you are moreso against the radical and irrational side of "feminism" as opposed to the actual egalitarian mentality from whence it came. (Granted, early suffragettes were of course not perfect in their inclusivity, however I feel that the movement has developed into something more inclusive over time.) In this case I agree with your views, as the whole "men are the worst and they can die" mentality never really sat right with me. (1/3)

There’s three parts to this so I’ll just summarize the rest. You make the point that I’m entitled to criticize feminists because they “aren’t real feminists” and you suggest I should spend more time highlighting “the real” feminism and “the good feminism”. The only problem is, this noble, all inclusive feminism you speak of no longer exists here and if it does, it’s sure as hell hard to find. Please, point me into its direction. 

Feminism was hijacked by the second wave feminists decades ago, they began creating these wildly flimsy theories about the patriarchy, male privilege, men being our oppressors, the glass ceiling, toxic masculinity, social constructionism and oppressive gender roles and began shaming women who wanted to stay at home and be a mom or wife. 

These theories began being printed into university text books, they began to be published in the news and magazines and people began to believe it and take it on as fact. These feminists broke the golden rule of teaching which is impartiality and began asserting their own beliefs and their theories to their students. None of these professors have backgrounds in biology, anthropology, endocrinology - their background is Marxism. 

As time has gone on, these fabricated theories painting men as the oppressors and women as the oppressed have turned our next generation of feminists (third wave/modern feminism) into seeing themselves as victims and oppression is part of their existence. When oppression is everywhere, they then theorize new injustices such as the wage gap, rape culture, microaggressions, the male gaze, mansplaining, the desperate need for safe spaces and trigger warnings. 

When you see yourself as the perpetual victim then you feel you are entitled to special treatment, you’re entitled to silence “hate speech” and you’re entitled to lash out at anyone who doesn’t oblige. The irrationality and radical views and actions that yourself have acknowledged, you can’t say “this isn’t real feminism” when this is the feminism being taught by feminists to feminists students in feminist classes. This is the feminism that has been spread all throughout academia, the media, social media and politics. It’s time to face facts. 

Just because today’s feminism has become irrational, deceitful and hateful, it doesn’t stop it from being feminism and it doesn’t make these women any less of feminists than you. You clearly see there is a problem, yourself called it irrational and radical, so why aren’t you doing anything to speak out against it and fight against it to reclaim “the good” feminism? Feminism is a choice, it’s an ideology that anyone can sign up to and nobody is governing feminism so nobody gets to say what is right or wrong feminism. 

Pro-trans feminists say TERFS aren’t real feminists, TERFS say pro-trans feminists aren’t real feminists, black feminists say white feminism isn’t real feminism, they say intersectional feminism is the only feminism, conservative women can’t be feminists, Trump supporters can’t be feminists but then anyone who believes in equality we are told automatically makes them a feminist. It’s no different from saying Muslims with radical views and commit radical crimes aren’t real Muslims. Just because the Muslim we are friends with in college aren’t lashing and hanging gays and aren’t stoning women who are raped, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t standard Islamic practice elsewhere and these aren’t real Muslims enforcing it. Just brushing it off as not being real and turning a blind eye is not helping anyone. 

As I’ve said all throughout my blog, my problem isn’t with feminism as an idea or the early women’s movements, it’s with what it has become today and the impact it’s having not only on young women but also young men. Today feminism teaches women to see themselves as victims and victims cannot exist without a villain, this villain is men. In order for this thesis to have any kind of logic, feminists have made sweeping, inaccurate judgments about an entire demographic, based on nothing more than their gender. Ironically, the exact practice they claim to be fighting. 

Feminism teaches her it’s acceptable to study a dead-end, worthless degree or work long tedious hours as it surely has to be better than being a housewife or stay at home mom and then blame mythical patriarchies when it doesn’t get them anywhere and it doesn’t make them as happy as feminism told them it would. Feminists believe that women should be protected from certain aspects of public life, including speech. Women can’t and shouldn’t deal with certain types of speech deemed offensive. They do not want to engage in aspects of life they disagree with.

They want zero accountability or standards set for women and all blame and responsibility to be on men. Anyone who calls out their theories and narrative -because from the very beginning they have been based on biased manipulation and false and exaggerated statistics - they cannot reply with anything other than “bigot! sexist! misogynist! Islamophobic!” - it’s their only argument. How is any of this empowering women?

I’m all for feminism being about body positivity for women, inspiration and advice for women and protecting women who truly need protecting. I also think a brand of non-PC feminism is desperately needed to give Islamic women the same freedom and rights as we all have here and break them out of genuine Islamic patrairchy and oppression but this feminism doesn’t exist, to even suggest such a thing is called Islamophobic and gets shut down by you guessed it - feminists. You say feminism fights for equality so why are they booting out women who disagree with them? Why are they booting out women who voted for Trump? Why are they shaming women who want to be housewives and stay at home moms? Why aren’t they fighting for men? Why aren’t they fighting for Islamic liberation? 

Until feminists are willing to have an honest and open discussion, until they’re ready to scrutinize their movement, until they’re ready to hold women and minorities to the same standards they hold white men, until they practice what they preach and become respectable and responsible advocates for real equality, their attempts to force people into joining feminism simply for believing in equality will continue to be a filthy scam that’s making plenty of old feminists rich and that’s something we all must repel until change and reform is ready to be made. 

I know they meant well but a fb friend said ‘if I’m you’re darkest black friend you need to check your racism/internalized ____’ (they’re lightskin) and my first thought was, we pluckin up darkskin black people as tokens of allyship now? Like please leave me alone if you only want me in your circle to prove you’re all inclusive, this buzzfeed feminism/radicalism has got to stop