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This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;


I like you. I said I like you.
Yah, do you know what sort of things I did because of you?
In order to go to school with you, I waited in front of the gate for an hour. Until you came back from the study room, I couldn’t even sleep a blink because I was so worried. “Why is she late? Has she fallen asleep again?”
Hey, all of my concern was always you. You!
When we coincedently met at the bus, when we went to the concert together, and when I received that shirt from you on my birthday. I really thought I would go crazy because I was so happpy.
I wanted to see you a dozen times more a day, and I was just so happy whenever I saw you. I have always wanted to tell you since a long time ago. 
I like you so much. I love you.

Andrew and losing things

Eidetic memory has given Andrew the ability to recall practically everything he has seen and heard. This just really stumps me because he probably never loses anything; if something is misplaced he knows exactly where to look. Andrew has never lost anything he couldn’t find. This is where I break down because Neil was the first thing that Andrew lost and he didn’t have a clue where to start looking


There’s a great mammal in the ocean known as the 52-hertz whale. All year, he practices his love song for the female. Travels thousands of miles to find her. But when he finally gets the chance to serenade her, she doesn’t give him a call back. Why? His love ballad is sung at 52 hertz, a sonic signature one note higher than the lowest sound of a tuba. The average female hears at 10 to 15 hertz. So she never hears his song.

Preparing for cold winters by always staying warm  ♡

okay this post is kind of obligatory for me at this point but you guys i am so proud of sara lance

she’s come such a long way from the traumatized kid we knew at the beginning of arrow, the girl who had her whole life stolen from her too early, who was molded into a weapon and then set loose on the world

she’s lost more than a lot of people have, including parts of herself that she may never get back. she’s steeped in self-loathing, views herself as a monster, knows that all the blood on her hands will never wash off 

and yet

time and time again when she is offered the chance to go back and change those things, to bring back the people she lost and seal over wounds that may never fully heal otherwise, to stop her life from spiraling into what it became, she always puts the integrity of time and the good of the world itself first

when she was handed the power to reshape reality as she saw fit she tried desperately to hand it off to any of the other legends instead because she was so convinced that she’s a horrible person, that she can’t be trusted to do the right thing –

(”it’s a weapon. and you know what we do with weapons,” she says to her duplicate self earlier)

– and yet when it fell to her anyway, she looked her dead sister (who she loved more than anything in the world) in the eyes and made peace with her and let her go

and saved the world

and i don’t think any of us can imagine the kind of strength making a choice like that would take

sara has been through so much and come so far and even rip knows she’s where she’s meant to be now, the captain of this ragtag team of legends, because who better to trust with the whole of time than the former assassin who will put doing the right thing even ahead of healing herself

she may never see it but shes a good fucking person


Who the hell do you think I am?!

Guess what my favorite anime is

coughs hints: its Gurren Lagann

I drew Valerio in Kaminas outfit cuz I thought it was fitting. And also because I really like Gurren Lagann. I should’ve given him Kamina glasses.
Someone give him Kamina glasses.