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Reaction To You Accidentally Turning Them On In Public

NCT Hyung-Line  -  SM Rookies

Suggested: ‘Could you please do a NCT Reaction where you accidentally turn them on (or sth like that) when the other members are around? Please and Thank-you! xx’
NCT Hyung Line Reaction to you accidentally giving them a boner when the other members are around?

A/N: I also suggest reading this reaction from @nctreacting [It has a similar premise].
I’m actually kind of proud of this one, I wrote a lot-
- Admin Finn


Originally posted by taeiloves

In all honesty, it’d frustrate Taeil to an extent. He’d feel a bit bad, knowing you hadn’t intentionally chosen to wear the revealing silk blouse to give him a hard time.
He’d want you to know about his issue, having had fantasies of you blowing him behind the kitchen counter while the other members holler, enthralled by the movie in the other room. So, he’d be a bit flirtatious- you’re his S/O, he’s allowed to be. However, if he saw it was clearly not the right time or he was struggling with himself too much he may just be quiet, avoiding your touch as he tries to satiate his desire.
“It’s a bit revealing isn’t it?” he’d murmur, brushing his fingers over your blouse.
“Do you want some popcorn?”


Originally posted by jonqins

This boi would think you did it on purpose, totally being oblivious to your oblivious nature.
He’d slither up behind you, wrapping his long arms around you as he whispers in your ear, pressing his erection against you.
“You planned this didn’t you?”
“I’ll punish you later-”
“What the fuck are you talking about? I-Is that your boner?!”

He’d feel so utterly at a loss once he realizes it was unintentional… His next mission would be getting you to slip away with him to take care of him.


Originally posted by haetenyong

Taeyong would be clingy™
He’d want you to notice his problem and would whine quietly to you.
“Look what you do to me,” he’d whine.
“You’re such a pervert… How did you get like this?”
“You have to take care of it”
he’d whisper in a hushed tone frantically.
The rest of the evening he’d be like a child, trying desperately to hide the bulge in his jeans and whining to leave the party. He’d get to a point where he’d probably get annoyed, his nostrils flaring as Jaehyun kept you at the door, talking about their new manager.


Originally posted by taeyonggi

He’d give you the fucking look™
You’d know what was up, a bit flustered he felt that way- because you couldn’t think of what would possibly get him excited so easily.
“W-What are you going to do?”
“I can control it,”
he’d assure, grinning slyly.
He’d maybe go to the bathroom to adjust himself in his pants, but other than that he’d act pretty normal.


Originally posted by dovounq

Honestly, he’d get irritated. He’d feel helpless, knowing you didn’t know and that the other members were around and nothing could be done. He’d be easily irritated, fuming to himself as he tries to quell his erection.
He’d probably spend the evening with himself, more quiet than usual.
“Do you want a drink?”
“Why would I want a drink?! Does it look like I need one?! I can get my own-”


Originally posted by nctaezen

Tries to let you know, but fails miserably. The other members would probably catch onto his indiscreet looks before you.
“Why do you keep making that face?”

As a result, instead of being clingy, he’d be a bit embarrassed and would keep to himself about his issue.


Originally posted by neotechs

Shit. He’s dealt with these before and likely be able to carry on like normal, sneaking frequent glances at you as he tugs the blanket from Johnny to cover his lap.
“OH mY gOD! JeFFrEy!” - Johnny Seo, points to him.
He’d be fine tho, acting like normal, he’d brush your worried gaze away as he leans in to murmur in your ear.
“If you feel bad maybe you can help me out later-”


Originally posted by chokemewinwin

He’d be so damn awkward. He’d probably distance himself from you silently as he tries to give his attention to the movie rather than the way you kept whispering in his ear about the movie.
“Want some popcorn?” Doyoung would ask, placing the bowl in Sicheng’s lap.
Popcorn goes everywhere.

I feel very proud that finally this movie is being made because all of the guys, all men, all boys, always had a figure to look up to. Whether it’s Superman or Batman or Spider-Man or whatever it is, they always had heroes to look up to, and for girls it’s always the princesses who are being saved, who are being passive. Finally there’s Wonder Woman. She’s fierce, she’s proactive, she believes in herself, she believes she can do everything, and that’s a true woman to me.”

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can we get some younger sana + the balloon squad headcanons please๐Ÿ˜ฉ like when she was at utta or something๐Ÿ˜ฉ

younger sana + the balloon squad is my shit ™ like if yall have some headcanons for me hit me up!!!!

  • sana was a completely different person when she was at school than she was at home
    •  like at school she spoke perfect norwegian/she was cold and didn’t talk much 
    • but at home she sometimes fell into the way her brother and his friends spoke she could smile and relax and be herself 
    • when she is at home or with the boys she doesn’t feel the pressure of being perfect or fitting someone else image 
  • the boys always stayed late on saterday so they could all watch movies together
    • like they had a system where every saterday one could pick a movie but if you pick two bad movies you can’t choose for a while (depending how bad the movies were)
  • elias used to tease her about the fact that sana would always wear black now that she is in middle school but the boys were like “bruh she looks so badass” “like men in black but way cooler” 
  • they have so many nicknames for sana like they love her a lot
  • the boys used to help sana with her homework but they were confusing her more because they couldn’t agree and Mikael would just make the exercise for her without explaining so she just asks jamilla now
  • sana loves the boys being around because now instead of two big brothers she has five
    • yousef doesn’t count jus because he doesn’t feel like a brother to her 
    • he is different, she doesn’t know why he is different but he is 
  • i already mentioned that sana rapped nicky’s verse from monster and the boys never been the same
    • but now Adam wants to have a rap battle every chance he gets and Mikael wants to film everybody’s reaction
    • but sana just wanted some juice before studying again
  • like the boys think elias is an overachiever but he has nothing on sana and the boys are like can you both chill ? and they are nO, school is important and you need to take time and effort in it ??
    • but they both literally on top of their class
    • they realised being a good *cough the best cough* is a bakkoush trait
  • they went to all her middle school games and cheered the loudest to the point sana was so embaressed to the point they were only allowed to her important high school games much to their disagreement
  • sana has so much blackmail on them just in case she needs a favor but it is usually useless because they are always ready to help her
  • they used the prank the neighbours all the time
  • sana and mikael once got all the waterguns and they fired it at the boys who were siiting outside for her window it was actually one of the best memories she has from mikael
  • mutta once asked her advice on a girl and sana had no idea what to say and just said that he just had to be himself because thats was honestly good enough
    • it worked since they went on a date after sana gave him advice 
    • it was a total fluke tho
  • okay there was this guy in sana’s islam class who had a crush on sana but sana didn’t notice because she was honestly not interested 
    • so the boys noticed because the boy was giving sana heart eyes when elias picked her up and they all tried their best big brother glare and sana was like what are you doing ????? oh nothing ??? why are you glaring brahim like that he is nice ??? 
  • the boys adore discussing things with sana she usually have a different view than them
  • whenever one of the boys had a big presentation they would practice at the bakkoush with the an audiance (the balloon squad + sana and the bakkoush parents)
  • the boys love binging watching old tv shows and dragging sana to watch with them 
    • “sana this culture”
    • “Adam, just because it is 90 sitcom doesn’t mean it is culture”
    • “cmon, sana we are watching friends next”
    • “I hate ross”
    • “Sana who doesn’t ???”
  • the boys always could feel when sana had a bad day it wasn’t very obvious but they tried to make her smile at least one
  • when sana spended more and more time with jamilla the boys were very hurt 
    • “Aren’t we good enough anymore”
    • “We took her when she had no one and now she leaves us”
    • “that never happened maybe she wants to hang out with girls”
    • “OKAY I UNderstand but who is getting rid of all the spiders now
  • the boys all have a soft spot for her like sana can do no wrong it is amazing like she literally can’t even if she does they are like nahhhhhhhh
Be prepared future friend

I’m kind of a prick. I make jokes about my mental health all the time cause I don’t know how else to handle myself. I make bad puns and send trashy memes. I recommend music almost every day because I express how I feel better through songs. I’m way too sarcastic and my constant fangirling about bands, books, shows and movies annoys the shit out of some people. If you’re still reading, woa, cool. Why would you want to talk to me? I’m a loyal friend. I don’t just stop messaging after a little while. I’ll always try to make you feel better. So if you want to talk, let’s talk. And sometimes I try to be an interesting person.

Let’s talk about everything. Your life. My life. Death. Existentialism. When it’s late and we can’t sleep. Let’s complain about the weather and school or work, and send each other memes and pictures of our pets. Let’s talk about how the future is scary yet exciting. Let’s talk about what scares us and what makes us happy. Ask each other questions from “how was your day?” to “do you think there’s life after death?”. Rant about your day and I’ll rant about mine. Let’s talk about our favourite books and movies  and watch them at the same time while skyping or texting.

Some things I identify with: bisexuality, borderline, INTJ, art, photography, writing. I speak English and Dutch.
We can tell each other everything about ourselves when we get to know each other. Things I’m looking for: a long-term friend. Someone who talks a lot, long conversations about anything and everything. Someone who can deal with my endless sarcasm and stupidity. And someone who is comfortable talking on whatsapp after a few tumblr messages, simply cause that’s easier. I’m almost 18 and I’d prefer to talk to someone around the same age. If I didn’t scare you of and you like talking a lot you can message me on tumblr @aboynamedfinch


Last Unicorn Collection

I went through a spate of a revived obsession with The Last Unicorn and finally collated all my illustrations together.
Ideally I shall be returning to The Last Unicorn with a more larger piece that illustrates a scene from the movie rather than the feeling of the movie and its design.
A lot of the steam for this came off the back of my Watership Down run of illustrations.
Both movies being so very cherished from my childhood.

::Like my art?::
If you enjoy my artwork and would like to see me continue to create more while I currently in a position of zero income, feel free to contact me if you would like to throw a couple dollar into the hat or click the link to my down below.

Reel Kingsman Screening 3 sign ups start today! 

HERE is a link.  If there are any problems, let me know, any questions, feel free to ask. 

Writing officially starts July 1st, and you have until September 30th. I look forward to all the wonderful movie parody and homages that your wicked devious minds come up with this time!

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grahamscott (for the ship thing)

It’s been a while since someone brought up my loves lol

Always wins when they play Trivia Crack

Warren obviously and Nathan hates it so much aw. He always gets pissed and sulky when Warren wins so sometimes Warren lets him win so Nathan can be all smug and happy all day about it.

Laughs when their partner trips on something

Nathan for sure omg Warren trips coming up the steps of the school and Nathan is cracking up while Warren struggles to pick up his things but Warren doesn’t mind because it’s worth it to see Nathan smile.

Would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke

I have to say Nathan again probably lol Warren would feel too bad about it later but Nathan is all like “I fucking got you” and Warren just yells something like “What is wrong with you!”

Spoils the ending of books/movies

Warren definitely. He keeps trying to get Nathan to read/watch something for so long that by the time he actually does Warren gets so excited while talking about it with him that he accidentally spoils the ending. Nathan is always pissed when this happens but he still finishes it anyway.

Always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW

NATHANNATHANNATHAN omg he can’t help himself he’s never really had anyone or anything to really call his that he cared about so when monday comes around all his social medias are flooded with pictures of Warren playing video games or doing homework with dumb mcm captions. Warren definitely doesn’t mind all the attention

Eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it

Warren lmao he probably doesn’t even think about it he’s just like “damn I really want that cake” and just goes for it, but Nathan doesn’t mind he’s not a big fan of sweets imo

Obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week

Is this even a question. Obviously Warren is the pun master lmao. While Nathan is flooding everyone with pictures of Warren Warren is out here wearing his pun shirts and making shitty puns every 5 seconds

Makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc

Both I think. Nathan would be the type to be all “hacked bitch keep an eye on your phone” with like heart emojis or the typical “I’m gay” and tag himself lmao while Warren would be the typical “Hacked! Love you” with kissy emojis lmao

Has to beat their partner in every game

Warren. He doesn’t HAVE to win but depending on the game he almost always does lmao Nathan tries so hard but rarely wins and when he does Warren probably lets him (But Nathan doesn’t know that)

Keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff


Eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway

I’m gonna say Warren again Nathan would be like “get off me that’s fucking gross” while Warren is like “But I love you”

Send me a ship ♥

Idk about you guys but I’m so glad that Wonder Woman has finally released and all of our expectations for the movie have been met, the haters have been silenced, and all of the rumors and speculation surrounding the movie leading up to the release have been proven wrong. It’s a nice feeling, like a weight has been lifted off the fandom’s shoulders. 

I’ve come to hate PLL due to plot holes and shitty writing but it took up 7 years of my life watching nearly every episode when it airs so here’s who I’m okay with being A.D. and who I’ll hate:

Okay With:

1. Twincer (or a twin of any of the Liars). This one makes the most sense to me and has more potential to fill in plot holes. A twin of Aria, Alison, or even Mona would be great too. I feel like because we all want it to happen and have theories about it that it won’t. I did see a lot of CeCexCharlottexCharles theories last time though so we may end up being right. I don’t have high expectations so if this happens I’ll be very pleased and maybe won’t hate the show lmao.

2. Ezra. He was just so fucking shady over a fucking book. He’s still super shady and it would just be a great tragedy which every show/book/movie really needs. I love when its not a perfect ending for the couple. He’s another one I don’t have high expectations for. 

3. Wren. I really like the Wren theories. They left so many things open for his character and there’s not many answers. Many plot holes could be filled if he’s A.D. and especially if he’s actually Charles. Lets face it, CeCe being Charles made 0 sense. Having her take the fall for “Charles” would be such a tragic love story between WrenxCeCe and then throw in Melissa and you have a great love triangle and power struggle.

4. Melissa. She always felt shady to me and she’s such a great bitchy character. It’d just be really cool and I’d be okay with it. 

Not Okay With:

1. Paige. I hate Paige. I’m pretty sure she finished filming long ago tho so not much to worry there.

2. Shower Harvey. She ded so no worries there.

3. Mona. Mona is one of the few characters I really love. She has so much depth to her and I wish the writing was as good for the Liars as it is for Mona. Her arc of best friend, to betrayal, to redemption has been so tragically beautiful. She really went through the most out of all the characters and deserves a happy ending more than any of them.

4. Any of the moms or the parents. Just no.

5.  Lucas. I’m on the fence about Lucas. He’s always been shady and he was bullied pretty heavily by Ali and by extension the Liars. 

6. Caleb or Toby. I feel like they’re just really kind and good characters. They have good hearts and show they’re protective of the people they love so it’d be disappointing for their character development. 

7. Any random supporting character we only saw a few times. That’s just shitty writing and PLL deserves the hate if this happens lmao. 

guataca  asked:

talk more shit abt heathers

The musical is funny because it literally killed everything that was enjoyable about the movie. It woobified my girl Veronica like no tomorrow and also made jd like That for some reason? Why?

Don’t get me started on the actual heathers I would literally kill them all except for duke bc I feel bad she was the only one who wasn’t changed so you can feel bad for her but anyway I would fucking deck chandler and McNamara fuck both their musical reincarnations they absolutely suck

Also the music makes me want to kill myself I wish they just fully committed to the 80s thing. It just sounds nasty what the fuck guys

rikkachloechan  asked:

CAPTAIN MY STEP DAD BEGAN SHERLOCK I AM SO EXCITED ! It is the first time in real YEARS someone in my family share an interest with me, so I can bond with them (bc we're a fucked up family, abuse and all) !!! I'm so happy I'm gonna watch Sherlock as much as possible with him, to be sure he watchs the whole series :')

Aw well that’s just lovely you get to watch it with him and enjoy something fun together!! I personally love rewatching shows or movies with someone who is experiencing it for the first time. It’s fun to watch them lol! Thanks so much for sharing and please keep us updated on how he likes it! 😉 

And just a side note, as flattered as I am at you still using the term “captain” for me, I also feel kind of guilty lol, because typically that term is saved for @mizjoely around the sherlolly ship. She’s far more worthy, seeing as she actually does more to organize the ship. Unlike me who sits on my butt in my cabin and occasionally writes haha! 

Oh what have I done? Now I have a comical image in my mind of @mizjoely running around the ship actually getting stuff done like an adult and then banging on my cabin door like, ARE YOU JUST GOING TO SIT IN THERE ALL DAY?! And then I’m all like YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!😆😆😆

*ahem* Sorry, that got way off topic lol…but again, yay for step dad watching!!🎉  

*sweats nervously*


ayye internet peeps- I’m Jordan most of my friends call me Jo or just jordan , I’m 17(turning 18 in July). I’m in my final year of High school and I hate everyone there- so I’ve turned to the internet which is full of my people. I like a lot of things like anime, music , movies and writing. 
Seeing as I have like min (few) irl frens I really need a few people to keep me sane. I struggle with depression ut that doesnt stop me from being there for my friends. 
Anyways.. idk. Oh yeah I’d really love to skype if y'all want to I’m all about meeting people. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa , but if youre in another time zone I wont mind because I barely sleep- so feel free to hit me up. I love art and being creative ,but some of my ideas fall through because I cant finish anything -
I’m also teaching myself Japanese and its going okay so if youre teaching yourself too hit me up and we could be study buddies and because I love learning things I’m also learning the violin, piano and the ukulele. I really love music of all kinds especially classical, lo-fi hip hop and all kinds of rock. The movies I enjoy are typically on the horror and psychological side of the fence (My fave is American Psycho, by brett easton ellis) , and i love suspense, thriller books. Here some more stuff i like: 

death note
Tokyo Ghoul 
one punch man 
kill la kill
psycho pass
Noragami (Aragato)
- and a lot more 

bands// artists:
the 1975
fall out boy
j.s bach
james bay
-and like a bible more. 

-It doesnt matter who you are or where youre from, you can be my friend- and I’ll totally respect your opinions on religion and sex and whatever but seriously if its hateful plz dont expect me to answer and support hate speech. I’m not really sure about snail mail, but maybe sometime, ideal ages to hmu is (16-20)
You can find me : 

email: ( put findteenpenpals in the subject so i dont think its spam//note I dont really check my email so I’m sorry if it takes a while to answer.) 

snapchat: ferriraisbae
tumblr : dankstar3000
instagram: someone.sassy
skype : (email) 

-I cant wait to hear from you! 

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How do you feel about the darker disney movies like The Hunchback of Notre Dame? I don't mean to be rude or anything, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but it's kind of a generalization to say every disney movie is all wholesome lessons & sunshine and rainbows.

[ actually, the hunchback of notre dame is one of the disney movies i want to see! like i said, it’s very rare for me to want to see one. but the fact that it is so different is what really catches my interest. i’ve watched a scene or two from it, and hellfire is actually my favorite disney song! but like i said, i haven’t seen it at all.

but i think it’s safe to say that even though the villains and the concepts behind the disney movies can be kind of odd, dark, or out of place, the majority of disney movies end up with modest or happy endings. and most disney movies are just from fairy tales and have a lesson to learn from it. at least, the most popular and more generally accepted ones are. ]

Practice Run Chapter 5

Chapter 5 has been posted!  Thank you again to my beta/ cheerleader @booksrockmyface!

I am in love with Katniss, it’s high time that I admit it. She’s all I think about. When I’m baking at work, I’m thinking about her. When I’m in class, I’m daydreaming about her. When I’m with her, I can hardly concentrate on anything else except hearing her voice and the feel of her slender fingers interlaced with my own while we watch our movie or football game. Finnick says this is how it was with him and Annie in the beginning of their relationship too, although they were friends for many years beforehand.

“How long was it before you were able to concentrate on anything else?” I ask him during our weekly Thursday evening conversation. Bracing my phone against my shoulder, I clear enough dirty clothes from my futon so I can sit down. I’ve gotten really good at the frantic Friday afternoon clean up, in preparation for spending most of the weekend with Katniss, but my standards of living tend to fall back towards bachelorhood during the rest of the week.

“Well, if I tell you I almost flunked a semester of Advanced Old Testament Theory, would that frighten you?” Finnick asks with a chuckle.

“Yeah!” I exclaim as I finally sit down. I fumble with the release on my prosthesis, working it loose until it drops onto the floor with an unceremonious clunk. Leaning back with a grateful sigh, I start massaging my stump with my free hand. “This is my last year, Finnick! I can’t afford to fail a class!”

“Calm down, baker boy,” Finnick laughs. “Your GPA is so high it wouldn’t even matter if you failed a class at this point.”

“Hmph,” I say petulantly. “It would still matter to me.”

“C'mon Peeta, I’m just giving you a hard time,” Finnick says, serious now. “I don’t think you’ll be flunking any classes. Not with your work ethic. You’re a model student.”

Read more on AO3/FFN.

newleafolympus  asked:

Uhm, hi! Sorry for disturbing, but I moved to the Philippines and am struggling in my Filipino subjects, haha. I understand a little, pero hindi pa ko masyadong marunong, esp sa pag-form ng mga sentences... (I'm more fluent in Hiligaynon) Could I ask for some tips on learning Tagalog? Thank you ๐Ÿ’•

Hi, hello! You’re not disturbing at all! :) I feel you re: Filipino. I grew up in a Tagalog environment, and my Filipino is terrible. Sadly, the approach to teaching Filipino in the country is that of a first language, when in fact it should be that of a second language (in my very humble opinion). The current approach assumes that everyone already knows and uses Filipino as a first language, which is not true, of course, duh. People in the provinces use it maybe as a third language, maybe even a fourth.

Anyway, you can watch telenovelas and teleseryes to sharpen your Filipino skillz. Watch movies; listen to songs (OPM is as alive as ever, bless that shit.) Try to talk to your friends in Filipino as well (if not awkward). Just practice and practice and immerse yourself in the language. Good luck! <3


Hi! It’s sapphic pride week and there’s nothing i love more than celebrating wlw, so here goes🌻

Day 1: Introductions.

I’m Laura, i’m 18 and bisexual. I’m incredibly shy and awkward, but i love meeting new people even though thats not the easiest here in rural Wales. I love all things art, poetry and music, but I’m just a massive dork at heart. I spend most of my time playing video games or watching Marvel movies, or binge watching the L word👀

I’ll be sure to post an entry for every day of sapphic pride week, and feel free to message me and say hi, im always up for a chat!