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Coming Home (Chapter 17)

Welcome back! Just a quick note– I dont actually hate Fury. In fact I have no issue with him at all, but I wanted a chance for Tony to show off exactly how Alpha he is…and Fury opened his mouth and said the wrong thing lol. So PSA– I dont hate Fury, so anyone that absolutely loves him, dont read too much into this chapter, its just one scene in one of my many fics, doesnt mean anything lol

Alright, gear up for some Winteriron Feels, some (less explicit) smutty smutness and the above mentioned, Tony losing his shit on Fury. I tried a little different format with the NSFW, I hope it worked out. 


Enjoy :)


Tony paced in the hallway outside Bucky’s room at SHIELD headquarters for a full five minutes before he calmed himself down enough to knock on the door quietly. Steve had given him a key to Bucky’s room, but Tony wasn’t about to invade Bucky’s privacy by using the key, but he was still tempted to shove it up Fury’s ass if the Director so much as glanced in his general vicinity, so he kept it in his pocket anyway.

So Tony knocked, quickly and firmly but hopefully not too aggressively, and hoped Bucky would open the door.

“Tony.” Bucky opened the door and stopped in his tracks, black and silver wings lifting around his body to hide himself, metal edges clicking as he shifted anxiously. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” Tony blurted, and then closed his eyes and held up a hand apologetically. “Sorry. Bucky, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Um… can we talk?”

“You want to talk?” Bucky blinked at him and seemed to withdraw into the room a little more. “About what?”

“Why didn’t you come back with Steve?” Tony asked carefully, feeling awkward just standing in the hall talking, and unable to stop staring at Bucky, at his crystal blue eyes and the scruff that was getting a little too thick, at shoulder length dark hair and all those muscles wrapped in a tight grey t shirt, his left arm held slightly behind his body.

“I don’t want to be there.” Bucky said bluntly, relaxing his posture now that he knew Tony wasn’t going to yell at him. “You don’t want me there, so I didn’t see any reason to stay.”

“Why would you–?” Tony’s voice rose again and he backed up another step, dropping his wings and putting both hands out, palm up, to look an unthreatening, as un Alpha as possible. “Bucky, honey, why would you think I don’t want you there? Things have been rough, and admittedly I have been hiding away more than I should, but you belong at home. Not here working for Fury.”

A growl threaded his voice on the Beta’s name and Bucky’s eyes sparked curiously. “You don’t like Fury.” he stated.

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Is anyone out there in internet-land healthy? Like, truly healthy? No mental or physical ailments? A perfectly functioning body and mind?

I am unsure if I know anyone that doesn’t have some health issues. I know a few people who have sporadic illnesses. They get to live most of their lives without too much trouble. I used to be healthy in grade school and most of high school. I got really sick my senior year. I didn’t know it then, but that is when my narcolepsy began. I try to look back on those healthy times and remember what it was like not to be tired. Sadly, I can no longer imagine it. It’s like one of those memories you can almost visualize, but the closer you get, the foggier the image becomes. It’s like your dad saying he likes that movie… “Ya know… with that guy that does the thing. THE MOVIE WITH THE GUY! C’mon, you know the one!” All of my memories of health are exactly like my dad’s movie recollections.

I have no idea what healthy feels like anymore. I wish someone could describe it to me, but I’m not sure it can be expressed in words. What does running full speed feel like? Or trying to jump as high as you can? What about chasing your dog around the yard and actually catching him? (Although Otis is surprisingly quick for a loaf with stumps and Usain Bolt would have trouble catching his wiggly butt.) What does energy feel like? What does waking up refreshed in the morning feel like? What does thinking without brain fog feel like? What about adding two numbers together without a calculator? What does driving feel like? What does meeting a new person in a public setting feel like? Or being nervous talking to a pretty girl you’ve never met? Telling a joke in front of a crowd and getting a laugh? What about taking a group of friends to Denny’s at 2am because it is the only thing open? How does it feel to live? What does a boob feel like? 

I probably shouldn’t have ended on that one. 

Being ill for over 15 years has robbed me of remembering these sensations. I can’t even properly miss them anymore because it feels like they never happened. I know they are all things I’ve done. But if I still have any memory of them, I can only see them like scenes in a movie. The sensation of actually experiencing those things is completely lost. 

A long time ago my fantasy was being a famous comedian with a loving wife, living on a farm where I raised corgis. My best friends and parents would be my neighbors and we’d eat waffles and bacon every morning. Vegan bacon for Katrina. 

Now my only fantasy is just being healthy again. Sometimes I play this cruel game with myself where I think about what I would give to be healthy. A foot? An arm? My hearing? My vision? A boring life where none of my dreams ever come true? 

Sometimes I think about what I would give to be healthy just for one day. And if I was healthy for a day, what I would do with that privilege. 

Most of the time I imagine I would catch the first flight to Florida and spend the day with my best friend, Katrina. She is my favorite person. The most loving platonic relationship I’ve ever had. I haven’t seen her in person for quite a while. We skype every week, but it isn’t the same. If I had one healthy day I would definitely head straight to her. 

In that day, after the world’s longest, squeeziest hug, we would go to Disney World and ride all the rides. See all the attractions. Eat all the junkfood. And as the sun sets, we would rush to the beach so I can see the ocean for the first time. I’d put my arm around her and watch the sun dip beneath the horizon. 

Since Katrina is a lesbian, she knows all the best gay clubs. I know I’m straight, but I’ve been told that gay clubs are far superior to the straight ones. I’d probably have a much better time dancing with all the bears. Bear and bear enthusiasts seem to really love me. They’ve been some of my biggest fans ever since I became popular on tumblr. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so hopelessly straight, because no single group has made me feel as pretty and desired as the bear enthusiasts. I’ve had trouble meeting ladies in my situation but there seem to be a gaggle of gays ready for me if I ever stop being pegged at 0 on the Kinsey Scale. 

I digress. 

As my day of health begins to wear off, I figure I would just snuggle with Katrina and watch episodes of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. We both really love that show and I can’t imagine a better way to wind down from Disney World, sunsets, and bear dancing. 

I know I’d have to come back to reality, but I feel like with this new experience fresh in my brain, I would be able to refresh my memory on what being healthy is like. I could go back and live in those memories when times are tough. Maybe I could just imagine that day right now. Pretend those are actual memories. Use them as some sort of placebo memories. I don’t know. 

I usually like to wrap up everything I write with a bit of optimism. Sometimes that is harder than it seems. If you are one of those blessed with health and you are wondering what to be thankful for tomorrow, perhaps tell people you are thankful to be illness-free and full of energy. Run really fast and chase a dog. Use your jumping skills to hop a fence. Drive to Denny’s and order mozzarella sticks. If you have a partner, maybe (with consent) squeeze a boob. Report back to me and tell me how it went.  

I will be thankful for Katrina. She is a huge light in my life. Her smile is infectious and whenever I see it I end up smiling as well. She always makes me laugh. We can talk for hours and it’s never enough. We usually have to force each other to end the skype calls and return to our regularly scheduled lives. And even when I am a huge bummer, she still loves me just as much. She accepts me at my happiest and at my bummeriest. So many friends have faded away. Not understanding my illness. Not wanting to put up with the sadness that can surround me at times. In the years that I have known Katrina, our friendship seems to only grow stronger. In sickness and in health less sickness. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Friendship seems too small a word to describe what we have. (It’s possible we even invented a brand new word to describe our relationship. Which is super corny and mushy and no I will not tell you what it is.) And to all those men out there who think you can’t have a platonic friendship with a woman, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Best “friendzone” ever.    

I am thankful for my friend Ryan. I sometimes go into hermit-mode and may not talk to him as much as I should, but he is always super understanding and doesn’t make me feel guilty for being absent sometimes. He’s always awake at the same weird times I am, and is great to talk to when things are lonely. Our love of technology and scifi has bonded us. He is amazingly generous and my parents love him like another son. He is family as far as I am concerned. I hope that I start feeling better soon so he can visit once again. 

I am thankful for Otis. He was such a serious puppy. I called him my little emo-corg. He was still cute as a button and I loved him to bits, but I was worried my little moody corgi would mope around forever. But eventually his ears perked up and he grew into this wonderful, mischievous, goofy dog. I know I don’t play with him as much since I’ve been in declining health, but he always comes downstairs to check on me. Thankfully my dad is more than happy to throw his fox for him to chase around all day. I can’t prove it, but I sometimes feel like Otis knows what’s going on with my health and does his best to take care of me in his own way. 

And I am super thankful for my parents. They have supported and loved me from day one. They always believed me even when some of the doctors had their doubts. They took me back in when I had to drop out of college. They have never seen me as a burden and they enjoy my company even when I am at my brain foggiest and can’t speak. I’d probably be dead without them and I’m not sure a thousand thank you’s could adequately show my gratitude for that. I love my parents very very much.   

Spill Your Guts

A/N: I really wanted to write an LGBT reader so I came up with this little one shot, enjoy! Reader is Bi (or Pan!)

Word Count: 962

Warnings: overall grossness if you’ve ever watched the Spill Your Guts segment on The Late Late Show.

Dedicate this to my bisexual queen and fellow Cara lover @harry-writings 🌈

“…And for the last two, we have bird saliva and bull penis.” You can hear the crowd around you making shocked and disgusted sounds. You cover your mouth with your hands trying to hide the growing smile but also disgusted look that crosses your face. You honestly have no idea how you ended up in this situation.

You were absolutely flabbergasted when your manager told you that James Corden wanted you on the show to help promote your new movie. It would be your first time on the hit talk show and to say you were nervous, would be an understatement.

It’d be fun, they said. It’s a great marketing experience, they said.

But now here you were, staring down at the lazy Susan that was littered with products that would make even the strongest stomach queasy.

The first question was given to James. You were relatively a new and up and coming actress and didn’t really have anything to hide or be embarrassed about but you’re stomach still flipped with nerves at what he might ask.

“Alright…let’s start off with…” James turned the table around trying to land on the most disgusting thing. If you were being honest with yourself, there wasn’t anything on the table you would ever want to eat or drink before answering a personal question.

“Ah yes, a salmon smoothie. My personal favorite.” You couldn’t help the way your face contorted as you looked at the chunky smoothie that radiated an overwhelming scent into your nostrils. You laugh along with James as you just shake your head and wait for his question.

“You have been connected to both Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne.” James pauses his reading as he looks up to see you reaction. You can feel your cheeks starting to heat up as the crowd woos around you.

You had met Cara while filming the movie you were currently promoting and things had sort of moved pretty quickly between the two of you. You weren’t expecting the media frenzy that came along with dating one of the world’s most beautiful woman. It was a fast romance that had ended along with filming. Luckily, there were no bad feelings between the two of you and promoting the film together had not been awkward at all, no matter how much interviewers try to choke you both up.

You placed your hands on the table and leaned forward as you waited for him to continue.

“So my question is…Who is better in bed?” You try to stop your eyes from widening because you know the camera is trying to get the best close up of your reaction. The crowd’s hollering is almost deafening as you rack your brain for some answer that will get you out of this without saying too much about you ex girlfriend and your current, and still new relationship with Harry.

You look down at the salmon smoothie, which had chunks floating around the top, then back at James who has a smirk on his face that you want so badly to slap off.

“Okay so we’re getting right into this.” You whisper to yourself which causes James and the audience to laugh. ”You know…I actually just became a vegan so…” Your voice gets lost in the sound of the crowds shouting.

“No, no, no, I asked you if this was okay and you said yes!” You mentally slapped your past self, who only thirty minutes ago, agreed to do this segment.

“Well, I don’t—They’re both—I don’t know!” You hid your face in your hands as you stumbled over your words. You didn’t want to reveal too much information about Cara or Harry but you also didn’t want to drink the smoothie. You were still trying to come up with a way out when you’re mouth opened and began spouting out words before you could second guess them.

“I mean, um, they’re both good at—they’re both good at different things and—“ You were caught off guard again by the sound of the crowd screaming.

“Good?! You describe sex with Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne as only good?” You see the producers in the corner of your eyes raising and lowering their hands in an effort to quiet down the crowd.

“No! They’re both great it’s just—I don’t know! Oh my god!” You wish you never opened your mouth because know you were just saying things you would regret.

“Answer the question or drink the smoothie.” James replies smugly.

“Okay, my answer is,” The studio is suddenly eerily quiet. “They are both great in bed but—“ You get cut off again by the sound of the audience.

“But!” You raise your voice to be heard over all the noise. “But, they are both good—amazing, in different areas.”

Again, it takes a few moments for the crowd to settle down. Worry washes over you as you wonder how Harry will react to your revelation about your sex life with him. You knew Cara well enough to know she would think this was all hilarious but you weren’t quite sure how Harry would respond given that he was always such a secretive person, especially when it came to relationships.

“That wasn’t the question, so I’ll have to repeat myself.” James tried to keep a straight face but you could see a smile peeking through. “Who is better in bed?” He repeated.

“Fuck it.” You say as you lift the glass up to your lips, holding your nose so you don’t accidentally inhale the scent.

Laughter fills the room as you fill the chunky content go down your throat. You quickly spit it back up into the bucket next to the table before chugging down a glass of water as the crowd cheers around you.

Thank you for reading! I may do a little snippet of Cara’s and Harry’s reactions so let me know if you’d be interested!


It’s Officially the Christmas Season

Author: @lovefilledtragedy

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 825 (sorry, this will be one of my shortest fics I ever write)

Warnings: fluff like no other and some early Christmas vibes because why not

Author’s Notes: so so so happy to be a part of my beautiful name twin @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone‘s writing contest and that I was able to have this amazing early Christmas prompt. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this entire fic just made me so giddy. hope you all enjoy!

based on the prompt: “We’re in November, why are you decorating the Christmas tree?”

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Sure, it was only a few short weeks into November, but you couldn’t help yourself. Christmas was your most favorite time of the year and it always has been since you were young, all of the wonderful memories you had of the holiday season made you giddy and full of life, the nostalgic feeling washing over you more as you stood and began placing them on the tree. Ever since you were little, you remembered how much you loved Christmas and each of the small traditions you had. Baking cookies with your family, watching Christmas movies from the moment you woke up to right when you were going to fall asleep, opening one present on Christmas Eve, which was usually the smallest one you could find under the tree, enjoying the warm hot chocolate you would drink all day, and spending time with those you loved; all of it was wonderful.

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“I want to be wanted…”

The vinyl on the jukebox plays as I slide into the vinyl booth, feeling the cracks in my vinyl smile. All eyes are on us and he grins like the spotlight is his second home. He has movie star looks that make people want to snap his picture, thinking he must be some Big Name. I know he would like to luxuriate in it, but not with me at his side. We aren’t supposed to be what we’ve become. He wants to keep the light off ‘us,’ knowing we won’t hold up under scrutiny.

“A smiling face, a warm embrace, two arms to hold me tenderly…”

He squeezes my knee under the formica tabletop, wanting me to stay in the crook of his arm while I eat the rubbery salisbury steak and mealy mashed potatoes he ordered me, instead of the cheeseburger and onion rings I truly craved. I learned quite some time ago to let him pick for me. He knows best, after all. And speaking up before got me nothing but grief.

“Who’s sorry now?…”

I let him know I have to visit the ladies’ room as I scoot out of the booth. With shaky hands, I splash lukewarm water on my face at the sink, then survey my surroundings. Not a single window. I feel like I will suffocate. I need fresh air. I need space. I know if I’m a minute longer he’ll be coming for me. His eyes have undoubtedly been glued to this door. I reapply my lipstick, smack my lips together, and put my vinyl smile back on. The mirror can’t hide the lack of light in my eyes. I return to our booth, vowing to myself to keep looking for a window of opportunity at our every stop until I finally find one.


Writerscreedchallenge and November inkstay word prompt #2

Song lyrics are from “I Want to Be Wanted”-Brenda Lee; “Where the Boys Are”-Connie Francis; “Who’s Sorry Now?”-Connie Francis

modern!losers club + movies n video games
  • Richie and Eddie play animal crossing together all the time
  • Richie always comes to Eddie’s town and absolutely destroys it while Eddie chases him around and yells at him from across the room
  • Richie ends up feeling bad so he goes around Eddie’s town and waters all his plants and gives him all his bells
  • Eddie gets revenge by fucking DEMOLISHING him in mario kart
  • Like how the hell did this boy get so good
  • Richie and Stan compete in guitar hero like ,, every weekend
  • Ben secretly has the Hannah Montana game on Wii
  • Eddie and Ben watch romcoms and Harry Potter together, they bonded over how they both think Slytherins deserved better
  • No doubt all the losers watch Stranger Things together
  • Bev is crushing on Eleven, just saying
  • Richie is shook by how much Mike looks like him
  • Eddie is shook by how nice this Alternate Universe Richie is
  • Richie and Mike binge watch the Jurassic Park series all the goddamn time
  • Bev and Stan love Kingsman and went to see the second one on opening night
  • Bill loves Star Wars but none of his loser friends have ever seen it
  • One day he sits them all down and makes them watch it
  • Richie and Ben? Yeah now they’re in love with Star Wars like these nerds are head over heels
  • Bill Richie and Ben get together every three years to watch all the Star Wars movies, even when they’re adults

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partially deaf jeremy was so excited to see baby driver. michael knows because he got a text at 3:23 am that was mostly incoherent but boiled down to “THEYRE MAKING A MOVIE AND THERES ACTUAL DEAF PEOPLE IN IT” and so he gets jer tickets to a really late showing where it’s basically just the two of them and they feel all cocky because they know what baby’s dad is signing and the ending practically has jer in happy tears because “micah Look he’s putting his hand on the speakers to feel the music!!” and michael just smiles at his dorky beautiful boyfriend, so glad that he’s happy and comfortable in his identity


So if it wasn’t obvious enough from the gifs, I am definitely in this situation and all of you lovely people are her parents because honestly that is how I feel and what this moment means to me entirely. And just the thought of how emotional all of this makes me? Am I even making sense? Who knows but let’s get the ball rolling here.

I wanna start this off by wishing one of the most fantastic movies in my life a happy ONE YEAR anniversary. It’s wild to realize that a year ago from this day, this movie came out, my daughter appeared on the big screen, and I just fell I love once again with Dis.ney magic. Of course, the day before the movie came out, I made this blog. I’ll keep the story short but I was super excited for this movie, super excited to be writing as, and now here I am. Still here, still crying over this kid. And let me just say that it has been… It’s been such an incredible year. Not without its shortcomings or hardships, and believe me most of this year tried to beat the crap out of me, but I’ve made it. I haven’t been on a muse without randomly disappearing since I first started four years ago, and that just means a lot to me when it comes to her. Because believe me I never thought I’d get this far.

I never expected many of the things to happen on this blog to well, happen on this blog. From all the friendships made and lost, to all the crazy shenanigans and just so much more. It’s something that I won’t take for granted and won’t forget either. And all the followers? I’m just simply blown away all the time. The last time I made a bias list was six months ago and I had hit past 450 (but focused on the 420 bit because I’m your local meme queen). And now I’m past 820 and just. Wow. It really means a lot to have all of you around, like truly it does.

I’m doing my best to tone down the sappiness levels because I could go on and on about how grateful I am to all of you, and since it’s also Thanksgiving, it seems even more appropriate for me to just give my continued thanks.

But I’m going to cut my Oscar speech here to just let you all know how much you all mean to me. Every single one of you are amazing and bring such lights to my dash. Thank you for sticking around this blog. Whether you’ve been here since around the beginning or a newcomer. Thank you for giving me and my version of Moa a chance.

And, although you are a fictional character, thank you for helping me find out who I truly am. Or at least, continue figuring out that part of me.

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I still feel torn about this because I don’t want to support DBS (watch or read it) but I admit I do enjoy a couple of things from supper. Like the creation of Zamas, Black goku, Hit, Caulifla, Kale, Golden frieza, God Goku, Kaioken God Goku, jurin, ultra instinct Goku, beerus, whis, champa, vados, the new dbz games and movies that came out, the action figures. I enjoyed all of that but I’m still really salty with how they are throwing gochi under the buss and putting the Son Family in bad light. Especially making Goku look like a complete dick and asshole father/husband.

It’s just really upsetting and frustrating to know that the characterzation of DBS Goku is here to stay. This is the Goku that especially a lot of younger fans will get to know. This is the Goku that the Gochi haters LOVE because it just validates everything that they thought about Goku and his relationship with his wife and kids.

This version of Goku doesn’t know what a kiss is, wasn’t there for both his son’s birth, and doesn’t know where babies come from, got mad at gohan and called him a “little shit” for studying instead of joining the tournament. He constantly puts the world in danger for his own fun and obsession for fighting (the zeno tournament) It’s just sad…… Goku has turned into a character similar to how OOC SpongeBob is now.

It really feels like the Goku I knew in DB-DBZ is just long gone. He died a long time ago. Other fans want to say DBZ-DBS Goku has always been like that. But he really wasn’t. When you watch DB-DBZ you really see how much Goku grew over the years both in strength and maturity. Sure at times he acted like a child but he was the kind of adult that liked to have fun. He liked to be silly. He enjoyed life and everything given to him. He took life to the fullest. But he was still kind and considerate of others. He still KNEW how to kiss, have sex, where babies come from, take responsibility as a father (hell he even scolded gohan that one time because Gohan was talking back to him and disobeying him. Like a regular father who disaplines and scolds kids) He at times Vegeta was acting childish and selfish talked to Vegeta in a mature way and told him, Hey you need to snap out of it! Our families depend on it! Buu killed everyone we know including Bulma. We lost our old race but we have to realize we have a new race that can be just as proud! Let’s not loose them too! The other sad thing is that when DBZ goku came to visit friends and family he always was this ray of hope and now in DBS when he comes they have to hide or not mention strong opponents to him because his fighting addiction is so bad even worse than Vegeta’s….

It’s just really sad to see how they turned Goku into a literal TFS Goku and sad how Goku/Gochi haters will keep bullying and poking fun at Gochi/Goku fans. And preach how Goku has always been like that. That he’s “never been a good husband or father” or that he’s “always been stupid”

I really wish those in charge of DBZ didn’t do this to Goku but in the end the entertainment industry doesn’t care and as long as they keep making lots of money from DB franchise they could care less how Goku is being portrayed.

R.I.P Son Goku

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geez, there’s so many dispute about my post with “any ship is a good ship”.
Why do we do shipping, people? Because it’s fun!  Because we feel like it! Do we do it because we want to hurt somebody? 
ANYTHING can affect on  ALREADY SICK person. So let’s forbid the horror movies to be shown, or any movies, cause, like, WHO KNOWS. 
If a piece of art affected on person and this person started to do something illegal or immoral it’s because this person. was already. sick. and needed medical care. 
People, who are trying SO SO SOOOO HARD to…convince me that NOT ALL shipping are good are just ridiculous. I mean, why? Do you even need that? It’s just an opinion of an artist. In my own blog. 
All you need is a little love, tumblr. And a hobby. I think, my pots AFFECTING BADLY on you. 


Us real fans (I’m talking all of us. Not just the Bechloe or Jeca shippers or whoever you may ship, but all of us who together make the Pitch Perfect Fandomappreciate EVERYTHING the cast do, people like this need to honestly go fuck themselves. The cast do SO MUCH to help bring these movies to life. Did they need to make more of these movies? No. But they did. They did because they really, truly love their fans. And people like this, who say they’re a ‘fan,’ need to leave. Right now. Stop making the cast feel terrible just because you aren’t happy. 

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hey, i was wondering what you do when your sad? how you keep yourself positive? im having a tough time and i need some advice :(

!!! Awh nonny :+( !! I’m so sorry that you’re having a tough time !! let me give u a virtual hug (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) to be honest I’m not always happy/positive ! What I usually do is exercise, distract myself (drawing), listening to my fav jams or cry! Sometimes it’s okay to cry- esp when you have a lot of emotions boiled up- I rather let it all out than keep it in yeuno what I mean? After crying I feel 100x better and I try my best to recover and watch you tubes/happy movie. Or look at dog gifs !! They’re my fav hehe. Talking to ppl helps a lot too :+) but remember to take ur time okay? You’re doing great & remember that ily :+) I wish u the best nonny 💞 stay warm + hydrated !!

I Don’t Feel the Same Anymore
genre: angst

member: sungwoon

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  • He wishes tonight could be different
  • That he was far away and you were with someone better
  • Someone that could give you all the love you deserved
  • The movie was coming to an end and the sky turned dark long before
  • There were candy wrappers and a popcorn bucket half finished on the floor
  • It was the usual movie night mess
  • He didn’t allow himself to think about this while you were awake
  • He was having a lot of fun with you
  • But it felt wrong
  • Like he was lying to you even if his smile was genuine through the whole time
  • But now that you were asleep these thoughts came back in a wave
  • Why can’t I love her?
  • Why didn’t I feel this earlier? Why am I feeling it now?
  • Maybe it was when you two saw a couple in the park and they were playing with their baby
  • “I can’t wait until we can be like that,” you said
  • But he didn’t see it
  • It wasn’t like he never saw a life with you
  • He did in the beginning but now he can’t
  • He can’t see having a family with you, or getting married
  • And it scares him
  • He was so happy at the beginning of your relationship and up until a couple months ago he was unbelievably happy
  • Like he was living the best part of his life
  • But over time these doubts dripped from the faucet
  • And now it was about to spill over the bowl
  • He didn’t love you anymore
  • He, of course, liked you and cared about you
  • But it simmered into a friendly feeling
  • And he soon realized he didn’t love you like he should
  • No, there wasn’t another girl
  • He wouldn’t keep you around if there was
  • He thought he had some decency for that
  • But he couldn’t help but feel selfish for his feelings
  • He still loved you, of course, he did
  • But not in the way you loved him
  • God, he wished he did
  • He wasn’t sure where it all went
  • The adoration, excitement, surprise your relationship used to hold
  • Some nights he would lay awake thinking about this
  • Trying to pinpoint the exact moment his love for you went away
  • But he couldn’t
  • And he felt even worse then
  • He guesses it all faded away quietly
  • He wouldn’t tell you now
  • Not when you were sleeping soundly against him
  • He’s slightly frightened that his heartbeat isn’t speeding up at this like it used to
  • Just a couple of months ago and his heart would be bursting at the sight on your curled up against him, you head resting on his chest
  • He suddenly feels suffocated like he can’t take this torture anymore
  • He has to tell you how he feels
  • But not right now
  • He’ll tell you in the morning after you’ve had a chance to fully wake up
  • ~time skip~
  • He was surprised that you woke up before him
  • You were already dressed and cleaning up from last night
  • “Good morning, Sungwoon”
  • Your voice was cheery even for so early in the morning
  • He could feel himself get sick
  • But he can’t hold this any longer
  • “Y/n-“
  • “Get dressed first! You’re still in clothes from yesterday”
  • He nods and slowly gets off the couch and moves into the bedroom
  • He feels sore from the awkward position he slept in and tries to run out the kink in his neck
  • He stops by the dresser but before he opens the drawer he spots the picture frame that sits in front of him
  • The one of your first year anniversary
  • You went to a flower field and took a picture with the rolling hills of colorful flowers behind you
  • He picks up the frame and stares at it
  • A tear escapes his eye and lands on the glass frame, blurring his face from the picture
  • This is going to hurt more than he thought
  • He puts down the frame and gets dressed
  • “Y/n, we should talk”
  • You turn to look at him with a smile still on your face from this morning
  • “Sure, what about?”
  • He can’t meet your eyes and stares at the floor, finding his shoelaces interesting to look at
  • “We should break up”
  • You gasp and it causes him to look up
  • His eyes are wide like he can’t believe he actually said it out loud
  • “Why? Did I do something wrong?”
  • He feels a knife twist in his chest
  • How could you think any of this was your fault?
  • The house is silent, save for the morning commuters on their way to work and the dog on the floor below barking
  • “No, you’ve been amazing to me these past two years. But I can’t do this any longer”
  • You look at him confused “do what any longer?”
  • He exhales deeply before saying the words he knows will hurt the most
  • “I can’t pretend to be in love with you any longer”
  • You tear your gaze from him and don’t say anything for a few moments
  • “Leave”
  • He doesn’t question you or ask why
  • He just leaves you and everything he used to cherish in the past two years

a/n: no one asked but here it is. also I didn’t proofread so there could be some mistakes sorry

I forgot until halfway through the day that I’m going out with my ladies tonight to a movie and then to drinks. I look like shit and have been cooking all day. I’m going to spend the next two hours getting as cute as humanly fucking possible because I. NEED. TO. GET. OUT. AND. FEEL. CUTE.

anonymous asked:

I recently entered the les mis fandom. I mean, i've seen the movie when it came out but i was never too interested, even as i've seen the play live a few times and everything. Then my friend got me into enjoltaire and everything else just followed? And i'm reading the brick this christmas and even tho i haven't started it yet i'm v emotional about my smoll son grantaire ok

Oh no, welcome to all these feelings anon ❤ Take me with you next time you watch the play :B

honestly im done sugar coating this. film is art and art is expression. you can’t put a value on art because it’s fucking priceless and it’s magical and it’s important beyond what i can describe

and to take something like justice league, zack snyder’s project that he poured his fucking soul into, the conclusion of a trilogy that took up years of his fucking life and throw it on an assembly line and deform it and mutate it into something unrecognizable, adding humor and action to make it more appealing, and then lie about it in marketing saying it’s still his movie and his vision and then plaster his name all over it when he hasn’t even fucking seen it yet, taking advantage of the death of his daughter to take away his fucking project and shit all over it while he fucking grieves so that a multi-billion dollar corporation can make a few more bucks is fucking despicable

i feel i should make something clear: i hated man of steel and batman v superman. im not some diehard snyder fan. but doing something like this is inexcusable. we will likely never see snyder’s justice league, and that’s fucking tragic. the movie we got is almost entirely reshot and reedited.

if you enjoyed justice league, more power to you. i wish id enjoyed it. ive been waiting for it for years. but fuck you if you’re defending joss whedon and WB’s disgusting business practices. nothing about this is ok.

Wakaba (slumped over and dragging her feet to the thirtieth landing of a flight of stairs): Here we are again–there’s your damn cake!!
Saionji (picking up the cake carrier he left on the landing): Well, at least it’s not ruined… But now we have to walk all the way back up… This is so STUPID! Why the hell are you afraid of the elevator?!
Wakaba: I’ll never forget it. I was trapped on the inside, the cord snapped, some lunatic held me hostage with the rest of my class…and we had to wait to be rescued…
Saionji: ….That never happened to you–that was the beginning scene to SPEED!
Wakaba: …Oh… Y'know, that movie was not at all what was advertised; you go to see a feel-good show about amphetamines and suddenly you’re on a bus?
Saionji: So you’re not afraid of the elevator?
Wakaba (waving her arms back and forth absently): I guess not.
Saionji: …Urgh. Fine, back up the stairs we go.
Wakaba: I’ll lead the way!