all the feelings

Things I can’t stop thinking about:

  • The way Sherlock says, “No, I know you’re not an experiment. You’re my friend, We’re friends”
  • The way Sherlock says, “Molly?….Molly please.”
  • The way Sherlock unbuttons his suit jacket before losing his shit
  • The way Sherlock fucking destroys the coffin
  • The way Sherlock sits on the floor looking defeated after losing his shit
  • Molly calling Sherlock a bastard
  • Molly’s little smile when Sherlock says I love you

The McCall Pack protecting each other in 6x08 is breaking my heart 

Argent protecting Melissa

Melissa protecting Argent

Liam protecting Hayden

Scott protecting Malia

Lydia protecting Liam

Malia comforting Scott

it’s all too much for me

On Archers and Kings

When Daryl asks “Do you have to be a king to get some food around here?,“ he is quite literally asking Carol “Am I not good enough?”

While reflective of the inadequacy and insecurity that Daryl still struggles with, it shows some serious character growth and general development in their relationship. For the first time, Daryl is coming from a place of questioning “why would I not be good enough?” So much of their early interaction came from a place of Daryl assuming “well of course I’m not good enough- there’s no way she could ever love me.” When she asked him "Wanna screw around?,” he said “stop,” reflecting a deep insecurity that she was making fun of him. When she called him "Pookie” for the first time, he said “stop” because he didn’t know how to accept her affection. But Daryl is good enough, and slowly but surely, he is starting to take action. He directly asked to have dinner with her because he is good enough. Now let’s look forward to a day in the near future when Daryl continues to act on his feelings in bigger ways, or at least with this newfound self-worth, the day when Daryl doesn’t say “stop.”

One of my favourite things is finding a fanfic, and getting so invested in the characters. I feel so much for them, their anger, and sadness and fear, and it destroys me. I’ll cry, and laugh, and yell, and hide behind my hands. But I LOVE that feeling of finding an author who can make me feel like I’m right there with them . 

Bless you, you wonderful authors out there.


Act like you’re just with me.


I can’t even start with these two






This episode basically brings every fanfic trope to life, and I am here for it.

✅Secret mission in foreign city
✅Forced to share single-bed in hotel room
✅Undercover fancy clothes
✅Slow dancing For Reasons but really because they are in love with each other
✅Staring at each other’s lips a lot

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Oh, and how could I forget the pièce de résistance, flashbacks to Baby!Ziva where Eli gives her ominous words of wisdom like this:

One day, Ziva, you will dance with a man who deserves your love.

Never mind that that’s a pretty creepy thing for a dad to say to his daughter and that Eli would never be that humble, but the direct juxtaposition between that line and Ziva in Tony’s arms staring at him like this:

If this doesn’t scream “Ziva David is in love with Tony DiNozzo,” I don’t know what does.

I just absolutely love that we’re seeing Ziva have these moments of absolute clarity this season, where she’s finally figuring stuff out that she’s been pushing away for years. And I know it all ends horribly, but let me have my moment here, dammit.

I can’t even with this episode

“This scavenger - this girl - resisted you?”

“That’s all she is, yes. A scavenger from that inconsequential Jakku. Completely untrained, but strong with the Force. Stronger than she knows.”

“You have compassion for her.”

“No-never. Compassion? For an enemy of the Order?”

“Kylo Ren. It appears that a reminder is in order. So I will show you the dark side. Bring the girl to me”

So, there we have it - this conversation, or something very like it, was filmed. Adam Driver said these lines, and the footage is locked away in a vault somewhere, guarded round the clock by an SAS SWAT team.*

This is only my speculation, since this isn’t something we can ask Pablo, but I’d wager that this exchange was deleted and replaced with something much briefer because it would have simply been far too telling. It’s important to remember how emotive Driver’s performance is when you think of these lines. While ADF’s prose is typically flat and undescriptive, I can almost guarantee that Driver would have made Kylo’s true feelings - the extent of Kylo’s emotional distress in relation to Rey - painfully clear. And if they are indeed going to continue exploring Kylo’s ‘weakness’ for Rey in the sequels, they won’t have wanted to telegraph that this overtly - they must have felt that what they had left in was sufficient, hinting at Kylo’s compassion for Rey without overtly calling it out.

But they didn’t see fit to remove the exchange from the novelisation, which is also telling because the novelisation is considered part of the canon. So while they felt it would be too much to include in the film, the complete text as the vast majority of viewers are going to experience it, they allowed it in the novelisation, which is only intended for a niche readership. I have a feeling that this passage is going to be well worth revisiting after VIII comes out.

* Probably not, but that’s what I like to imagine.


#married: meet-the-(great-)grandparents edition

Okay but look at how proud Ziva is when Tony finally meets Shmiel. How adorable are they?!

Yes, it’s hard not to be cheery around him, because he’s such a wonderful, charming man, but she can’t contain herself when she introduces them. 

That whole teasing earlier about her very special friend? It’s all in jest. Because it’s obvious (besides, well, the obvious) from the get-go that Shmiel means a great deal to Ziva, and there is so much love and affection between the two that it would be impossible to hold a grudge after this. I mean, anyone who’s known Ziva since she was a baby must be just as in awe of her as Tony is, at this point. She’s way warmer and more open with Shmiel than she’s ever been with her father, which is probably the entire point. Family is what you make of it.

Moreover, it’s so touching when Ziva is the one to invite Tony out to dinner; while she would usually joke about not being able to stand him for an evening out, she makes no such pretensions here, and actively encourages him to come along. This is the new them, where old friends can meet not-quite-as-old friends, almost like they’re welcoming Tony into their inner circle, which we know is a big step for Ziva. (Besides, Shmiel already knows all about Tony, so that’s a whole other ball o’ wax right there.) Tony wasn’t wrong about the road they were on, she just had a different way of getting there.

It’s just… UGH. There’s so much love here, of all different kinds, and the scene is just so lovely.