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Just a friendly reminder that, at the end of Kingsman, Merlin:

  • Lost Lancelot, the first Kingsman to be killed in seventeen years;
  • Lost Harry, a friend as well as a colleague, to a coma for several months;
  • Got Harry back;
  • Only to watch Harry slaughter a churchful of civilians before watching Harry get shot in the head through Harry’s own eyes;
  • Was betrayed by the leader of the organization he’s devoted his life to, a man to whom he has directly reported for decades (and if Arthur’s rotten now, who’s to say he wasn’t earlier, and that Merlin hasn’t previously, unbeknownst to himself, assisted the very people he thought he was trying to bring down?)
  • Then got news of that leader’s death (and a plot that will kill millions of people if it isn’t stopped within a matter of hours) from the man who killed him, Eggsy,
  • Who is, along with Roxy, a green recruit with no missions whatsoever under his belt, and yet, along with Roxy, is the only team Merlin takes with him to stop the supervillain and save the world armed only with bravery and a half-assed plan they work up on the fly, because, despite Merlin’s seventeen years of being Quartermaster without letting another one of his men die, despite thousands upon thousands of hours spent perfecting gadgets so they can get out of tight scrapes, hundreds of late nights spent reviewing grainy video footage so he knows what to do better next time, countless early mornings spent talking a terrified, panicking agent through a mission that went FUBAR and multitasking seeing through their eyes and listening to their words and hacking them through security and searching for an exit route and talking, always talking back to them in the calm, deep voice and telling them everything is fine, he’ll find them a way out, they’ll get through this and he’ll bring him home-despite all that
  • The only people he brings with him to save the world are two kids so brand new at this they don’t even have their uniforms yet, who haven’t spent hours on the comms joking and making ridiculous double entendres at him (you do realize this is being recorded, Lancelot?), haven’t spent hours at the pub laughing with him (Absolute bollocks of a match, Percival; a red card for a tug on his kit!?!), haven’t spent long nights in the hospital being looked after by him and returning the favor when necessary (I’ll clear you for a mission, Harry, when I clear you for a mission and not one minute before-and if you take that sling off, I will personally-), who have never killed a man or woken up screaming after missions gone bad or sat beside him and gripped the back of his chair with white-knuckled grips when their best mate’s on a mission gone bad, who don’t even know his real name, because aside from them
  • When the end of the world comes, Merlin is utterly alone.
  • And yet he’s calm and collected, takes charge of both of them and gives them orders and encouragement and guidance when they need it, and when everything is over and he’s all alone in his plane and wondering if any of the men he’s worked with and watched over for so many years are still alive or if they, too, betrayed everything he thought they’d all believed in, he compliments Eggsy and Roxy on a job well done and makes sure they know he’s proud of them, because those are things they need to know.

One of my favourite things is finding a fanfic, and getting so invested in the characters. I feel so much for them, their anger, and sadness and fear, and it destroys me. I’ll cry, and laugh, and yell, and hide behind my hands. But I LOVE that feeling of finding an author who can make me feel like I’m right there with them . 

Bless you, you wonderful authors out there.

Things I can’t stop thinking about:

  • The way Sherlock says, “No, I know you’re not an experiment. You’re my friend, We’re friends”
  • The way Sherlock says, “Molly?….Molly please.”
  • The way Sherlock unbuttons his suit jacket before losing his shit
  • The way Sherlock fucking destroys the coffin
  • The way Sherlock sits on the floor looking defeated after losing his shit
  • Molly calling Sherlock a bastard
  • Molly’s little smile when Sherlock says I love you

I heard from Boom’s family today by text- just Happy Mothers Day and saying hello. Sent a picture in his pre-k graduation gown (he’s so grown up) and said that all is well.

We haven’t corresponded at all since Christmas, despite my occasional texts and holiday cards, so I was just starting to accept that I wouldn’t hear from them again (I said as much to a friend about two hours before I got her message). I would have understood if they didn’t want to keep in touch (I probably represent a really crappy time of life for them). But then she wrote me, and we have texted back and forth a good bit tonight.

Any foster parent (or anyone, really) want to weigh in with thoughts on maintaining relationships with former placements?


Act like you’re just with me.


I can’t even start with these two






This episode basically brings every fanfic trope to life, and I am here for it.

✅Secret mission in foreign city
✅Forced to share single-bed in hotel room
✅Undercover fancy clothes
✅Slow dancing For Reasons but really because they are in love with each other
✅Staring at each other’s lips a lot

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Oh, and how could I forget the pièce de résistance, flashbacks to Baby!Ziva where Eli gives her ominous words of wisdom like this:

One day, Ziva, you will dance with a man who deserves your love.

Never mind that that’s a pretty creepy thing for a dad to say to his daughter and that Eli would never be that humble, but the direct juxtaposition between that line and Ziva in Tony’s arms staring at him like this:

If this doesn’t scream “Ziva David is in love with Tony DiNozzo,” I don’t know what does.

I just absolutely love that we’re seeing Ziva have these moments of absolute clarity this season, where she’s finally figuring stuff out that she’s been pushing away for years. And I know it all ends horribly, but let me have my moment here, dammit.

I can’t even with this episode

The McCall Pack protecting each other in 6x08 is breaking my heart 

Argent protecting Melissa

Melissa protecting Argent

Liam protecting Hayden

Scott protecting Malia

Lydia protecting Liam

Malia comforting Scott

it’s all too much for me


#married: meet-the-(great-)grandparents edition

Okay but look at how proud Ziva is when Tony finally meets Shmiel. How adorable are they?!

Yes, it’s hard not to be cheery around him, because he’s such a wonderful, charming man, but she can’t contain herself when she introduces them. 

That whole teasing earlier about her very special friend? It’s all in jest. Because it’s obvious (besides, well, the obvious) from the get-go that Shmiel means a great deal to Ziva, and there is so much love and affection between the two that it would be impossible to hold a grudge after this. I mean, anyone who’s known Ziva since she was a baby must be just as in awe of her as Tony is, at this point. She’s way warmer and more open with Shmiel than she’s ever been with her father, which is probably the entire point. Family is what you make of it.

Moreover, it’s so touching when Ziva is the one to invite Tony out to dinner; while she would usually joke about not being able to stand him for an evening out, she makes no such pretensions here, and actively encourages him to come along. This is the new them, where old friends can meet not-quite-as-old friends, almost like they’re welcoming Tony into their inner circle, which we know is a big step for Ziva. (Besides, Shmiel already knows all about Tony, so that’s a whole other ball o’ wax right there.) Tony wasn’t wrong about the road they were on, she just had a different way of getting there.

It’s just… UGH. There’s so much love here, of all different kinds, and the scene is just so lovely.