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silv and/or li yen. you killed me with gruvia's unison raid gifset. that will forever be my favorite gruvia moment of all time, and you did the moment so much justice that i feel the impact of it better than i did in the anime. THANK YOU i just alskdjfalskdfjasdf

Wooohooooo, Silv here ;_____; 

You know, I was looking at the episode and was like: shut up… yoU SERIOUS??? THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS??? LIKE !!?! ?!!? !?! ?!? ! PLEAAAAAASE??? ? ?   ? ? *tears*

Exactly what I felt, really, I was crying OMG, LY CAN TELL YOU THAT! And as a former Gruvia shipper, here I am to make justice about every moment I feel the urge to express with GIFs, SO YOU ARE PRETTY WELCOME MY DEAR!! 

I’m glad you like it, really, feel free to invade this ask with Gruvia feels as many times as you want u__u


the only appropriate response when Shianni asks you this tbqh.


The strength of evil is good as none, when stands before four hearts as one.

We recently hit our first 100 followers milestone and to celebrate this we’re very excited to announce the Sasha Williams Appreciation Week, beginning August 16th and ending August 22th. You can contribute to the appreciation week by posting gifsets, edits, meta or whatever you want. All you need to do is make sure to tag your creations with “sashawilliamsweek”. If you don’t feel like posting something yourself you can vote for your favourites on our blog and we’ll post gifsets showing the results. For any more questions you can message us here.

Sasha Williams Appreciation Week

Day 1: Favorite Episode

Day 2: Favorite Scene/ Moment

Day 3: Favorite Relationship

Day 4: Favorite Outfit or Personal Object

Day 5: Favorite Walker Kill

Day 6: Favorite Personality Trait

Day 7: Favorite Song/ Quote that reminds you of Sasha OR Anything you want

We’re looking forward to see all of your contributions!! Thank you for following our blog!


» Torchwood per Episode ; Season Two; Adam  
❝ Our memories define us, Adam changed those memories, he changed who we are. Now I have to help you all go back. Find a memory that defines you, rediscover who you are. If I’m wrong, he’ll still be here when we’ve done this. Let me take you back to before we all met. Feel around for anything that makes you what you are. The hidden and the forgotten. Tell me where you are.❝

- - -
» gifset by me

Character Appreciation Week [General Planning Post]

So over the next few days (because tumblr only lets you post two questions a day), we’re going to make individual posts for each of the characters asking for your input (i.e. fav episode/scene/line for that character, things you wonder about/prompts for fic and/or meta centered on that character, etc.), but for now, here’s a general info/planning post:


  • Character Appreciation Week! A week where we give each character their own day & celebrate them by posting/reblogging all about them!


  • Can participate? Everyone!! Draw them, write fic/meta about them, make gifsets/edits/vids about them, list fic recs or your favorite headcanons, dump all your feels about them into a text post, etc! Whatever you want to do. Use the hashtag #characterappreciationweek in the first five tags on your post and we’ll reblog it.


  • Right now, we’re looking at a Monday to Sunday week near the end of August/beginning of September, whenever is most convenient for the most people:
    • Option 1: week of August 24th - August 30th
    • Option 2: week of August 31st - September 6th
    • Option 3: week of September 7th - September 13th

Individual Character prompts/suggestions posts will be up over the next few days, and then by the end of the week we should hopefully have a finalized info/announcement post going up!

Does anyone have any general ideas/suggestions/date preferences??

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Yoou are the Markiplier of the HTTYD fandom cuz you are a genuinely caring person, you arent afraid to speak your mind, the content you put out is freaking AMAZING,You are fantastic! I LOVE seeing you put out new stuff, seeing your costumes inspires me to improve! seeing the stuff you put on etsy makes me wish my paycheck was a bit better xD All the time I wish you'd visit some west coast cons *coughSakuraconinseattle* And if Followers unfollow, well their loss! you are too freaking awesome!!!

The markiplier of the httyd fandom???? Oh my gods…i could seriously cry to this compliment. Thank you so so very much. As i read that last hate message, i literally thought of that gifset of mark talking about his subscribers and how he was crying. And how i feel the same way about all of you. And how many times ive written how much i love all of you and just want to protect you guys and how id be nothing without you guys, and how much of this is for you and how much you all motivate me. And my thanks to you guys and just…..i cant fathom…the thought of not respecting you guys. I want tk give you all gifts, live chats, and bring you all together so we can all be dorks together and just…just…its ..sigh. I’m sorry I’m not perfect and cant answer every single message that I read and don’t have tons of money to do everything I want to do for you guys and for myself. *deep breath* but… thank you.
And I wish I could visit too! And come to the west coast. Ive been wanting to visit there for yeeears and its in my future plans that I hope will come true sooner than later. Its all about timing and money!
Thank you again, though. I thank everyone right now, honestly. I know you guys know all this. And thats what makes it awesome.

Seriously though…wow. markiplier. That compliment is amazing.

@pjo fandom

guys i need MAJOR help. as you know i’m always planning on doing my AUs, and this time i planned something so gooooood! like it’s not even AU, it’s basically a sequel for heroes of olympus with darker stuff, lots of deaths and DARK PERCY!!!! i already made the gifset script, but i need help with the fancasts because i want them to FIT in the pjo/hoo universe. plus they’ll be like ½ years older? 

its such a pain to look for fancasts by yourself and that’s why i need help also because i’m planning this to be BIG!!!!! I’M EVEN MAKING A FANMADE TRAILER SO U CAN FEEL WHY I NEED ALL THIS HELP

also i’ll be sharing my fancast list before i start making the au, so you can see if you agree with me or not and give me better ideas because once i start theres no turning back.

AND i’m in doubt with some fancasts i’ll explain why my chooses until now and PLEASE HELP ME!!! (you’ll also see the gods. i need special help with the gods)

anyways, here are the ones i have by now & the ones i need

  • percy: grant gustin or dylan o’brien. i always use grant, as you know he’s a good older percy, but i thought of dylan since i’m doing dark percy and kitsune stiles would bring the facial expressions i need. 
  • annabeth: eliza taylor. i don’t watch the 100 but i see a lot of gifs of eliza’s character injured/fighting/worried so she was the first to come into my mind…
  • aphrodite: laverne cox. aphrodite will have such an important role in this “au”/sequel, and since zercy​ suggested laverne as aphrodite i couldn’t stop thinking of her as the goddess.
  • nico: dylan schmid. not changing my mind in this one because all i need is a gif of “nico” falling/dying and i remember the ouat episode where bae falls in that hole so…
  • leo: i thought of carlos valdes, cisco in the flash. but i’m always accepting better fancast ideas, since carlos looks lot older and not so much like leo. ps: must be mexican, you guys know that.
  • piper: if you follow my aus then you know i use kelsey chow as piper. kelsey is cherokee and she’s recently been in teen wolf, looking scared & worried and having some dark scenes. she would be great in this, but i’m open to ideas.
  • hazel: most of the time my fancasts for hazel are singers. this time, i need an actress. and if possible an actress who has done action movies.
  • frank: my first thought was the supernatural guy i forgot the name omg, the one who is chinese canadian! but since i’m still watching the first episode of spn, i need you guys to give me his name + episodes he shows up!!! and also if you have better fancasting for frank, i’d appreciate, because from what i remember of that guy, he looks older than what i’m looking. must be chinese but you guys know that.
  • jason: i’ll have to disappoint the #lukeasjason squad and use another person. IM SORRY SQUAD, but i need an actor, if you guys can give me one with action movie, i’d appreciate that.
  • reyna: i need an actress, puerto rican preferably.
  • will solace: !!!need help!!!
  • thalia: idk if you guys like the movie thalia???
  • grover: i’ve never thought of a fancast for grover so i need like SUPER HELP IN THIS 
  • gaea: i thought of ouat’s cora??? what do you guys think????
  • ares: !!!need help!!!!
  • poseidon: !!!need help!!!



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It's my birthday and all my friends and relatives (but not my mum, dad and bro) forgot and I try to tell myself it doesn't matter but damn..

No, it matters, honey I’m so sorry this happened! Oh gosh! You could talk to your closest friends and say “hey wtf happened it’s my damn birthday go buy me cake”, but nonetheless don’t feel sorry for yourself, your family remembered and they love you. 

Here is your cake from me, and I’ll make a gifset of whomever you want as your birthday gift :D 

Cheer up, baby, it’s your day <3

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scerekqueen(.)tumblr(.)com/post/124772269025 I don't know why this gifset makes me go all *insert 'I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS!' gif here* but...DADDY SCOTT THOUGH. QUIETLY CONFIDENT SCOTT. GENTLE ALPHA SCOTT MCCALL!

Gifset here

The way Scott Alphas Liam is so important because we’ve mostly seen Alphas control their packs through violence, politics, or manipulation. It’s obvious that Scott’s leadership style has had a marked effect on Liam as a person, and that their bond is incredibly strong. The competence and love he displays when he is caring for his pack is just so important, especially when you compare it not only to the various other packs Scott’s been exposed to, but also the way his own father treated him and Melissa.

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a good day~

I was thinking of making some gifsets from older videos that I haven’t made yet today, since Mark is taking a break. If you have any ideas or would like to request something, let me know! It will be a couple hours till I can start but I’d like to make one or two today.

Again I hope you all are having a good day, and if not I’m sending a ton of love and hugs to you guys. Some days you have to take a break and let yourself process and feel the rough days, but everything will be okay~



So myself (Jenniferand the lovely Christina have recently just gotten into the SethKate fandom and decided to make a complete resource blog for them. All your SethKate needs can be found right here, ranging from fic/video recommendations to just plain old GIFS. Our Askbox (no hate please!) and Requestbox (GIFsets,IconPacks) are always open so feel free to hit us up with anything you guys need!  


Jennifer & Christina.

Just saw a “Hunchback of Notre Dame” gifset and I remember there has only ever been one scene in that movie that freaked me out as kid so much that I always left the room when it came one

The part of the festival always got to me. There is Quasimodo, for once in his life feeling happy and elated over the fact that he may finally be accepted among society. Until all those dreams and hopes are shattered with a tomato to the face

And I found it so horrific how they tied him down and attacked him - all the while laughing like it’s the biggest gig of the day…..

So I’ve been thinking… You know guys, making backgrounds takes a lot of my time and I don’t get nothing in return (not that I’m bitching about) more than thank you’s (which have been enough till now tho)… How about make a trade? You know, I’ll make you something and you make me something, it can be whatever you want, a graphic, a lil drawing, a letter, a gifset, a fanfic about my otp, whatever you feel like doing, and I’ll accept it with all my love and heart.

I’m not going to make you pay, but it’s only fair for me to enjoy this requests too, don’t you think?

It would be nice, if you give me something in return once in a while… Just to feel the love Hahahaha

List 6 creations you’re most proud of: 

I was tagged by Isabel because “I wanted to cause you agony bc you have such an insanely high output, I can imagine doing this will be haard! Me, preparing people for the tough life. Ur welcome”. This is a direct quote! So thanks, Satan! Here we go. (Surprise, surprise, this will mainly be TT related posts)

1) Trudy + Ebony , because I feel like this was my first decent gifset for TT and it started me in off in the right direction, if that makes any sense?

2) Did somebody say magnificent? I think this might be the post with the most notes I ever got? It is still gaining more each day. (Which has more to do with that handsome face, not my PS skills, but I’ll take it.)

3) Basically all of my TT meme posts. Not only because I think I made some pretty gifsets there, but because I created that meme for my purposes and actually finished it. Still one of my biggest accomplishments ever! Posts I am most proud of from it: Trudy (because she is the greatest) and the location picspams.

4) Ebony doesn’t have time for your shit. Because I felt super witty making this. Queen of heaven and hell, bigger that life and better than you!

5) Antonia Prebble. This interview was so cute and I think the gifs turned out quite nicely. Once again, probably not because of my skills, but because of that pretty human being.

6) And lastly my Tribe Girls friendships. I tried to do something a bit different and actually put a lot of time and effort into finding moments to gif that would fit together. (Yes, I didn’t want to study, so I made this, I admit it.)

Honorable mentions: Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones (I think it looks quite nice, but no many people seem to share that opinion) and my Narnia Cast friendships.

Tagging whoever wants to do it!

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ughhhh save me, I want to do this A-Side/B-Side Theon/Robb fanmix, but I have a feeling I'm going to fall back on being lazy and not do it...

(I need also to do Throbb stuff again, but I have lost all my GOT episodes so I can’t make gifsets and I have far too many writing projects atm *sobs*)