all the feeling making this gifset

psa, y'all. i’m leaving tumblr for a while. i don’t expect anyone to really give a crap but for those who do, i don’t enjoy myself on this site as much as i used to. I lost friends, talk less and less with them even tho i rlly want to bc guess what im an insecure piece of shit, also there is more hate in the tags, even I am getting hate mail for no reason this week???

but this is only temporary, of course. it’s just that i’m not gonna go on this site for a good while because i feel isolated and anxious, so there will be even less content of little ole me onto your dash. even just writing this makes me anxious af tbh. but hey, i will still gif the supernatural episodes and shit so y'all dont have to worry about that, and you can still request gifsets and stuff, if you want to.

sorry. also, if any friends do actually care and wanna contact me on kik/snapchat/twitter or anywhere else that is not tumblr, hmu. i’ll be starting my break tomorrow.


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.


#GetWellSoonJihyo (feat. sana kissing jihyo bc that’s how we onces feel right now TT)

There was recent news of Jihyo having a knee injury but she will be getting it treated as well as halting some activities to recover. Let’s wish her some good rest and recovery 💕 (x / x)

– Also there was some stuff flying around on social media about Mina and we all know it’s not pretty but there is #미나_사랑해_영원히 (#Mina_ILoveYou_Forever) that is spreading around to show that we still love and support Mina no matter what so spread the love around!


Rough around the edges, memories and baggage… You know me;
Never play the safe card, when I go I go hard.

an au of hostile takeover in which half of cat’s hacked emails are just her and kara emailing each other “are you up?” and cat sending kara drafts and stuff to “pls print for me,” and then at one point asking “gefilte fish… where are we on this?”


Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need  (x)


Aaron saying he’s ‘not exactly easy to love’ all he has to do is just look around him, in fact you’re pretty damn difficult not to love <3


Felicity + Oliver||Tale as old as time - by JustlikeAnimals                                  (via :


❄️  Merry Christmas @tbhkatic, @imwithyoualways and @unthinkable-you-and-me❄️


Most frightening moment: it was during the filming of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. I was buried up to my neck in sand on this beach in the South Sea Islands. They dug a hole underneath my body so there was plenty of air about but also attracted rats—all I could feel was these rodents biting at my feet. It was terrifying.


the only appropriate response when Shianni asks you this tbqh.


@anaklin​ asked: can you make a red tour gifset

“The crazy emotions that make us stronger, the ones that test us, the ones that teach us the important lessons in life, feeling those emotions… If I had to put a color to those emotions… I wonder if we’re on the same page about this? And scream loudly if you are, but I think those colors, if I had to pick one for all those emotions I think it would be bright, burning RED.”