all the feeeels!


loving the Jekyll, with the Hyde…

growing up with so much romance mangaz is bound to make me churn out this kinda fanart :P


“Lord Rivers was always considered a kind, serious and just man, and tested by every
vicissitude of life. However much he prospered, he never harmed anyone , while doing good to many'”

On the 25th of June 1483, Anthony Woodville is executed at Pontefract Castle. 


ルームシェア★素顔のカレ JP (Season 1) ~ 菊原千尋 (Kikuhara Chihiro)

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For @electricghoti in particular for crafting the best Abellan relationship known to man that goes right for the feels every time. Seriously, those two. And his patience with her emotional armor. IT GETS TO ME.

And it’s… also for the rest of my followers in general as penance for the Blackwall Barn Troll gif. I AM SO SORRY. I repent in fluff.