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"Wait, how was I not aware that i'm dating all three of my best friends at the same time?"

“Wait, how was I not aware that I’m dating all three of my best friends at the same time?”

Marinette shrugged and stole a bite of Alya’s lunch. “I mean, you sleep over and hang at my house more often than you do at yours, you’re always sitting in Nino’s lap at every available opportunity because, and I quote, ‘he’s the one consistent source of comfort in your life’, and you send Adrien kissy face emojis when he says how wonderful you are because, and I quote again, ‘he’s the most beautiful and wonderful love of your life.’” 

Alya blinked in confusion and stared down at her hand that was interlaced with Adrien’s as he sat next to her and did his physics homework. “Okay, I think you’re exaggerating just a little bit, I mean it’s not that intense.”

Nino peeked around her and said, “Babe, you’re literally sitting in my lap right now.”

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hey ! due to some neurodivergence issue, i cant really read the post about arophobic microagressions... if it isnt a bother, could you please sum up its points ? it seems interesting

Here are some of the main points:

  • Aromantic people face similar issues as aces but they also have unique problems. Arophobia is not the same thing as acephobia.
  • Aromantic people tend to be erased when it comes to representation. Raphael Santiago from Shadowhunters was originally aroace but the aromantic part was left out in the show. Rather than fighting against aro erasure, lots of aces ignored it and focused on the ace representation. Jughead was also originally aroace but ended up straight in Riverdale
  • There’s a lot more studies/awareness/positivity for asexuality compared to aromanticism. Aro issues are often lumped in with aces or ignored all together

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. "Hey, Mom. This is going to be a weird question, but do you know which doctor Mrs. Lars took Luke to? He's having a... weird reaction to a painkiller. I'll let you know what I can in my next letter. Love, Janek." Tank glanced at Wedge. "You sure he never did this in the Rebellion?" "I think I'd remember Luke claiming to be the ruler of sand while somehow perched on a light fixture." "True. I'm not telling his dad, though." "That's fair. Make the doc do it?"

Tank paced the medbay with a strange expression on his face. The fact that they were in the same general coordinates as Tatooine was probably the only reason he was able to reach his parents’ frequency at all, but even so the connection was of poor quality, and audio only. Luke watched him in a kind of hazy amusement, not really aware of what was going on.

“No, no Mom, it wasn’t vitameatavegamin. That’s not even a real thing. No, it’s not, I swear it’s not.”
He paused, listening for a moment, squinting as though this would make him hear better. “Fixer’s mom told you? Well there’s the problem. Mrs. Loneozner also thinks that pit droids carry disease. Not a reliable source.”

Tank looked over at Wedge apologetically, who had a supremely amused expression on his face even as he gently tugged Luke down from where he was making an industrious attempt to climb up a medical cabinet, muttering about good vantage points for sniping.

“Luke, buddy,” Wedge said gently, “Nobody in their right mind is gonna give you a gun for the next three weeks at least. Don’t worry about sniping.”

“Yeah, but if the guys come in-” Luke muttered, his mind clearly on a track he hadn’t informed his friends of.

“I’ll handle it, okay? But I don’t need to sit on a cabinet to do it. Just trust me and sit down a minute,” Wedge pleaded.

A triumphant sound caused the two to look up to where Tank flashed a thumbs-up. “Thanks Mom, you’re a lifesaver, literally. I’ll talk to you next time I get leave, love you!”

He cut off the comm and shook his head. “I never thought I’d say this, but thank the Force that my dad is a pack-rat. He still had old emergency contact forms for when we all went to agro-school between harvests. The Darklighters, Sunbers, and Lars were all kind of backups for each other. Man, I’d forgotten some of this stuff.”

He patted Luke’s shoulder as he passed him and leaned over the table where the doctor was trying to figure out which medication had caused the reaction. “It’s the provotin cystate,” he supplied. “Luke reacts to it the way you might to coming out of anesthesia post-op. Only for the first twenty minutes or so. Once that runs out, my mother remembered that he mostly experienced stiff joints and a headache until it wears off.”

The doctor scribbled that down in his datapad as if it were a matter of life or death.

Actually, given just who the patient was, it probably was a matter of life or death.

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Hey I've seen a lot of discourse about this and I'm genuinely curious for an asexual person's opinion: do you think asexual people don't belong in the LGBT community because they don't experience the same sex attraction or gender dysphoria that would open them up to homophobia and transphobia? Really just want to hear another side of the discussion. Thanks!

Well, just know that I am not the most informed person on these issues.  I am definitely not aware of all the different hardships that various people in the LGBT+ community face.  

Here is what personal experience as shown me:

I went to my company’s LGBT christmas party a few weeks ago(super nervous btw).  I was talking to the few girls that were there and when one who was a lesbian asked me about dating I clarified that I was asexual.  She had no reaction that showed she thought I didn’t belong there.  Instead she brought up how her daughter had considered if she was asexual and we continued talking as normally as before.  

Farther back, at a tech conference I went to a Lesbians Who Tech panel.  At the very end I went of to the founder of Lesbians Who Tech and asked her if there was a point where asexuals might be overstepping their bounds by coming to these events.  She said absolutely not.

In college, the LGBT+ group had a webpage and pdf that gave definitions about all the different orientations.  Asexual and Aromantic were both included as if it was natural.

Here is what I think:

Every letter in the everchanging acronym(LGBT, LGBTQA, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIAP, etc.) involves a different set of experiences, struggles, and issues.  Some are obviously much more dire than others.  I read about a trans person who walked down the street after midnight in fear, because of the cases where men have done terrible things to them because they felt ‘deceived’ about their gender after hitting on them.  Clearly I will never fully understand or have that same fear.

The issues faced are different, but just because an issue is not as bad it does not make it unimportant or nonexistent.  It does not mean we shouldn’t work on fixing it along with the others.

LGBT+ seems to be a community where those who do not fall under the sexuality or gender norm can go to be surrounded by others like that.  Others who unquestionably see you as valid when you say you don’t feel how you are ‘expected’ to.  This community can then be used to meet people, become more educated, raise awareness, and take action to solve issues.  A trans person and a gay person face different issues, but together they have more power and influence for solving both their issues.

Asexuals and aromantics are definitely not straight(half the jokes on this blog are about how we don’t feel the same things that straight people feel).  As long as they are respectful of other’s issues, and understand that they have different issues than those faced by others, I believe it makes logical sense for them to be included.  The inclusion will also allow more conversations to form over sexuality and identity, hopefully furthering human’s understanding of it.

That turned out long, sorry.  I just kind of said what came to me.  Honestly I could right 5 more pages with my thoughts but I’m sure I’ve put you to sleep already ;)


mom @omfgbts tagged me to post selfies with my bias & then she posted them for army selca day but that has passed and the ones i used for that i already posted here lmao pLUS i just got my hair changed sooooo in honor of that here is one selfie lmao + a lot of hair pictures along with some idols that my hair matches (kinda) (i was going for that color okay it turned out weird bc my hair is too dark and i wasn’t about to shell out more than what i agreed to pay)

honestly whoever wants to post selfies… if u need a reason to post them then feel free to say i tagged u (but like… post them whenever u want u don’t need a reason u look good okay) ^-^ thanks @mom for your iconic asd selfies i am… forever shook by those you are so pretty and ilysm

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how long did it take you to get really good at digital art? i feel like i'm not growing and was wondering if you faced any similar frustration:/

I’ll tell you when I get there. Trust me, I am experiencing the exact same frustration like all the time. I look at my art and it’s not what I want to see. Of course I notice some improvement (I used to draw such huge heads idk why xD) but it’s really microscopic. I’m aware I don’t study as much as I should, that I don’t challenge myself enough, I’m lazy and I’m pretty annoyed with myself. The only thing I feel ok about is that I draw basically almost every day. But I’m not satisfied with stuff I create, I don’t experiment enough, I don’t push my limits… Anyway, when I get really good at digital art I’ll let you know how long it takes :)

(If you’re asking about getting familiar with a drawing program, I still try to figure out how sai works xD But some people are smarter…)

Thieves Among Us (2/5)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7.

He had learned early on that he’ll never be able to perfect the art of being aloof, at least before her, but he’s still determined to keep himself as detached from her as best as he’s able. Jon does it to preserve himself. He needs to, if he’s going to do what he’s been tasked with. In the time that they all live in, there just isn’t any moment for possibility—there shouldn’t be. It’s much too dangerous, lingering on that tempting idea of what could have been, or even what was, for that matter. That’s what they always stress, Ser Davos and his advisors; there must be no opportunity for chance, is what they say, not even the slightest gap, because it leaves room for disaster, for chaos. It must be avoided at all costs. And while they all refer to the battle that looms ahead of them, he’s learned that it’s best to apply it to other aspects of his life, too.  

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I'm still a pretty new artist, but my biggest problem is that a lot of my characters have pretty much the same facial structure. How do you avoid that? All of your characters look so different! (I also don't quite yet have my own style of drawing, either)

There are tons of tutorials out there that address same face (anyone who remembers any, please link in the replies!), so I won’t attempt to repeat most of the stuff. Instead what I’ll advice you on is a kind of self-awareness and mindset you may wish to adopt when approaching characters.

1. Self-awareness: observe the people around you. Observe yourself. What aspect of their face stands out to you? What do you find unique and interesting (not just beautiful!)? What kind of personality do you think is behind the face? What shapes make up their nose, their eyes, their head?

2. Attitude: Take your time to learn how to appreciate the diversity of faces. Everyone looks weird in their own way, and even if they aren’t conventionally beautiful, you can still find them beautiful! Don’t be afraid to draw ‘ugliness’ and prominent features. That’s what makes you and your characters and everyone unique!

I suggest drawing faces from real life - in the tram, in the train, in school, your family, friends, whoever!! Nobody is safe. Draw people whose faces you find interesting. Be brave with your shapes - if someone’s head shape looks like an eggplant to you……draw it. Serious. Don’t try to neutralise it. And when you’ve pages full of faces you can go back to them for inspiration on your own ocs. Mix and match!

If you aren’t going out, you can still do those exercises at home: draw random faces that pop up in those hashtag campaigns (like Selfies Day or something like that), on TV, from this lovely blog that catalogues faces, from HONY, wherever.

The wonderful thing about character design is that there are characters everywhere in the world!! Steal God’s character designs, basically.

people I saw in the mall.

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Hey, I have a question about this anglo-shaming stuff you keep posting (I'm not Canadian, so bear with me) Is there a history of oppression on the Quebecois or something and that's why there's all this stuff about anglo-shaming? Or is this something else entirely?

why yes there is

bear in mind that i’m fully aware that france is a colonizer just like great-britain and québécois people have white privilege and therefore the oppression québécois face/faced is in no way on the same level as the oppression poc face

that being said

Quebec (which was then a french colony) got dumped by the mère patrie dear old france and was taken over by the british in the late 1700s. quebeccers weren’t happy about this and naturally, the english wanted to keep them in check, which they did by associating with the catholic church among other things. the clergy encouraged the quebecois not to revolt, work hard and make babies. they would go as far as including anti-patriotes (quebecois revoltees) speeches in their sermon. please note that the patriotes who died fighting the british were not allowed to be buried in a proper grave. 

the upper class was almost exclusively anglo, and that started to change like in the 60s thanks to the quiet revolution which isn’t a long time ago. one of the worst thing they did to us is the -forced déportation of the acadian people (french people who live in what is now New Brunswick) in 1755. The anglos burned their houses and their fields, making sure they had nothing to come back to. They captured them by circling catholic churches on sunday morning. Men who resisted saw their family threatened with weapons. They didn’t inform the acadian as to where they were deported, most of them never saw their friends and families again. (fun fact : some of them were brought to the united states and became tge cajun people. the song evangeline mentionned in the princess and the frog is about two acadian lovers separated by the deportation, it’s a really old song and it explains how it happened)

now our language and culture are somewhat protected in quebec through laws, like bill 101 (all signs must be written in french, the language spoken in big companies must be french, a customer has the absolute right to be served in french (which isn’t always the case in montreal as of now). 

some things happening today which results from the power imbalance between francos and anglos (there are french people living everywhere in canada and their deal is much rawer because they are a small minority over there) :

-québécois/french canadian self-hate (ex. our french is different from france’s, we have a lot of different expressions and words, our syntax isn’t always the same, we have a unique accent, and lots of québécois look down on the way we speak, saying it isn’t “good” french, we sound stupid, we should speak an “international french” when in reality our french is just as different from france’s as american engish is from british english and both dialects are considered valid.)

-crazed anglo tries to murder the first separatist prime minister elected in 10 years in 2012 (she is also the first woman prime minister, and i’m sure it’s no coincidence that the first lady pm is also the first to face a murder attempt) 

-various quebec bashing in magazines and tv shows and living rooms across canada, you should see them when the separatist party is elected, they’re terrified and full of hate, their discourse reeks of “we have to keep the colonies in check” and it’s both hilarious and upsetting. i’ve seen anti-quebec memes on tumblr very often, with super nice reactions like “lol quebeccers are the worst”, it’s very common. i’ve been attacked on various websites after i said i was from montreal.

here is a list of Bad Things the anglos have done (it’s in french but google translate is your friend)

here are some examples of quebec bashing in the media

so yeah after a long hard day of serving anglo people in their language, trying not to have to big of an accent because wealthy anglos love to go to my boss and complain that our english isn”t good enough. (like, i wrote all this, evidently my english is very good. once a lady complained about me because i didn’t know how to say the word danoise in english. it’s danish, i know now.) i love to anglo-shame them

(the first time i’ve seen this term, it was in an article in the National Post, saying that it wasn’t fair that politicians have to be bilingual because it’s anglo-shaming. i spat my drink laughing and i’ll never forget. ah. anglos.)

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I'm in desperate need of some really good soulmate AU's lol nothing specific, I love me some fluff and smut. Thank you!

soulmate tag 

and enjoy these as well!

Counting Backwards While the Stars are Falling

But tonight’s different, Bucky knows it before he’s even completely asleep, because in that half-aware space somewhere between dreaming and consciousness he feels his skin prickling, his chest clenching like he’s lost something and he doesn’t know what it is, never even had it, and as oblivion overtakes him, all Bucky sees is the same face he’s seen in his dreams for years.

Following the Map that Leads to You

When Steve was young, his mother taught him that you could find your soulmate by thinking of your soulmarks and pointing at a map.But she never told him what to do if you met your soulmate - and then lost him.

Lucky for Steve, Clint won’t leave this kind of shit alone.

Story of Us

In a world where people can’t see color until they meet their Match,Bucky meets Steve when they’re both too young to understand what it means to even have a soulmate.

The World’s at Stake

Few soulmates are separated at birth by too much time – but when the distance becomes greater than one year all bets are off,with five years’ difference being equally as unusual as fifty.

Yet the one rule that has never been broken is that the soulmates’ lifespans always overlap.

So it came as something of a shock to the young boy in an orphanage in Brooklyn, New York, when his soul mark came in at the age of twelve and told him that his soulmate had been dead for almost sixty years.

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I saw in one of your recent Instagram photos that you had a jewel on your forehead in between your eyes. You should really avoid putting anything like that on your face because it is culturally insensitive to people who have bindis as a part of their religion and culture. I know you probably didn't intend to do this, but you should be aware of it all the same.

Your concern is touching but…

Bindis are not religious . That discussion was cleared up months ago on tumblr when actual people from India told others to stop harassing people about it.
I bought these 20 years ago before cultural appropriation even existed in the eye of the public, in a time when each country, without Internet, was left to their own devices, before other cultures could call it out public and we could all talk about it and educate ourselves on the matter. But guess what!? I still went to a shop for clothes from India and asked if it was ok to wear stuff from that country. The sales woman had a BIG laugh about it and told me that neither bindis nor saris are religious. Only the red dots ( forgot the name) and wedding dresses are.

People are too OTT about such matters when not even the people from that country feel offended.

( ps what I am wearing isn’t even from India it’s from Thailand or something and was sold to me in a fair trade shop)

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how is a picture of your face you put on the internet the same as a wallet containing money, identification, and credit cards? lmfao. unless i'm waving my wallet in the air screaming "everyone look at my wallet!!!!!!!" that was irrelevant

my point with the wallet was that giving credit doesn’t mean something isn’t theft. I’m aware that an important physical object can have a bigger impact when stolen, but that wasn’t the point I was making at all.

It’s funny you bring up identification, though, because they is literally what someone is taking when they use pictures of me as their profile pictures.

Do you know how many fake facebooks, instagrams, and dating site profiles people have made with pictures of me? Do you know how many messages I’ve received from people I’ve never spoken to asking why I broke up with them? Do you know know how many people have come to me saying they were catfished with a picture of me, and now expect me to deal with their emotional fallout? Do you know how much time and work I put into all my photos and makeup looks just to have someone else take them? Do you know how many people have told me they dated someone online that they thought was me? Do you understand how disturbing that is?

I used to allow people to use my pictures if I’m credited, but that privilege has been abused. Under no circumstance do I allow people to take my images. This request isn’t unreasonable.