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Hello! This is secret santa for @mellifluousbable!

Their request was for “ereri fireside chats; Eren, Levi, and friends have a secret santa gift exchange” and well… here you have the precious boys exchanging gifts by the fireplace with Hanji and Armin (and let’s just pretend that Mikasa and the others are grabbing drinks and food from the kitchen or something, haha).

I hope this is to your liking, and I wish you and everyone a warm, fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season!


I saw that Marcel was gas/poison and got inspired to draw this!! I think it’d go with the AU? Maybe? I don’t really know!


Elements - Part 6 - Happy Warrior 

I think it is one of the most interesting episodes of Elements so far, so I wanted to comment about some observations: 

  • The design of the entire Elemental Fire Kingdom is really detailed and I think it’s quite pretty.
  • The trait for all Fire beings appears to be forever fighting/angry. 
  • Flame Princess is a dragon, rather than just an enlarged version of her original shape. She also rejects Finn’s attempt at rational discussion with “Stop talking to me like we’re friends.”
  • Finn becoming a part of the Fire World changes him so much into straight out suggesting to kill LSP.
  • The entire Elemental Fire Kingdom is about to attack the Elemental Candy Kingdom, whose relations has always been unspokenly tense well before Elements.
  • The fact that Finn is part of this attack and the potential disaster he’ll create both physically and emotionally to himself, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum, and everyone else depending on how this pans out. (But most notably FP and PB)
  • Cinnamon Bun’s line at the end of the episode: “Surely, this is the end of all things.”
Major Scale Correspondences

As an extremely music inspired witch, I thought that I should share some of the correspondences that I have and regularly use with the 7 major scales(excluding sharp and flat major scales)!

A- Protection (A harsher sort of protection, like a warrior or guard), All Orange Colors, Pleasant Feelings, and Warmth. Element: Fire.

B- Wind, Royal Blue, Calm, Happiness, and Controlled Chaos. Element: Air.

C- Simplicity, Calm, Normality, Cold, Beige, and Pastel Blue. Element: Air.

D- Romance, Rain, Pastel Purple, Royal Purple, Burnt Burgandy (the color), and Sweetness. Element: Water.

E- Friendship, Green, Energy, Taking Up Space, and Heat. Element: Earth.

F- Storms, Anger, Pale Grey, Bright Red, Dryness, and Sand. Element(s): Earth/Fire.

G- Protection (A warm sort of protection, more of a familial\personal\friendly sort of feel), Chocolaty Brown, and Glamour. Element: Water.

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I'm having a not so great night. Got any pictures of any of the boys to help? Please?

Oh nuuuu, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a bad night! Let’s talk about some happy things, okay? I’ve got lots to show you, so get comfy :)

Like this. Jensen drunk off his ass hanging (literally) with the band Kaleo.

This one always makes me smile, bc you can tell he’s having such a great time with some rad people he really admires. He’s so *clenches fist* happy. And not only do Jared and Jensen listen to their music and have attended a few of their concerts,,, but they have become fucking fRIENDS with them.

like dude,,,, what kind of g O a . L s

Jensen is so gotdamn smug on the outside here, but we all know he’s screaming on the inside

can u like. even IMAGINE going bowling with ur fave like this?!??? good lord.

and just look

how freaking adorable

and happy

and snuggly

Jared is right here with JJ omfg. 

I love seeing them happy and carefree and just kinda in their element. I want them to be happy all the time ;~; Just like I want YOU to be happy :”) Want to see some happy Misha pics? ofc you do, what was I even thinking, pssht

Look how fuckin sCRUNCHY that smile is!!! That is some Mega Nose Scrunch going on right there. He loves his kids so much, can u believe how beautiful his family is alskdgh I would like to remind you of this video too, while we’re at it :))

I absolutely love seeing these dads interact with their kids. It’s the purest friggen thing in the world, just look [x]

Jared and Shep!!!!!

Jensen and JJ!!!!!

Misha and Maison!!!!

These guys are just,,,, incredible. So family-oriented and beautiful :”))
I hope this made you smile a little bit, anon ♥︎ Feel better! xx

Kitten (Part 20)

Note: So a lot of folks have been missing Kuro. Figured we should check in on him and see what he’s up to. Random aliens die in this part.

Warning: Kitten Is A Dark Fic With Dark Themes

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The quivering bloody mess on the floor is rather nasty. It’s garbled plea for mercy through it’s shattered teeth pathetic in the not enjoyable way. Kuro frowns. He’s disappointed at how quickly his new toys have broken. He’d really had every intention of making these last, drawing out their time together. Both to savor the pain and to not arouse suspicion in the local authorities, but the things had been immensely unsatisfying. Like a bag of chips, there was no substance to their screams.

He missed Kitten. The pleasure he’d gotten from breaking one of Kitten’s delicate fingers was equal to what he gained from snapping both this creature’s knees. Things just weren’t fair. He should be happy.  He’d taken all the best elements of his time with Kitten and dialed them up.

He’d chosen the most startling beautiful couple he’d seen. Pale, waifish, with sharp claws that hinted at gorgeous danger.  Made them watch while he played with the other, let them beg for him to stop, and if they were very very good, even let them take the other’s place. Their personalities had been a perfect contrast, one who cried out at all pain like a song, and one that took an hour’s work to get a single glass shattering yell.

Why weren’t they enough? Why did he feel he was constantly chasing a high, only to have it slip through his fingers a moment after being obtained?

In the night, while they rested, he found himself ignoring the recordings of the day and going back to watch Kitten’s poor attempts to fight him off instead.  He’d even recreated some of the scenes, but they were just not the same. The best he’d made was a tiny bit of roleplay, with ‘Kitten’ and ‘Shiro’.  Unfortunately, ‘Kitten’ hadn’t survived the encounter. Turns out, their anatomy hadn’t meshed well with his own, and besides what was the point of these things, if all he was going to do is imagine he was with someone else?

Kuro sighed, this just wasn’t working out. He needed the emotional connection that came with knowing Kitten and tormenting his weaker self. Strangers, no matter how pretty, just couldn’t compare. He puts his enhanced hand around the remaining alien’s skull and starts to squeeze. He wanted to give a “It’s not you, it’s me,” speech, but this thing wouldn’t get the reference. One more way they failed to live up to proper playmates. The thing’s broken arm is flopping uselessly against the metal of his own, animal instinct trying to survive well past it’s time.  He does enjoy the millisecond were it’s eyes register it’s doom before it’s skull cracks like an eggshell.

Blick. Kuro flings the disgusting gore off his hand. It’s blood wasn’t even an appealing red. How had he ever thought they could replace Shiro and his kitten?

Well at least he’d learned something, and the time spent here had given him a chance to lay low while the paladins let down their guard, so this wasn’t a complete waste. With a shake of his head, Kuro begins to pack up. He’s been using an abandoned house for his games, but the couple had owned a shuttle he could use to get off planet. He’d already stripped it of anything that could give away it’s position. A little bit of caution and it was the perfect tool for his next step.

It was finally time to stop messing around and go find the pet he actually wanted.

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GUIDED VISUALIZATION: Blessing of the Elements - Guided Imagery Meditation

A guided visualization where I’ll guide you to a cottage deep in the woods, where the blessings of all the elements are waiting for you. Love and light ♥

Twenty-Five Things

Summary: A present Dan receives for his twenty-fifth birthday causes him to relive twenty-five key, happy moments in his life.

(or, twenty-five individual oneshots in honour of Dan’s twenty-fifth birthday!!)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 22.2k

Warnings: Elements of slight angst (but all with very happy endings), Swearing

A/N: The concept for this fic is inspired by this video, as are some of the prompts!

Read on ao3

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Barry reverts to acting like a rebellious kid in a snit and vengefully starts an affair with captain cold

lol well in the scenario i was thinking for Joesco, Barry’s currently with Iris, but I’m very down for both of them starting an affair with Len together, if coldwestallen is your thing?

Joe chokes on his beer when they tell him. Payback is sweet.

And no, not a single one of them wants to examine the fact that Len and Joe are so close in age, thank you. They’re all happy with ignoring that particular element to their relationships.

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fmk for Switch! >:)

here comes the sin–

fuck : natsume (i feel shivers running down my spine as i type this did he curse me)
marry : sora (he so precious !!!! but imagine domestic fluff with sora waking you up by shouting hahihuheho–)
kill kiss : tsumugi (im sorry mugi i’m not killing you i swear) - mod mademoiselle

fuck: Natsume….what he’s hot

marry: Tsumugi. I mean with all of the crap that Happy Elements did to him previously, he needs to be more than loved~ :) 

kiss: Sora. It’ll be a memorable first kiss~ - mod Harumi

Sociability is one of the dangerous and even fatal tendencies, for it brings us into contact with people the great majority of whom are morally bad and intellectually dull or perverse. The unsociable man is one who does not need them; to have enough in oneself so that one does not need society is, therefore, a great piece of good fortune. For almost all our sufferings spring from society, and peace of mind, constituting next to health the most essential element of our happiness, is endangered by all society and therefore cannot really exist without a significant amount of solitude.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer, “Counsels and Maxims” from Parerga and Paralipomena (1851)