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Could you draw trans man Enjolras? Any pallet 💗

hoping #72 is good

Here he is!! rescuing stray kittens
hope you like it! hanks for asking <3 just one thing: I didn’t underline the trans aspect of him since he’s always trans imo, hope it’s still okay

Being a human sucks. Like why do I have to go to work and contribute to society?

Why can’t I just be a house pet who naps and lolls about at home all day and then gets pets when my human comes home?

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Imagine if Nadine is really good with kids, and just can't say no to Meenu. Okay wait can you imagine if Nadine can sing damn well too though? Just imagine Meenu convincing her to sing and dance with her and they're singing along to some music and Sam's just there teasing Chloe who's staring at Nadine like o.o (if you want to please write something like this 🙏🏼)

The noise of the marketplace had faded from the usual bright, noisy hubbub into the gentle lull of a sunsetting city. Chloe leaned back on her hands, sighing heavily. Her whole body hurt, bruises and cuts that had been previously masked by adrenaline finally making themselves known, but she had a full belly and her heart was still beating so she wasn’t about to complain. Sam was across the way, attempting to bum a cigarette off a young merchant packing up his stall for the night.

Beside her, Meenu was talking animatedly to Nadine, telling her about her uncle’s pet monkey and the various adventures it had been on since he’d brought it home as a baby. Nadine’s eyes were sparkling in the low light as she listened to Meenu, genuine awe and delight playing across her features. Chloe imagined she was somewhat jealous of this uncle - a pet monkey would likely make all of her childhood dreams come true.

Nadine noticed Chloe watching and she looked up. As their gazes met, Chloe thought she might look away. She didn’t. The delight stayed in her eyes, softening ever so slightly as she looked at Chloe, and a quiet smile touched her lips. Chloe felt a flutter in her chest and she returned the smile a little shyly, touching her chin to her shoulder in a small shrug. We made it, she wanted to say. But she didn’t want to interrupt Meenu, and besides, the moment here felt too warm, too safe, to ruin it with words.

Nadine seemed to understand anyway, the smallest of nods tilting her chin downward. We did, said the downward sweep of her lashes.

Meenu gasped suddenly, breaking the moment. “This is my favorite song!” she exclaimed, twisting to turn up the radio.

The familiar beat of The Night is Still Young came crackling through the ancient speakers. Chloe laughed; the song seemed so out of place here, but it still somehow fit perfectly into this scene. Meenu jumped down from where they were sitting and started to dance, thrusting her small hands into the air as she swayed to the beat and tried to keep up with rapping the first verse. She darted forward and grabbed Nadine’s hands.

“Come on! The best part is coming!”

Nadine resisted a little at first, attempting to offer up some kind of excuse about how she didn’t dance, but Meenu wouldn’t hear it.

“Hurry, we’re going to miss it,” she insisted.

Nadine stood then, allowing Meenu to pull her forward just as Nicki Minaj burst into the chorus. Meenu started singing at the top of her lungs, swaying and lunging dramatically as she held onto Nadine’s hands. Nadine was laughing, stooped a little as she followed Meenu’s movements. She shuffled around for a few moments before seeming to make a decision. She bent down quickly and swept Meenu up into her arms, perching her on her hip and taking one of her hands. They spun around their six square feet of space as Meenu’s singing dissolved into squeals of laughter.

Chloe watched them as they danced in the warm evening light and a wave of happiness washed over her. Nadine’s smile was broad and beautiful, her inhibitions gone completely as she dipped and dance with her miniature dance partner. As the second chorus kicked in, Chloe heard a gorgeous harmony layered over the top of Nicki’s voice and she realized that Nadine had started singing. Her heart stuttered. Nadine - angry, badass, mercenary Nadine - was singing, and her voice was nothing short of heavenly.

Chloe let a wide, delighted smile spread over her face, laughter bubbling up in her chest. She stifled it, touching her mouth, not wanting to distract Nadine and ruin the moment. Nadine kept dancing, singing to Meenu in the dusky light. Chloe felt a sudden longing, a nostalgia for this moment. She wanted to freeze time and stay here forever, soaking in the warmth of the deep orange sun, listening to Meenu’s light laughter and Nadine’s sweet singing, feeling entirely at peace, basking in the swell of her own heart as she looked at Nadine and thanked the universe and all of its gods for putting the world-weary mercenary into her path.

But Nadine dipped Meenu a final time with a flourish as the song ended, and the radio announcer’s voice cut through the crystalline moment. Nadine set Meenu down despite her pleas for “Another one!”

“Oi,” Nadine groaned a little as she sat back down. “That’s all the dancing I can do for the night. Sorry, girlie.”

Meenu clambered up beside them again. “Alright,” she relented. “But only because you defeated the rebel army today.”

“You’re too kind,” Nadine chuckled, ruffling her hair gently.

She looked up to catch Chloe watching her again. A shade of embarrassment warmed her cheeks.

“What?” she said, but Chloe could tell by her tone that it was a question she didn’t really need to ask.

“You can sing,” Chloe stated simply.

“Tcha,” Nadine scoffed. “Only once in a blue moon.”

“That’s a shame. You’re very good,” Chloe said.

Nadine looked up at her, mild surprise on her face at the sincerity in Chloe’s voice. Chloe met her eyes steadily, feeling warm and happy and brave, letting the feeling of that moment soak her through. Nadine seemed at a loss, but not uncomfortably so. She held Chloe’s eyes.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Hey, party people,” came Sam’s loud voice, jarring them both. He was striding up, a commandeered cigarette perched between his lips. “Any pizza left?”

“All yours,” Chloe said, sliding off her perch and gesturing to the box with the final slice.

He dug in eagerly and Chloe crossed to lean nonchalantly against the wall beside Nadine. She folded her arms, watching the sun color the sky wild purples and deep reds and oranges as it sank slowly behind the horizon. She felt Nadine’s weight beside her, only a few inches keeping them from touching. Nadine leant forward, resting her forearms on her knees, gazing out at the breathtaking view.

“It’s really something, isn’t it?” Nadine said, her voice low and reverent.

Chloe glanced up at her, taking in her dirty skin littered with scrapes and bruises, her golden eyes illuminated in the light of the sun, the peaceful set of her mouth, the echoing memory of her singing and laughter suddenly filling Chloe’s head.

“Yes,” she said without looking away. “Yes, it really is.”


Send me Chlodine prompts and I’ll write you a one-shot.

Corner Shop Part 2 (My Bad)

Summary: Peter Parker visited the popular corner shop in Queens everday. Little did he know the owner had a cute daughter.

Word Count:1336

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: slight references to death (Uncle Ben and parents)

First Part ~ Next Part

Originally posted by shipcestuous

“Is she always this friendly?” Peter asked you the next day when he saw you in the shop. He was petting your cat in the same spot as usual, and once again, she purred. Your cat was selective with people. She never purred for you or your parents; she always seemed to like strangers.

You had made it an effort to be visible, now that you had met Peter. Restocking and cleaning the front floors were things you disliked doing, but you would do it just to see the sweet boy again.

“Oh, hi,” you turned around to face him. “And yes. She likes to be around people. She’s like a dog, huh?”

Peter greeted your dad and ordered from him. He handed him the money immediately this time, and walked over to the snacks. You absentmindedly followed him. Your dad watched you, noticing your behavior. He wasn’t angry or protective – he knew Peter was a good guy. He was just curious about your actions and even slightly amused. You would often complain to your dad that you got bored and lonely during work, so he didn’t mind that someone was keeping you company.

“What school do you go to?” Peter wondered. He never saw you at his school before, but he wouldn’t be surprised if you went. His school was large.

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I woke up and walked into my mum’s room to check on my fish and there were two fish tanks full of water there, with both of my cats standing in them. I didn’t think anything of it, but wondered where my fish had gone to and “logically” thought to check the toilet, in which they were happily swimming around the bowl. Satisfied that all my pets were fine, I went back to bed.

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Favorite Season: Autumn/early spring
Favorite Books/Author: Liv Strömquist
Favorite song: Ugh again! I listen to SO MUCH music but I’ve been listening to alt-J’s album Relaxer every second day since it came out sooo, my most played song 2017 would be …Adeline/alt-J
Favorite food and drink: Mapo tofu//wine//coffee

STAR SIGN: Aquarius
SEXUALITY: Living with a bearded man
HOGWARTS HOUSE:  I once had the hat on my head, it said Hufflepuff.
FAVORITE ANIMAL: All of them! (but cats sticks out)
DREAM TRIP: Rottnest Island, I want to say hello to a quokka!
DREAM JOB: I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! ;P
REASONS FOR URL: Homage to my old pet budgie Kalle.

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House Relationships

This is for the anon, I have lost you actual request, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get done, exams and stuff got in the way. But I’ve got it done now. Also I apologise for any poor quality, I’m not exactly well versed in relationships. I’m not sure what you wanted, so I’ve kinda flitted back and forth between actual hogwarts students and general people.

Gryffindor/Gryffindor: Chaos, affection and not entirely aware of their surroundings. Always going off on mini adventures, whether it’s just to find a new shop in Diagon Alley to buy books from, or literally sneaking out to Hogsmeade or the Lake in the middle of the night. Because why not, they can. The loudest couple in the room, not always the most traditional displays of affections, much more into gently punching each other, throwing food at each other in the hall, and being annoying to each other.

Gryffindor/Hufflepuff: The definition of the adorable couple, always showering each other with affection, sickening to their friends. Feeding each other food during exam season, and snuggling up to each other by the Common Room fire. Buying tiny gifts for each other, even if neither of them has much money, because what does money matter if I can make my favorite person happier? Because of this they have dozens of tiny trinkets and love notes which they always carry around with them.

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: You ever met those couples that go on totally fictional day dreams about life, the universe and their future. Yeh that’s these guys. With the insane imagination of the Ravenclaw attached to the excited Gryffindor they are all about crazy theories and over the top future plans. It’s not all about the future though, some of those crazy plans lead to them buying pets to look after together, or messing about with charms on their dormitories to imagine what their house will look like in the future. The couple that stays up all night talking.

Gryffindor/Slytherin: Efficient, power couple. Very little, if anything, stands in their way. They compliment each other perfectly. The Gryffindor getting the Slytherin to live in the moment, and be proactive in their ambitions and goals. The Slytherin gets the Gryffindor to think about ramifications of their actions, and advise the more efficient and effective solution. More into subtle signs of affection, hand holding under the table, tracing circles with their thumb on each others hands. Very good at chilling out, and just doing nothing when they’ve completed what they needed to for the day. The Slytherin has a tendency to hold on to the little things that probably didn’t mean much at the time, but they invested a lot of emotional feeling into and has imprinted on them.

Hufflepuff/Hufflepuff: Snuggles, cuddles, cwtches, hugs. If they are in the same vicinity they will be in physical contact, holding hands, cuddling in lessons, falling asleep while doing homework. They like to bring each other little treats while studying, but nothing that seriously distracts from actually completing the work. The most adorable couple in the world, makes the Slytherin’s a little sick cause that amount of public affection is a bit much. Totally chilled out couple, there’s no effort to the relationship, it just is. They don’t really like being apart for extended periods of time, if they do then they end up burying themselves in work, and preparing stuff to show their SO when they get back together. If you see them doing school work, they’re likely to be in a very odd position that is somehow comfortable and allows them to work, which confuses everyone as to how they got into that position.

Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw: Are a very sweet couple, who have too much affection for each other that it often spills over to their friends. It’s a wonderful combination because they end up discussing the future so much with the Ravenclaw’s wild fantasies being tempered with the Hufflepuff figuring out how to make those dreams a reality. Constantly talking about all the pets they’re going to own in the future, and the house they’re going to have, and how they’re going to raise their kids. All of it seems a bit far fetched, especially with the excitable squeaks the Ravenclaw makes when they see something awesome or cute on the internet. But the Hufflepuff does everything they possibly can to allow the Ravenclaw to live their fantasies, and the Ravenclaw brings out all the hopes and dreams of the Hufflepuff. Not often out of the house, preferring to cuddle while discussing their lives, but when they do come out they’re the best couple to hang out with, so friendly with others. Also prone to heavily shipping their friends, trying to convince them to go out with each other, cause everyone deserves to be as happy as them, can kind of get annoying but they’re not often wrong in their ships.

Hufflepuff/Slytherin:  Insanely protective of one another, both see each other as superheroes. The Slytherin loves the Puff’s work ethic and loves watching them work furiously late into the night, especially as the Slytherin has probably found a much faster way to do their work. They always match each other grade for grade, award for award, always like to push each other a little harder, and a little teasing if one of them gets a better mark than the other. The Hufflepuff is always protective of their SO’s reptuation, with Slytherin always deemed the evil house, the Puff is out spoken and loud against this. Never have anything bad to say about each other, and will always say the other person is better than they are. Mutual reveerement means neither of them feels like the minor player, while both constantly like showing affection and can’t quite believe they are dating each other cause they both think the other one deserves someone better. Not a fast relationship, takes things very slowly, the milestones of first kiss, first time they stay over, when they move in and everything are spaced out making sure they’re both ready to commit to the next level.

Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw: They love giving each other challenges, exchanging riddles, challenging them to trick shots in sport, or competing in video games. Friendly competition is their game, it never goes too far, because they always have an excuse for losing, which is so inventive it makes the other one laugh and they just end up making out instead. Public displays of affection are common, but not obvious, they’re often far too busy discussing different things in the news or theories or tv shows. 

Ravenclaw/Slytherin: Lethal duo, capable of tearing down any argument that people come at them with. They often turn this on each other which leads to some very interesting arguments, full of evidence, statistics and well reasoned points that no normal person could counter. Arguments tend to last for days and weeks at a time, but never extended to personal attacks at each other. Despite this they are perfectly content with each other, mainly because they much prefer tearing people apart to arguing with each other. Can often been found planning new and inventive ways to insult other people, or get out of detention. When it comes to affection it tends to be an explosion of built up frustration and passion rather than small moments. Arguments get to a head where they suddenly just leap at each other and let the sexual tension out.

Slytherin/Slytherin: The subtlest of relationships, they are wholly committed to each other, and over time their ambitions become one. Know each other ridiculously well, like better than they know themselves, share secrets with each other they never thought they’d give voice to. They can often be quite judge-y of other peoples relationships, feeling that there’s is much stronger and unbreakable than others. When it comes to showing affection it is quite limited, but when it comes to big events: Anniversary, Birthdays and Christmas. They go all out, they know each other so well they obtain the most perfect presents for each other, often very expensive presents that will last for eternity.

Ps. Anon if you wanted something more specific to Hogwarts feel free to ask again. I hope you didn’t want gender based roles as well, because that would have been a lot of work. And also been problematic with homosexual relationships thrown in as well. I hope you like it whoever you were!

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Based on the pet post the Inquisitor gets a Dragon but weird it is cuddly fluffy and can go invisible (Pete's Dragon) or black and smart (Toothless)!!!

For the sake of this post, I’ll be going with the Toothless direction.

Cassandra: She’s still not happy about the fact the dragon is in Skyhold– they are dangerous creatures, not pets– but she will admit that it is rather cute. Sometimes it sneaks up on her and demands pets, and eventually she gives in. With time, she eases up on it.

Blackwall: It seems docile enough, and playful, so Blackwall tries to roll with it. It takes a liking to rolling in the hay piles in the barn, and it makes him smile every time. It also likes to cuddle, to his surprise, and he sometimes wakes up from naps with the dragon’s head in his lap.

Iron Bull: He spoils the shit out of it and babies it. “Who’s my little ataashi? You are!” He loves it so much; it’s both badass and absolutely adorable. Iron Bull, as a result, becomes one of the dragon’s favorite people, and comes to him when the Inquisitor is busy and cannot spare attention. Bull is all too happy to pet it. He dreams of finding another dragon just like it to have one of his own.

Sera: Like Bull, she babies it and thinks it’s absolutely adorable. She likes to sneak it treats from the kitchen and groans when it starts licking her. “You sure this is a dragon?” she asks the Herald one day jokingly. “Thing acts like an overgrown puppy.” He sometimes wanders into her room and she groans and laughs all the while. “You’re too friggin’ big!” she teases as the dragon cries at her from the cramped spot on the messy floor.

Varric: He never thought he’d describe a dragon as cute, but here he was. As it turned out, the dragon liked curling up by the fireplace where he sat, and frequents the spot. At the same time, it’ll shove over whatever papers or books are in Varric’s hands or lap, and will snort and snuffle until he pets it. It continues to snuffle, but more contentedly, when he gives in– and it makes the rogue smile.

Cole: He remarks on the dragon’s unusual behavior and stature. “He’s not like the others. He sees more, communicates to us better, we understand more. Smaller and curious, he wants to be our friend.” Cole seems to know just what the dragon likes– where to scritch the head and what fish to feed it, and the dragon knows it.

Dorian: He’s utterly fascinated by this new, strange species of dragon, and to his relief, the dragon doesn’t seem to mind being investigated. That is, as long as he bribes it with food. He’s wondering if perhaps it was bred by some peculiar mage, but he takes to the dragon as a friend of sorts quickly.

Solas: Like Dorian, he’s eager to investigate the dragon and learn more about it. Even he’s never seen a dragon like this one. It’s smart– much smarter than he anticipated– and seems just as curious of the mage as he is of him. Solas wonders if the dragon’s on-par with a mabari, and is inclined to believe so when the dragon sniffs curiously at his murals, dips his claws into a paint bucket, and attempts to help. It just looks like splotches of paint, but it’s the thought that counts.

Vivienne: She was against having it stay in Skyhold at first, but she would be lying if she said she wasn’t curious about the dragon and its origins. Quickly, she notices how charmed the Orlesian nobles are by the creature, and she begins to try to curry favor by introducing the dragon along with the Herald to her guests. It pays off quickly, and the dragon grows on her.

Leliana: She’s completely on-board when she actually sees the dragon and interacts with it. “Oh, he’s very charming, indeed.” she decides, and the dragon practically purrs as she strokes it. She’s one of the first people the dragon decides he likes, and visits her up in the rookery now and then, startling the ravens as he flies up through the rotunda.

Cullen: He did not approve at first, but the dragon was not what he had in mind. When he actually sees it, he stares for a few moments, and is brought back to reality when the dragon sniffs at his feather coat. The dragon yanks it off and takes off with it, and a very surprised commander gives chase. He gets it back, once the dragon decides he’s had his fun, but not after it’s been drooled on by a very smug dragon. In spite of this, he can’t help but laugh a little. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

Josephine: She was worried up until she actually sees the creature, and she gasps gently when she sees it. “It’s so cute! Much more than I expected.” she admits. The dragon can tell she’s saying nice things by her tone of voice and tries to nuzzle her, much to her surprise. She develops a fondness for the creature, though she can’t help but be mildly annoyed when she finds the vase knocked over in the morning and flowers pilfered.

Sometimes, you look around and you realize you’re falling behind, not just according to anyone’s standards in particular but your own, which may or may not have been informed by unrealistic standards set by others but of course that’s just an aside, and so you dwell on what could have been and where things went so terribly wrong and how things could have been different and how you had dreams for yourself and your parents and friends and family and imaginary pets had dreams for yourself but you’ve let them all down, you let down all of your imaginary pets and now they cry at night staring at the moon at how you have disappointed them but the world keeps on turning and you keep waking up to the shitty nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach, wondering suddenly if you should have put periods somewhere in that post on tumblr that one time because god knows how many people you killed that night, fuck all they wanted to do was read a seemingly interesting text post but now you’re a murderer and the authorities are getting onto you because your internet service provider is a snitch and now you gotta run, pack your shit and go motherfucker this is all your fault you killed your hopes and dreams and let your imaginary pets down and killed people on tumblr with a single miserable text post that heavily lacked punctuation and the autopsies show that they fucking ran out of air because you forgot to put a goddamn period you fucking moron what’s wrong with you - don’t answer that, it’s a fucking rhetorical question - but yeah, so you’ve let everyone down and possibly accidentally killed some people you’ve never met in your entire life and - oh yeah, you’re falling behind in life like it’s 11th grade advanced functions and ms kim was a demon but she was nice enough to give you a 51 and then you took that shit in night school and dropped out because you were angry at the world and studied the most thoroughly unemployable subjects in the world and besides america is about to vote in one of two demons and the whole world is going to shit and everyone might die because either one of the two idiots could blow shit up for who knows what reason and now the grounds opening up and sucking you whole and you’re six feet under and you say fuck it.

fuck it. at least the police won’t find you down here.

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Make You Feel My Love

Based on this song

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam makes sure you know how much he loves you.

Word Count: ~3,800

Warnings: sickness, just a whole lot of fluff, family problems/drama, implied smut, more fluff!

A/N: I adore this song and just really wanted to write some Sam fluff. (Side note that probably no one cares to hear: at my wedding, I’m walking down the aisle to this song :’) )

*not my gif, as per the usual

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

The brothers had spent a few days away on a hunt. You usually spent the time to yourself cleaning or relaxing. This time, you laid in bed almost all four days, curled up under a blanket with a box of tissues next to you where Sam usually laid. You coughed and groaned as you sat up and reached for your glass of water. You could hear Sam’s voice echoing in your head. “Make sure you stay hydrated. It’s the only way you’ll kick this thing.” You smiled at the thought of him always wanting the best for you.

After you gulped down some water and popped a cough drop into your mouth, you pulled your blankets up closer to your chin and snuggled down into them. Once the cough drop disintegrated into nothing and managed to soothe the roughness in the back of your throat, you let yourself fall asleep.

A little while later, you woke up to heavy footsteps coming down the hall toward you. You rolled over to face the door, but kept your eyes closed. The door creaked open slowly and Sam’s footsteps got quieter. You knew he kicked off his boots as he walked into your shared room. You shivered as the blankets shifted and cold air from outside the blanket swept across the front of your legs. The bed dipped and you felt yourself being pulled closer to Sam.

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