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A mirror, a bedroom, and a conversation about beauty; the metacrisis Doctor and Rose have a little chat before a trip in the new TARDIS. Fluff. Rated a light teen. 

For anyone else who ever struggles with insecurity re: a spot of weight gain: this l’il guy’s for us. <3


Rose heaves a heavy sigh, examining her reflection from first this angle, then that. Turning to the side and then back to the front again, for good measure. The image doesn’t change, of course; the mirror still shows her exactly the same thing it did before, first and foremost her body, clad in naught but a tee shirt and pants, and behind her, the rest of the bedroom, rumpled bed and fresh coral walls and two sets of clothes strewn about the floor. But their bedroom isn’t the problem.

Maybe the mirror’s warped?

She tilts her head. Nope, mirror’s not warped. It’s all her.

The sight of the Doctor approaching from behind does not deter Rose, nor does his body brushing hers. He bumps past Rose on his way to the wardrobe without so much as a how-do-you-do.

“Am I in your way?” she grumbles.

“Only in the literal sense,” he says cheerfully.

Pulling a face, Rose steps away while he looks over all of his ties, ultimately settling on a little maroon number (which is in no way a special detail, considering that most of his ties are some shade of maroon or burgundy or red-brown and really why does he need so many neckties anyway?). She resumes her position as soon as he’s done, re-planting herself with a grump.

“Are you expecting it to change?” the Doctor asks from behind her.


“The mirror,” the Doctor says. Rose shifts her gaze from her reflection to his, finds him sitting on the bed while he buttons up his shirt. “You keep staring at it. Are you expecting it to do something different?”

“No,” she says, and she knows she sounds petulant and she doesn’t care.

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Think Donna! When you met Rose in that parallel world, what did she say?

Just “… the darkness is coming”.

Anything else?

Why don’t you ask her yourself…

fun-n-fashion  asked:

There was a day, between all the monsters and the running and breathtaking alien vistas, where Rose demanded a day she planned. So they go back home and she takes The Doctor to the movies. Rose takes him to the little cafe up the street where her and her mates used to hang everyday after school. She takes The Doctor shopping and buys him a stupid touristy t-shirt that Rose makes him wear the rest of the day. The next day is Canary Wharf and three hearts will be broken but this day is a good day.