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I watched Nintendo’s e3 event today and I’m very excited for some (XENOBLADE 2 KIRBY) but honestly? FE Warriors didn’t hit it for me.

To be honest, I probably would have been extremely hyped for Warriors if I hadn’t played Heroes and Echoes: SoV. Heroes opened up a gateway to the older series’ characters. SoV was a remake of an older, niche-ish game. I had only ever played Awakening and Fates completely, so I knew all the characters from those games, I had my favorites, etc.

If it were the me before Heroes/ SoV, I would have been thrilled to play as Ryoma or Xander or Chrom or the other Awakening/Fates characters, but now? The first thing I asked when I saw the revealed characters was: “Where’s Ephraim? And Eirika? And Alm and Celica and Eliwood, Roy, Lyn, Hector, Ike-” the list just kept going on. Now I’m just like, “oh boy, here’s come our ~favorite lords~.”

I know Awakening and Fates are their most popular series’, but since Heroes and Echoes gave light to the older games, would it be too much to ask for some more recognition? The overexposure to the new characters (holy hell especially Chrom and Lucina goodness they’re everywhere) has put a damper on my hype. 

Reasons I Dig Stonebear Hold:
  • BIG people
  • really fun accent
  • climbing races to settle fights
  • named lots of locations after ladies which i can totally get behind
  • great lighting for selfies
  • HAvE yOU SEEn HOw PReTTy It IS thERE??
  • Punishment Fortress built for god sports
  • SO much fur
  • climate-appropriate female dress
  • ALL the man tiddies are out (aesthetically i dig it but are y’all ok? you need a blanket?? some soup??)
  • get a cool free nickname if you set your hair on fire
  • allowed my party to use their crafting stations pRAISE THE MAKER <3
  • the mascot is a big-ass bear and she’s nice
  • they let me maul people with the bear
  • and then I got to adopt her kinda
  • idk how they got there but ppl are just chillin on those rock stacks out in the middle of the ocean and it looks like a good time tbh
  • got a cool system of marriage that isn’t permanent so you can totally leave once your trial period is up
  • helped me fuckin WREK the naughty war-god-summoning Avvar asshats (who dropped some quality loot, btw)
  • everyone was super nice and no one bashed my mages because theyre super cool with magic and spirits and I’m p sure someone said “welcome stranger” to me like 900 times and I did. I did feel welcome.

When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

things I want from the DLC.

  • zelda having one on ones with each of the champions like link did because she was their commander and they were a team/squad/family.
  • daruk being Team Dad™ telling zelda that it’s okay that she’s tired and she’s struggling because rocks are worn by the wind and the water and sometimes parts of them break off and get misshapen but in the end they persevere and survive and so will she. that she might be a small hylian but she has a heart bigger than anyones
  • urbosa being Team Mom™ supporting zelda through everything and encouraging her research and things not related to her ‘destiny’ because being single minded like that is not healthy and she knows it. urbosa making sure zelda knows that she’s loved and it’s okay that she doesn’t have her powers and no one blames her for it, they all understand she’s doing her very best
  • mipha and zelda being soft and gentle together and taking a minute to stop being princesses and start being two people for once. mipha showing zelda vah ruta and smiling when zelda’s eyes light up and she takes a million notes. literally just let them be friends @ nintendo
  • revali and zelda practicing archery together ( zelda has a serious history with archery try to tell me she couldn’t use a bow in this game too ). revali being kind to zelda and letting her know he has faith in her. zelda getting to ride on vah medoh and finally feeling free from all the things that weigh her down as she feels the wind in her hair

a summary: you can’t show me art of zelda and the champions for the second dlc and have it not be about zelda and the champions.

thinking of all the characters who clementine will meet next season/DLC and who we will all grow to love, and then thinking about how many of them will die or become determinant because telltale games be sadistic

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Sera's character development (even if it was just a little) in Trespasser made me like her very much. She was nasty to Lavellan for being Dalish and mocked the Solavellan romance which made me want to punch her. However in Trespasser she is more considerate to the Inquisitor's feelings (eg. apologising for Solas not coming back although she had no reason too) and she's a bit open minded, I think. I want her in the next game to expand her character a little more. I believe her story is not over.

Ooh that would be awesome if she was in the next game. I didn’t dislike Sera - maybe because I used a guide from the beginning since i couldn’t understand her and got her rooftop cookies scene fairly early on - but it took me a good three playthroughs to start to appreciate her. Even still I don’t really love her and I don’t think I ever will. I did enjoy her character development but, like many things about Trespasser, it was shoved in there pretty fast and was deserving of a larger focus. They really should have had a companion focused dlc separate from the “epilogue” so they could give proper focus to both. Instead we got this weird half-fun-times-half-cliffhanger dlc.

The things that make me feel some kinda way about Injustice 2: A quick Black perspective

1. Vixen being a premier skin to Cheetah. I feel that’s a slight to DC’s leading Black female hero. Her skill set is much deeper than the preset powers enforced upon her by just being another “skin” to an existing character. She has the power of the red a.k.a the entire animal kingdom.
2. Not having Static or Black Lighting as a playable character, yet Raiden is set to be DLC. Now I’ve heard that either Static or Black Lighting may be a skin for Raiden but why is it that they come second to someone who is not of the DC universe in the first place? We’ve already had Scorpion in Injustice 1 as well as will be getting Subzero in this game already. If I wanna play MK, I’ll play MK.
3. John Stewart being a skin to Hal Jordan (is all this considered black face or is that too much of a reach on my part?). Now I know it would be too many lanterns if John Stewart was a separate character but Stewart and Jordan are largely different from each other in that they think differently and therefore do not use their powers the same. Plus I don’t know how I feel about him saying “Put some respect on my name” when Birdman, a.k.a Baby, is clearly a real life supervillain.
4. Black Manta is such an underrated character as is Aquaman admittedly. Why is DC not using this opportunity to put him at the forefront as they are with the rebranding of Aquaman? Instead he’s just DLC as well.
5. All the Black characters on launch are ones that by design are splintered in their experiences as Black people. Cyborg, these days is much less man than he is machine. DC does not focus on his character development and uses him as a plot device 9 times out of 10. Him being so separated from humanity also separates him and his impact as a Black male. Firestorm, technically is half an old white man in order to keep him in line. He literally has an overseer living in him in order to use his powers.
6. Since DC loves forcing Batman and his lore on us so much, how long before I can play as Batwing? Is he not part of the Bat family of Batman Inc.?

This is just what went through my head. The game play is amazing even with my hangups.

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I’m excited about FE:Warriors but I won’t get on the full on hype train until I see some girls besides Corrin. Lucina’s pretty much a given and I would be shocked if we didn’t get Camilla, Tharja, and Cordelia. But I must know the answer to the most important question:what strong axe wielding ladies will we be getting? Will Titania be able to carry me to victory? Cherche? Minerva? Jill?

(I know they’re focusing on Shadow Dragon/Fates/Awakening but come on, they’re going to go all Hyrule Warriors and make older game characters DLC. You know they’re not gonna pass up on that Path of Radiance Ike/Soren/Titania combo pack DLC)

The Rise of the Deliverance supports are actually really fucking good and that makes me all the more leery of the fact that they’re DLC. This is all good character development stuff that has no damn reason not to be in the base game. I don’t like the storytelling model of “pay 12.99 if you want Lukas to have a personality” at all and I don’t like what it implies for the future of the series.

Bethesda needs to do a dlc all about the characters. Where we get more dialogue and learn more about everyone. Like this…

-MacCready bringing Duncan up to the Commonwealth and how the child would treat everyone

-Danse adjusting to life outside the BOS and being nice to Nick, Hancock, Curie, ect and if he still talks to Haylen

-X6-88 living peacefully with the Institute destroyed and learning not to be a huge dick

-Cait on her recovery from chems

-Hancock wanting to find his brother after finding out the mayor of Diamond City was a synth


-being able to get married to your favorite companion at the chapel in Diamond City

-learning what happened to Sarah Lyons and the Lyons’ Pride and how it affected Maxson

-the Railroad having a legitimate funeral for Glory like they did with Patriot

Please Bethesda…we need this.

God, the fact that all this FFXV DLC has what seems like important plot/character important stuff makes me dislike the game even more. I shouldn’t have to pay extra for stuff that should have been in the game in the first place, because the bare game as it is without any of the DLC is seriously lacking all around.