all the dlc characters

Bethesda needs to do a dlc all about the characters. Where we get more dialogue and learn more about everyone. Like this…

-MacCready bringing Duncan up to the Commonwealth and how the child would treat everyone

-Danse adjusting to life outside the BOS and being nice to Nick, Hancock, Curie, ect and if he still talks to Haylen

-X6-88 living peacefully with the Institute destroyed and learning not to be a huge dick

-Cait on her recovery from chems

-Hancock wanting to find his brother after finding out the mayor of Diamond City was a synth


-being able to get married to your favorite companion at the chapel in Diamond City

-learning what happened to Sarah Lyons and the Lyons’ Pride and how it affected Maxson

-the Railroad having a legitimate funeral for Glory like they did with Patriot

Please Bethesda…we need this.


So yeah I drew all the companions in Fallout 4 including the dlc characters. It’s in pencil so I tried to get them to show up the best I could. I may ink and color them sometime though.

Also I’m sorry if dogmeat is the worst. I’m really crappy at drawing dogs and similar animals 😅




for all characters

Mild Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser spoilers below the cut

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Companion options span across all three of the main games and most of the DLC’s. Only characters who have actually been companions were included, with Cullen as an added bonus. I’ll probably expand on this game at some point. But until then…

It’s up to you to decide where in the Dragon Age timeline you’ve popped up…and therefore what shape your companions are going to be in.
(Ex: pre-DAII Anders won’t have Justice, pre-Inquisition Cullen won’t take too kindly to mages, etc.)

So have fun! And write things, if you’re so inclined!

Questions to consider:
-Who would you romance?
-Who would be your main party?
-How would the group you’ve assembled fair?


And if you do write any drabbles, please tag it with “modern oc in thedas” so that I can find it.

Edit: Now with Loghain and Josephine.

anonymous asked:

Hey :) How are you doing? So what are your favorite games and protagonists from the Final Fantasy series? And what do you expect from the coming ffxv dlcs? I really hope we'll get a Luna or Ravus dlc. Or even maybe Ardyn. That would be so interesting.

Hey there! 

I am doing well I suppose, just been in a little dip these past days. 

Let’s see fav games and protagonists: (I can’t choose one though, and I really haven’t played the older FF’s so yeah.

FFX I have Tidus, Auron, Lulu and Yuna.

FFXIII (trilogy) Lightning, Sazh, Serah, Noel, Fang.

Crisis Core: Zack 

Can I just name Lost Odyssey too? It basically has the name Final Fantasy written all over it, and feels exactly the same + it is from the father of FF himself. - Kaim Argonar, Ming Numara, Jansen Friedh, Seth Balmore. (I love all of these characters uuuuuureihjaer90heah) 

And from the new FFXV dlc I expect to see some added story things. And I also hope to see a Ravus or Luna dlc, seriously I love them so much…and Ravus needs justice too…and his sister. I really want to see more of them badly! And I just want to explore so much more of Eos too.  We’ll see what it brings.

Things that would be awesome to see in the 25th Sonic Anniversary game:

-Chao garden, duh
-Ugrades like we had in SA and SA2(I know this is an “Adventure” thing, but still(unless the game is SA3 heheh))
-Sonic Boom DLC where all the characters with a Sonic Boom design will be put in their SB outfits
-A hard/expert mode when you beat the game/level
-Parkour like we had in Lost World
-Multiple playable characters
-Eggman as a playable character
-More stages that have music with lyrics
-Maybe bring back some older characters??? (Mighty, Ray, Bean, or Bark, etc)
-Idk about you, but I’d love to see a game with Hyper Sonic or Dark Sonic
-A well thought through storyline that can keep players engaged.
-well animated cutscenes- like that beautiful, Pixar quality in the opening of Unleashed or Lost World because dang. I know they usually only do that for the opening and sometimes closing cutscenes, but I’d like to see them all animated like that sometime. I can dream, right?

Idk just brainstorming- of course it wouldn’t have ALL of these, but seeing a few would be nice B) feel free to add to it.


Brand New Hatsune Miku trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night

She releases on August 27th as the newest DLC character, along with her song “Heaven feat. Hatsune Miku (ATOLS Remix).” She’ll come with colored wigs and contacts.


Let’s talk Smash! ok ok I talk about it too much but come on it is fun.
So with December fast approaching and the character ballot over the general consensus for most popular are

1st party in no real order Wolf, Daisy, Krool, Isaac, and Inkling
3rd party in no real order Snake, Rayman, Bomberman, Shantea, Banjo, and Shovel Knight

All wonderfully displayed in this rendition of “The Holy Souls in Purgatory”
Who shall raise to Brawlhala? One thing is for sure is that we still have 5 DLC character slot left, let take a look and the second pic shall we. Here we have the most current character select screen with all current DLCs minus Cloud, now if squish him between Ryu and the Miis and shrink the portrait boxes by a pixel or two we can see how things will lay out in the final pic. So give me your thoughts, questions maybe?

sakurai announces all the leaked dlc characters during the direct. just before it ends, sakurai points the camera at his desktop and hovers over a folder labelled “snake_dlc”. he clicks it + hits delete live on video while stoicly glaring at the camera. he says nothing. the video ends there with a “see you at e3!” message