all the dlc characters

Thinks about all the little make-the-wolf-statues’-eyes-glow puzzles Solas set up for the Inquisitor to solve in Trespasser - (that one where you light the Veilfire torches in front of the god statues in the order a riddle says, the one where you light the torch that Fen'Harel is looking at to reveal a secret passage, the one where the Fen'Harel statue turns when you aren’t looking, the one where you light the torches under a time limit, etc etc)

Some of them even give you special, excellent weapons for solving them - Solas created these little puzzles, and put those weapons in the boxes as rewards in case you put in the effort to engage with them and solve them. (I got emotional when my Lavellan equipped the Arrowwood Bow he gave her)

It’s like the Inquisitor is always rewarded for the most negligible efforts of engaging with or humoring Solas. Talking and listening to him like an equal, doing his little puzzles… just do these minimum things, and he’ll give you information and good weapons to fight him with. He’s genuinely arming you, while rewarding you the more you humor him.

So in conclusion 1) Solas gives moderately engaged Inquisitors weapons 2) Solas likes to communicate through little puzzles 3) Solas would probably make a great Dungeon Master

Reasons I Dig Stonebear Hold:
  • BIG people
  • really fun accent
  • climbing races to settle fights
  • named lots of locations after ladies which i can totally get behind
  • great lighting for selfies
  • HAvE yOU SEEn HOw PReTTy It IS thERE??
  • Punishment Fortress built for god sports
  • SO much fur
  • climate-appropriate female dress
  • ALL the man tiddies are out (aesthetically i dig it but are y’all ok? you need a blanket?? some soup??)
  • get a cool free nickname if you set your hair on fire
  • allowed my party to use their crafting stations pRAISE THE MAKER <3
  • the mascot is a big-ass bear and she’s nice
  • they let me maul people with the bear
  • and then I got to adopt her kinda
  • idk how they got there but ppl are just chillin on those rock stacks out in the middle of the ocean and it looks like a good time tbh
  • got a cool system of marriage that isn’t permanent so you can totally leave once your trial period is up
  • helped me fuckin WREK the naughty war-god-summoning Avvar asshats (who dropped some quality loot, btw)
  • everyone was super nice and no one bashed my mages because theyre super cool with magic and spirits and I’m p sure someone said “welcome stranger” to me like 900 times and I did. I did feel welcome.

because i’m a sucker for gaming aus have another one

  • fact: steve rogers hates being the chosen one.
  • fact: no one else gives a shit and keeps asking him to do shit anyway, from delivering salt to literally assassinating an emperor.
    • how does he get into these situations? he has no idea. curiosity tends to kill the cat, or at least get the cat in some increasingly difficult situations
  • he’s been recruited by a weird startup vampire hunter group, trying to become the dawnguard of legend.
    • steve hates legends
    • especially legends he seems to be involved in
  • anyways he gets sent to go scout a cave for something the vampires want and he’s not happy about it but he does it
  • he manages to get past the guards with a large sword and some clever footwork, and once he’s inside he finds this weird ritualistic thing that he knows he’s going to have to figure out because it’s that sort of day
  • so he shoves around some braziers, lets the magic purple fire do it’s thing, and watches with the apathy of one who’s seen too much in his short life as the floor drops in the centre of the room, leaving a podium.
  • and oh, shit. there’s a person in there.
    • enter bucky barnes, vampire older than he’d like to admit, who’s been trapped inside this fun cave for a few hundred years at least
  • bucky has a mission he needs to complete, that involves killing his adoptive father and stopping the literal death of the sun
  • steve hates being the chosen one.

I watched Nintendo’s e3 event today and I’m very excited for some (XENOBLADE 2 KIRBY) but honestly? FE Warriors didn’t hit it for me.

To be honest, I probably would have been extremely hyped for Warriors if I hadn’t played Heroes and Echoes: SoV. Heroes opened up a gateway to the older series’ characters. SoV was a remake of an older, niche-ish game. I had only ever played Awakening and Fates completely, so I knew all the characters from those games, I had my favorites, etc.

If it were the me before Heroes/ SoV, I would have been thrilled to play as Ryoma or Xander or Chrom or the other Awakening/Fates characters, but now? The first thing I asked when I saw the revealed characters was: “Where’s Ephraim? And Eirika? And Alm and Celica and Eliwood, Roy, Lyn, Hector, Ike-” the list just kept going on. Now I’m just like, “oh boy, here’s come our ~favorite lords~.”

I know Awakening and Fates are their most popular series’, but since Heroes and Echoes gave light to the older games, would it be too much to ask for some more recognition? The overexposure to the new characters (holy hell especially Chrom and Lucina goodness they’re everywhere) has put a damper on my hype. 

dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

I like Athena’s design more than a lot of people, but looking at the concept art they went through so many designs for her, and there are so many that I would have rather they went with. They’re simpler than her current busy design, addressing the complaints people have, and they’re so nice looking! LIKE THIS ONE, which is both adorable and classy looking.

Look at her little shorts! Look at her curly hair! I love it! Honestly, Athena strikes me as way more someone who’d go with shorts, considering how athletic she is (though on the same note, I guess she’d be unlikely to wear those heels because of that, so turn them to flats)

cuuuuute. I wonder if they ditched this design bc the curly hair would have been hard for a cg sprite. But if that was the case, I would have been down with this:

sUCH a cute. It really gets her personality across with a fairly simply design. Athena really need little shorts over tights it’s just a good aesthetic okay. She looks so spunky. Based on other sprites, i think they coulda pulled that hair off too. And the silhouette’s pretty great!I


I think this one is probably TOO simple, and doesn’t quite get across her personality (looks a little too..idk conservative?) but look how cute she is!


I WANT ATHENA THE SUSPENDERS-AND-TIE-AND-CAP WEARING LESBIAN. like this just screams “i’m gay” and also hits all my aesthetic buttons gooood i just. want her to wear this.

why do they do maid outfits and shit for dlcs they should give us all the characters unused concept designs. 

but honestly, looking through the designs, i guess the real moral is to be grateful we didn’t get this:

Really dodged a bullet there.


So here’s a compilation of all my Fallout 4 characters. I know, still missing Deacon and the DLC characters. I might do them for fun in the future, but for now I’d like to say I’m done. Sowwy guys!

List of Fire Emblem Games By Total Playable Units

The ranking you never knew you wanted… or did you? (aka Idunn goofs off at work sometimes. I’d like to reorganize this later to make it clearer.) The games are sorted from lowest to highest based on how many playable characters are available in the game for the main story, and does not account for games with multiple routes where some units may be unobtainable.

15. Gaiden, surprising no one–32 units.
14. The Sacred Stones–34 units.
13. Shadows of Valentia–34 units; 39 with DLC
12. The Blazing Blade–44 units.
11. Mystery of the Emblem–46 units in Book 1, 45 units in Book 2.
10. Path of Radiance–46 units.
9. Awakening–49 units.
8/7. Thracia 776–52 units. 
8/7. Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light–52 units.
6. The Binding Blade–54 units.
5. Shadow Dragon–59 units.
4. Genealogy of the Holy War–63 units.
3. New Mystery of the Emblem–77 units.
2. Fates (all routes)–68 normal recruitable characters; 86 with DLC, Amiibo, and capturable characters. This ties it with the longtime champion…
1. Radiant Dawn–86 units.

Changes I’d Make to Fire Emblem Echoes:

  • make it so that Celica can use Falchion and defeat Duma herself in the final battle
  • change Conrad from acting like Celica’s babysitter to something less patronizing
  • change the scene where Conrad slapped Celica because WHAT THE FUCK
  • give Leon a boyfriend in his endings
  • Make it so that you can recruit both Sonya and Deen in a single playthrough, and give them support conversations
  • Give Kamui and Valbar support conversations, because seriously, what the fuck
  • Have Genny’s ending mention her novel and how it got really popular, and that she donated most of the money to charity
  • Give Luthier some supports where he makes friends, he deserves friends
  • Change Zeke’s ‘good’ ending so that instead of holding his musings about his unknown past in so Tatiana won’t worry, he and Tatiana talk about it more and reach catharsis because that’s what couples in a healthy relationship do
  • Make Clive and Mathilda co-leaders of the Deliverance, have it so that either Mathilda has to rescue Clive or when you’re reaching Desaix’s fort Mathilda managed to get out by herself and fights Desaix with you
  • Don’t declaw Mathilda in her ‘good’ ending. She keeps being a badass knight until she’s an old lady, end of story
  • Either get rid of the ‘wearing her down’ element of Gray and Clair’s relationship or keep it platonic. I’m sorry but if a woman dislikes you, you being persistent about bothering her isn’t going to make her fall in love with you, I have never seen nor heard of this happening in real life
  • Let Faye be happy in her ending and get over Alm, and give her some supports where she doesn’t talk about Alm. At all. Whatsoever. They could talk about tables for all I care, just please give her a personality and some motivations outside of liking Alm
  • Either actually show us why Alm and Celica supposedly make a great couple by letting them interact for more than like seven minutes of screen time in a 50+ hour game or keep their relationship platonic. AT LEAST give them some supports, because this whole ‘leaving it up to your imagination’ thing Intsys tried to pull feels very lazy and uncompelling to me
  • change Kamui’s background so that he knew Leon and Valbar before fighting the pirates. I very much got a vibe that they were all old friends during their recruitment scenes, but if you talk to him in Act 4 apparently they weren’t? Weird.
  • change Berkut from being an obnoxious manchild to a villain that’s more sympathetic and actually kind of important to the story.
  • make the DLC support conversations part of the base game, because again, what the fuck
  • make the DLC characters free like they did for the spotpass characters in Awakening
  • hell make all the DLC free, or at least make an actual expansion so it’s worth paying for
  • add more supports, just in general