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Meanwhile at the Stark family reunion...

Bran: I have seen some crazy shit.

*Jon, Sansa, and Arya all raise their glass*

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Also Yondu losing the teenage girl in some shady outdoor market on some weird planet, and he's ripping through the crowd trying to find her. He rounds a corner and sees her making out with some random guy. +10 points if the guy is blue and a crew member leans over and says "they pick them after their fathers." And then Yondu thinks back on all the crazy shit he's done and becomes hell bent on never letting her near another male again.


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I love this blog. I can't imagine how fucking crazy it must be going and finding all this shit. I come here when ever I need to have a good laugh at some wholesome cringe worthy content.

cringing open a wholesome one


time to dance // panic! at the disco
The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked
A shadowy operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign heavily influenced the result of the EU referendum. Is our electoral process still fit for purpose?
By Carole Cadwalladr


It took me days to get time together to read this whole thing, but I have finally done it.

This is it. This is the one article you need to read to understand just what is going on in Britain, America, and Russia.

This is the one piece of writing you need and can use to reference the very chilling reality that these countries have been tied together in the machinations  of just a few billionaires, and how Facebook and Google tie in insidiouslyi.

I keep telling y’all to stop fucking with facebook but that’s moot now. It’s so much bigger than this.

“Was that really what you called it, I ask him. Psychological warfare? “Totally. That’s what it is. Psyops. Psychological operations – the same methods the military use to effect mass sentiment change. It’s what they mean by winning ‘hearts and minds’. We were just doing it to win elections in the kind of developing countries that don’t have many rules.”Why would anyone want to intern with a psychological warfare firm, I ask him. And he looks at me like I am mad. “It was like working for MI6. Only it’s MI6 for hire. It was very posh, very English, run by an old Etonian and you got to do some really cool things. Fly all over the world. You were working with the president of Kenya or Ghana or wherever. It’s not like election campaigns in the west. You got to do all sorts of crazy shit.”“

This is not just a story about social psychology and data analytics.

 It has to be understood in terms of a military contractor using military strategies on a civilian population. 

Us. David Miller, a professor of sociology at Bath University and an authority in psyops and propaganda, says it is “an extraordinary scandal that this should be anywhere near a democracy. It should be clear to voters where information is coming from, and if it’s not transparent or open where it’s coming from, it raises the question of whether we are actually living in a democracy or not.”

“And it was Facebook that made it possible. It was from Facebook that Cambridge Analytica obtained its vast dataset in the first place. Earlier, psychologists at Cambridge University harvested Facebook data (legally) for research purposes and published pioneering peer-reviewed work about determining personality traits, political partisanship, sexuality and much more from people’s Facebook “likes”. And SCL/Cambridge Analytica contracted a scientist at the university, Dr Aleksandr Kogan, to harvest new Facebook data. And he did so by paying people to take a personality quiz which also allowed not just their own Facebook profiles to be harvested, but also those of their friends – a process then allowed by the social network.”

Read this. Read the entire thing. It will take you a while and it’s a lot to digest but you need to know.

Signal boost.

@sunderlorn we’re finally completely united in propaganda, isn’t that nice!?

Reposting my own arts, cause I’m back in this ship, and its so bad dude. I’m telling you, all I think about is them, then I saw this, the only art I save from all of my drawings of them. But hereee loook at it this two cuties again.

The six of crows duology is honestly one of the best series in ya. You have all this crazy heist shit going on, the con men are being conned, and so on. But then, Leigh also deals with problems like human trafficking, racism and racial prejudices, positive self-image, disabilities, lgbtq+. And that’s not even all.

One of my favourite aspects is kaz and inej’s relationship. Kaz is a broken boy who needs fixing before he can be in a healthy relationship, and throughout the two books, he’s gone through a lot of character development and he’s getting closer to being better. He is not, however, an entirely changed man. And inej knows that and she’s not settling for that shit. Yes, she’s willing to try and help him heal. But she won’t let herself be dragged under with him. She knows when to put herself first and not give him everything of her. She knows she can try to help fix him but at the end of the day it’s kaz who needs to make the final decision to really try to heal himself and become a better man. Not just for inej but for himself. And it’s makes me so glad to see a heroine who doesn’t blindly want to give everything of themselves for the boy they love even if it may hurt them in the process. It makes me happy that inej is willing to wait for a healthy relationship. And it makes me happy that kaz knows this too and is trying to move forward.

Idk. I just have a lot of feels about my little crow children. Plz feel free to add on your thoughts

So obviously it’s really easy to think of Trini as Zack’s partner in mischief but I don’t think she’s actually as impulsive and reckless as she comes across? You know who is though? Kimberly.

- cutting her hair
- apparently she regularly goes night swimming at the quarry?
- chasing Trini and Zack up the mountainside
- dragging Trini over the cliff with her

I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them right now. My point is Kimberly is absolutely the one who does crazy shit with Trini chasing after her all exasperated and annoyed.


  1. no
  2. the majority of otayuri content i see (and maybe this is because i’m pretty selective with who i follow and what content i consume) is created by queer, mature adults who understand:
  5. yes you can have multiple forms of queer representation in a single piece of media
  6. saying that you want a variety of m/m or queer ships represented in a single show doesn’t make you selfish, doesn’t make it fetishism, it means that there are multiple queer narratives that represent completely different relationship dynamics and conflicts that apply themselves well to different storylines both in canon and fanwork.
  7. i like victuuri because: great example of healthy queer relationship in mainstream media that is not hypersexualized and does not focus on the queer aspect of their relationship, but rather how their relationship benefits them both as individuals to become the best version of themselves. as an adult, i see this as an ideal relationship and like to write stories about them being super fucking in love with each other.
  8. i like otayuri because: once upon a time i was a queer kid living internationally trying to figure my own shit out and i was probably a brat and i had my own damage, but i still made a found family of friends from all around the world, and i fell in love for the first time, and as an adult i finally have the language to describe and understand in retrospect just how crazy those feelings are.  you can’t decipher all that shit when you’re young, cause it’s coming at you all at once.  it takes a while. these are two young, dumb teenagers who have a lot to learn, and there are a lot of fun stories you can pull from their dynamic that aren’t readily available for victuuri.  
  9. there are important stories in both of those relationships, whether romantic or sexual or not, worth looking into that are so specific to one or the other, and trying to say there is only one way to represent m/m couples is like??? yikes
  10. and yeah, people might write or draw irresponsible otayuri.  they might draw or write irresponsible victuuri! 
  11. but people also drive irresponsibly.  if someone gets drunk, gets in a car, and causes an accident, the responsibility is on them and not on the person who gets hit.  that doesn’t mean that cars are problematic.  and it doesn’t mean that talking about cars or drunk driving is problematic. in fact, i bet you would find if you dug deep enough that those problematic things speak to bigger issues that a lot of people experience, and maybe we should talk about those things. 
  12. you feel me? cool. love you babies.  be good. you’re responsible for your own internet experience. don’t be assholes.  maybe take a nap.  drink water!!! oh god, drink water.  self care, babies. 

can you imagine how hyped bucky would be about those 7 new planets tho??? I mean here he is, 70 years in the future, still alive and kicking and by some miracle steve’s there right with him after all this time? and yeah, sure there are superheroes that can fly now, all sorts of crazy shit he can’t wrap his head around but tell him NASA has just found 7 new planets orbiting a nearby star, possibly with water and signs of life and he completely loses his shit, eyes lighting up all excited like a kid on Christmas morning and he cannot stop talking about it for a good few weeks because hello, habitable planets? and he’s so damn happy because I told you I’d take you to the future stevie, didn’t I? 

Happy Birthday, erens-jaeger-bombs !! ♥

Cute boyfriends being cute in Autumn season for you~~

Abandoned by Disney

(warning: very long story)

Some of you may have heard that the Disney corporation is responsible for at least one real, “live” Ghost Town.

Disney built the “Treasure Island” resort in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas. It didn’t START as a ghost town! Disney’s cruise ships would actually stop at the resort and leave tourists there to relax in luxury.

This is a FACT. Look it up.

Disney blew $30,000,000 on the place… yes, thirty million dollars.

Then they abandoned it.

Disney blamed the shallow waters (too shallow for their ships to safely operate) and there was even blame cast on the workers, saying that since they were from the Bahamas, they were too lazy to work a regular schedule.

That’s where the factual nature of their story ends. It wasn’t because of sand, and it obviously wasn’t because “foreigners are lazy”. Both are convenient excuses.

No, I sincerely doubt those reasons were legitimate. Why don’t I buy the official story?

Because of Mowgli’s Palace.

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The Mom Friend - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request- “Jeff Atkins imagine where the reader is zach’s sister and they all hang out together in a big group for the first time and the reader is The Mom Friend™ and stops them all from doing crazy shit”

“Yo Justin throw me another beer?” Your brother called across the room at the already slightly wasted teen boy. He nodded and chucked the can in your direction, causing you to duck.

“Watch it, Foley.” You warned, giving him dagger eyes. He chuckled and opened what might be his seventh beer. Jess and Justin had spent the majority of the evening so far partaking in intense PDA, they were as drunk as each other and clearly thirsty.

Deciding it might be best to move, you went to sit next to Jeff, your boyfriend. He smiled as he saw you approach and squeezed your thigh as you sat next to him.

Jeff and you had only been dating for around two months, and this evening was the first you’d spend together with your brother and his friends in one place. You were at Bryce’s. He had the nicest place and had decided to invite the few of you round to chill and have a few drinks. Most everyone was drunk, including Jeff, leaving you to Mother everyone and make sure they did nothing too stupid.

“You look really fucking good.” Slurred Jeff, making you giggle.

“You look really fucking drunk.” You retorted. You placed your hand over his and ruffled his hair with the other.

“Will you come in the pool with me?” He asked, his face that as if he’d had a brilliant idea.

“Bad idea, Jeffy boo.” You mocked.

“Why?” He sounded like a defiant kid.

“You’re drunk and I can’t be doing with you drowning.” You rolled your eyes, and placed your head on his shoulder. He sighed but clumsily dragged his fingers through your hair.

“I’ll get you some bread and water.” You decided, jumping up off the sofa to fetch the supplies.


You met up with Zach out by the pool, offering him some bread and water.

“No thanks, Y/N. Gross.” Your drunk brother made vomiting motions and shook his head violently.

“Please just one sip.” You begged, giving him the puppy dog eyes that always worked so well on him. He rolled his eyes, taking the water from you reluctantly and gulping before handing it back to you.

“Now, im going swimming.” He pointed his finger up sternly.

“No, Zach, you’re not.” You told him.

“Yes!” Countered Zach, before deciding to pull his t shirt over his head.

“You going swimming Zach!?” Monty came out of nowhere, ran towards you, pulling his shirt off as well.

“No he isn’t.” You said sternly.

“Yes he is.” Sulked Zach.

You placed the water and bread on the floor by you.

You grabbed each boys wrist, turning them to face you.

“You’re not stepping foot in that water boys, you hear me?”

Monty and Zach nodded fearfully. Your stern mothering attitude always worked a treat on them, especially when they were drunk.

“Good. Now let’s get you inside and clothed. And then you can have some of this.” You took charge, motioning towards the bread and water on the floor beside you.

Both boys looked disgusted, but abided anyway.


About an hour later, after making it round all the boys with bread and water, and then dancing with Jess for what felt like hours, you sat with Monty playing video games.

“I’m going to get myself a drink, do you want anything?” You turned to him.

“No thanks, Y/N.” Monty’s eyes were focused on the screen.

You wandered toward the kitchen, but stopped in your tracks when you heard voices. There was nothing like a bit of eavesdropping.

“Nah man, I gotta tell you something.” Your brother Zach’s voice drifted out of the room.

“Yeah, go ahead.” The respondent was Jeff.

“Y/N, my sister, you two, I’m so happy.” Zach fumbled.

“You are?” Jeff was trying to hide the surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, man. Y/N has been hurt really fucking bad before, but you’re different- I can tell.” He breathed, you could tell he was nervous. “You make her so happy, and seeing her happy, makes me happy, I’m so thankful you’re in her life.”

“Trust me, man, I’d never hurt Y/N. she doesn’t really like to go into detail but I know previous guys have caused her shit, and I couldn’t ever do that to her.” Jeff admitted. Your heart fluttered at the conversation between your two favourite boys.

“I know, that’s why I’m so glad it’s you. She means so much to me and I know you’ll treat her right.” Zach continued.

“I haven’t told her yet because I still feel like it’s early days, and I’m afraid she won’t feel the same, but I’m so fucking in love with her, Zach. Y/N is the best thing that’s happened to me in such a long time.” Jeff’s words melted your heart. You had to let him know you felt the same way soon. Damn that boy had you good.

You could almost see Zach grinning at Jeff.
“I’m so glad you’re happy too, dude. You mean a lot to me as well.”

“Thank you, man. Back at you. I thought to begin with dating your sister might be a bit weird.”

“Yeah, right-”

But you couldn’t stand there any longer, so you made a loud entrance into the room.

“Hey guys, just getting a drink.” You explained, pretending you hadn’t just heard their entire conversation.

“You want the rest of this, Y/N?” Jeff asked, holding out his beer.

You smiled warmly. “Sure.” As you took the can from his hand, you placed your other hand on his waist and leaned in to peck a kiss on his lips.

“Oooooh Kay,” Zach coughed. “I’m going to remove myself from this PDA.” He said, moving backwards out of the room, and you could’ve sworn as you turned, you saw him wink at Jeff out of the corner of his eye.

Jeff chuckled.
“Poor Zach. Must be weird.”

You laughed internally at the irony, given you’d just heard the whole thing, but brushed it off. Jeff had sobered considerably since earlier, and you were glad, since it gave you an excuse to make out with him profusely.

You leaned in for another peck, and decided to place the beer on the counter behind Jeff, so you could use both hands to cup his face.

“Jeff Atkins.” You smiled up at him.

“Y/N L/N.” he smiled back.

“I love you.” This was the first time either of you had really said it, but after hearing Jeff’s confession, you weren’t afraid anymore. Jeff was taken aback, but then, you thought maybe his face would crack from the beaming grin that lit up his beautiful features.

“I love you too!” He nearly shouted, drawing circles with his hands on your waist.
You giggled at the idiot in front of you, and went in for a full kiss.

His lips enveloped yours hungrily, both very slightly buzzed from alcohol. You caressed his neck with your hands and he squeezed your waist tightly, making your entire body tingle and causing a gasp to come from your mouth. Jeff chuckled against you, realising he was doing to you exactly what you were doing to him, and finding joy that you had that effect over each other.

Jeff moved his hands lower, cupping your ass before lifting you so that you were straddling his waist. He swung round quickly so that he could almost throw you onto the counter behind, you gasped again, neither of you caring that you’d knocked over the beer can. He roughly put his hands behind your knees to pull you closer to him and devour you even more. Your legs either side of him, he stood right up against the counter as close to you as humanly possible and tasted every inch of your mouth. This was something you could never get tired of.

“Jeff,” you pushed his mouth off you. “I think we’re going to have to move this elsewhere.” You panted.

His chuckles lit up your heart like fairy lights, and the love in his eyes wasn’t going to go away anytime soon.

“That’s probably a good idea, I can’t take much longer.”

He lifted you down off the counter, and you took his hand and led him out into the summerhouse, hoping for some privacy.

Your brothers blessing had really made your day, and you could tell it had made Jeff’s too.

Tracy McConnell and Robin Scherbatsky DESERVED BETTER.

I’m still fucken bitter about this.

Tracy was used for creating the children that Ted wanted for him,
and then to go to Robin Scherbatsky (the ex-wife of one of your dearest friends), and just what “get back together”??

Was he in love with her the entire duration of his relationship/marriage with Tracy?

And Robin Scherbatsky, the woman who OVER AND OVER made it clear that she never loved Ted, in that way. THrough multiple seasons. To THEN just get together with the man that baggered her for quite some FUCKEN time. 


Title: 2 assholes play cards against humanity 

Genre: Fluff + Crack ➝ YouTuber AU

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader.

Plot: 2 assholes play Cards Against Humanity together. One asshole is an excellent kisser and the other is the worst fucking editor in the world.

Or rather: we are both youtubers and you are the worst fucking editor ever, and so you accidentally included a clip from our collab you uploaded where we made out and people don’t know we’re a thing yet, as requested (and thought of!) by me.

Warnings: This is just…unlike my writing style. Wrote this whilst drunk, probably, because I don’t remember writing this, at all.

Notes: Yes, I did go out of my way and spend 1 hour + on making a fake YouTube channel and video for this drabble/fic. Was it worth it? Probably not, but here’s Yoongo’s channel.

28TH MARCH, 2017.

despite being a youtuber with over seven million subscribers to make up for it, min yoongi is the absolute worst at his job. you’d think that being paid so much every week and being invited to vip events and having thousands- close to millions- of fans making twitter accounts with your name squished into them, and seeing your face on billboards or whatever, would act as enough motivation for yoongi to put in a tiny bit more effort.

don’t get me wrong– yoongi works hard. he uploads twice a week (thursdays and sundays, for those who wanted to know!), and always puts out fresh and most of the time, original content. a musical prodigy, as some people called him, and others called him unique, entertaining, different, inspiring. some called him mediocre and basic, but against yoongi’s strong fan base, none of that mattered. even without the fanbase, yoongi still didn’t give two damns about what anybody had to say against him. and with the success he has, he doesn’t need to be worried about anything or anybody else just yet.

but, you’d think that because of his success and picture-perfect life captured by an expensive camera and posh lenses (hey, the fact that yoongi is so well liked despite not attempting to even out his flaws with light boxes and filters or makeup products is impressive), he’d try that extra bit harder when it came to creating content he enjoys putting out into the world. especially editing videos- including ones where forgetting to edit out one tiny, tiny clip could result in thirty new scandals and his name being in the media longer than it has to be.

because min yoongi, despite his magical fingers and creative mind when it comes to creating the video itself, is the absolute worst at editing videos. he just can’t be bothered to watch the same clips over and over again. and, even though you may not like it, you’re suffering at the hand of his poor editing skills.

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why do people seem to think kaidan is weak like wtf

like did y'all forget how he’s canonically one of the most powerful biotics? i think that people forget that a good part of our mission is to get the very best. so shepard, obviously. mordin. jack. kasumi. joker. kaidan.
people forget, since we’ve seen so many ‘bests’ already. but kaidan isn’t even adapt in class, he’s only half biotic in skill set. that’s fucking crazy. like jack had all this insane shit done to her so yeah she’s obviously strong as hell but kaidan is HALF biotic and his biotics haven’t been tampered with so he’s just fucking naturally strong as hell. first human biotic to learn reave. he literally killed a dude with a biotic kick.
dude is constantly holding back bc he doesn’t want to lose control. he could (and has) hurt people and he knows it.

if you don’t like him??? fine whatever. but don’t use the excuse “he’s weak” just cause ur too lazy to read into canon.

fucked up shit Yami Yuugi does in the manga

or, why you should read the yugioh manga if you haven’t
or, Yami has No Fucking Chill

i was looking thru the yugioh manga and decided to make a list of all the crazy shit Yami does in the first seven volumes.

  • this one is pretty tame, but he makes a guy play a game where they stab a knife thru money while it lays on their hand. if they stab to hard they’ll stab their hand. he then proceeds to make the man hallucinate.
  • when he wins a game against a tv director (by cheating, just saying) Yami makes it so he’ll see in censor mosaic
  • he makes it so a fellow student’s heartbeat is so loud it’s unbearable
  • you know how everyone jokes that Yami sets a man on fire? that’s not a joke. he sets a guy on fire, via vodka and cigarette.
  • he plays a game with a fellow student where they play air hockey on a grill top with a chunk of ice that has an explosive substance in the middle. needless to say, Yami blows up his fellow student.
  • he poisons a man with his own pet scorpion… over a pair of sneakers.
  • remember in Duel Monsters when Pegasus trapped Kaiba’s soul in a card? Yami did that first. only he made it so Kaiba was being mercilessly maimed by the monsters in the cards. it was only temporary, and an illusion, but still.
  • he electrocutes like five guys all at once.
  • OKAY SO THIS ISN’T A FUCKED UP THING YAMI DID but when Yami plays Capsule Monsters with Mokuba for the first time, Mokuba says that if Yami loses he’s going to cut off one of Yami’s fingers. something else you miss out on from not reading the manga is Mokuba Kaiba being an evil gremlin and just as much of an asshole as his brother. also Mokuba apparently just casually carries a switchblade around, nbd.
  • when Mokuba loses, Yami traps him in a Capsule Monster capsule (that’s an illusion but still)
  • he also poisons Mokuba. like, Mokuba was being an asshole and totally deserved it, and it wasn’t entirely Yami’s fault, but there’s no way Yami didn’t slightly influence the turnout of this situation.
  • after their initial duel, he causes Kaiba to go into a vegetative state. it’s for Kaiba’s own good, but still, he doesn’t actually come out of comatose for several chapters.
  • When a kid challenges him to a game called Dragon Cards, where there is the possibility of having your soul imprisoned in a jar, Yami wins and the kid loses his soul we can only assume permanently (they made it so in the anime it was just the “evil” of his soul being imprisoned. in the manga… rip that kid, I guess.).
  • again this isn’t something Yami did, but you’ve probably heard about the infamous Yo-Yo Gang chapter. well, it’s real, and in that chapter, the gang almost hang Yuugi by the Millennium Puzzle. Yami then proceeds to send them all to the hospital by causing a roof to cave in beneath them. you aim yo-yos at the ground, you assholes.

after that, Yami finally finds most of his chill and stops mentally torturing people, at least for the most part. but seriously, you’re missing out on all this if you don’t read the manga, it’s a wild ride.