all the costumes packed

I’m still deeply entertained by Cassian’s jackets wrt that panel where Diego Luna insists that Cassian has the best costume in the movie because it’s suitable for all circumstances.

Like… I assumed he meant a versatile coat or something??

No. Cassian’s costume is suitable for all weather conditions because he literally packs an entire wardrobe.


Hello internet people!

So… I’ve been doing some fan art of the Hobbit lately and I wanted to share the first two. They’re really just sketches, super loose, with some help from reference material. I thought I should start with the two kings, Thorin and Thranduil. I’ll try and work my way backwards through all the movies.

BY MY BEARD! There’s so much detail packed into their costumes for this movie.

So far I’ve watched Battle of the Five Armies twice and I cannot wait for the Extended Version and hopefully an awesome box set.

Stay tuned for more. If there’s a character from the book OR movies that you would like me to do next, leave me a comment.


| g i r l   m e e t s   e v i l | PROLOGUE

A/N: so this is my first fic on this account. i used to be admin 1 on btshineetobap, and now i’m starting all over again. and what better way to restart than a BTS choose your story halloween smut fic?! i’m still writing the next parts, so please be patient with me. until then, i hope you enjoy my lovelies!

“I’d rather not go…” you mumbled under your breath as your friends all excitedly chattered around you. It was Halloween weekend and, as per usual, your friends were dragging you along to another Halloween party in some sleazy club that you probably would never go to otherwise. A nice movie night in pajamas was more your scene. ‘But whatever’ you sighed mentally. Someone had to keep these girls out of trouble and you guess it was going to be you.

            “I don’t care if you don’t wanna come,” your best friend rolled her eyes as she looked at you, “you’re coming tonight and that’s that!” She could be so stubborn. But then again, she had to be to get you to agree to things like this.

            “I don’t even have a costume!” You were going to keep trying though. You weren’t completely opposed to going out. You just knew that it was nights like these that all the sleazes and creeps came out. But to your dismay, she completely ignored you, opting to hold the makings of a risqué cat costume in front of your face.

            “Now stop complaining and put this on so I can do your hair and makeup” She smiled, tossing it in your direction.

            Once more, you sighed. This was going to be a long night.

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anonymous asked:

Halloween/Fall recs? Any and all pairings, or none?


  • warmth rang true inside these bones by asinfastmovies (G, 1k) Six Halloweens that Scott, Stiles, and Allison share.
  • Together For Warmth by rosewindow (E, 2k) Allison, Scott, and Stiles keep each other warm. In more ways than one.
  • art by boailllustration (Devil!Stiles, Cupid!Allison, Angel!Scott)


  • Alternate Halloween Plans by doctorkaitlyn (G, 1k) Every year, without exception, as soon as November comes around, Stiles gets sick. When his annual cold hits him a little earlier, he reluctantly cancels his Halloween plans with Scott and Kira. Undeterred, they decide to bring Halloween to him.


  • falling leaves drift by my window by Loz (E, 8k) It had been 746 days since he had seen Stiles anywhere but a laptop screen. It had been 746 days since he’d felt like himself.
  • The Words I Fumble For by solvecoagula (E, 4k) Scott and Stiles go off to college and everyone they meet assumes they’re dating. They’re not, even though Scott wishes they were. But he’s pretty sure Stiles doesn’t want what he wants. Then they have to pretend they’re actually dating, and everything is confusing and awkward. Until it isn’t anymore.

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Good morning!

Purple nails for Prince💜 (I’m still in shock about this).

Today I’m headed to Austin. Finally, the race weekend is here! Packing all of my crazy costumes and gear. I can’t wait to run the Spartan Super in that big dress. Last night I had visions of it getting caught on the wall. There’s a very good reason you don’t see people running Spartan Races in tutus–- barbed wire and tulle do NOT mix😂 But in the name of fun, I’ll try almost anything!

If you’re in Burnet, TX, tomorrow or Sunday, come say hello! I’m also doing a snapchat takeover @obstaclemedia1 for Obstacle Race Media, if you’re into that sort of thing😜

Happy fried egg🍳

Deadpool Comic Appearance Details #211

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3
Written by: Mike Benson & Adam Glass, Art by Carlo Barberi and Sandu Florea

Deadpool enters the Black Ops magazine headquarters. As Deadpool didn’t leave the message about a kidnapping note, he isn’t a process server, and he’s not a disgruntled former employee, so the receptionist sends him in. He finds the editor playing a first-person shooter game.

Deadpool’s arrival interrupts the editor’s concentration and he dies. He sticks a gun in Deadpool’s face, but Deadpool slices the gun in half. Deadpool asks again for the name of the man who put out the ad that started this mess, but the editor refuses.

[Deadpool]: Okay, I got a proposition for you.
[Editor]: I don’t swing that way, boy.
[Deadpool]: Don’t flatter yourself, grandpa.

Deadpool offers to help the editor get past the level he’s stuck on in the video game.

[Deadpool]: You’re looking at a level 37 four-star general.
[Editor]: Bull! I’m looking at a #$?$#%? in a clown costume.

They come to an arrangement.


Deadpool meets up with Dare Devil and Foggy.

[Deadpool]: Guy paid in cash, no name, just this envelope.
[Dare Devil]: The envelop is made of one hundred percent cotton paper. There’s an embossed crest stamped on it.
[Deadpool]: You can feel that? Wow, you must be popular with the ladies.
[Foggy]: A raised design on the paper?  I see it now…
[Deadpool]: Envelopes? Crest? What is this–“Queer Eye for the Straight guy?”

It turns out that the embossed crest is for the O'Shea family, a very wealthy and well-connected family. And there is indeed a son…

Henry is able to find video of Deadpool and Dare Devil making their way through the city and passes the location on to Punisher.

[Dare Devil]: I can count on you to lay low tonight, right?
[Deadpool]: I don’t know– Tuesdays are usually my karaoke night at the China Club. I do Neil Diamond’s “America” like nbobody’s business.
[Dare Devil]: Are you EVER serious?
[Deadpool]: Sorry, I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious. So don’t hate.

Dare Devil tells Deadpool to lay low.

[Deadpool]: Remind me why you’re helping me again?
[Dare Devil]: Because YOU’RE innocent of this crime… and there’s someone out there who isn’t.

[Deadpool]: List, I appreciate all the help, boy scout, but if you think I’m not attending this Mardi Graz, you’re crazier than me– and I hear voices.
[Yellow]: You realize you said that out loud?
[White]: There goes the team-up.
[Deadpool]: Y'know I was kidding about the voices thing, right?

Punisher arrives and blasts a sonic blast, debilitating Dare Devil, but Deadpool…

[Deadpool]: The noise doesn’t bother me. Huge Metallica fan. Over a hundred shows.

While Dare Devil is knocked out of the fight, Punisher and Deadpool fight it out with blades. When it looks like Deadpool is about to get the upper hand, Dare Devil  orders Deadpool to stand down.

[Punisher]: Since when do you come to the aid of mass murderers?
[Deadpool]: Hey! First, I only kill for money. Second, looks who’s talking. Third–
[Dare Devil]: Because he’s INNOCENT, Frank. He’s annoying, but he didn’t commit this crime.

Their talk is interrupted by approaching cops. The group breaks up, Punisher back to his van, Deadpool with Dare Devil.

Dare Devil and Deadpool go to the O'Shea house. Papa O'Shea knows immediately upon seeing our heroes that his son has gotten himself in trouble again.

Deadpool explains.

[Deadpool]: …Sent me on a wild goose chase, then blew up a building of innocent people. When I find that little ####, I’m gonna disembowel him.
[Dare Devil]: No, you’re not.
[Deadpool]: Am too.
[Dare Devil]: Mr. O'Shea, we’re not sure what role your son plays in all of this, if he’s innocent or guilty–
Deadpool]: Guilty!
[Dare Devil]: –But we do know he’s in over his head–
[Deadpool]: Which I’m gonna chop right off with this sword.
[Dare Devil]: We just need to FIND him.

Mr. O'Shea agrees that he wants his son found, and if guilty, punished. By the law.  He tells the heroes that his son can be found with Tombstone.

Tombstone is playing golf and terrorizing Conrad when he learns that Dare Devil and Deadpool were at the O'Shea place.

Dare Devil and Deadpool split up for a few hours; Dare Devil goes into Harlem looking for Tombstone.

Meanwhile, Deadpool heads over to see Outlaw.

[Deadpool calls her Crazy Inez, and she sucker punches him. He envisions her as a beefy black boxer punching him]

She’s in a new place, having her last place damaged during the Punisher/Deadpool brawl, and then getting kicked out for the disturbance.

[Deadpool]: You wanna be mad at somebody– be mad at that sick bastard. You lost a couch. That psycho cut off my limbs. I might have the ability to regenerate, but trust me, it ain’t pleasant.

[Deadpool]: Look, Outlaw, I promise you, once I clear my name, I’ll pay you back. Every last cent. I’ll buy you a barcalounger. We’ll go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Sky’s the limit.

Outlaw then asks about how the hunt for the real culprit is going. Very well at the moment, as Deadpool catches sight of  Tombstone’s spy.

Deadpool swings across to the building across the way where the spy realizes he’s been spotted.

Deadpool manages to catch the spy on the roof. The guy screams and runs away.

[Deadpool]: Why do people see me and scream? I really have to work on my reputation.
[Yellow]: You think? I mean we couldn’t get a date if we bought a calendar.
[White]: Damn, that’s cold… but true. Strippers won’t even take our money. And they’re not exactly choosy.

The guy jumps onto a window washer crane, but Deadpool follows and slices the cables, sending it crashing to the ground.

[Deadpool saves the man before the crane crashes]

[Deadpool]: That ride really excited you, huh? I can tell. GET OFF.

While Deadpool tries to shake the guy down for Tombstone’s location, he’s caught by Spider-Man.

[Spider-Man]: Nice costume. Love all the pockets. You’re like a walking fanny pack. Bet you have to beat the ladies off with a stick.
[Deadpool]: You should talk. Your costume’s so tight you can tell what religion you are. Ever hear of a cup?
[Spider-Man]: Yeah, but the chaffing was killing me, So I decided to go commando.
[Spider-Man]: If you have anymore Spidey questions you can check out the Spidey-blog or ask them on the way to jail.

Deadpool proclaims his innocence, but Spider-Man doesn’t believe him. And then Punisher head-shots Deadpool, exploded his head in a nasty, bloody goo.

Hyrule Warriors To Receive Tons of DLC

Koei-Tecmo has announced their plans for Hyrule Warriors DLC at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Among this will be three new playable characters, available for free: Volga, Wizzro, and Cia.

K-T has also announced four packs of paid DLC: First is the Master Quest pack, coming in October. It will include a new weapon, new scenario, Adventure map, and two costumes.

Next is the Twilight Princess map in November, which contains another weapon, Adventure map, and two costumes, as well as a new character.

January brings us the Majora’s Mask pack, which boasts two new characters, three costumes, and Adventure map.

Finally, the Boss (or Ganon) pack arrives in February and will feature two new game modes.

Also, ordering all packs together will net you a Dark costume for Link!

Are you excited for this DLC? What characters do you think will be included in the Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask packs?


Remember quite a while ago when it was announced that we’d get certain costume packs depending on the retailer we’d purchase our copy of Hyrule Warriors from? Well, to those of you that just can’t live without owning all of the costume packs, it has been confirmed that they will be available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop! Sure, you’d have to pay a little more, but it’s better than buying multiple copies of the game, right? 

JUNE 3RD: The day I lost the ability to speak when I saw Taylor Swift

SO all this madness began back in October when Emily and I made a random decision that we wanted to see Taylor Swift when she came to Cleveland.  Since we just wanted another chance to see Taylor and breath the same air as her, we got the super high up nosebleed seats, which 3 days before the concert we discovered were the ABSOLUTE LAST ROW OF THE STADIUM.  Like I’m talking the highest section in the very back row.  Absolute last row.  It didn’t bother us because we were still insanely excited about to be in the same building as Taylor, so the excitement just kept building.  

We had been working on our costumes for a while leading up to the concert, which entailed going in and out of stores loudly discussing (and confusing fellow customers) which fabric Taylor would like more for our tutus and how “THIS CROP TOP WOULD LITERALLY BE PERFECT FOR BEING A NIGHTMARE!!!”  We had come up with the idea of being the lyric  “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” and we just wanted our outfits to be the brightest and most poofy and brightest most perfect outfits we could make.  

Once we got all dressed and packed my car with all the costumes and posters, we left Columbus (our home) and headed to Cleveland!  Let me tell you, driving 2.5 hours knowing you get to see TSwift preform soon is soooooo not easy.  Once we got to the venue we started making friends and recognizing people from tumblr and creepily being like “Omg hey we saw you on the internet!”  Waiting in that line to enter the venue was also not an easy task, I am NOT a calm person when I get excited.  

After almost getting to the front of the line a news anchor approached us and asked if we wanted to do an interview about the concert and Taylor which oh my gosh of course the answer was yes!  We ended up calling Taylor a “God” and giggling/screaming about how she “Is literally the best person ever, how could you not want to go to all her concerts???”

After that excitement and peeing ourselves a little bit WE WERE FINALLY IN THE VENUE.. which meant the tears started.  We powerwalked/ attacked people with our tutus as we headed straight to the Taylor Nation booth.  We met the cutest human ever, a girl who worked for Taylor Nation and we told her that she had the ultimate job ever since she’s pretty much paid to be a fangirl. We continued to freak out over all the stuff in the booth, take millions of pictures, then freak out some more and just when we were walking away the cutest human girl stopped us.  She said “I know that you guys said it doesn’t matter what seat you’re in to see Taylor as long as you still see her, but wouldn’t it be a lot better seeing her from the second row??” Tears.  Sobbing.  Hysterical crying. Like I had to go stand in a corner because I was causing a scene with my crying.  SHE HAD UPGRADED US TO THE SECOND ROW AND WE WERE GOING TO SEE TAYLOR SO CLOSE TO US. After we managed to stop the tears we (not kidding) skipped to our new seats and got to watch Vance finish his set. We met THE SWEETEST two girls who had just won front row and we freaked out a little bit more with them.  

THEN TAYLOR CAME ON. I was breathless.  Absolutely in shock at how beautiful and talented someone could be and then ya know BE LIKE 15 FEET IN FRONT OF ME.  She started playing all her songs and Emily and I just danced and danced and danced like we would never be able to dance again.  Her music was moving through us and with every word she spoke to the crowd it made me feel more invested in the her and the show. After she finished ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ (where I was violently dancing/flailing/singing) we saw ANDREA SWIFT SMILING AT US AND MOTIONING TO COME OUT OF OUR ROW.  We lost it.  Completely lost it. We gave her huge hugs and she said to us “Have you guys ever met Taylor before?” We managed to say no in the midst of our sobbing. “Would you like to go to Loft 89 and meet Taylor?” and that was the moment Emily and I collapsed onto the ground hysterically crying.  Andrea handed us the pass, another girl gave us wristbands, we gave her another hug, then headed back to our seats in total shock. Fastforward through the amazing concert (s/o to Taylor for the Enchanted/Wildest Dreams mashup bc  that was AMAZING) and it was time to meet all the other Loft 89 members in our designated section.  

Everyone was eerily calm about the fact that we were the few chosen for this, but I don’t think anyone could process what was happening.  Next thing we know, we were in the loft and eating pizza and cookies (Taylor, did you make those??) and taking pics in a photo booth, patiently waiting for her arrival.  

I have never heard such a beautiful voice say “Oh hey guys!”. The voice of an angel.  No joke.  Taylor is a real life angel.  She is breathtakingly beautiful.  I could not breath when she came in the room. Taylor Swift was in arms length of me. She came over to Emily and I and words did not come out of my mouth for a solid 30 seconds.  Like I could not produce words.  We gave her hugs and she said (about our costumes) “Ooh! More lyrical puns!”.  We gave her a gift bag full of letters and crafts and fox socks (which she liked because fox socks rhymes).  I managed to form words and thank her for being her and being such a positive inspiration and for putting on an amazing show.  She asked us if we wanted to take a bomb looking picture and immediately put her arms around us and pulled us in close.  Then after the picture she pulled us even closer and gave us a huge hug.  I GOT SNUGGLED A LITTLE BIT BY TAYLOR SWIFT. She is seriously the best hugger.  She has such a calming effect on people.  Besides my little moment of muteness, I honestly felt like I was just talking to a friend.  A really talk and amazing and sweet friend.  Taylor is such a special person. When she was signing my nightmare necklace, she asked my name, I replied, and she said “amazing” as she wrote ‘I *heart* Maria’.  The way she said “amazing” to me will never leave my head. It was like music.  

We were also lucky enough to talk to Andrea for like 15 minutes.  We got to ask her why she chose us to meet Taylor out of so many people, and also apologize for crying on her during the show.  She told us things about Taylor and the concerts and the fans and treated us like we were family friends that she’s known for forever. She was proud of us for being in college and said that our moms were really lucky to have us as daughters. She gives really comforting hugs too.

Having to say goodbye to Taylor, Andrea, and Loft 89 was so sad, but I knew that I couldn’t stay forever. I cannot put into words (mainly because I can’t stop bursting into tears) how lucky I feel to have gotten all of the opportunities that I did last night.  After loving Taylor since the ‘Fearless’ days, going to countless concerts, and dreaming about seeing her up close, I can’t believe that I actually met her. I have never felt so lucky. Expecting to watch Taylor from the last row but being able to dance along with her in the second row AND getting to meet her, I am convinced that this is all a dream. If I could thank Taylor and Andrea and Taylor Nation a million times, even that wouldn’t be enough.

Convention Survival Guide

It’s pretty easy to forget the basics when you attend a convention. Here I’ve written up a guide for cosplayers and casual attendees alike, to ensure a safe and healthy convention experience.

1. Know the schedule. You should have an idea of what events are going on at the convention you’re attending, so you can plan out of the ones you plan to participate in. This is everything from cosplay gatherings to panels and screenings. Knowing the schedule will help you get as much done as you would like to. Don’t forget to be flexible with it!

2. Budget yourself. It’s so easy to step a foot into the dealer’s room and buy everything in sight, leaving you no money for food. Have a set amount aside for certain things to ensure you do not run out of money too quickly and end up starving on day 1.

3. Keep yourself fed and hydrated! Forgetting to eat and drink is a huge problem at conventions, as congoers get caught up in all the fun and excitement. Keep a loose schedule for meals, and keep water and snacks with you at all times. Jerky and crackers are great quick-energy snacks to keep you going.

4. Know where eateries around the convention center/hotels are. Con food is expensive. Horribly so. Knowing where there are places to grab a cheap meal around the convention will help you save money, and have more to spend on that sweet con swag.

5. Keep extra batteries and a charger for your camera/phone. Running out of battery for either is a huge bummer, especially if you need to get in touch with someone and can’t because your phone is dead. Most (if not all) convention centers will have outlets scattered around that you can use in case you need it.

6. Know the convention rules. Rules can vary pretty drastically from convention to convention, so keep yourself aware of the rules (especially those regarding cosplay and props) so you don’t end up getting scolded or kicked out.

7. If you are staying in a hotel, be sure to be respectful. Do not spill makeup everywhere, do not become rowdy, do not destroy hotel property, and treat hotel staff with respect. Con time is already a stressful time for hotel workers, so do your part to make it easier on them, so they can make your lives easier too!

8. Know the shuttles. Some conventions offer shuttle service to nearby hotels. If you are staying in one of these hotels, find out where these shuttles are, how often they leave, and the times they run so you don’t get stranded.

9. For those that need it, bring pads/tampons! You never know if you or another cosplayer might need it, so be prepared!

10. Bring a small sewing kit for on-the-fly cosplay repairs. Not all conventions have cosplay repair stations, and even if they do, they may not have what you need. A small kit should be enough for most minor repairs. Ideally it would have needles, thread that matches your costume, scissors, safety pins, and glue. Extra pieces for your costume (like sequins, flowers, etc.) are also really nice to have.

11. Bring a first-aid kit. Sometimes you can’t get to the first aid station, so a small first aid kit (with things like band-aids, painkillers, ointment, and allergy medicine) is essential.

12. If you are staying in a hotel, make a checklist of all your costume parts. This way, when you are packing to leave, you can check off the pieces as you pack to make sure you’re packing everything you need, and can check it again as you’re leaving to make sure everything gets home safely. For example, mine looks like this (this is the actual list I use for one of my costumes!):

dress x1

shoes x2

Stockings x1

Shawl x1

Cane x1

Wig x1

Bonnet x1

13. Shower. Please shower. I shouldn’t even have to explain this one.

14. Try to get sleep at night. It’s tempting to stay up and watch movies and cartoons to keep yourself in the con spirit, but you will burn out very quickly if you don’t get some rest. Being burned out at a con is no fun.

15. Know where your party is. Make sure everyone you are attending with has each others’ numbers, and set times to meet up and make sure everyone is okay.

16. Bring a small notepad and pen/pencil. You never know when you might make a new friend and want to exchange Tumblr urls, or art pages, or anything else.

17. If you are attending autograph sessions, bring something to be signed (IF IT’S ALLOWED). You’ll end up with a cool souvenir, and an awesome display piece! Be sure to check convention autograph rules to make sure you’re allowed to get something other than a headshot signed.

18. Check my con etiquette guide for proper behaviors at a con. Proper behavior helps keep everyone safe and comfortable, and the con becomes a better experiences for everyone.

Did I miss something? Let me know and I will add it!


Taylor! On Friday Grace and I spontaneously decided to spend all our money on a trip to Tokyo to see you and we’ve booked and tracked down some (hopefully valid! 😬) tickets online and WE ARE DYING FROM EXCITEMENT! We spent all day yesterday buying our costumes and packing our suitcases and now just have to spend the next five days studying so we can afford the few days off!! WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU, WE WILL BE THE AUSTRALIANS WITH BIG LIGHT UP ARROWS, FAIRY LIGHTS AND MATCHING T SHIRTS!! SEE YOU THERE!! Xxxxxxx
taylorswift tree-paine


Crash into me

Dear Maya
It’s almost Halloween and our favorite girl is taking a crash course in how to maneuver a scooter through those Parisian streets . Now THAT’s a trick! But seeing her out and about with that beautiful smile - THAT’s a treat!

R: Honey they noticed you had my guitar again

K: they?

R: not that I mind of course. I like when they notice that you have my stuff. And wearing my orange and black jacket was very Halloweeny of you

K: I am guessing “they” is your twitter fan club? Halloweeny is not a real word dude

R: of course it is. I’ll show you a weenie that will make you howl

K: hahaha STFU. You just made me spit out my macaron

R: you are macaroning without me? I left them on the bed but I thought you would wait

K: macaroning? That’s not a word either dude but they’re delicious! Thanks sweetie

R: of course it is. If you are eating macarons you are macaroning. But I hope you’ll still have an appetite for me later

K: one track! You’re on a roll dude.

R: yes speaking of rolling - you better watch it on that scooter. I hope you don’t drive a scooter the way I drive a boat

K: you mean the way you CRASH a boat?

R: you can crash into me anytime :)

K: omg you act like you haven’t seen me in forever

R: a week IS forever. I’m going to be crashing into you a lot to make up for lost time

K: that’s the best kind of crashing :) Where are you? still out shopping I presume? Isn’t Personal Shopper supposed to be my role? BUT awwwwwww I totally love the scooter rocker that just got delivered!! That is so fucking cute. Where do you find this stuff? And the guitar! You’re the best dad!!!

R: those are Halloween gifts. If you have a scooter then mini you needs a scooter and she needs her own guitar too

K: I’m surprised it took you this long to buy her a guitar!

R: pacing myself (altho I’m NOT going to be pacing myself with you later)

K: oh yeah right! Since when have you paced yourself when it comes to them? All you do is shop! Christmas is coming. They don’t need all these Halloween gifts!

R: you packed their costumes right?

K: the ones you bought 2 months ago Mr. Pacer??? Yes! I packed them. But I didn’t have time to get one for me

R: you could always go as a mummy

K: what - so you can unwrap me????? Maybe I can just go in a towel

R: well you ARE a mummy. And an amazing one. And if you think you are going anywhere in a towel you better think again!

K: hey you could go as a vampire! That’s original!

R: fine. Only if I can sink my teeth into you later. And speaking of sinking things into you….. How about my Hallow Weenie?

K: seriously??? This is all you think about!! We’re in Paris. Shouldn’t we be doing something Parisian tonight?

R: yes my beautiful mummy. I have an Eiffel Tower in my pants for you

K: DUUUDE! OMG stop!

R: on my way and there’s no stopping me when I get there. I hope it’s “nap time” for the mini yous

K: you’re in luck cuz they’re both asleep but you better hurry

R: I’m in the lift. See you in less than a minute. I love you

K: yeah Mr. Hallow Weenie. I love you more

So sweet Maya
What fun it’s going to be to see her in this new role. I personally adore shopping! And I love how someone adores shopping for his favorite girls!
It’s going to be OK.


Wow. WonderCon. Where do I even start? I was up past 3 am Saturday morning finishing my Clarke costume and packing but it was all totally worth it! So, so much amazingness happened in only two days, but here’s 10 pictures and 10 memories that go with them:

1. The *very first photos* we got of the three of us being knock-down amazing and just completely freaking out as they got posted to Twitter and then RTed all over. Gabriela is a fantastic photographer!

2. Getting ready in unwinona‘s room and having feminerdity do my makeup, singing the Kimmie Schmidt theme song, then thatblackwidowgirl showing up in full Lexa regalia and all of us shrieking about The 100 at the top of our lungs

3. Meeting the extremely delightful trio of laynemorgan, Eric, and Caroline and walking around con with them and pretty much never shutting up about The 100 the whole time

4. Getting to ask Jason Rothenberg if Wick could make more chemistry jokes in S3 and getting a “yes” from him and Kim Shumway (science teacher WIN!)

5. Denny’s lunch with my Lexa, plus Liz and Kirsten, talking all things fandom related but especially vampires

6. Clexa’s Best Day Ever walking around the con floor and randomly running into the new co-exec producer of The 100 who recognized our costumes and wanted a pic with us???

7. sirrogue‘s f-ing amazing Roku costume that he made completely by himself with only a little advice & serger threading from me

8. Running into thatjayjustice as the most badass Wonder Woman ever yeah!!!

9. Chasing down thekeythief and getting her amazing Clarke & Bellamy (and Felicity!) fanart to go with my awesome pin!

10. Getting to the con floor the exact same time as barefootdramaturg so I could give her the very first of the Carter Commandos penny blossoms!

The Peacock and The Cowboy || Addison + Peter

The gallery was tightly packed with people, all moving in wild costumes around the place with hands full of sparkling champagne or treats from waiter trays. It was something impressive, definitely, and Peter marveled at all of the decorations as they stood in the door way. A guest pin was given to both of them, and Peter put his arm behind the peacock princess, Addison Loftlen. “Come on, we’re stopping traffic.” He chuckled as they wandered in among the crowd.

The gallery was ginormous, spacing with several areas and levels. Peter wasn’t sure where to start, but snagged them glasses of champagne from a passing by waiter before holding one up for a toast with Addison. “To friends,” He grinned. “May we be ever grateful for those who accept last minute Halloween party invitations.”