all the cool ones have been done tho!

These two weeks have done such a great job at kicking my ass that I have been using the upcoming drop as a source of comfort as an award I earned after all of this shit so it’s only fitting that my chronic migraines and nausea wrap up my two weeks but I aint even mad since I had a worse one post-season3 where Zargar confirmation caused me and eatyourgrapes legit physical and mental breakdowns that were Worth It. I mean between the daze I had during my back-to-back tests, exhausting 3 hour workshop, a nasty fall on the marble floor, public humiliation and general bad luck it’s only fair to keep blacking out today.

2016 - Follow Forever

*inserts beautiful gif*
(I can’t seem to download episodes onto my computer to actually make gifs, tbh I’m not surprised bc it’s a metaphor for my life so let’s improvise and pretend there’s one there)

So today is an end of an era, an end of a disappointing and honestly extremely terrifying year. However, this year hasn’t been all that bad, despite being hell on earth, because I was able to talk to amazing people whom I met on here. I would like to thank not only those people but my followers and the people I follow for making my year amazing on here. I appreciate, love and respect each and every one of you!! I sincerely hope that 2017 will be gentle with you and treat you well. 🌎✨

I would like to make special mentions though.

@captnswann : Shauna 💕, what would i do without you?? honestly. You’re the person who I talk to almost every day. You’ve became such a good friend of mine in the last few months and I’m really glad. You’re the Emma to my Killian. Ly.

@sailorkillian : DEEZIL. I mean Trevor 💕 I can honestly say one of the best things I did on this site this year was following you. You’re the trash Lord. You make me laugh so much. You’re so supportive and loyal and honestly ilysm. You’re a gr8 trash m8. I hope we can all get you to Brazil for the irony of it all.

@jennifermorrisons : Maya💕. Your blog is perfect. Your gifs are perfect. Your icon is perfect. Your header is perfect. Your face is perfect. You’re perfect. But for real what have I done to deserve a pal like you? We need to have another gaming session with Dee some time again tho! Thanks for answering the first ask I ever sent you, ily

@duskelmay : MAY💕 we’ve been friends for over a year now and I can safely say that you’re one of my favourite people. You’re like a cool older sister. Although you’re rarely on here I’m still thankful to have a fellow red head like you in my life. ilysm bud!! hopefully we can meet up someday!

@prettydisciple : Raina💕 you deserve all the happiness in the world, I wish for good things to come to you, I wish for your success in every aspect of your life. Stay strong lovely!! I’d be lost without you. ily and you know you can talk to me if you’re upset or feeling lonely okay?

@jimins-parks : Claudia💕 we’ve been pals ever since Twitter, and tbh when I first started talking to you I felt intimidated bc you’re intellectual, not easily manipulated, opinionated, kind, and really lovely and i just respect you so much. You’re an amazing individual.

@lydstilinsk : Emma💕 we’ve haven’t been talking long but I just love how passionate you are about our shared interest in the same books, shows and ships. We may be the only two who has read/is in “the sky is everywhere” book squad that I know of but it’s already pretty great. I hope we get to talk more in 2k17!

@stiles-lydia : Rachel💕 I haven’t talked to you long (so this may sound weird) but I just had to include you anyway for being one of the sweetest, kindest people that I know on here. You’re an amazing person and as a fandom we are so lucky to have someone like you. I hope I get to talk to you more in 2017!!

Here’s some other amazing people to follow. I may not have spoken to all of these incredible people but their blogs are great and I respect and appreciate each and every one of them.

@alecgaywoods , @aleclightwqqd , @ahoymilady , @belatrixstrangr , @bonneibennett , @cinnamonsavior , @chlucifer , @daddarios , @damnbamon , @damonators , @dashingswan , @deathbyhook

@fuckyeahstilesandlydia , @ghostydia , @gibbinsdimples , @hellastydia , @hoteldumorts , @killians , @killians-dimples , @klatholine , @lieutenantducklings , @lovestruckhook , @loveforcaptainswan , @lukefriars , @lydiahstilnski , @lydianski

@mad-neverland-saviour , @metthewdaddario , @nightfallgoddess , @onceuponatimesquadd ,
@saybiforme , @shadowstydia , @slowburnotptrash , @stilesbanshee , @stilessavedariel , @stilinskikissme , @swanspirate , @stydsia

@the-banshee-spark , @thecoolestfreakyouknow , @tylerposet , @wellsjahasghost , @wells-bennett , @whipsandredlips , @yeahstydia

I hope that by this time next year this list will be even bigger. Happy New Years everybody. 💕


Just got back from colossal con. Which is probs one of the best cons I’ve ever been to ever omg~
I got to meet so many cool people and get to gether with other people I haven’t seen for a while. I mainly cosplayed as Kise and Ariel. I also did a rly fun Alois cosplay that I have different pictures of that I’ll hopefully get done fixing tomorrow.

I’m wayy too exhausted rn to tag everyone’s tumblrs so i’ll probs do that in the morning 
Everyone was so perfect
I have attractive friends. 

I will say that these were all taken by roricakes tho~