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GotG Vol. 2 (No Spoilers)

Y'all, this movie was exactly what it needed to be in the middle of all these other Marvel movies that are so focused on ¡Must Tie Into Other Films and Make Sure The Audience Knows That Infinity War Is Coming!

It was the Guardians traversing the Galaxy and then happening into saving it again. But with a fleshed out plot line and actual character development!

Below are some of my favorite things about probably the first sequel I’ve seen that was maybe better ? than the first one.*

• All these ~feelings~ for Yondu hit me straight outta left field.

• Great balance between Feels, Laughs, and Very Serious Moments

• Beautiful character development re: Gamora & Nebula; Rocket; Drax; Yondu; Peter

• Backstory!!!! Personal Histories!!!!!

•Drunk!Peter telling Gamora something personal because he ~trusts~ her and Gamora being an A+ friend and keeping that info to herself because she ~cares~ about him!

• ROCKET!!!!

• No! Romance! Peter and Gamora are #slowburnaf

• All the ~~colorsss~~ #cinematographyaf

• FamilyUnit!Guardians

• Ohana Means Family, and Family Means NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND OR FORGOTTEN

• Ultimate Space Dork Peter Quill

• Peter and Rocket snarking and insulting each other the entire time

• Every. Single. Interaction between Drax and Mantis (I am Living!)

• Well written and plotted out Daddy Issues (for Peter AND Gamora and Nebula!) that actually made me angry about how Tony’s Daddy Issues were/are handled

And, of course:


• Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, AND Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailers before the film; like, way to get me HYPED before the movie even starts!!
* Like, nothing can ever truly compare the original of anything. Vol. 1 will always be #1. You’re not gonna feel any of that pure, untinged, naive, First Watch Wonder at the sheer feat! that Vol. 1 was. But Vol. 2 picked up the slack where 1 was lacking and was more than showmanship. The audience already knows what the GotG movies can do, so Vol. 2 took that and Beefed. It. Up! In all the right ways.

There were some (unnecessary, IMO) corny/drawn out bits. But they didn’t detract from the whole film.
A Worthy Successor