all the clips' lighting was so different

Ok so let’s say you drew a circle and now you want to fill it with color quickly. First of all, the key to succes is this magic button:

It’s good to double click on a layer to name it, especially if you work on many of them. Next you click on this magic wand (literally magic):

And do this:

Then you pick whatever color you like.

Easy. Now for the colored lineart (I’m assuming this is what you’re asking for). Make a new layer (it has to be above the lineart layer) and click “Layer clip”. It’s a life saver.

Now all you need to do is to paint across your lineart to color it.

This is how it looks like when the “Layer clip” is unchecked:

The best part of it? You can do shadows the exact same way. The only difference is to have the shadow layer to be above the color layer.

And now for the lighting. I usually play around with it so you have to experiment too. I usually pick the lightest/brightest color (I’m not talking about the yellow color tho, use any hue you want).

Ok, I know what you say, it doesn’t look like much bUT WAIT WHATS THAT-

BOOM. Play around with other options to see how they work. Sometimes I use “multiply” to make shadows. See for yourself, have your fun :D

One last thing: how to make the lighting above the color layer AND the lineart layer? Well you need to make a new folder:

Now move the lineart and the color layers INTO the folder. The lighting layer has to be above the folder. (If the lighting looks too bright for you, play around with the opacity, it’s right below the blend mode.) All done!

At least this is how I do it. I hope it helps! :D

The Rose Quartz Wig

I just got a question about my Rose Quartz wig, and I couldn’t fit the answer in a reply, so I’m making a post with the details. 

Okay so the wig is comprised of 8 different parts. 

1. The base wig is a Vivien from ardawigs in Bubblegum Pink

2. The separated wefts from (2) Long Curly Clips in Bubblegum Pink (also from Arda) 

3. (2) Packs of Long Wefts in Bubblegum Pink (Also from Arda)

4. (3) 18’’ Ringlet Curly Pony Tail Clip Light Pink  split into 6 parts. EBAY ITEM

First thing was to sew all the wefts (not the ringlet clips) into the base wig. Which is how we end up with this gorgeous head of pink hair. 

Then you get those baby tiny rollers and somehow put all of this hair into those. 

I then used the turorial from Arda on curling wig fibers and dunked the whole thing in a bath of boiling water, followed by ice cold water. 

Once the fibers dry (had to leave it overnight) and the rollers are removed it looks something a little like this. 

Then I took the ringlet parts and sewed three of them below the skin part, and the other three above it between them and the bangs. AND VOILA!