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Pairing: daddy!Sam x daughter!reader , uncle!Dean x niece!reader

Request from @unicorndreamer1622

Summary: At the age of 13, (Y/N) runs away from home. Six years later, your found by your father and twin sister, but what will come of the encounter?

Words: 2347

Warnings: Cursing, season 7/9/10/12 spoilers, 

IMPORTANT! For the sake of this writing, season 7 happened in 2013 instead of 2011.

A/N: the title of the song that’s sung will be at the bottom (the title is kind of a spoiler). Also, I got a little carried away with this request. Hope you like it!

You groaned upon entering the home of your grandfather, Bobby Singer, the backpack that rested on your shoulder slipped and landed on the wooden floors with a thump. The exact copy of you pushed against your shoulder, moving you out of her way as she rushed towards the family room. You followed after her, curious as to why she was running.

“Daddy! Look!” Your twin sister, Olivia, waved a white piece of paper in front of your father’s face. Once he took the paper from her, she jumped up and down and uncle Dean entered the room with a raised eyebrow. “I’m on the honor roll!”

Your father smiled, wrapping his arms around your sister. You stood in the doorway, watching your father shower your twin with praise and encouragement while she spilled all the details about her day at school and how she was planning to try out for the talent show.

You were nothing like your sister, the only thing you shared with her was your looks, but even then, she seemed to wear them better than you. There wasn’t anything else that could capture the bright and welcoming nature your sister bestowed upon everyone she met other than the sun. You, however, were a stubborn, short-tempered thirteen year old girl who struggled to obey authority because, in all honesty, you just didn’t care anymore.

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I’m home from class finally. Somehow only having the one class this evening felt even more exhausting than the normal two classes, but that’s probably me feeling drained by some of my friends, tbh. 

Anywho~!!! I’m gonna grab something to eat because I’ve only had a bag of cheeze its and a beer all day, and then I’m gonna work on finishing up answering that anon from earlier and probably ranting at something that has been bothering for ages now so that’s the game plan, folks! Hit me up on IMs, Skype, or Discord if you want (shoot me an ask if you want either of the last two).


Continuing off my master post with tips on becoming/being vegan in this post I will include more queations I get asked daily


- well if you are a vegetarian wanting to transition to vegan lucky for you, you are halfway there! its actually much easier to go vegan from vegetarian that just straight vegan (from my experience) by realizing that the dairy industry is just (if not worse) than the meat industry is a huge breakthrough moment for every transitioning vegetarian. making this transition I would definitely recommend staying educated- watching documentaries, reading articles, follow vegan accounts etc. start getting dairy alternatives like alternative milks, ice creams, cheeses, yogurts etc. buy/grow fresh foods for yourself your body mind and soul will thank you. I have a more in depth post here.


-well I use a few different ones its all about trial and error. there are SO many vegan cheeses its best to try a lot of them and pick which ones you like the best. do you want more of a cheese spread? -I love chia cheeze it comes in a few flavors all bomb but its more of a cheese spread. want more of a cheese you can melt and is close to cow cheese? I like daiya cheese it comes in shreds or blocks and also a few different flavors. IT DOESNT really taste like cow cheese and it was kinda weird at first but hey give it a few tries before you totally eliminate it. daiya also has a really yummy cream cheese and so does Tofutti brand. and if you really wanna give it a go, try making your own vegan cheese at home. recipes can be found online but all you need is cashews and water and spices pretty much. I swear though once you STOP eating cheese you literally forget how much you liked it to begin with. cheese releases the same amount of endorphins in our brains as opiates. THE SAME AMOUNT OF ENDORPHINES AS OPIATES. you’ll come down from the cheese high & be ok without it I PROMISE you <3


-yes. yes you can actually give up dairy. just think of allll the amazing foods you will be gaining by replacing dairy with non dairy dupes. you gain soo much. it takes a little bit of willpower in the beginning but you CAN do it. you are the only person in your way. don’t deny yourself what you deserve. healthy whole foods. not puss infected bleached dairy products. + if you really knew how the dairy industry worked you would never wanna give them your dollar again


-YES! all my products (I think all of them) are cruelty free. this means no animals were use and lab test subjects in order for me to use the products. aaannnd the products I use are as follows;

-makeup: tarte, Anastasia Beverly hills, nyx, the body shop, urban decay, obsessive compulsive cosmetics

-body/skin: toms deodorant, toms unscented body wash, the body shop lotion and perfumes. luckily I was blessed with skin that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance besides occasional exfoliating so I don’t have an extensive list here but I have a lot of resources for finding cruelty free products here are some of my favorites here, here


-females have the amazing ability to grow a child inside of them, except when we don’t we are to shed the uterine lining for the next month of possibility. its natural and very much necessary for your bodies to bleed out these expired old dead cells. and luckily for us that’s one more way for us to learn how our bodies are functioning and if they are properly. if you use tampons though there is now another thing you must consider, the ingredients of your tampons. the average tampon contains cotton (the number 1 GMO product) aka roundup infused basically, also contain dioxins and other chemicals and by choosing organic tampons, you protect your sacred energy center from harmful chemicals that would otherwise be directly absorbed by the internal organ and tissues. however many women would also recommend using a menstrual cup. these are reusable you just insert it into you how you would a tampon(somewhat like that) and it suctions to your inside! and you are able to bleed freely and this cup collects it. me personally due to my really short light periods I don’t use these I use about 1-4 tampons per period cycle. my cycle is about 1-3 days. and the tampon brand I use is called azalea. also if you use plastic applicators I would switch to cardboard. its the small changes we can easily make to eliminate our waste (especially plastic waste)


-staple items: rice, beans, quinoa, potatoes, *fresh* fruits and veggies (if your food goes bad before you can eat it try looking up different methods to store different foods) some frozen fruit and veggies (for quickness and smoothies) lettuce, kale, unsweetened milk of ur choice, pasta nutritional yeast(adds cheesy flavor +amazing health benefits)! <3 you can make so many meals just from these STAPLE items. I do not take any supplements, although it probably would be good for me but I don’t feel as if im lacking anything that I don’t already get from the food I eat. so I don’t really have any recommendations here except maybe a b-12 supplement because we all could use more vitamin b-12 in our lives.


-when youre young it can be hard to tell your parents you want to live a different lifestyle than the one they have imposed on you based of what THEY THINK is whats best for you. that can be a really touchy subject. growing up my dad would go hunting, bring back an elk skin it all that in our garage and as I child I just remember seeing a dead animal hanging with blood everywhere then next thing eating it in meatloaf.. my family thought this was right for us and i’ll always be thankful they did their best for me however it came to a point where as a child I knew I could be doing something better. I asked them many times if I could go vegetarian before they actually alowed it. I was accused of having an eating disorder and made fun of by all my family and friends for being so different. just know you are the only one who can ultimately choose what you put in your body. by staying educated you will be able to face people telling you your wring with a string armor of facts and intelligence. offer to try a new recipe you like - use this as a time to bring your family together and cook and laugh and enjoy each others company. if your parents/ friends and other family still isn’t budging ask if they wouldn’t mind making you a separate meal to eat and if still no support than politely ask of them to support you because this is a lifestyle that interests you and that you will continue to fight for your health and the animals well being. it can be tough standing up to parents and peers but you literally have to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. when people sense passions and emotion they’ve gotta respect that atleast. don’t ever give up because a lot of those same people that made it hard for me later on decided to be vegan! huh imagine that!


-not reallllly I wanna say I try to do hc/lf but I still eat fatty fooods and I try to eat as araw as possible in general but I just go with the flow and don’t stick to a certain way more than another.


-the most inexpensive food is vegan; pasta, quinoa, rice, beans, frozen fruit, frozen veggies. nutritional yeast is also cheap AF and milk alternatives are maybe a dollar or two more than cow milk. all vegan, all cheap.


-I always as often as possible get my produce from local farmers markets. SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS. if I cant make it one week i’ll go to whole foods or another health food store. really any grocery store has lots of options for you, also consider thinking about growing your own foods.


-to say you could never do something eliminates any room for self- growth. to limit oneself is to limit any room for growth. being vegan is more than just the food we eat; its the clothes we wear, beauty products, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, pets, its EVERYTHING! if you cant replace what you eat, replace the other products you buy and the entertainment you partake in. animals need our voice in all areas of life <3

MBTI types by cat

ENTJ: the leader of thunderclan

ESTJ: the deputy of thunderclan

ESFJ: very high stress cat.  shh

ENFJ: the chilled-out cat everyone likes

INTJ: cat who keeps climbing on the counters until you give up on stopping them

INFJ: cat who figures out how to get into the box of cheez its and EATS THEM ALL 

ISTJ: thunderclan warrior

ISFJ: cat that slinks around trying to look like an asshole but will immediately roll over for tummy rubs if they’re offered

ENFP:  small excited kitten who tries to playfight with the much older and more irritable cats

ENTP:  cat who wakes you up by yowling at the door or their empty food dish until you’re forced to exit slumber


ESTP:  cat who tries to prove their worth by climbing onto the roof.  they fall off and have to go to the vet for a sprained back limb

INTP:  asshole cat who puts one paw on the counter and the other three on the bar stool

ISTP:  cat who spends a lot of time outside and purrs loudly to get out of trouble

ISFP:  small excited kitten who unrolls ALL OF THE TOILET PAPER

INFP:  cat who spends an hour chasing the laser pointer around in a circle without getting tired

Lazy Days

@already-tried-that1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 14, 16, and 17 from Sayings with newt— i plan on putting you through the wringer with ridiculously complicated requests, fam


  1. 1. “Jesus fucking Christ.” 
  2. 2. “You got a cute butt.”
  3. 3. “Is that you in this YouTube video?” 
  4. 4. “Don’t be an asshole, Asshole.” 
  5. 10. “Sharing is caring, dipshit. Now give me your fries.” 
  6. 14. “Are you gonna kiss me or continue to just look at me?”
  7. 16. “I am always a slut for cheez-its.” 
  8. 17. “Important question: Coke or Pepsi?” 

Warnings: slight swearing, AU


Newt laughed as he stared at his laptop. He was watching a Vine Compilation of Thomas Sanders’ vines on YouTube. It was twelve minutes long, and it had him cracking up.

You were over in his kitchen, gathering junk food and drinks. You were preparing french fries, pouring cheez-its into a bowl, and grabbing soda from the fridge. You walked out of the kitchen, holding one can of Coke and one can of Pepsi.

Important question: Coke or Pepsi?” You asked, holding them up. But Newt was laughing too hard. Then you heard the familiar vine. 

“Oh my God! Is that you in this YouTube video?” He pointed at the screen. You about face-palmed yourself. Yes, you were in a Thomas Sanders Vine. It was one of his Narrating People’s Lives, and you were the lucky girl he randomly saw on the streets. It was funny, but a little embarrassing for you since you flipped over seeing Thomas in front of you.

Newt replayed that part of the Vine, laughing. “Babe, your reaction is the best! Your eyes go so wide!” He laughed, going back to watch it over and over again. You blushed bright red, giving him a look.

Don’t be an asshole, Asshole,” you pouted. “I was very surprised! You know how much I love Thomas!”

“You’re too cute, I swear,” he giggled. You rolled your eyes, hoping your blush was going down.

“Answer my question! Coke or Pepsi?”


You gave him a look. “Coke? Pepsi is way better, my dear.” You smirked, walking back to the kitchen.

“What? No way, Coke beats Pepsi by a long shot!” He shouted from the living room. You ignored him, pouring Coke into a cup and Pepsi into another.

You took the fries out of the oven, putting them on a bigger plate. You put ketchup into a ramekin, and threw the cheez-its box away. Afterwards, you walked out with the platter of french fries. You set them on the coffee table as Newt shut his laptop. He was still chuckling about your vine with Thomas. You nudged him.

“Shut up and put on the movie,” you grumbled playfully. 

You went back into the kitchen, grabbing the sodas. Then you went back into the kitchen for the cheez-its. Once everything was on the coffee table, you sat down. Newt was already back on the couch, pushing play on the movie. He stuffed some fries into his mouth, you went for the cheez-its.

“You and cheez-its, I swear,” Newt shook his head. He couldn’t stand cheez-its, but you loved them.

I am always a slut for cheez-its.” You quickly replied, mouth full of the cheesy snack. He scrunched up his face, draping an arm around you. He leaned on you as he ate more fries and watched the movie.


Near the end of the movie, the remainder of your cheez-its were gone. Now you were munching on fries, but Newt now had the platter on his lap, hogging them all.

“Give me some fries, you whined.

“No way, your snack was cheez-its. Mine are fries,” he chuckled, stuffing another one into his mouth.

Sharing is caring, dipshit. Now give me your fries.” You said rather sarcastically. You slipped your hand under his arm to snatch two fries. You quickly stuffed them in your face, smiling smugly in your victory.

“Mine,” he cradled the platter away from you. You wrestled to get over to the platter with very few french fries left on it. You tried to get more, but he kept holding it right out of your reach. His one arm wrapped around your body, keeping you stuck on his lap as he held the platter with his other hand.

“Newt, you suck!” You shouted, trying to gt the fries. He laughed, but as he did so, he lowered his arm. It was perfect enough for you to tip the platter. The remaining fries fell on the ground.

Jesus fucking Christ,” Newt laughed. His arm around you loosened, giving you enough space to move to grab the fries that were now on his carpet.

You picked them up, eating a few that stayed on the plate. You were in a weird position, half your body on the floor, the other half on Newt’s lap still. He was laughing hard, as were you.

Your butt was up in the air, your lower body on Newt still. He playfully hit your butt. “You got a cute butt.

“I’m so glad we think so, because I think I have a cute butt.” You replied sassily, trying to get back up on the couch. Newt helped you. His arms went under your underarms, lifting you up from the floor.Both of you maneuvered around so you were sitting on his lap. Your arms went around his neck.

“You can pick me up like it’s nothing,” you commented. He only shrugged.

“I may be lanky, but I’m not weak.” He chuckled. He was in such a laughing and giggly mood today. It made you all giggly. 

You stared at him, waiting for him to kiss you. You didn’t know why, but you rarely ever kissed someone first. Even if you had been dating them for a while. But Newt stared back, a tiny grin resting on his lips. You playfully rolled your eyes.

Are you gonna kiss me or continue to just look at me?” You tilted your head, a smirk displayed on your face. 

Newt leaned in, quickly kissing you. You leaned in again, pecking his lips multiple times. You rested on his shoulder then, him slightly cradling you. The end credits from the movie started rolling.

“I love you,” Newt said. You snuggled more into him.

“I love you, too,” you replied. “You go change the movie.” You stifled laughter.

“Oh, what? No, I put in the movie!” 

“Yeah, but I’m too tired,” you fake pouted. He rolled his eyes, a lazy smile visible. He picked you up, setting you kn the couch so he could change the movie.

“You suck.” He got the DVD out of the console.

“So do you.” You said calmly, resting your eyes.


Bucky x Reader

Bucky becomes the readers room mate and doesn’t know about Bucky being the winter soldier.


“Hi, this is (y/n).” You say into the phone. You pace around your half empty apartment.

“Hi? I’m sorry am I supposed to know you?” The voice on the other side said. Well this was awkward. Had Mr. Barnes given you the wrong number?

“I’m sorry. I was guess I called the wrong person. I was calling for a James Barnes.”

“Oh, no you have the right number! Hold on a second!” The voice said excitedly and you heard some yelling and shuffling on the other side.

“Hey Bucky! There’s a girl on the phone!” You roughly heard.

“Steve shut the hell up!” Someone else yelled.

“Hi, this is James.” A man said on the phone.

“Hey, I was just calling to tell you that you…umm…If you wanted to you can move in tomorrow.” You say probably as awkward as possible.

“Great see you tonight.” James says hanging up.

Looking for room mates was a tough job. Your best friend had just moved into her boyfriends apartment so unless you wanted to go broke you had to look for a room mate. You went on countless lunch and dinner dates looking for a room mate. A girl would have been ideal, but as time went on and your money was running out, you stopped being picky.

James sounded like a great room mate. His best friend had also moved in with his girlfriend. He seemed nice and kind of like a lost puppy. He had just moved to New York only a couple months ago. He had a pretty steady job with the police, so he was most likely safe. He was a army vet and was a quiet soul. Safer than the drug dealer you had interviewed on day.

On the night he moved in he had about 2 suit cases. Most of it was clothes. He had an iPod and some books.

“So James, whats your favorite meal. Do you prefer beer or wine or something else?” You ask

“Pizza is good and a beer is great.”

“Oh thank good. I was worried you were going to say something like steak and potatoes and I just can not cook that good. I also have a surplus of beer in the fridge.” You say in relief.

“If you didn’t want to cook why did you ask me?” He asked politely. He had a sly handsome smile on his face.

“I was trying to seem like a good room mate.”

After the pizza was ordered and eaten up you two played a game of battleship.

“How is this even possible! I barely got one ship sunk and you sunk all of my ships!” You yell as you play battleship.

“You’re like…television show writers always sinking ships!” You yell pointing

“What are you even talking about.”

“My tumblr friends would laugh.”

“Your what?”

“Ugh. Never mind. Lets play a different game. Lets play poker. I have a mad poker face.”

“I bet I have a better one.” And he did. He also won all your Cheez-its you had gambled.

After a month of being room mates you and James have become really great friends. He even opened up to you  and asked you to call him Bucky like all his friends did. You and him hung out a lot together. You two went to the movies, met up with friends, went to museums, even went to the grocery store together.

Bucky was a quiet guy who often seemed to be a shadow of some one else that once was. You had guessed he had a hard time in the army. His metal arm was just as mysterious as he was. Sometimes he would say he had to leave for couple days. You found that funny since he worked for the NYPD. When he came back he was often tired and sore. So naturally you were curious but he kept that part of him a vault.

Every now and then you heard him thrash around in his room from having bad dreams. They have gotten worse and he often has huge bags under his eyes and he looks like a zombie.

“Bucky, let me take off work tomorrow and take you to the doctor. You need something to help you sleep. You can’t go on like this.” You say touching his shoulder. He nods and leans his head on your lap before falling asleep.

The next day you went to the doctor and you sat in the reception office because Bucky insisted on going in alone.

The days got easier for him then. He slept better and was more happier when he took his medicine. He laughed more and smiled more. But some days he was still like a dark and violent storm.

“Steve used to be so small. He used to put newspapers in his shoes.” Bucky told you and you gaped at him. You two sat at the dinner table eating Chinese take out.

“Are we even talking about the same Steve? The 6'2 one.”

“Yeah, he umm grew I guess.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Almost 85 years…it seems like.” And sometimes he would say weird stuff like that. He would sometimes call you old fashioned names like doll or call a woman dame. He was an old fashioned man holding the door for you, carrying the groceries for you and always being respectful. It was refreshing and endearing.

“Why do people call you Bucky?” You asked him one day while you two were sitting on the couch. You had your head resting on his chest. He was mindlessly playing with your hair.

“I don’t know. People just started calling me that when I was in the orphanage as a kid.” He said and that was your first real insight you had on his childhood.

One day almost a year after he had moved in Bucky looked out the window and panicked. His eyes were wide and he rushed around the apartment.

“(Y/n), I have to go.” He said keeping his eye on the window.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know.” He said displaying fear and sadness. You walked up to him and placed your hand on his cheek trying to calm him.

“Will you be back?” And you looked outside to see a team in black grab their guns and you realize they are for him. This was not a trip to the grocery store like you thought it was.

“I don’t know, (y/n). I’m sorry I never meant for this to happen. I want to come back, this is home. But I never want to put you in danger, like I have.” He said he moved to the window of your apartment to escape through the fire escape.

“Just tell me what to do and who they are.” You plead

“Doll, just be you. They won’t hurt you. I promise.” He said both feet out the window and tears rolled down your face. He turned to go.

“Wait.” You ordered and he looked at you and you grabbed him by the shirt and pressed your lips to his. He moved his arms around you but stopped shortly.

“Go.” You softly order and you watch as he leaves.

His fingers tapped on their reserved seats and he reached for his water with his free hand. When he agreed on the date it was through Phil’s insistence. Something about proving he wasn’t a failed boyfriend or something and that Adella’s disinterest in him was purely because he wasn’t her type. While that was all well and good Bastion had never given the girl a second thought. She was, the girl, the girlfriend, The one who used up nice towels in the mornings when she stayed over and threw them on the bathroom floor when she was done. SHE was the one that ate all his cheeze-its and left crumbs all over the couch.

When he started to realized that she had stopped bothering with richy-rich he’d been (selfishly) relieved. It meant they’d break up and she would STOP destroying his floor with her heels.

And then it happened. She turned her attention to him and he hadn’t seen it coming at aaaaalll. A punch to the balls would have been better met than her “extended invitation.” BUT he was a good friend and if his idiot roommate needed some macho closure then it was his job to play along. He’d go on this little lunch date of hers, eat her food, and she’d be out to GREAT guys. No way in hell he’d agree on a second date. 

He rolled the wrapper of his straw and flicked it so it bounced off the back of Phil’s head (he was sitting a table or two away) when he spotted the girls entering. 

When Adella had asked Rapunzel to accompany her on a date she hadn’t realized what she’d be signing herself up for. She just figured she’d be keeping an eye just in case the guy ended up being a creep so she could text her out of the situation. BUT apparently, she wouldn’t be sitting alone. APPARENTLY, Adella thought that Rapunzel was the perfect playdate for some guy and while sheeee got busy flirting butt off Rapunzel would be sitting there having awkward conversation with… Pill? Dill?

She’d forgotten. Honestly sometimes she wondered how she and Adella were eeeven friends to begin with.

They arrived fashionably late (apparently Rapunzel’s t-shirt and overalls weren’t proper date attire and Adella took a detour into the local mall to fix the situation) to a rather CUTE restaurant and lead to their table by a seater. A man sitting alone on a table stood when they grew closer and she hoped (PRAYED) that whoever she was taking care of wasn’t there and she could head back home.

Something told her there would be no such luck.

oh well ( a brain dump)

Every time I walk outside or pull up in front of the house and see the For Sale sign I get weirded out and I feel sorry for the house like it has feelings and putting the sign on its lawn has betrayed it. And now it’s getting its revenge on me because the washing machine broke down and you can’t sell a house with a broken washing machine. Damn me for thinking inanimate objects are sentient.

I think I’ve gone numb, emotionally. I just stopped worrying about all the things I should be worrying about. I’ve adopted an “oh well” attitude about everything in my life right now. Gone is that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. Gone is the hands-shaking anxiety. It’s like my body and mind just gave up and gave in and I’m just rolling with the tide. Which is ok. I can live with this.

We had two people come to look at the house yesterday evening. That makes four shoppers in all so far. We have another one scheduled this afternoon and another one on Sunday, so far. It’s been a pretty anxiety-free experience, a far cry from what I thought it would be. But that’s just my new attitude speaking.

I have a feeling we are going to get a quick sell. The house is a legal two family house, which is hard to come by around these parts and a big sell for people who like to buy to rent out. The problem with a quick sell? The people who live in the apartment we are moving into have not left yet. Their house deal fell through. Which means living with my parents and putting all our stuff in storage until we can get into the place. Again, my new emotional numbness is allowing me to say “oh well” to that instead of panicking about it. 

We’ve already boxed up a good portion of our stuff and put it in the garage and now my house echoes, which is weird. It feels like we’re not supposed to be here. 

I sent my nephew (Lisa’s son) a care package, consisting of all the snacks we used to share (like chocolate chip cookies and Cheez-Its) plus some stationery so he can write to us. I miss that kid and I miss my sister but they are genuinely happy in Rhode Island and that makes me happy.

Todd has been phone interviewing with a company in Sacramento and I’m really hoping this one comes through because there’s no place I’d rather move. I think of Sacramento as my home away from home and I would not mind at all making it my actual home. That the thought of moving across the country does not fill me with dread tells you all you need to know about my new found state of being.

Oh well.