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yeah okay so listen up one sec, you know how much i love jason todd and appreciate his character and will defend him to hell for everything he’s been put through, but some of you excuse all the abuse he himself put others through (from hurting them to flat out killing them most of the time) by using the mental illness card in the worst of ways. it’s great some of you acknowledge he’s a mentally ill character and not just a hurt, misunderstood boy, but you can’t use his mental health as a crutch and explain all the slaughtering he did in his early red hood days as completely okay and justifiable? that’s not doing any of us any favors. it’s not doing his character any favors either. he needed/needs help, not excuses

You Tricky Devil You

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Title: You Tricky Devil You

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Gabriel

Word count: 1,040

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Happy Satan Sunday babes! I hope you all enjoy this! It was requested by an Anon! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Ever since you met Gabriel the two of you had become great friends.  It wasn’t long after meeting Gabriel, that you had met Lucifer.  You were drawn to Lucifer the second you met him, but he didn’t come around often.  You assumed it was because of Sam and Dean.  You would talk to Gabriel about him sometimes, keeping your questions vague and telling him about your dreams.

You and Gabriel were sitting on your bed, munching on pizza as you watched Netflix.  You ripped a piece of your crust, throwing it at Gabriel.  It soon escalated into a small food fight between you and Gabriel.  When the archangel had enough of your shenanigans he reached over and started to tickle you.  Before you knew it, Gabriel straddled himself around your waist, tickling you until your face turned red.

Gabriel casually looked up, surprise washing over his face.  Your giggles soon subsided, wondering what the hell he could be staring at.  You leaned your head back just enough to see Lucifer leaning his back against your doorway.  He did not look pleased.

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Me'dinuir - kristsune - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types
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Relationships: Mischief OC/Rabble OC/Ruckus OC, Stick OC/Poke OC
Characters: Mischief OC, Rabble OC, Ruckus OC, Stick OC, Poke OC
Additional Tags: this is how all my sons met, they are all so precious and i love them, mischief is not great at words, so he tries to choose them wisely, rabble is even more precious as time goes on, how does he do it, the world may never know, r2m get their tattoos, stick and poke are happy to oblige

Mischief happens upon two budding tattoo artists, and become fast friends.

Please enjoy a fic with all my sons <3 <3 

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002 for sunny

thanks for the ask!

send me…

002 | give me a character & i will tell you

  • how i feel about this character:

sunny is the best baby in the whole entire world. i absolutely love her. when i first read the books i don’t think i cared about her that much but on my next few rereads i realized that she really does have her own personality (and it’s a great one). she is so sassy and so brave. most of the time sunny is just hilariously not frightened of the villains, for instance in book 10, which i think is really entertaining.

  • all the people i ship romantically with this character:

nobody. even if i age sunny up i can’t think of anyone i would ship her with.

  • my non-romantic otp for this character:

the incredibly deadly viper? they were going to be an amazing team.

  • my unpopular opinion about this character:

this is probably quite an unpopular opinion, but i think sunny was written a bit oddly. it’s very important to the books that violet is an excellent inventor and that klaus has great researching skills. i just didn’t feel biting was really a good enough counterpart - i know she’s a baby, but i feel there could have been something better done. also, the fact that she becomes interested in cooking is great, but it makes no sense. however gifted she is, how is she learning without even having access to another person who can cook, or any equipment, or any recipes?

  • one thing i wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

to be honest i wish sunny had been the one to solve more of their problems as a group. i always felt - understandably, as she’s a baby - that klaus and violet did the majority of the problem-solving, and this is becoming even more apparent in the netflix series. i kind of get it, but also i hope there’s a big deal made out of sunny climbing the elevator shaft with her teeth because that is really key. she isn’t just an add-on - she is as great as her siblings. i wish in both the books and netflix that we got to see more of sunny being the hero.

  • my otp:

erm i just don’t have one sorry. my favourite relationships for sunny really are her siblings.

  • my cross over ship:

ok i’m awful at these. i just can’t ship sunny, i’m sorry

  • a headcanon fact:

my headcanon is that sunny is really, really good with animals. this is a bit of a cliche, because she can’t talk, but i love to imagine that somehow in the snicketverse animals can kind of understand sunny a little bit better than the adults.

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I've been going through your old asks but haven't really found anything on the topic, so, what is JP fans' take on Tsukiyama's sexuality? (Love your blog btw, the commentary you provide is great across the board.)

Thanks a lot, anon! There are many fans, and just as many opinions on that matter. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Japanese fandom discuss sexual orientation in TG characters beyond jokes of various shades of funny. 

Due to the way the Japanese fandom is organized - around anon boards (2ch, netabare, etc etc) all discussions are in the form of a group chat with people constantly talking over each other. Not a particularly productive way to analyze anything, so they mostly don’t. They do sometimes have some interesting insights though.

For example, someone mentioned this recently: in chapter 111? 112? Just after Amon’s flashback to the time of his stay at No Fun Allowed Casa de Aogiri, he gets out of his container and says “I… because of you…” (or it could be “to you”) and then he says 「あがヂア…」(agajia) which sounds like nothing until it starts to sound like “Nagachika”. Which could be either another red flag or a hint to Scarecrow’s identity.

(Okay, so I only knew about this fatesona thing about 3 days ago. I thought it looked fun, so I decided to join in. I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing this right. Please forgive me if there are mistakes ahaha. Her armor absolutely killed me. It’s inspired by Hector, FFXII’s Judge Gabranth, and some other FE character whose name eludes me. Also, I put the “nice to know stuff” under a cut. )

Name: Eris
Age: 26
(she’s supposed to be a year younger than Xander, so that makes him 27 in my hc)
Height: 168 cm
Country/Status: Nohrian noble
Starting class: Great Knight
Heart class: Dark mage
Personal skill: Tactical Advantage
(As long as she has at least 80% health, allies within 3 blocks of her gain +3 in all stats)
Recruitable in Conquest and Revelation.


“If Eris leads the battle, you can be assured that you can go home with all limbs intact”
   - Nohrian soldier, during Eris’ time as a tactician.

Not so long ago, before Corrin and Leo were considered as tactical geniuses, Eris was the genius. Skilled in both small and large scale battles, the young tactician led numerous victories for Nohr, including those deemed impossible.

Her skill in combat was also top class. She was one of the few people that could take on Xander’s full might. Because of her martial prowess, she was referred to as, “The grim reaper who smites their enemies”. She wasn’t fond of the nickname, she said that is not a name befitting a lady.

She was well on her way on the path to becoming a legend, but one battle led to her downfall. What was supposed to be a sure win battle, resulted to hundreds of casualties. That battle earned Eris her nickname a second meaning, “the one who sends foes and allies alike to their deaths”.

However, there was more to that battle than meets the eye. In truth a spy had leaked the battle plans to the enemy, and if it weren’t for Eris’ quick thinking, there would have been more casualties. Unfortunately, only a few know of this fact.

Defeated by the events, Eris left the army and returned to her family’s castle town, where she spends her days constantly in regret.

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Bee Happy

Warnings: Swearing, depression

Summary: Amy isn’t having a great day, Negan lends a willing ear. 

Characters: Negan x OFC

Author’s Notes: This is my contribution to the TWD Story Cube Challenge. It really kicked my butt so I apologize in advance If it’s shitty. 

Tags: @superprincesspea @melodicdolls

I just needed a minute alone. Just a moment. It was hard, finding a place where people wouldn’t bother you. In the apocalypse, people needed to know where everyone was, all the time. I got it, I just didn’t like it. Today was a bad day. I had good days, I had bad days. My depression didn’t care if it was the end of the world.

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I know I've watched season 1 like 500,000 times, but the reason I like to re-watch my fave eps again is because I'm getting ready to re-live those amazing moments and re-feel that exciting feeling when season 2 comes out. And when I watch S1, I think of S2, I think about epic moments coming in S2, I think about Eren getting back in action, the music, the everything. And how I'm gonna cuddle up in my sheets, turn the lights off and watch season 2 in the dark.

I know, right? Honestly it’s been at least a year since I last watched SnK from front to back and I really forgot how much I loved watching the characters actually moving and talking. The manga has a great story, but it’s so much better to see these characters actually coming alive, doing really neat things with amazing music and beautiful animation. 

Like season 2 is so close I can smell it and I’m just so ready to watch these guys all come to life again!


A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

So Nazis.

Here’s the thing that I don’t get.

Indiana Jones. Great character, hates Nazis. Punches and kills his way through them. Still loved by all. 

Everyone loves Batman! Doesn’t like Nazis. 

Wonder Woman, showing people how it’s done. 

Even the villains don’t tolerate Nazis! 

Like, the Joker is seen as one of the most notorious villains in the DC-verse, and he just is about to beat the shit out of the Red Skull. 

More examples: 

And just the sheer amount of times Captain America, literally a character to signify the freedom of the US of fucking A, has punched Nazis is bordering the line of excessive. 

So all of this media ranging from different decades and companies have all endorsed Nazi punching. However, as soon as this happens:

Originally posted by kropotkindersurprise

Everyone loses their shit! “Violence begets violence!” “That isn’t the way to do it” “How dare he attack that man!” “Don’t put out fire with fire!” “You’re just as bad as them if you’re violent!” 

But here’s the thing. It interrupts their platform. It shows that they are not invincible. It shows that they are not protected. It shows that they are going to be held accountable for their spouts of hate disguised as freedom of speech. It shows that there are consequences for their words. 

I’m not saying that I’m going to seek out Nazis just to punch them, but I’m not going to stop anyone who’s doing it either. 

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Either way, we should be punching more Nazis. 


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.

things i have observed about different fandoms

Harry Potter

  • your hogwarts house is more important than your name
  • so vast?? so old??? scary, kind of.
  • really old classic fics
  • used to have ship wars like all hell, and kind of still does??? but not really??? it’s better now
  • every other fandom has a harry potter au.
  • split into different sects that are practically whole different fandoms. there’s the marauders fandom, the golden trio/canon era fandom, the fantastic beasts fandom, the next gen fandom – they’re all like little umbrella fandoms under one great big potter net.
  • no one’s favorite character is harry potter.
  • they don’t talk about the cursed child.
  • will never die.


  • holy shIT this fandom is a minefield
  • a lot of teenagers??? like??? a lot???
  • an alarming amount of smut fic
  • i dont know a lot of this fandom is really immature and there are so many ship wars?? like??? 
  • ignoring actual historical material in favor of coddling your favorite character
  • the dub is one of the most quotable things i’ve ever seen
  • hetalia is very much a starter anime. a lot of people get into this anime as like a gateway drug and grow out of the fandom later on.
  • lots of bad fic, with rare absolute GEMS thrown in.
  • some fics are beautifully researched, intricate, historically accurate, and amazing. so much potential for fic in this fandom.
  • george devalier.

Les Miserables

  • frENCH
  • the main character is jean valjean
  • much of the fandom does not realize this.
  • les amis are love, les amis are life. jean valjean?? who??? javert??? who’s that?? fantine????? WHO THE FC U K
  • emerges from the deep once every few years when a movie or something else comes out.
  • The Movie Musical shot the fandom to new heights and launched a new era, but now has mostly calmed down???
  • also will never die. been around since 1862 and still going strong.
  • used to be eponine stans (eppyboppers) who hated cosette??? and usually shipped eponine with marius or enjolras. thank god that’s over.
  • literally everyone ships E/R.
  • even the actors ship E/R.


  • no
  • nOOOO
  • dying??? (hopefully)


  • oikawa tooru is universally adored
  • pretty much everyone ships the same things?? like obviously not, and there are so many great character dynamics and rarepairs, but ships like bokuaka, iwaoi, kagehina, etc. are so ingrained in the actual canon that everyone ships them a LITTLE bit, even if you ship the character different ways too.
  • you can ship anyone with anyone. literally. go fuckin wild.
  • everyone has normal hair except for the one owl guy.
  • incredible aus.

Yuri!! on Ice

  • at this point 90% of the fandom is just screaming over any new content they get b/c it’s all so great.
  • everyone under 20 gets shipped with yurio, and every one of these ships is somehow controversial.
  • fandom swings back and forth between wanting JJ to die in a fire or being ready to protect him to the ends of the earth.
  • sala or sara??? nobody can decide??? (spoiler alert: it’s sara, that’s a real italian name, sala is the word for living room.)
  • even the people who despise the dub can’t hate it THAT much
  • at one point the fandom hated chris, but now he’s just kind of the weird overly sexual uncle at the family barbecue
  • giaCOMEtti
  • kubo-sensei is a goddess
The 10 Elements of a MAIN CHARACTER

To all the writers who have ever been told “Your characters have to be three dimensional!” or “They should be well-rounded!” and just felt like saying: “What does that even MEAN?! What goes into a 3-dimensional character? Specifically? And how do you go about creating one?!”

Good news. There’s a way. 

Great main characters – heroes, protagonists, deuteragonist, whatever you want to call them – have ten things in common. Ten things that are easily developed, once you know what to create within your character. So no one will ever be able to tell you “needs to be more three dimensional!” ever again. Ha. 

1) Weaknesses: Main characters should be flawed, but I’m not saying this because it will make them more realistic (though it will) – I’m saying they need to be flawed because if they’re not, they shouldn’t be a main character. Story is another word for change, or more accurately, character growth. Not character as in “fictional person”, character meaning “heart and soul”. Story is someone’s character changing, for better or worse. Main characters at the beginning of the story are lacking something vital, some knowledge of themselves, some knowledge of how to live a better life, and this void is ruining their lives. They must overcome these weaknesses, if they’re going to become complete, and reach a happy ending. There are two types of weaknesses: Psychological and Moral. Psychological ones only hurt the main character. Moral ones cause the main character to hurt other people. Easy.  

2) Goal: Characters exist because they want something. Desiring something, and the fight against opposition for that desire, is the lifeblood of story; and because character is story, it’s also desire that can breathe life into words on a page, and begin the process of creating a real person in a reader’s mind. It’s this ‘desire for something’ that sparks that first connection between reader and character. It makes us think “Well, now I have to find out if this person gets what they want.” This is a powerful link. (How many mediocre movies do we suffer through, when we could easily stop watching, because we’re still trapped by that question of “what happens?”) So if this is powerful enough to keep people watching an annoying movie, imagine how powerful it can be in an excellent story. 

Like in Up, the goal is to get the house to Paradise Falls.

3) Want: If the main character wants something, they want it for a darn good reason. Usually, they think that attaining the goal will fill the void they can sense in their lives, the deficiency they can feel, but don’t know how to fix. And they’re almost always wrong. Getting the goal doesn’t help anything; which is why, while pursuing that goal, they discover a deeper need that will heal them. Which brings us to …

4) Need/Elixir: Main characters are missing something, a weakness in their innermost selves is causing them to live a less-than-wonderful life. Through story, these main characters can be healed. Once they discover what’s missing, and accept it, and change the way they live to include this truth they’ve uncovered … they’re healed. Learning this truth, whatever it is, forms the purpose of the story for the main character. The reader, and the character, think the story is about achieving that big tangible goal the premise talks about; really, underneath it all, the story is about someone achieving a big intangible truth, that will ultimately save their life and future. Often, this need is exactly what the character fears or professes to hate. 

Like Finding Nemo, where Dory states exactly what Marlin needs to learn. 

5) Ghosts: 

Not this kind of ghosts.

Ghosts are events in your character’s past which mark the source of their weaknesses and strengths. Because these happened, the character became who they are. All we need to know about backstory are these moments, because who the character became is all we care about. There’s really only one ghost you absolutely need: the source of their moral and psychological weakness. Something happened that knocked the character’s world off kilter, and everything from that moment onward has been tainted by what happened. This moment haunts them (hence the name), and holds them back from uncovering that need that will heal their weaknesses. Pixar are masters of this: the source of Carl being stuck in the past, curmudgeonly, unable of loving anyone new? Ellie dying; his ghost. In Finding Nemo, the source of Marlin being suffocating, protective to the point of being harmful, possessive, and fearful? His wife and 99% of his children being eaten in front of him; his ghost. 

6) True Character: These are the strengths, values, convictions, fears, faults, beliefs, worldview, and outlook on life that make the main character who they truly are. 

7) Characterization: This is everything on the surface of a main character. The way they look, talk, act, etc. All of this originates from those deeper elements of their being, the strengths, values, ghosts, weaknesses, needs, that make them who they truly are. So often, you can think of this as a facade they’re projecting, a way to shield the the truth about themselves, how they wish to be perceived. The story, and the other characters, are slowly going to see deeper than this characterization, revealing more and more of the reasons it is the way it is. 

8) Arc: If the character is going to change from “Incomplete Person” to “Complete Person” there’s going to be a journey they go on to make that possible. The external story, the pursuit of that big tangible goal the premise is about, is causing an inner journey to take place. What they have to do in pursuit of that external goal will apply pressure to those weaknesses, and pressure causes change. This process has seven steps, but if I write it all here this post is going to be obscenely long. So I might wait and give this its own post.

9) Changed Person: Who is the character going to be at the end of this story? They better be different, or else the story didn’t work. How do they show how different they’ve become? What is the moral choice they make, that spins their trajectory from “the future doesn’t look so great” to “happily ever after”? This should be known right away, maybe even before anything else is settled about the character. This gives a distinct end goal, a way to work backwards, a destination in mind that you can navigate towards.  

10) Fascination and Illumination: The surface characterization, and the brief glimpses of the true character underneath create curiosity in the reader/audience. What the character says, and the implied subtext beneath the dialogue, creates a puzzle the audience wants to solve. Actions they take work the same way; if the writer indicates there’s deeper motivation behind why a character behaves in the way they do, we buy into solving that mystery right away. We can’t help it. “Who are you really? Why are you the way you are? And how is that going to effect the story?” These are all the unspoken, almost not consciously acknowledged, questions that fascinating characters provoke. Searching out meaning, connecting the dots to find the truth – we can’t resist this. We’re not fascinated by tons of backstory and exposition about a character; we’re fascinated by story, by mystery, by the technique of withholding information and having to interpret and hunt out the truth on our own.  So gradually, the story and the characters will force that character to reveal a little more, and a little more, until we have a complete picture of who this person is. Crucial that this information isn’t told up front. Gradually illuminate it. It’s just like getting to know a real person. 

So how does this work in a real character? Let’s take a look at Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert, because almost everybody has seen that movie. 

Moral Weaknesses: He’s selfish. He’s a little greedy. He’s a little rude. He uses his charisma and bravado to keep people at a distance from the real him. 

Psychological Weaknesses: Insecurity, fear of vulnerability, feels like the real him (Eugene) would be unwanted, unlovable, and have nothing – just like when he was an orphaned kid. Also, he doesn’t know who he wants to be, what he wants to live for. 

Goal: Flynn wants to get that crown. So he has to get Blondie to see the floating lights, so she’ll give it back to him, and then they can part ways as unlikely friends.  

Want: Why does he want the crown? What does it mean for him? He actually states it (reluctantly) in song: “I have dreams like you, no really. Just much less touchy feely. They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny. On an island that I own, tanned and rested and alone. Surrounded by enormous piles of money.” He senses there’s something off in his life, something is missing. But he mistakenly believes this missing piece is money, which will allow him to buy a lonely island, where he can live out his days as Flynn and no one will ever know Eugene. 

Need: “All those days chasing down a daydream. All those years living in a blur. All that time never truly seeing, things the way they were. Now she’s here, shining in the starlight. Now she’s here, suddenly I know. If she’s here, it’s crystal clear, I’m where I’m meant to go.” He wants a crown … he needs to fall in love with Rapunzel. He needs to love something more than himself, and find out that love isn’t something to fear and push away. He needs to abandon the 'Tales of Flynnagin Rider’ ambition, and get a more worthwhile, new dream. 

Ghost: The source of all of his weaknesses can be linked to his “little bit of a downer” childhood as an orphan. Interestingly, he isn’t aware of another facet of that ghost, and Rapunzel points it out to him. “Was he a thief too?” she asks. He looks taken aback, before answering “Uh, no.” Something’s gone wrong. The choices he’s making are not living up to that original role model.  

Characterization: Flynn’s charming, funny, smart, charismatic, and arrogant (in a somehow charming sort of way). He’s also rude, contemptuous, and sarcastic. All traits that help him keep up that 'swashbuckling rogue’ facade, and push people away from the real him. 

True Character: Underneath all that, he’s a Disney prince. That pretty much sums it up.  

Changed Person: “Started going by Eugene again, stopped thieving, and basically turned it all around.” He started the story as the guarded and evasive Flynn, he ends as the selfless and thoroughly-in-love Eugene. 

Fascination and Illumination: Imagine if everything about Flynn had been told, right up front. We know he’s an orphan, we know he’s upheld a fake reputation, we know he’s a kind and loving guy underneath it all, we even know about his “tales of Flynnagin” childhood dream. You know what happens? We like him … but we’re not interested in him. There’s nothing we need to find out. There’s no curiosity. And if there’s no curiosity, and nothing being illuminated, your story’s not going anywhere. So instead, we find out – alongside Rapunzel – more about Flynn as the story progresses. And that is how it should be. 


Developing characters in this way, I’ve found, really reduces worries about how “well-rounded” and three dimensional I’ve made them. They feel real to me. And besides helping me create characters, this ten element technique has also let me analyze characters I like, which is strangely fun. It’s a great way to figure out why a character works, what causes them to be so effective, and how you can go about creating them yourself. 

Yeah, I’m a bit of a nerd. 

But if you want, try it out. Develop a character. Analyze a character. You might find it as useful/fun as I do.

There were countless Princess Leia posters at the march today, young girls walking around in her iconic buns. I think this is the importance of film. Because if a character stands among protesters at a march of resistance and unity and hope, it means something. Art has power and we need it now more than ever, I just wish Carrie Fisher could see all she’s inspired.

  • Season 1 & 2: The puppets like to engage in "lazy" behaviour every now and again, whilst taking on board the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Sportacus can get frustrated on occasion but is happy and encouraging. Stephanie can be skeptical and sarcastic. Robbie is stubborn, hardly interacts with others.
  • Season 3 & 4: The puppets have been fully converted into vegans. They never question Sportacus. Ever. Stephanie is smiling 100% of the time. Sportacus never stops giggling. Robbie just wants a friend.

I recently had the honor to be commissioned by the lovely @lbardugo to draw her a witchsona,  although can it really be a witchsona when she appears so bewitching all the time? She is such a kind andlovely person and a great writer, I can’t help but love all her characters and the richness and depth she manages to put in all her stories. I can’t wait to read what she have to bless us with in the future. <3 <3 <3