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When You Don’t Know What’s Real | Bill Denbrough X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: Asdfghjkl all your imagines are beautifulll. I was wondering if you could do a Bill x reader, where, it’s the final fight with Pennywise and the reader’s greatest fear is loosing all of her friends, so Pennywise makes her see Bill and the rest of the Losers dead. So they get separated and when they actually find her it looks like she’s holding thin air, but to her it’s their imaginary corpses and Bill has to convince her that they are not real and just angst followed by a ton of fluff? Please?

Characters: Bill/fem!reader, Richie, Beverly, Ben, Mike, Stan and Eddie. Georgie and Pennywise are mentioned.

Warnings: Death, kind of.

Word Count: 2170 words.

“Guys?” (Y/N) called them once more, feeling her heart pound in her chest while she was standing where she had been in the last five minutes.

Of course she’s got separated from the rest of the group, she should have seen that one coming. (Y/N) didn’t know if she should go look for them or if she should wait there, waiting for them to come back for her. She was afraid they wouldn’t come back, though. She wondered if that was how Stanley Uris was feeling at the moment.

Stan had disappeared shortly after all the losers had gone down the well. They were looking for him when (Y/N) got separated from the group.

She thought she’d seen Stan running somewhere and her eyes focused in that direction to see if she’d seen correctly, but nothing else moved there. When (Y/N) turned again, her friends were no longer there.

And there she was, lost and frightened, holding a crowbar she’d found in the sewer and taken, in case It tried to attack her. She was looking sideways and listening intently, trying to hear if her friends were calling for her. But it wasn’t her name that she had heard, it was a scream.

The voice sounded familiar, only taking a few seconds for her to recognize it as Stan’s. He didn’t seem to be so far from where she was. She ran off toward the sound, feeling desperate to reach him. If she found Stan, they could look for the others together. (Y/N) felt relieved, she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Her feet moved faster when (Y/N) heard a loud noise, like something - or several things - falling to the floor. The noise was just around the corner, she was so close. A smile appeared on her face before she turned the corner, expecting to see the curly haired boy. But that wasn’t exactly what she saw, which made her smile disappear as she felt herself freezing.

Stan was there, along with the rest of the Losers’ Club, lying on the floor, not moving, lifeless. (Y/N) stared at them, not believing what she was seeing. She blinked a few times, hoping the bodies would disappear, that it was just in her head. But they were still there, they were real.

She didn’t know where she’d taken that strength from, but she felt her legs make her walk up to them. (Y/N) was shaking lightly, tears streaming down her face as she fell to her knees, next to the body that was closer to her.

A sob left her mouth when she saw who it was. Bill Denbrough. (Y/N) felt her heart break when she saw him there. She let go of the crowbar she held tightly and, with her trembling hands, pulled him into her arms, holding him.

She was holding Bill Denbrough’s body. Bill, who had been her best friend for a long time, the same sweet boy who always tried to make her feel better, who introduced her to his friends and who eventually became her friends too; the boy who made her heart skip a beat every time he smiled at her, the dead boy in her arms.

(Y/N) closed her eyes tightly, feeling more tears stream down her cheeks. She opened them after a few seconds, lifting her gaze to the other losers; The first one she saw was Bev.

The funny and understanding Beverly Marsh, the only other girl in the club. Bev was the reason they were there… Had they found her before they died? The Marsh girl often slept in (Y/N)’s house and they always had so much fun; they had each other’s backs since they met, they were so close.

More tears streamed as she moved her gaze to two other bodies. Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier were lying side by side, facing each other. (Y/N) was an only child, but she always saw them as if they were her brothers. They were so important to her.

Richie always invited her to watch movies at Aladdin when he had money; such a funny guy, he always made her laugh. Eddie and (Y/N) always went to the train yard to see the trains passing, and once they had started talking, they didn’t stop for a long time. The two boys were always bickering, and even if (Y/N) told them that was annoying, she liked it. She’d miss it.

Near them was Ben Hanscom. They had bonded over their similar music taste; sometimes she’d go to his house after school to listen to New Kids on the Block, singing along with the songs as they imagined themselves in a performance or something. He confided his crush on Bev to her, asking for advice of what he should do. Had he had time to confess to Bev?

Mike Hanlon wasn’t lying so far from Ben. She hadn’t known Mike for as long as she knew the others, but he was, personally, one of her favorite losers. He always seemed so eager to learn more about history and she admired it. He was so kind and a good friend to talk to. (Y/N) adored Mike.

And there was also Stanley Uris, who had blood running down his head.

He had always been such a nice guy to her. She remembered once that her mother had scolded her - for being a lazy person and not cleaning her room that often - when Stan was hanging out with her in her living room; he helped her clean up her room and (Y/N) didn’t think she’d ever seen her room as organized as that day. Stan always invited her to go watch birds with him, but she never got to go.

(Y/N) looked back at Bill, before she started crying loudly, closing her eyes again and leaning her forehead on his cold one.

And then she heard footsteps somewhere nearby, which made her freeze again. (Y/N) went quiet immediately, hearing the footsteps coming toward where she was. It didn’t sound like it was just a person running, but at least four were running to her. Did that damn clown bring some friends with it?

She didn’t dare look at the direction of the noise, her eyes still closed as she held Bill tightly in her arms. The footsteps stopped a few feet from her and she was sure that whoever they were, they could see her.

“(Y/N)?” she heard Bill’s familiar voice calling for her, causing her to open her eyes quickly.

The girl looked at Bill’s corpse, seeing that he was still lifeless, before raising her gaze to the direction the voice had come. Bill, Eddie, Richie, Ben, Mike, and Stan were standing there, staring at her, alive. The Uris boy was bleeding just like his corpse, but still, he was alive. Oh, that fucking clown wanted to mess with her head.

“A-are you okay?” Bill spoke again, drawing her attention to him. His eyes showed relief and concern at the same time. “Did I-it hurt you?” the girl squeezed dead Bill’s body before letting go of it slowly, her eyes glancing at the crowbar. “We ne-need to go-”

In the moment that Bill - who she thought was a hallucination or something - took a step toward her, she picked up the crowbar, getting up quickly.

“You fucking bastard!” (Y/N) shouted at them, making the group look at her with caution and surprise. “You can’t fool me!”

“Is she nuts?” she heard Richie mutter to Eddie.

“(Y/N)?” Bill looked confused at her. “We ne-need to go f-find Bev.”

Her eyes looked at Bev’s corpse lying there. How dumb did It think she was? She felt herself tearing up.

“She’s dead!” she exclaimed, looking at Beverly before looking at the bodies of the other losers. “They’re all dead.”

“What do you mean she’s dead?” she could hear Ben asking, but she didn’t turn to him. “You saw her?”

Bill’s eyes followed the direction she was looking, only seeing the dirty floor. He looked back at (Y/N), seeing the pain and fear in her eyes, and after a few seconds, he understood what was happening.

“(Y/N)…” he tried to approach her, but the girl turned quickly to him, almost hitting him with the crowbar, making him take a step back. “I don’t know wuh-what you’re s-s-seeing, but w-uh-whatever it is, it’s nuh-not real.”

The girl looked at him, seeing those worried eyes on her. She wanted so badly to believe him. And then her gaze turned to the corpse of Bill Denbrough. She couldn’t be a fool this time.

“They’re dead.” (Y/N) said again; Bill was about to deny it but she continued. “You took them from me. Bill is gone. They are gone.”

“We a-a-are right he-here, (Y/N).”

“No, they’re not! I’ll never be able to tell them how amazing they are.” tears streamed down her cheeks again. “I’ll never be able to tell Bill how much I love him.”

(Y/N) would have noticed the surprised look that passed through his eyes, but the comment Richie made drew her attention to him. "Fuck, (Y/N), you’re sounding crazier than Eddie’s mom.”

Eddie scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Seriously? Right now?”

(Y/N) pointed at them with the crowbar, startling them a little. “See? That’s what I was thinking when I saw their bodies, in these endless fights they have! That’s why you’re showing me this!”

“Is that seriously what you thought when you saw us dead?” Richie narrowed his eyes.

Bill seemed to completely ignore him, drawing her attention back to him. “You’re (Y-Y/N) (Y/L/N) and we-we have been n-n-neighbors f-f-for a long ti-time. We became f-f-friends because you s-s-s-stood up f-for me when those buh-boys were making fun of my s-s-s-stuttering.” he said, trying to somehow convince her that he was the real Bill. “You us-s-sed to help me t-take care of Juh-Juh-Georgie and t-t-there was this t-time we three left w-without my p-p-p-parents knowing and-”

"Get the fuck out of my head!” (Y/N) shouted, throwing the crowbar toward him. Wrong move.

It almost hit Bill, but the boy managed to move out of the way. Taking advantage of the fact that the girl was unarmed, Bill ran toward her. (Y/N) tried to run away, but he reached her first, turning her toward him.

“(Y/N), look at me.” he said, holding her face in his hands to make her look at him, but (Y/N) closed her eyes tightly, trying to get out of his grip. “(Y/N), wuh-we’re here. I’m he-here.” she shook her head. “You duh-don’t have to be af-f-fraid, I’m here with you.” (Y/N) wondered if the clown was using that soothing voice on purpose. “I’m here.” she was still tense, but stopped moving. With her friends dead, did she have a reason to fight?  

“We’re not going anywhere, (Y/N).” she heard Mike say as she felt Bill stroking one of her cheeks, trying to calm her down. Why was he calming her down before killing her?

“We’re here. B-b-believe me.” she wanted to believe, even if it wasn’t true, she just wanted it to end. “I was s-s-s-so worried when I noticed you wuh-weren’t with us.” (Y/N) felt tears stream down her face. “You w-were there for me when I lost Juh-Georgie. I don’t know what I wuh-would do if I lost you t-too, lose you without t-t-telling you how muh-much I love you.”

(Y/N) wanted to believe. A world where her friends were alive and Bill loved her, it seemed like a world worth dying for. “I believe you.” she whispered, opening her eyes slowly.

(Y/N) expected to see the clown’s face in front of her, probably about to eat her, but instead she saw Bill’s face, his caring eyes looking carefully at her.

The girl’s gaze dropped to the ground, being surprised when she saw that there were no bodies on the floor. The corpses were gone. Her eyes widened and filled with tears as she looked back at Bill. The real Bill. Bill who was alive. Bill who loved her. (Y/N) pulled him into a desperate hug, wrapping her arms around his shoulder and squeezing him tightly. She felt Bill’s arms wrap around her waist as she cried on his shoulder.

“It’s o-oh-okay, I’m he-here.” Bill said quietly to her and the girl could feel him giving her a brief, sweet kiss on her hair.

“I totally saw that coming.” she heard Richie mutter to someone, which made her chuckle before she pulled away from Bill, wiping her tears.

The Denbrough boy looked at her with his loving eyes, a small relieved smile on his face, making her feel her heart skip a beat. She felt glad to be able to see him smiling again, making her smile back at him.

“O-okay.” Bill broke their eye contact, looking at the other losers, who looked relieved at (Y/N). “Let’s go look f-f-f-for Bev.” he took (Y/N)’s hand in his as he started to walk, turning his face to her. “S-s-stay close to me t-t-this time.”


The Boy Next Door (Vampire!au)

A/N: THIS LATE ASF. HALLOWEENS OVER. AND I SUCK BOOTY I AM SORRY. also take this as a sort of writing practice, warm up for future writing.

Summary: You finally meet your mysterious neighbor who isn’t half bad but he does have a frightful surprise up his sleeve.

It was Halloween night and kids kept coming to your door. Being as antisocial as you are you just kept quiet until the children caught on to the “no candy here” sign and left. You were at an all time bore as you sat in your living room watching Halloween movies and eating the candy you decided to grab last minute because of the low price sell. You walked over to your window and saw mummies, werewolves, ghosts and vampires. The cliches of the cliches. You wondered if any of those characters were real. You’ve never seen one before so they aren’t, right? But if they are why would they show they’re abilities and put themselves at an all time high of getting caught. You shook those thoughts away as soon as a loud jump scare came on from behind you. You went to go sit back down onto your couch and just as you did, your phone rang. It was a text message from your aunt. She had asked you to take your cousin trick or treating because she and your uncle had to work. You agreed to do it making sure that she wouldn’t tattle to your mom about you being rude.

She dropped her son off at your door as a little dinosaur. She gave you the blue and green creature and walked back to her car.

“So Ty where do you wanna go first?” You asked in your most kid friendly voice.

He ran to the door and opened it right up. You quickly grabbed your bag and phone, following behind him. He started to the right of your house, ending at the corner of your street.

“Do you wanna keep going? We can go home now…” you asked him when you two made your way back to your house.

“More!” He ran off to the left side of your street from your house. He stopped at your neighbors front yard as you caught up behind him in heavy breaths. He looked up at the dark house and stood still.

“What is it Ty?” You asked the 5 year old but all he did was shake his head, “Don’t worry we don’t have to go there first. Let’s start at the next house yeah?” 

“Okay!” The little one said running to the beige building.

After heading to those houses and hitting up the ones across the street you both finally decided to go to the neighbors. You admitted to yourself you were quite afraid to go up to the door. You haven’t seen the person who lived there but you did hear things at night. You’ve never even seen anything from their window which was right across yours.

You both looked up to the dark homestead until a couple kids came behind you and yelled out “Excuse me!” You both moved out of the way then trailed along behind them. You followed the trick or treat ritual: ring the doorbell, wait, yell the theme song of the night. Except it was cut short after the wait. The owner came to the door with a cape that had a hood attached to it. It covered most his face ending to his top lip. You could see the big grin crawled upon his face. He started laughing hysterically as he nodded his head back.

“So you kiddies want some candy?” The question answered by a couple of nods, “You know what they say… Candy rots your teeth!” He hissed revealing some authentic Looking fangs and slammed the door. All the kids jumped and ran to their parents while crying. Ty held onto your leg as you stood there staring at the door confusingly.

“I-I think we should go home Ty, okay?” He obliged while reaching to hold your hand. You waited til the few children at your door left before heading in. “You wanna watch movies? You can eat some of the candy you got. Just don’t tell mom.” You said while lifting your pointer finger up to your mouth and shushing him. You two walked up to your room to do what you suggested.

After the movies and candy, Ty became energetic and began to run up and down the halls. You made sure he didn’t fall down the stairs as he ran. 5 laps in he came back into your room to eat more candy. You told him to sit still as you went to the restroom.

When you came back you noticed he wasn’t in the room at all. “Ty!” You yelled, “fuck!” You whispered to yourself. You saw that your window was open causing the curtains to breathe from side to side. You went to go close it when you saw your neighbors window was open too. “No he couldn’t have… could he?” You made a round about through your house before settling on crawling over to the other home.

You made your way over the connecting balconies into the neighbors room. You headed towards the hall where the light was shining. You popped your head out and looked from side to side. Nothing to see other then doors and framed paintings.

“Ty!…” you whispered yelled, “Tyyyyy.” Fuuuuck you thought to yourself. Okay let’s just hope the neighbor left…

You walked out into the eerie hallway, slowly making your way over to the stairs. You took one light step to see if it would squeak. Once you heard nothing peep from under you, you continued. Softly tipping toeing down the stairs you whispered, “Tyyyyyy” “Tyyyy”. There was no reply to any of the call outs.

You finally reached the bottom and released a deep breath from holding it in. Upon expecting your surroundings you concluded that you were in the living room which was connected to the kitchen. You turned left to go check the closed door you saw. There wasn’t anybody in there. It seemed like no one was home and that made you think maybe Ty was just a really good player of hide and seek.

 That is until you heard voices coming from the back door. You followed them out and stuck your head out. You weren’t expecting the view you saw before yourself but it was happening. You saw Ty and the neighbor lying on the grass and pointing at the stars. You stepped outside and called out for your cousin, “Ty! There you are!”. You ran towards him but stopped when the neighbor an in front of the little boy. 

He hissed and asked, “And who are you?” 

“His cousin… I’m supposed to be watching him…”

“Well you’re not doing a very good job at it.” He turned to Ty. “Is she supposed to be taking care of you?” Ty nodded and your neighbor kneeled down next to him, “You can’t be running away okay? That’s bad, do you wanna be a bad kid?” Ty shook his head, “Good now go back to-” he looked up to you, waiting for you to say your name.

“Oh! I’m Y/n. Your next door neighbor.” 

“I’m Yoon-” Ty interrupted, “I don’t wanna go yet! We were counting the sky sparkles!”

“We can look at the stars at my place, come on Ty. Leave the neighbor alone.” You tried to drag him but he got out of your hold and threw a tantrum.

“I don’t mind if you guys stay a while really. Uhm let me bring some blankets.”

“Oh okay,” He went inside to get what he needed as you consulted Ty, “Hey bud its okay come on. We can stay, just behave.”

He seemed to calm down just as the guy came out. “Got it,” he said sort of nervously as he set down the blankets, “is this alright?”

“Yeah, thank you.” You smiled at him. You all sat down and Ty pointed up to the stars while blabbering about how it looked like an “elebant”. 

Thats partially how the night went until Ty fell asleep. “Thanks again Yuhhh- I actually didn’t get your name earlier…” You chuckled. 

“Right, its Yoongi.” He said as he turned to look at you, “Its nice to finally meet the lady who sings Tik Tok at like 3 in the morning.”

“Oh my god, you’ve heard me? Was I that loud? I’m so sorry.” You repeatedly apologized. 

He laughed, “No its okay. I’m always up at that time anyway. Its nice to hear someones voice now and again… I don’t get a lot of company.”

“You’re always up at that time? What do you do all day?” You were very confused upon hearing this information. 

“I work in transcriptions. Thats boring stuff though. What about you? What do you do?” He rapidly changed the subject. 

“I work at a cafe. You should come by sometime, it’ll be on the house.” You shyly looked down, “So what was up with the ‘candy will rot your teeth’ thing earlier?” You asked.

“Oh,” he laughed, “Well you see, I didn’t really have candy and I didn’t want the kids to leave empty handed so I just gave them a ‘trick’.”

“You’re an interesting man, Yoongi,” you stopped before saying anything else when you noticed Ty shiver. You picked him up to carry him back to your place, “I should really be heading back now…” 

“Oh okay…” He said in a disappointed voice.

“Actually, Yoongi?”


“Can you help me get into my house… I kind of came in through your bedroom window and I don’t think I can carry Ty with me across our balconies. Wasn’t really a good idea but at the time I was panicking so yeah.”

“Through my bedroom window, mischievous.” He laughed and agreed. He took Ty all the way back to your home and carefully set him down on your bed only to exit back to where he came from. 

You two stood in front of your windowsills, staring across at each other, “You know Yoongi? I’m really glad we finally met.”

“Yeah about that… can you keep a secret?” You nodded your headed which signified a go. He let his fangs protrude through his gums and his eyes change red. You stood in shock but snapped out of it once he spoke again, “Goodnight Y/n.” He smiled and slowly started to shut his window.

“Goodnight Yoongi.” You said as you recovered from your short stun and closed your window as well.

Those are some pretty great marketing materials. Artemis is very thorough.

So all of Sailor V’s fame, the fact that she becomes a folk legend and video game character and anime protagonist, is all because Artemis wanted to exploit Minako’s love of video games to train her more easily. 

I love that this wasn’t a situation where the public got excited over the real V and then started writing stories about her later. Nope, the game came before anybody had even heard of her. No wonder V became famous so quickly. She had this entire marketing push running right alongside her appearances. Arty makes a pretty great manager, honestly.


I thought maybe, the Sailor V game would just magically appear overnight in Crown, or maybe Artemis would magically alter another game with a Sailor V reskin. But NOPE. Cue Artemis physically dragging an enormous box containing an arcade game down the street.

Did he… did he physically build the game himself? Did he do the coding? Was he up all night typing with his little kitty paws? I have so many questions.

I am beyond moved by this birthday gift. 😭😭😭 Thank you so much to @eliz1369 for this wonderful art of one of my favorite anime characters of all time, Obi! I wanted to post this with a drabble, but I just couldn’t wait to share my early birthday gift!

I have talented friends, you guys. Story to follow when my heart comes back to me.

darkoโ€™s love and positivity asks made into a lovely text post

since my laptop decided to restart and since i got so mANY iโ€™ll just place them all right here

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apparently today is 12 years since jac’s first ep so naturally i’m feeling all emotional over this!!! i always wonder if rosie knew all those years ago just what an iconic character jac would come to be, and if she ever dreamt that over a decade later she’d still be such a central part of the show and more loved than ever

jac is one of those characters who everyone knows even if they don’t watch the show, her reputation precedes her (as always). i only started the show last summer but growing up i always remember knowing who jac naylor was, it’s crazy to think she’s been around since i was only 9 years old!!! and like i said, i didn’t even watch it back then but she’s always been something of a legend in british tv imo

and when i did eventually get into holby, it was because of her. i’ve had a lot of favourite characters in my life so far (as you all know), some of them helping me at different times for different reasons, but i honestly think jac has had a bigger impact on me than just about any of them. she means so much to me in so many ways and i know so many others feel the same, and i think that’s just amazing because most of that is down to rosie making her so human and relatable

basically, i’m so grateful to rosie for 12 years of the most amazing character and the best scenes, and hopefully for many more years still to come. and i really knows how much she and jac have changed so many lives for the better
take one last look at this sacred heart - Chapter 1 - jasontdd - Justice League (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: ½
Fandom: Justice League (2017), Justice League - All Media Types, DC Cinematic Universe
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Alfred Pennyworth, Diana (Wonder Woman), Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd (Mentioned)
Additional Tags: Past Character Death, it’s jason we all know it’s jason, post justice league 2017, Grief/Mourning, the author uses the phrase ‘his eyebrows showed some concern’, I’m Sorry, bruce is dumb, this is basically just the justice league asking about the batfamily


“I meant to ask,” Barry’s voice sounds conversational, like he’s talking about the weather or an upcoming baseball game. “What’s with the suit?”

[The one where the Justice League asks about Robin.]

daryliisms  asked:

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The ONLY three ladies that made Daryl fall head over heels for them.


                    —I just love everything about Manya, okay? From her nicknames, to her FCs. I just LOVE THIS CHARACTER SO SO MUCH and the mun is a real doll. I mean they put up with me, so that alone is saying something! But really, Manya is such a great and thought out character, I love every interaction just. Y’all need to follow this blog.


                    —I WOULD FOLLOW THIS BLOG TO HELL AND BACK! No questions asked. This Lucille is more the just the shit. She wrote and published the RULES on how to BE THE FUCKING BEST.


                    —Lordy, where do I even start. I’ve followed this cutie for a long long time, and I wouldn’t change that for a second. They are a wonderful writer, artiest, person, everything. They’ve made such an impact on me and my writing, along with I’m always super excited when I see them on my dash! Really they’ve made Kate more wonderful then ever, so if you aren’t already following… what the Hell are you doing with your life??

Listen, not to go all Tumblr on you guys, but I lowkey wonder if my lack of girl main characters has to do with– dare I say it, internalized misogyny

Listen, I hate, HATE any tumblr phrase that’s “internalized _____”, but when I was in middle/early high school, I really used to hate myself and the general attitude of girls my age. I hated how it felt like no matter what a tween girl did, they were shoved into some condescending stereotype and passed off as stupid and naive, and that any girl character made by a woman ran the risk of being a shitty Mary Sue. And it was about that time I stopped making as many “good” female characters.

As much as I hate the phrase, I genuinely wonder if that mentality kind of fucked up my writing skills in the long run.

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if you think OC muses should be treated with the same respect as canons. 



Luna Lovegood, Hogwarts Librarian
  • Adds student publications to the catalog- like zines, club minutes, even notes for classes that haven’t much changed in years (Professor Binns, we’re all looking at you.)
    • Adds MUGGLE PUBLICATIONS to the collection
    • It all started with this one kid and a comic book. They may be Luna’s favorite student, ever. 
  • Recording commentary for quidditch matches so that kids who miss them- due to detentions, studying, or just plain anxiety- can hear how it all happened
  • Recording oral accounts of the battle of Hogwarts. 
    • And then on and back as far as she can get anything for. The war, times before that. Even mundane things. 
    • She finally gets the stories of each of the ghosts hanging out. It eases a lot of muggleborns’ minds to know a little bit about these people who are past but not gone. 
  • Making a book that works something like google- all text of everything in the library is recorded, and by speaking a few key words to the book, it will tell you what book(s) you need, what page, where to find them, etc. It will also say “Listen just ask Professor Longbottom about this, I don’t have anything for you” or “our library doesn’t have anything about why you want to kiss girls, Jane, but Miss Lovegood has actual experience with this, why don’t you ask her?”
    • This book, of course, will tell you that the book you want is in the restricted section. It will still tell you exactly what page you need, though, so there’s none of that “welllllllll, it must be in the restricted section, but I don’t know where……” nonsense. It puts a lot of teachers at ease and helps them sort out students who want to Learn and students who want to get in trouble
  • Changes the charms on books from beating students for doodling in them, to calmly explaining why it’s better that you Not doodle in the 500 year old book that is not Yours, Dear
    • Provides doodling supplies so students have an outlet that isn’t 500 years old
  • Spends holidays painting murals on every wall and the ends of the big shelves. She enlists different teachers for sections that apply to their subjects and hobbies for ideas on what to paint. The history section is legendary for depictions of the giant wars and various scenes from Merlin’s life. 
    • (She also enlists students who don’t have anywhere to go over the winter break. The parties in the library are a secret well kept, but only because these kids who have so little deserve something special)
  • The herbology section is actually draped in various vines that, if you ask nicely, will reshelve books for you. Though everyone agrees that if you want the books back where they really belong, it’s best to water the vines. 
  • The library becomes a place to escape, not just study and/or fear for your life
  • McGonagall has pretty much never been more proud of anyone she’s ever hired
  • Luna and Neville and McGonagall have tea every Thursday
    • And other days in between, but Thursday is a set date

yesterday I was at gamestop and a man in full Data cosplay walked up to the front counter and I did a double take so hard I nearly broke my neck. So, he walks up and the cashier just casually smiles and goes “How’s it going, Data? What can I do for you?”  and Data goes, “I am doing quite well. I was just wondering when you guys would have Destiny 2 in stock.” This mans……literally did not smile or emote at all. He went all in. The cashier was totally non fazed. I, however, was completely shitting my pants cos ya’ll DO NOT understand how good this dude’s cosplay was. It really looked like fuckin data teleported into the middle of game stop in rural ohio to ask about motherfucking destiny 2.

The only time he broke character was when I was stealthily trying to stare at him and thinking about asking for a pic when he was walking out.This dude. Looked at me, completely expressionless. and WINKED at me. Someone collect ya mans he wildin lmfao


so if you are asleep and defenseless, i guess you can be about 300% sure that a prospit kid will jump in front of you and heroically save your life

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pierre’s character arc of “i wanna die” (‘pierre’) to “so what if i die?” (first half of 'the duel’) to “aw man i didn’t die?” (end of 'the duel’) to “is this how i die?” ('dust and ashes’) to “maybe i don’t wanna die ('pierre & natasha’) to finally "i’m alive and life is wonderful!!” ('the great comet of 1812’) is one of the most beautiful character developments to exist in all of contemporary musical theatre, reblog if you agree


“This might surprise you, but……I was a crusader. A knight fighting in a holy war for the sake of God….Who’s now fallen so far as to become a vampire. It’s funny when you think about it, isn’t it?”

I have so many Anduin feels

Clearly, if you couldn’t tell, and I wanted to write it down otherwise I feel like I might explode from emotions. This entire cinematic was beyond beautiful. Blizzard really went above and beyond in the artistic department - everything looked so damn -real-, which took my breath away. But the main thing that really struck with me is the fact that you can clearly see Anduin’s personality in this moment. So please excuse me, but there’s a lot of pics and a long opinion below the cut.

When we first see him, he’s got the lion helmet on, looking all badass. Even after he’s knocked off his feet, he gets back up and proceeds to go after the troll who tries to kill him, granting us this amazing image -

Looks like he’s channeling Varian to me. He’s standing all, big and trying to be imposing. And almost immediately after, they focus on his face, going from this -

- to this -

Look at him. Look at that face. This isn’t a life-long trained/skilled warrior. This isn’t a battle-hardened paladin who’s fought for years and years. This is a child, a teenager (WoWpedia says seventeen, and we all know how Blizzard is with lore, but it does sound about right), who has been shielded from the harshness of actual war for most of his life. War is brutal; war is dirty and cruel and this world has seen it constantly. And I don’t know how much time will have passed from Legion to this expansion, but regardless.

He looks so sad, almost out of place and worried, and just…-scared-. Like the sudden realization of what he’s in the middle of, of what he’s leading here - not Genn, not his father, him. He’s the one who’s leading the armies of the Alliance, thousands of soldiers against an army equally as powerful. Stormwind and the Alliance could fall in this moment and it would be his fault. And I think it all comes at him at once. This is what his father was talking about, it’s what he was trying to protect him from.

But this is Anduin we’re talking about. This isn’t a warmongering character, we all know how much he would prefer to solve things peacefully, and (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Blizzard doesn’t totally and completely butcher his character of course) it must have been something to drive him to this point. Look - His mother died when he was a baby, his father was gone most of his life and was only around for a few precious years before he was killed, his ‘aunt’ Jaina has been MIA until lately and Velen is who knows where. I’m hoping we’ll get an answer to that between then and now, but my point is this - Anduin, High King of the Alliance, leader that everyone looks to for guidance and support, really doesn’t have a support system himself. He doesn’t have anyone he can really depend on. The only one who’s been shown to constantly be around is Genn, and whether for good or ill, I suppose it’s something, but it’s not enough. He’s probably been struggling to keep things together for a while. I doubt he’s been eating or sleeping much.

And what does he do, surrounded by death and destruction of hundreds of lives? We see that looks around the battlefield in a moment of calm and is clearly distressed by it. 

It’s in this moment that I think he really shines, no pun intended. We know what his father would do in this situation, we know what other characters would do. But Anduin is different, it’s what makes him so special in this game. He looks at his father’s sword, a sword of legend no less - 

You can see the confusion, the uncertainty, the self-doubt even now. Shalamayne responded to him yes, but you can absolutely see him still coming to terms with it. He still feels like he isn’t worthy of it.  
“I cannot do this father. I can’t be the hero you were. I can’t be the king you were…”

And no, he isn’t. That’s what I love him. He’s his own man, finally able to step up and make his own imprint on history. Because of that, I think it’s important to note the imagery of him throwing the sword back down - 

Something about this really strikes me not only as beautiful but incredibly moving as well. There is some very deep in this shot. He’s beginning to accept the fact that no, he isn’t his father. No, he isn’t a warrior. That isn’t his path. What does he do instead, then, when surrounded by injured and dying soldiers? Do what he does best, of course - 

Heal. Resurrect. Anduin has had an affinity with the Light that few have had before, especially humans. We know this and it’s really beautiful to finally see it in such a wonderful cinematic. I think it’s really touching that if you look closely you can even see tears in his eyes -

We know from lore that Anduin has resurrected his father before, which is something that happens so rarely in canon. Casting such a spell for one person would be difficult enough, but an entire army? That’s practically impossible. We also know that for a character to channel such a spell for a long period of time takes a lot of stamina and strength. It’s exhausting. But he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop to take a breather. He stands tall with the rejuvenated army surrounding him once more.

“Stand as one!”

Which just hearkens back to previous cinematics, I think. 

“What am I supposed to do now?”
“What a king -must- do.”

“For the Alliance!”

What I find most interesting is that he doesn’t say ‘For Azeroth!’ like his father in the previous expansion, he says Alliance. Which makes me wonder just what has happened to cause all of this. 

The point of all this rambling is this - Anduin Llane Wrynn has been underestimated both by other characters as well as players for too long. Many people call him names for wanting to find a peaceful way to solve problems and for some reason that’s a bad thing? I don’t understand it, but I’m so happy and proud to see him standing alongside us on the battlefield. This boy does not get enough credit and I’m glad they finally have let him do something amazing. He is much stronger than I think even he realizes, and I would love it if people would finally give him the love and recognition he deserves. 

Anduin is too good for this world and we don’t deserve him.

DGM AU Concept

The Order still exists.  The Noah exists.  There is still the holy war raging on, but everything is taking place in the 21st century.

Thor: Ragnarok Impressions

I really liked Thor: Ragnarok. I’ll put my cards on the table: I am probably going to like movies in this shared Marvel universe more than the average bear. It seems that the more pissed I get at Marvel as a whole (a long story), the better their movies get. 2017 dropped three of my favorites, as well as a non-MCU bonus in the form of Logan. I’m a happy nerd.

I also don’t really want to go over the high points again. Every nerd and critic has already done that. So instead, I decided to share a handful of entirely personal thoughts I had about the movie during and after. Here goes.

Chris Hemsworth did not just become funny
Inexplicably, I’ve heard a lot of chatter that Thor is finally funny in Ragnarok. I’m wondering where these people have been for the rest of the films, or for Chris Hemsworth’s career. Thor has been the most comedically versatile regular character in the MCU for a while. Yes, more so than Iron Man, who rarely veers from his arrogant-playboy routine, and more so than Cap, who relies on his man-out-of-time shtick for laughs. He’s even funnier than any of the Guardians. All of those characters are entertaining and play off each other well, but Hemsworth can do it all himself. He’s able to simultaneously make Thor a lovable lug and poke fun at his tough guy image. It isn’t that he becomes funny in Ragnarok, it’s that Taika Waititi takes off the cuffs and allows him free rein.

Did they just actually move Loki’s character forward?
Tom Hiddleston has always been a gift to the MCU. For one thing, no two actors in the franchise play off each other as well as Hemsworth and Hiddleston. For another, he somehow makes the “Snake” character work. Most of the time, when someone continually changes sides (Miles Teller in the Divergent series, for instance), you wonder why the other characters don’t just off them and get it over with. By comparison, Marvel has done an excellent job over multiple directors of maintaining Loki’s character and relationship to Thor in ways that let us see why the God of Thunder keeps the God of Mischief around.
In this particular movie, Loki is literally given the task of destroying Asgard to stop Hela, and seems to have mended his relationship with his brother. But…did he take the Cosmic Cube at the end? Of course he did. Not only can I see no other way he could have gotten onto the ship to escape, but it actually makes sense. Otherwise, the Infinity Stone inside would have been left adrift at the site where the world it was known to be on just exploded, for anyone to amble along and pick up. That may not be Loki’s motivation, but Thanos did promise to hunt him down if he didn’t bring him the Cube. And according to descriptions of the unreleased Infinity War trailer shown at Disney’s D23 event, one scene pictures a kneeling Loki…handing Thanos the cube.
If you think Loki’s constant betrayals are getting old, there’s another wrinkle: perhaps he agreed to serve Thanos again in order to spare the survivors of Asgard.

The movie definitely delivered on the title
Going in, I did not expect the film would follow the comics, in which, last I read, Ragnarok really happened and Asgard as we knew it was destroyed. In fact, the movie followed that pretty closely, with the exception of Loki not being the one to initiate the apocalypse. Asgard is gone, and Thor is getting ready to re-home his people on earth, similar to the comics Thor. This seems like a pretty bold move for the movies, but really, the Thor series and character were too tethered to Asgard, in many ways. Ragnarok was obviously meant as a clear break with the dour and serious tone of the previous Thor movies, and severing the character’s ties to Asgard was a necessary step. Also, I know critics aren’t supposed to like final battles, but that one was pretty epic. I don’t recall a giant green monster fighting Fenrir in the original myths.

Throwing the cast together really works
There’s not much to elaborate on here. Tessa Thompson kicks major ass and is mercifully not set up much as a love interest. Loki and Thor work as well as they always do. The Hulk and Banner fit surprisingly well, with Mark Ruffalo playing off the proceeding as himself as well as he does when he’s CGi-ed up. Karl Urban seems to have had a lot of scenes cut behind those meaningful looks, but his role works fairly well. Idris Elba’s Heimdall finally gets more to do than stand there looking serious, and it’s about damn time. Several movies could easily be made out of this group. Even Benedict Cumberbatch’s brief appearance as Doctor Strange is fun. The only letdown is no appearance by Jamie Alexander’s Sif. It would have been great to see her and Valkyrie get into a drunken arm-wrestling match. I also need to mention that Thompson’s inclusion pisses off racists, which is awesome.

Marvel’s villains keep improving
I’ve never been on the all-Marvel’s-villains-suck bandwagon, but there’s no question 2017 has seen their best ones yet. The Vulture from Spider-Man still takes the prize, but Cate Blanchett’s Hela is deliciously dark, and Jeff Goldblum’s deliciously devious Grandmaster is a treat. It’s honestly hard for me to see how Thanos could top any of 2017’s baddies.

Taika Waititi!
He can do no wrong. Everybody run out and see Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, right now. I wouldn’t whine if they had him back for the next film.

mayflydecember  asked:

I’m sorry if this comes out hateful or rude, because I certainly don’t mean it that way— Why make Pollution agender? Speaking as someone who is also agender, I’m all for nonbinary representation in media. But when the only NB characters we get are non human— or in this case, the literal embodiment of some of the worst parts of humanity/the world— it kind of says some awful things about NB people. I was just wondering what your thought was behind making specifically Pollution agender.

I think I’m possibly fonder of the Four Horsemen than you are. They are doing a job, to the best of their abilities, and a job that may entail the end of the world, but they aren’t the bad guys. And there certainly will be other NB characters in Good Omens.