all the cells

Someone: I like this character
Some of you guys: *Gives a 90 paragraph essay, signed from all the presidents, analyzed every possible situation with the character, has a name for all their cells on their skin*


Requested: Yes; I FUKKEN LOVE YOUR WORK and wanted to ask you if you would want to do an criminal!gerard x reader fic where they’re both in jail (gee for murder and the reader for drug snuggling or whatever) and first get in a little fight where gee scratches open the reader’s shoulder, then feels sorry about it, tries to fix the scratch and things get all smutty af? That would be bomb

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

Warning: Smut

   You whistled as you swept the cold cement. Some catchy tune you’d heard playing in the wardens office as you’d gone by. You swayed a little, your orange jumpsuit rustling as you went to your cart and got the dust pan. You looked around at all the cells. Most were empty in this cell block. The few with people in them were either sleeping or muttering under their breath about they’re escape plan. You bent down and began sweeping the dirt into the dustpan. As you stood up and turned a man bumped into you and sent you tumbling to the ground along with the dirt. You looked up and hopped to your feet bringing you chest to chest with an unfamiliar inmate. The most attractive of the bastards you’ve seen in and out of here. He had shaggy black hair and pale skin. No visible tattoos. Something you didnt see often. And his face had a few scars and brusies. A fighter. 

   “Watch where you’re going asshole.” You said taking a step back. The gaurd escorting him nudged him in the back and the inmate growled and swung his cuffed hands towards the guard. His shot was cut short when his hands collided with your shoulder. The tearing of your uniform and yelling from the guard brought the few cell bound inmates to peak out and watch the spectacle. Another guard seemingly out of no where rushed to help bring the prisoner to the ground managing to slam his face into the ground. You pressed your hand firmly to your shoulder and winced at the stinging. 

   “Is two guards necessary? I mean really?” The guy called up from the floor. The two gaurds brought him up to his feet and shoved him along. You watched blood trickle down his face from his eyebrow. One guard turned to you and nodded for you to follow them. You knew better than to argue so you grabbed your broom and dustpan and rolled your cart next to them. The inmate stopped walking and sighed.

   “My back hurts.” He complained. Despite your immediate dislike for him you chuckled. The gaurds frowned at you but you could see the prisoner smirking over his shoulder.

   “Keep walking 1004.” One gaurd said using the guys prison ID. The guy scoffed.

   “I told you Scott. I prefer Gerard.” He said sarcastically. You watched him in awe and confusion. Who was this guy? Calling gaurds by there first name? The guy he called Scott waved the other gaurd away and gave the guy a hard shove to get him walking faster. Gerard. That’s a nice name.

   “Look, I know on the outside you’re a big tough guy with 3 accounts of murder. But in here you’re nothing.” The guard taunted. Murder? You tried to suppress the arousal you felt towards him. Cute and a murderer? What a catch. You smiled a little. Jail time had turned you into quite the character. Who knew murder could be a turn on? You all walked in silence until you reached the infirmary. The gaurd secured Gerards arms with one hand and swipped his badge with the other. The door clicked and he ushered you inside. The nurse looked you over, then Gerard and shook his head.

   “Gerard. My favorite patient. Ive seen you about five times and you’ve been here how long? A week.” The nurse chuckled waving the guard to sit Gerard on a bed. You left your cart by the door and sat on the bed next to his. You looked around the small, three bed infirmary in curiosity. You kept your nose clean so you’d never been here. The nurse came over to you and looked over your arm. The guard left and you watched Gerard make faces at him. You giggled a little bringing the nurses attention from your wound. You wiped the smile from your face quickly.

   “Name?” He asked as he unzipped your orange jumpsuit. You winced as the rough cloth dragged over your wound. He cleared his throat when he noticed your lack of white tank top underneath.

   “Inmate 994. And sorry all of mine are in the wash.” You said watching him pull a small metallic tray near you.

   “No. Name. I dont use id numbers.” The nurse said busying himself with your arm. You looked over at Gerard who was staring at your bra clad breasts. He caught your eyes and blew you a kiss. You rolled your eyes.

   “Y/N.” You said. 

   “Well Y/N this shouldn’t be too bad. Just some bandages and you’ll be on your way. Just take it easy. You’re on janitorial duty right?” You nodded and tore your gaze from Gerard. “Okay keep exposure to germs and things to a minimum. Now what I’m about to put on your arm is gonna sting a little.” He said picking up a cotton ball and dipping it in a liquid you assumed to be alcohol. You looked up at the ceiling as he pressed it firmly to your arm. You hissing a little and gripped the bed rails. Gerard watched you and licked his lips. He watch the way your back arched and how your bottom lip was slicked with spit from the soft cursing. Maybe it was because you were the first woman he’d seen in a while or because he could just picture you begging for him, but he wanted you. Now. The doctor finished up with the disinfecting of your arm and walked away to get your bandages. You looked over at Gerard who was still watching you intently. You glanced down at his evident hard on and smirked. He had alot to offer. You bit your lip and ran your hands over your neck and uninjured shoulder. Then down your breasts. You made sure to stopped and squeeze it a little. Gerard grinned and you ceased your movements as the nurse came back. 

  “Why are you here?” He asked applying gauze and taping it down. 

   “Drugs.” You said watching as he continued to cover up your shoulder. He chuckled. 

   "No. I meant why are you in a men’s prison.” He said. You laughed a little. You forgot this was a men’s prison because you were isolated for obvious reasons. You slept in a room near the wardens office, you ate at a different time and your only assignment was janitorial services which just requires you to wander the halls and sweep. You had it pretty good when the loneliness wasn’t driving you insane.

   "Oh uh there’s an overflow at the loacal women’s prison. And they didn’t see a reason to send me out of the county so I’m here.” You said as he began wrapping your arm. He nodded.

   “Hmm. How long till you get out?” He asked. You laughed. “In about 2 years.” You said ask he stepped away from you and rolled away the small metal cart. He stood up and took off his gloves. He tossed them in a nearby trashcan and turned to Gerard.

   “So I see you had a mishap. What happened?” He asked getting a new pair of gloves and looking at Gerards head. Gerard chuckled and rolled his eyes.

   “Mishap my fucking ass. These guards are real asshole you know?” He started as the nurse began cleaning up the dried blood. He just nodded like he’d heard it all before. “They don’t treat us like people. It’s fucked up. If I was in the outside? They’d be dead now. They crossed me too many times.” Gerard said. The nurse shook his head.

   “Im gonna pretend like I didnt hear that. But I’ll say it a million times, lay low. If you just keep your nose clean then you’ll get in a lot less trouble.” He said getting a large bandaid from the tray. Gerard mumbled under his breath as the bandaid was placed on hia temple.

   “All right. You two can go.” The nurse said taking a step back. Gerard stood up and you followed suit. The nurse walked away to his small office to file the reports and you walked towards the door together. You reached for the handle and Gerard grabbed your wrist.

   “Meet me in the bathroom.” He said quickly. You cocked an eyebrow and he just smiled and opened the door himself. The gaurd looked you both over and you quickly zipped up your jumpsuit. He nodded in the direction of the west wing cell block and you grabbed you cart and trailed behind them. You walked until you saw a bathroom. Gerard look over his shoulder at you and nodded slightly.

   “I’m on duty still so thank you for escorting me.” You said turning into the bathroom. The gaurd watched you leave and continued away. You walked in and looked through the stalls making sure they were empty. You grabbed your broom and and began sweeping in case a gaurd walked by. You turned your back to the door and began working.

   “Hey gorgeous.” Gerard whispered wrapping his arms around your waist. You jumped slightly and smiled slyly as he kissed your neck.

   “So why’d you wanna meet?” You asked placing a hand over his his. He smirked against your skin and pulled away.

   “I think you know. Now we gotta be quick we dont have much time.” He said pulling you into the nearest stall. He spun you around and closed the door to press you against it. He took no time unzipping his jumpsuit and you did the same. You watched as he took out his cock and you quickly pulled down you panties. He guided you to face away from him and bend over. You pressed your hands to the door and spred your legs. He immediately gripped your hips and lined himself up with your entrance. You let out a barely audible squeal and he groaned softly. You dropped your head into the crook of your elbow as he slowly began thrusting. You sighed as he picked up the pace. He leaned down to your ear.

   “Its been awhile for me. I don’t know how long I’ll last” He said breathing heavily. You just took one of his hands and brought it to your clit. He chuckled and took control, rubbing you at a relentless pace. You whined and bit down on your arm to suppress the noise. You felt yourself teetering on the edge and pushed yourself against him. Your eyes rolled as you came shaking against him. As your walls clenched around him he pulled out and came on your back. He panted against your skin and stood up straight. You turned around and grinned at each other. With out a word you both got descent again and he leaned in a pecked your lips.

   "I had fun y/n. We should do this again.“ He said opening the stall. You rolled your eyes.

   "We won’t be able to if you don’t hurry up and go back to your cell. Now get out of here.” You whispered following him out and picking up your broom. He opened his mouth to say something when a guard walked in. You dropped your gaze and began sweeping.

   "There you are. Toilets fixed. Go back to your cell.“ The gaurd said crossing his arms. Gerard nodded.

   "Thanks.” He said walking out. You watched him go and when both him and the gaurd disappeared you grinned and chuckled to yourself. Maybe the next two years wouldn’t be too bad.

  • Zemo: Pop
  • Bucky: ???
  • Zemo: Six
  • Bucky:
  • Zemo: Squish
  • Bucky: No.
  • Zemo: Uh-uh
  • Bucky: NO.
  • Zemo: Cicero
  • Bucky: NO!!!
  • Zemo: Lipschitz
  • Bucky [voiceover]: Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out. I can't remember a thing. It wasn't until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands, I even knew they were dead.

This answer is so much better than any tag line I could have ever come up with.

Science Fact Friday: Tetrodotoxin, ft. a small gif because I’m avoiding my real obligations.

Why does tetrodotoxin not affect its host? More studies need to be done but at least a few species possess mutated sodium ion channels. The tetrodotoxin can’t interact efficiently with the altered channels.

Another interesting tidbit: Animals with tetrodotoxin can lose their toxicity in captivity. It is suspected that the animals accumulate the toxic bacteria as a side-effect of their diet. After several years of captivity on a tetrodotoxin-bacteria-free diet, the bacterial colonies living in the animals die, residual toxin is cleared from the system, and the animal is safe to handle.

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best top 10 camren fic on wattpad?... just hope i haven't read them yet lol


Camila and Lauren both share a room in college, but that’s about the only thing they have in common. At least that’s what they assume. From the start, they haven’t been able to get along with each other, seeing as they’re pretty incompatible and they pick fights over everything. But little do they know that they’re each other’s closest friends on Tumblr. They message each other constantly and along the way, feelings developed. What happens when they soon realize on a bold decision to meet on a blind date that the person who they want nothing to do with is the same person they think about right before they go to sleep?

Lifeboat Lighthouse

Camila’s entire life had been mapped out for her since she was child, she would go to college, study business and then eventually take over her father’s company. It was a life she never wanted but had no say in at all. But when the privileged daughter of a multimillionaire meets Lauren, a waitress on the luxury cruise ship where she’ll be spending the summer, her world and everything she knows is turned upside down. Camila is about to learn the hard way that just like the ocean that she sails on, life can be unpredictable. Like the turning tides, everything can change in an instant.

Trials and Tribulations 

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Yellow Series : Yellow / Blue / Green 

Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren’s private texts in front of the whole cafeteria, forcing her out of the closet. Lauren left for New York with her three best friends the day she graduated, thinking she had escaped Camila. The only problem is, Camila is back. And different. Completely different. Not the kind of ‘different’ you’d expect, either.

CC7 / LJ10

Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

Yours Truly

Lauren and Camila know a lot about each other, except for, well, their names. They’ve been writing anonymous, handwritten letters to each other for an English assignment for a couple months now and during that time, Lauren’s developed a genuine interest for a girl whose handwriting resembles a child’s first attempt at using a pencil. But she couldn’t be more charmed by it. What happens when Lauren unexpectedly finds out that the shy girl in her class who she doesn’t know a single thing about has the exact same handwriting as in the letters she anticipates reading every single day?

Walk A Mile 

Look with your eyes. Judge with your soul. • First impressions almost always suck. They can be spot on or way off, depending on how open and receptive you are to the other person. When you make preconceived notions about people, learning to tolerate them can be a little difficult. What if you have to live with them? That’s the situation Camila and Lauren have been put in. As typical and cliche as it may be, two totally different worlds collide. However this time, neither of them know whether they’ll mould or combust.

Reasons to go, reasons to stay

“And I wonder how many polar opposites we have brought together by falling in love. Inside you could have been the match that started the fire and burned down an entire house, and inside of me may live the remnants of a rocking chair inside the house that was burned to the ground. All these little things… these cells that make up our bodies, they could have once despised one another. But now every single part of me is in love with every single part of you. Just with one touch we would be resolving age old conflicts, or ushering the tip of the tallest mountain to kiss the sand that lies at the deepest part of the ocean.”

The Stripper

Have you ever imagined having two lives? Be two people at the same time? I bet you have. But between thinking about it and actually living it, there was a very big distance, believe it. Imagine… Camila, a sweet and delicate woman. Karla, sexy and imposing. Which one would you choose? What’s your type? Hard, I know. Let’s let Lauren answer this one…


A lot of girls experiment in college; it’s natural. It’s no different at the University of Miami, and when they’re looking to experiment, they know exactly who to go to. But what will happen when she finally falls for one of the girls she hooks up with?

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Princess shirt with prison tattoos=most accurate description of Harry Styles I've ever read.

… I mean look at this baby-pink polka dot wearing, 

Mermaid titty tat having, 

Creme slik puffed sleeved tartlet. 

This bright floral button up royal with the rebel swallow bird cleavage. 

This “isn’t it fabulous you can see my laurel tats pointing directly to my d**k through my lace shirt that costs more than my tiara” princess of strumpets. 

A sheer floral shirt of majesty the princess only wore once much to the despair of her subjects. 

And the “I gotta cover up the mermaid tatas but let the vag breathe for live television in my crushed velvet dream of a princess shirt.”