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Buff and Fluff: A sugary-sweet, surprisingly schmaltzy pop mix for Zootopia’s other cop odd-couple, Benjamin Clawhauser and Chief Bogo. 

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Tracklist: 1. Can’t Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake / 2. All That - Carly Rae Jepsen / 3. Air I Breathe - Crystalyne / 4. Only When You’re Close - Zendaya / 5. Starving (ft. Zedd) - Hailee Steinfeld & Grey / 6. Bullet Proof Vest (ft. Dave Stewart) - Colbie Caillat / 7. I’m Yours - Alessia Cara / 8. Perfect Together - Rosanna Pansino / 9. Color (ft. Jay Armstrong Johnson) - Todrick Hall / 10. Chasing Shadows - Shakira


It always felt like a job. It was never a passion. It was more like a part I played. There are some girls who are beautiful all the time, that’s just who they are. I’m not. I’m a weirdo, I’m a goofball. I just don’t ever feel like I look that pretty. And so when I do all the posing, that just feels so stupid to me. After about five minutes, I’d have to do a funny face, just to not feel like such an asshole. I just felt like a fucking idiot. — For Esquire (2016)


“There are some girls who are beautiful all the time, that’s just who they are. I’m not. I’m a weirdo, I’m a goofball. I just don’t ever feel like I look that pretty. And so when I do all the posing, that just feels so stupid to me.” - Cara Delevingne 



genre: angst, smut, fluff (the holy trinity unites as one again)

warnings: graphic violence in the beginning (read with caution), abuse, handjobs, swearing

word count: 2190 (yEAH BOIIIIII)

a/n: yay another fic! this is like summer 2015 where i would post a fic today because i had that much free time :’) but yes, this is my first neko fic so pls go easy on it and i actually really liked writing this. it’s quite angsty, but the fluff in here is rly cute and i think y’all would like it. also this title was taken from alessia cara’s stone (which you should listen to it’s 10/10) anyways, i hope you guys enjoy the fic, feedback is much appreciated! :) <3

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Not here for people getting pissy at Ginny for being upset at Mike. I think people forget that in reality, Ginny is so so young. She’s lived and breathed baseball her whole entire life.

She hasn’t actually been allowed to experience the normal ups and downs of growing up and learning from that shit.

So, yeah she’s pissed at Mike. Maybe you think she has to reason to be, maybe you don’t, but she’s LEARNING. Learning how to handle the stress and pressure. Learning how to handle all these new relationships and which relationships she can trust and which relationships she can’t.

Did y'all see that girls face when she thought Cara put the video online? I could see the oh, great another one. And the surprise when she realized she didn’t.

She felt betrayed by Mike and Amelia. She’s allowed to feel that, because it stems from something else. And that’s something you learn to work through with age too. She also felt that she couldn’t trust either one of them when he mentioned her having a panic attack and she felt vulnerable. And some people shut the fuck down when they feel vulnerable.

So, just, cut the girl some slack. Let her learn and grow and be pissed if she wants. And be happy if she wants. And be sad if she wants. And be wild. She doesn’t have to have a reason to be ANY of those things.

Anyway, I’ll protect Ginny till the day I die. Just sayin’.

my battery died- a playlist for the people feeling especially drained. for those who are tired and regret so much, because we’re all done. we’re all so human. || spotify

cheap hotel - leon else // deadwater - wet // beggin for thread - banks // we won’t - james young and phoebe ryan // drive - oh wonder // all i want - kodaline // fools - troye sivan // i was wrong - arizona // tired of talking - leon // gooey - glass animals // lost boy - troye sivan // here - alessia cara // all the pretty girls - kaleo // it’s all in vain - wet // gold - kiiara // never be like you - flume // hero - family of the year

rick flag x june moone
  • were just set up by amanda waller but actually fell in love
  • she is possessed by an evil witch and he stood by her through it all
  • imagine him cradling her after all of her enchantress episodes tho
  • “they met under dark circumstances and something beautiful came out of it” - cara delevingne
  • he carried out all the of amanda waller’s orders because she controlled the enchantress controlling june even though he didn’t like it
  • his biggest fear in life is losing june
  • ^^^ i definitely felt it from joel kinnaman’s performance
  • “if i don’t stop the witch it’s over. everything is over”
  • the enchantress is afraid of him so he keeps getting captured by the monsters because he’s june’s anchor to her humanity you know her love for him
  • (aside from how the enchatress is taking over the world nbd) he crushed the enchantress’s heart because june told him so and he knows how much the enchantress is taking her toll on june and how june’s well-being is above all else for him even though he might kill june
  • did i mention his biggest fear in life is losing june?
  • ^^^ “flag’s weakness is his love for june. but it’s also his strength”
    - joel kinnaman fucking with my feelings
  • also they’re both hot tbh
  • and chemistry yay

i mean totally underrated otp right there

moone and flag love scene?!!

”Kinnaman recalls filming a love scene with Delevinge that was supposed to be minimal, but it turned into something much steamier. “There was this one scene with Cara, I thought it was just a flashback, it turned into this beautiful love scene. I was like ‘Wow!’” he admits. “I thought it was like [kissing noise], then we move onto the next, but it was [much longer kissing noise].”

I feel like I’ve been talking about DC a lot lately, but I’m not done yet. We have to give a lot of respect and praise to the people who act, produce, write, director, etc. these films. And here’s why:

Zack Synder: Whether you agree with the way he directs are not, this man has revitalized the DC franchise. He created the two films which are the highest grossing Superman films of all time and created a realistic depiction of superheroes in our world. He has suffered so much hate for giving fans entertaining and incredible movies. Hate on MOS and BvS all you want, but those movies are a thrill to watch.

David Ayer: His new movie has been out for only 2 days and hasn’t even technically come out yet and critics are shitting on this film. He is giving us a fun film (I haven’t seen it yet. This is based on friends) that is filled with diversity. So thank you David Ayer for giving us fucking realistic depictions of the real world that isn’t just filled with white main characters and a few POC sidekicks (Marvel). 

Patty Jenkins: In just a few short months, she is going to give us the first female led superhero film. A WOMAN IS DIRECTING THE FIRST FEMALE SUPERHERO LED MOVIE! She is telling us that this movie is for females, and I am excited to see Wonder Woman kick some motherfucking ass in her film. I know it’s going to be dark. ITS SET IN FUCKING WWI. If it’s not dark, that’s fucked.

James Wan: In 2018, he is going to give us an Aquaman movie. He is going to make “the lamest superhero ever” fucking legit. I cannot wait to see the direction that he takes this character. We had maybe 2 seconds of Aquaman in BvS but I AM SO PUMPED. 

Henry Cavill: For the third time a Brit has taken on the mantle of an “American” superhero. I had no idea Cavill was British until I saw him in the Tudors, so he’s a good actor. He is so protective of “Supes” that he defends him at every turn. Henry gave us a depiction of Superman we haven’t seen and played this NEW superhero exactly like that… that he had no idea how to use his powers because he didn’t. And the fact that he’s not America (to me) shows that Superman is the WORLD’S SUPERHERO.

Ben Affleck: For a long time, I thought he was a decent actor but I would never want him as a superhero. BvS totally changed my perspective. He gave us the dark, broken, and gritty Batman that we needed. He did such a good job that he is set to produce and direct a Batman film and executive produce the Justice League. 

Gal Gadot: An Israeli woman who served in their army is playing Wonder Woman. In the short time she was in BvS, I felt my faith and hope restored in all superhero movies. Her music is badass, Gal Gadot is a BAMF, and the Wonder Woman trailer has given me life.

Ray Fisher: This bubbly man is going to play Cyborg, my favorite fucking Teen Titan. I cannot wait to see him in the Justice League and I bet he gets his own movie… at least, I hope he does because Cyborg is fucking awesome. Fisher is a cutie pie and will bring life to such a fun, yet tortured character.

Jason Mamoa: MOTHER FUCKING AQUAMAN IS PLAYED BY A MOTHER FUCKING HAWAIIAN! How legit can you get? Aquaman is about to be the coolest superhero ever. 2017/2018 Halloween will be filled with little Aqumans. Not to mention that Jason brings a vibe to the Justice League that is so legit.

Ezra Miller: Can you say the Flash? The Flash (I’m going to shout this so it’s heard) IS BEING PLAYED BY AN OPENLY QUEER MAN! The tiny bit we got of him in the Justice League teaser trailer is not only adorable, but you can tell this film will have a lighter tone because of Miller’s portrayal of Flash.

Jared Leto: Say what you will about his method acting, his Joker looks terrfying in a way no other Joker has looked. He was so involved in his character, he only interacted with people on set that he would interact with on camera. Weird as that is, that is dedication.

Margot Robbie: This woman is such a BAMF, she did most of her own stunts. She’s playing an intelligent woman who is probably insane and overly sexualized but that doesn’t matter because she IS Harley Quinn.

Will Smith: The fact that one of my favorite actors is playing Deadshot is so cool. He is Deadshot. Will Smith is playing an iconic character and bringing a level of commitment to the role that I cannot wait to see on the big screen.

Viola Davis: The woman who put together the Suicide Squad is a BLACK WOMAN. If that doesn’t teach young black girls that they can do anything, I don’t know what will. Amanda Waller is a badass being played by a badass.

Jai Courtney: Boomerang looks so cool. I don’t really have much else to say about him, but I am excited to see him on the big screen too. Plus Jai is hilarious and a cutie pie.

Cara Delevinge: Who’s pumped for Enchantress? ME! I am so excited to see this character and I think Cara is going to do her justice.

Karen Fukuhara: OKAY! This little ray of sunshine is playing the coolest character to fucking exist. I love her. I will see more of her, and I want a solo movie with her.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agaje: The last time Killer Croc was portrayed it was by Ron Perlman (who is a BAMF in his own right) but Killer Croc looks so cool! Not to mention that Agaje looks like an angel and his smile could brighten anyone’s day.

Jay Hernandez: EL DIABLO GIVES ME LIFE! Jay was my favorite character in Friday Night Lights and seeing him play one of my favorite villains is giving me such much life it’s scary. I love you Jay.

Joel Kinnamen: I don’t have lot to say about him, but he’s cute and looks like he’s enjoying his time.

Adam Beach: IT’S ADAM FUCKING BEACH! Need I say more?

Amy Adams: Anyone woman that can deliver the line: “I’m not a woman, I’m a journalist.” as flawlessly as Amy deserves our respect. She gives me so much life. Not to mention that she is absolutely starstuck by Cavill.

This group of people cares about each other so much that four members of the Justice League went to the Squad premier in London, Cavill surprised them all at ComicCon and got his shirt signed, they all seem like really good friends, all but 2 of the cast of Squad got matching tats, and they take everything in stride. Cavill and Affleck are so aware of the bromance between them, they know their couple name. Mamoa and Cavill hugged each other on the red carpet. They take countless amounts of bullshit and still keep on smiling and giving the fans what we want.

I want you to go back and look at this list of the 22 people I mentioned, 12 are white and the other 10 are people of color. Half the Justice League are POC (Marvel’s Avengers are all white). Seven of them are women, three of those women are POC (Marvel has two women, both white). The diversity in the three movies they have are incredible, and whatever you may say, DC is kicking ass.

one thing i cannot stand is men laughing at me for like, being sloppy, specifically? like if women do it its fine but coming from men it’s like….. not only underwriting my pride but also feels like a stab at my femininity? like, look at cara, she’s pretending to be a girl again and she’s got soup all over her big faker shirt, who does she think shes fooling. is what it feels like. also im so sloppy why godt

h e a r t e y e s // valentine’s day playlist

pillowtalk // zayn  adore // cashmere cate & ariana grande ▴ all that matters // justin bieber ▴ run away with me // carly rae jepsen ▴ tootbrush // dnce ▴ closer // tegan and sara ▴ death of a bachelor // panic! at the disco ▴ talk me down // troye sivan ▴ fallingforyou // the 1975 ▴ roman holiday // halsey ▴ what a feeling // one direction ▴ things // maggie lindemann ▴ touch // pia mia ▴ i’m yours // alessia cara & more…