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I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

Thank you Boyd noticers

This is a 1 am side note as I’m trying to fall asleep but I just wanted to say I love the people who love Boyd because I feel like they appreciate the most the progression of his character development over the series, and the effort put into that.

Boyd is one of those people who is fine being in the background so even though he’s an MC, with that combined with his unreliable narration he doesn’t put much effort into selling his merits. If anything, he downplays and denigrates things in his mind and thus in his POV.

I’m the sort of reader and writer who likes it when there are new aspects that are noticed in the second or third reread that weren’t as noticeable the first time, so I have fun trying to build that story for the second, third, fourth time or more.

So I love people who love Boyd because I feel like for the Boyd parts of that specific character building and relationship building and series progression, based on things I’ve seen said they seem more likely to have noticed those things and appreciate them. Which means someone gets it, which is cool.

Btw by pointing out Boyd stuff, that isn’t me saying there isn’t progression with other characters (there definitely is) or that people who like other characters more don’t notice things because they definitely do :) Expressing my love or appreciation for one thing does not automatically equate to being against another thing. I feel like I need to specify that because the Internet can be weird sometimes.

All I want to say is that I appreciate the people who take the time to notice the layers and development for Boyd because it was something I was very careful about representing in writing his story so it’s nice to know the effort was seen by anyone :) It means it all makes sense to someone else and wasn’t me just over complicating life as always lol, which is a really cool thing for me to know too as a writer going forward. It means if I do that in another story, someone might actually notice it :)

Am I even making sense I mean it’s 1 am I should probably not be on Tumblr lol

Straight White Boy Problem #952

Bro: on a scale of 1 to 10, how hot do you think katie is?

me: she’s a 6 but her personality is a 10

Bro: you can’t keep saying all these girls have 10s for personalities

Me: dude…of course i can! Katie, Megan and Rachel are all fun to hang out with bc they have great personalities!

Bro: so what am i? am I a 10?

Me: uhhh…..thats weird im not going to say anything

Bro: well I think you are a 10 because i love hanging out with you dude

Me: bro…..


“What does that mean?”
                  “It means you’ve overstayed your welcome.”

Okay guys crazy thought but what if there’s some epic Skull vs Aether thing where, in needed villain dialogue, Lusamine insults family, saying things like her relatives, Lillie and Gladion, mean nothing, and neither do the Pokémon she calls her children.

And Team Skull (including Guzma and Plumeria) is angry. Family means the world and more to them. They all call each other sis and bro. So when they hear Lusamine say that, they are done. First, they defend Lillie and Gladion, then the Pokémon Lusamine insulted.. They engage in an epic battle, Skull grunts all battling Aether scientists. In single, double, and triple battle.

By the end, Hau, Lillie, Gladion, the Protagonist, Kukui, all of Team Skull, are all working together to put an end to the Aether Foundation.

This could be a future fanfic idea.


sincerelyhecate‘s request on kiss meme!

it’s not exactly a kiss but well .. I headcanon’ed where Percy accidentally broke Jason’s glasses and Percy expected Jason to be angry or something but then. Jason laughed and hugged him from behind, kissing him all over and kept saying, “Percy you’re a bad bro! You don’t break your bro’s glasses like that!”
Percy on the other hand would laugh and smack Jason’s arms for thousands of times yelling, “Stop it, my fault! My fault!!”
And then they would just get exhausted for laughing too much and cuddle heueh

thank you for requesting! i had a fun time drawing this!

Squad Visits Bittle In Georgia:

•Ransom: “dude what the fuck is that”
Holster: “oh my go- iTs cOmING TowARds mE”
Bitty: “how do y'all have 4.0’s & not know what tumbleweed looks like”
Holster: “omg tumbleweed is real?”
*bitty looks into the camera like hes on The Office*

•Chowder being force fed pies from every mother within a mile

•Jack can listen country music with people who actually like country music
(the team is still so grossed out tho)

•Ransom wearing his salmon shorts despite all the chirps bc he didn’t realize just how hot it would be and those match the best with his tank tops (aka bro tanks)

•Shitty accidentally says y'all and everyone starts screaming

•Shitty actually had a good excuse to walk around naked

•bitty introduces the hockey team to his skate coach Katya in which they get yelled at bc they “let little dicky get checked”