all the boys!

deadroses (m)

Word Count: 13,694

Warning: Hoseok smut, violence

A/N: This scenario took me about three months to write, which you can probably guess by looking at the word count. For that reason it has a very special place in my heart, no matter how much effort it cost me to finish it. It turned out a lot darker than my other scenarios, and I tried my best to make this scenario more intellectual for that reason. I really hope the two main characters (you and Hoseok) turned out the way I wanted them to: like real people, with a story and an imperfect personality. -But, without any further ado, enjoy.


You look up from your shaking hands at the boy sitting next to you. “What now?”

He stares at the graphite floor that shimmers in the dimmed light like the ocean, vibrating with every rock the vehicle hits. “Do you think there’s any chance we’ll succeed? An actual chance?”

You grunt. “I thought you were always so confident about our victory, Jungkook.” With your elbow, you strike his side, to which he responds by moving away from you. His dark eyes are hostile, which is so different from how they have been in times gone by. With a soft chuckle you remember his soft stuttering the first time you made this same move on him, the nervous look in his eyes like that of a deer in the headlights. Those days seem like they are miles away from where you’re standing now, on the edge of the horizon that is your memory.

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highlights of kook's v app live

- ¾ was just him eating seaweed with a chopstick and occasional kimchi - sang some songs with his heavenly voice 

  - played “Change" 


  - chim enters and kook starts playing Lie and imitating his dance 

 - chim is about to leave but kook makes him come back by BLASTING Lie

 - cue maknae line jamming out to Lie and Stigma 

 - JIKOOK 5 sec stare 

so I’ll sit here wondering

(sometimes I can’t find the words)

if it would be different if I’d asked why

(I don’t know what to write about)

What does it matter anyway?

(they all get caught in my neck)

I’m just wasting my time

(these words are choking me out)

just a song we did innit

irish-sunsets  asked:

You made me want to be a lost boy when I was younger, despite the fact that I'm a girl. (I still want to be one)

Love to all the Lost Boys and Lost Girls out there!!!

See you in Neverland…