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What do you believe is the perfect way for any human bean to become happy :-) (please put in some detail)

You need to decide that you want to be happy and that you are willing to work really hard to get there. It is a journey but trust me it is worth it! Figure out what makes you happy, get rid of negative people, stop doing things you don’t enjoy and that aren’t good for you. Eat foods that are good for your body, drink lots of water, get your body moving everyday. It is really easy to stay sad if you lay in bed all day, decided to get up and do something, stay busy and keep your mind distracted. Congratulate yourself on the little things, maybe getting out of bed this morning was really hard, be proud of yourself for doing that! Don’t let one bad day mess up your week, take it as inspiration to make tomorrow better. Nature does wonders, so does a warm cup of tea. Create things, draw, write, paint, dance, sing, even if you don’t think you are good at it don’t let that stop you. art is art! Notice the little things. Start a journal or keep a piece of paper next to your bed and every day write at least three things on it that were good and happened that day. They can be big or small from doing well on an exam, seeing a pretty flower, smiling at a stranger- no matter how bad a day is i promise if you think little you can find good in that day. Work on self love, compliment your body and your mind. Every time you say or think something bad about yourself force yourself to say/think two good things. Wear clothes you feel good in, not what society tells you to wear. Clean up your space, make your bed, wipe off counters, clean the trash out of your car, you would be amazed at how much a clean space makes for a clear mind. You are strong, realize this. Don’t compare your experiences or hardships to others. Just because something is hard for you and easy for someone else doesn’t mean you are less of a person- we all have our things we are good at and things we are able to work towards. Push through, be strong, believe in yourself and don’t let anyone else get you down.

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Could i possibly request TFP ratchet, OP, and Arcee with a quirky/childish S/o? Thanks!!!! ;)

That’s cute omg


  • Ratchet finds you kind of annoying in the beginning, to be honest. But he eventually finds your quirks to be endearing.
  • He laughs more often, and sleeps better. There’s a glow in his optics and a spring in his step. Your cheerfulness is healthy for him; just call you the love doctor ;)
  • That backpack kibble? It opens. He lets you ride in it. Score.
  • If you ask him to refuel more often (because boy howdy he needs to) he’ll do it for you. 
  • If you have a sweet tooth, he really tries to get you to eat better. Do you know what all that sugar leads to? Diabetes, high blood pressure, bouncing off the walls until you crash.
  • He lets you sit on the console while he works. Until you get restless, then he’ll tell you to go entertain yourself for a while.

Optimus Prime

  • He finds your quirkiness and child-like qualities to be refreshing
  • Since you’re so innocent he’s very insistent that you stay away from the fighting. This isn’t your war; it shouldn’t have to affect you. Also, he doesn’t want you to see him when he has to kill others.
  • It takes some convincing, but if you play your cards just right, sometimes Primes do party. Just small get-together parties, though.
  • He’d never admit it, but he falls for your puppy dog eyes more than he should.
  • Butterfly kisses get him every time. It’s the softest, most gentle thing he’s ever felt, and he finds it so damn precious. You can always get him to smile with butterfly kisses.


  • Arcee is extra protective of you, and that’s saying something.
  • She rolls her eyes and teases you a lot, but that’s because she finds you so endearing.
  • There is a time to be serious, though, and she makes sure to teach you what to do in emergencies/ how to defend yourself.
  • She’ll do tricks in in her alt mode while you’re riding. 
  • She’s the only one allowed to tease you about how childish you are.

Wednesday and all I can think about is the whopper I am not going to eat because I am being healthy. Better be worth it 😜

Took a cpl selfies while sitting here…gives me a moment break and this one shows a single silver. Can you see it?! The hair is really starting to show one or two, here and there…this is the time my parents started hanging too.

Here I have always wanted a chunk of silver in my bangs. Red and silver hair…I could sport it.

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Could you write something for Winn from Supergirl? I've had a bad week.. had to dry at home and have been on and off sick. I was okay on Christmas thankfully. Where the reader is a huge nerd and works with Winn and all of them. Is Winns friends and has a huge thing for him but they see him totally head over heals for Kara. "I could never have a chance. She's beautiful and a superhero.. and I'm.. just a computer nerd who is obsessed with video games and eats pizza with ice cream.."

A/N: Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that – I hope that your week got better from when you sent the request, and sorry that it took so long to post. I’m glad to hear that you were okay on Christmas, though.

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Ratchet Mun Here

Wanting to remind all of you beautiful souls out there that self care is important. As a person who often forgets ( for multiple reasons) to brush my teeth, shower, eat, sleep, or do other ‘normal tasks’, I wanted to make sure that you all know that you are kind, you are all important, and you are all loved. By me. And Ratchet ( although he tends not to show it).

If you need to, treat yoself. Trust me, you will feel 3 million times better if you take a few extra minutes in the shower, or brush your hair extra long, or snuggle up with your favorite blanket for a few minutes longer. Enjoy the little things <3

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I feel like I can't have an ED because I'm normal weight for my height, but I'm constantly talking to myself in my head about food. I think about it all the time. How my jeans would look better if I was X lbs lighter, how many miles I'd have to run to burn off this meal, etc. I fast all day then eat at night and feel so badly about it. Does that sound severe enough to be called a disorder? Or is it just growing up?

Hey love! I definitely can’t tell you if you have an eating disorder or not, just because I don’t have that kind of power. But what you are describing is disordered eating, your relationship with food and your body are not healthy. I would not say that it’s just growing up at all! <3


Tag, you’re it!

I was tagged by the fantastic @lucifers-trash-stash

Rules: Tag ten people you would like to get to know better

How old are you?: 18

What’s your current job: Full time college student part time (very part time) youtuber XD

Talents?: Writing, sleeping, eating.

What’s your aesthetic: anything involving the beach. Salt water, bathing suits, sunlight.

Do you collect anything?: I’m staring to collect Funko Pop! Toys, but not like in any order or anything. My mom and I collect christmas ornaments, though, from all the new places we visit. 

What’s a topic you always talk about? How much I hate Donald Trump, Negan, movies and tv.

Pet peeve of yours? People flicking their fingernails against each other. The sound drives me insane. And poor hygiene - I’m a hygiene freak.

Good advice to give? just survive somehow

3 songs you’d recommend? “Crow Tit by BTS”, “Alejandro” by Lady Gaga, and “ City” by Kendrick Lamar. 

I tag @may85 @mypapawinchester @hannibalssweaters @rapsity

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breaks down your fucking door,, motherfucker I heard you were sick,, you BETTER get some rest and you BETTER drink lots of water and orange juice and you BETTER take some tylenol got it punk? you're gonna GET BETTER,, being sick isn't fun,,

Y,you’re not my dad ((but i am eating soup and drinking water and all that junk)) also ily ❤❤

Saving myself would require love. That is all. I have to love myself in order to care enough to even save myself. There are so many ways to slowly destroy myself: not eating right, not getting washed, isolating myself, leaving my personal area a mess. But you have to care. You have to make yourself better. Not anyone else. Because no one else will. Not because they don’t love you or because they don’t care. But because they have to save themselves. YOU are the most important person in your life. Not anyone else. You are the star. You were born with your Self and you will die with your Self. When I look in the mirror, it is I that I see. Not anyone else. Same with you. Being your own hero can mean just getting up and brushing your teeth. I know these things can be hard because I struggle too. But you have to want it. You have to want to get better. Once you have that strong desire, you’ll get to where you want. Little by little. And if not there, you’ll get to where you need to be.
The Cons of Your Sun Sign

Aries: You treat everyone around you like shit, you think you are better than everyone else, you are inappropriate in social situations. 

Taurus: You refuse to compromise and do what other people want to do, all you want to do is sit around the house all day and eat, it is like pulling teeth trying to get you to speak. 

Gemini: Everyone in your life is expendable, you are fickle with your emotions, you get people to tell you their most personal information and then you go and tell everyone about it. 

Cancer: You refuse to go out and never want to leave your home, you use your emotions to manipulate people, you cry at the stupidest shit. 

Leo: Your ego is as big as the sun, you constantly talk over everyone else, you throw temper tantrums when you are not getting attention. 

Virgo: You are the most judgmental sign, you think your ideas are better than everyone else’s, you think you are the smartest person in the room. 

Libra: You are bat shit crazy, you are territorial in your relationships, you insult people to their face and make it seem like they are the crazy one who picked the fight when they insult you back. 

Scorpio: You automatically assume the worst in people, you think everyone is trying to sleep with your significant other and go psycho jealous, you’re still plotting your revenge against that kid who stole your toy in the third grade.

Sagittarius: You will insult people to their face, you automatically assume your opinions matter more than everyone else’s, you are one pretentious bitch or bastard.

Capricorn: You are rude to everyone, you are boring as fuck but you think you are sooooooo interesting, when you talk everyone is looking for a way to get out of the conversation with you.

Aquarius: You think you are better than everyone else, you shove your perspective down other people’s throats, you have the worst god-complex of the whole fucking zodiac.

Pisces: You rely heavily on drugs and alcohol, you are the fucking baby that everyone has to take care of at the party because you are always so fucking wasted, you use other people for your own personal gain.

The Final Battle with Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: I will steal your Miraculous' once and for all!
  • Ladybug: Lucky Charm! (Snickers bar lands in her hand). Hey Hawkmoth! Here. (hands him Snickers)
  • Hawkmoth: What's this?
  • Ladybug: Eat a Snickers. You get a little murderous when you're hungry. (Hawkmoth takes a bite, detransforms) Better?
  • Gabriel: Much better
  • Chat Noir: DAD!

Hey, everyone! So I know it’s a little bit early to be making a masterpost on new year’s resolutions, but I figured, hey, the best time to make a change is now, right? Anyway, here’s some new year’s resolutions for all of you lovely people. Good luck with your resolutions!


1. Read at least 50 books. 

2. Make a new masterpost once a week. 

3. Journal at least once a week. 

4. Spend 10 minutes every day tidying up. 

5. Make the bed every morning. 

6. Learn a new language. 

7. Eat only healthy food. (and vegan bc I’m vegan)

8. Only spend 15 minutes a day on tumblr and 1 hour every weekend. 

9. Write a book. 

10. Get better at graphic design. 

11. Take better studyspo pictures. 

12. Break a bad habit. 

13. Revise for at least half an hour every day. 

14. Stay away from Netflix if you have work to do. 

15. Write down friends’ birthdays and plan something for each one. 

16. Clean the house once a week. 

17. Save water. 

18. Try to be more eco-friendly. 

19. Stick to a budget. 

20. Practice self-care once a week. 

21. Stay organized (keep a planner, bullet journal, etc.)

22. Try to go out once a week. 

23. Avoid procrastination. 

24. Practice discipline and restraint. 

25. Do one nice thing every day (pay a compliment, do something for someone else, etc.)

26. Choose a charity to donate to once a month. 

27. Go running three morning a week. 

28. Stick to an morning routine. 

29. Stick to an after-school routine. 

30. Stick to a night routine. 

31. Wake up earlier. 

32. Try to limit cramming. 

33. Try to limit all-nighters. 

34. Make breakfast and lunch the night before. 

35. Stay active on tumblr. 

36. Try to eat out less. 

37. Cook with family. 

38. Make a savings account and deposit money in it once a month. 

39. Get better at art/be more artistic. 

40. Maintain a 4.0 G.P.A.

41. Start a studygram and post at least once a week. 

42. Start a youtube channel. 

43. Get a pen pal. 

44. Get a pet (I WANT A KITTEN OMG). 

45. Try to see the positive side of every situation. 

46. Stay in contact with mutuals. 

47. Host a giveaway. 

48. Gain more followers. 

49. Read inspiring news stories. 

50. Clean out my email inbox. 

51. Get rid of spam emails and unwanted social media outlets. 

52. Use coupons/deals more often. 

53. Get over physical insecurities/learn to love yourself. 

54. Get a better wardrobe. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but if anyone thinks of any more, feel free to reblog this post with suggestions! hugs, mel

  • Baby: *whining* Daaaddyy
  • Daddy: Yes, baby?
  • Baby: I gots the sniffles and my tummy don't feel good.
  • Daddy: Aww my poor princess feels icky. Well baby girl, you're just gonna have to lay down and get a lot of rest. I want my baby to feel better. Cuddle all your stuffies since I can't be here all day and pop that binky in your little mouth so you can go to sleep. Remember to take your medicine and try to get something to eat. Don't push yourself too much and feel better for me, okay? I'll be back later to give you all the cuddles and kissies in the world.
  • Baby: But daddy then you'll get icky!
  • Daddy: Shh, daddy is gonna take care of you and if I get icky then that's even more reason to just cuddle with you all day. Got it?
  • Baby: Okay daddy. I love you.
  • Daddy: I love you too, baby girl.
Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Frustration hurts only the frustrated. However we cannot help but feel.

Taurus: Its all a game. For better and for worse.

Gemini: Sponges have both a soft and an abrasive side. Know when to use them.

Cancer: Its late at night and the bookstore is almost closed. The books feel heavy in your hands. Where is the checkout counter?

Leo: Everywhere you look you see a thousand unsolved puzzles. Do not trifle yourself with one in particular.

Virgo: We eat plants the grow from the ground. In turn, on moonless nights the ground reaches its slender hands to us and pulls us under. This is probably the natural way of things.

Libra: Do you see them? Velvet shapes in the dark? The emissaries of night are only checking to see if you are okay.

Scorpio: One day my little seaside town will be swallowed by the ocean. But that is then and this is now. I will make lunch.

Ophiuchus: Rope is only as good as the hand that makes it and the hand it was made for.

Sagittarius: The sisters of the hunt follow you to work as long as its still dark out. Consider eating some extra meat in their honor.

Capricorn: Learn another language and deep fry something.

Aquarius: Its only an organ.

Pisces: Keep a notebook. It will help you remember. 

Losing your virginity to Negan would include :

(So I just had to start this prompt series XD and who better than Negan first XD!! Wooooooo!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on goole/credit to the original owner.)

-Him trying his best to control himself from just fucking your brains out

-Him taking his time to eat you out to make you feel more comfortable

-You gripping and holding onto his hair for your dear life as he’s relentless with his tongue

-Him leaving marks and hickeys on your thighs to let you know you’re his from now on

-Him easing into you slowly while kissing you

-Him talking dirty to you all while calling you “Beautiful”

-Him trying to not hurt you and comforting you when you start to feel some pain

-Him thrusting slowly to feel you and him whispering in your ear about how it feels damn good to be your first man

-Him telling you to not hold back on your voice as he wants to hear you moan loudly

-Him wanting to make you come first and hugging you tightly to keep thrusting

White Rose Grocery Drabble

I swear I wish people would know the amazing conversations I have with @2013ann about white rose because they’re the best and I literally just came up with this super short and poorly written drabble/conversation/scene about Weiss and Ruby grocery shopping together for Ann. Enjoy~!

Ruby: “Weiss!! I wanna get more cookie dough and milk!" 

 Weiss: "RUBY! We already have 5 cartons of milk at home and 8 jars of cookie dough, we don’t need more!" 

Ruby: *unfazed* ”…okay, but what about strawberries?“

Weiss: "We practically have a whole fruits basket of them. Why don’t we get more vegetables instead? I don’t want you to die early of diabetes." 

 Ruby: "Awww Weiss~ I’m not gonna die early and leave you all alone! I would never!" 

Weiss: "Hmph…” *mutters* “you better not… you dolt." 

Ruby: *grins* "if I eat more vegetables from now on will that make you feel better~?" 

Weiss: "Yes. And this means you MUST eat your broccoli." 

Ruby: "Whaaaaat?! But they’re so… icky and they’re like eating little trees…" 

Weiss: *smirks* "It would make me happier if you did~" 

 Ruby: *grumbles* "fine…”


You ain’t getting off that easy, Sanji!! You really think that’s gonna be enough to get rid of me?! Stop fooling around!! You of all people should know better! I’m gonna be right here waiting for you!!! And I’m not budging from this spot until you return!! If you don’t come back soon, I will starve myself to death!! You’re the cook on my ship!! I’m only going to eat the food you make!! You must definitely come back to us… Sanji!! Without you, I won’t… I CAN’T BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!!!!

dating jonathan byers would include...

•long drives to nowhere

•"just one more picture"

•him taking you to the drive in every friday

•"i made you a mixtape"

•cuddling under 500 blankets

•him trying to surprise you in anyway, but failing every time

•him taking pictures of you in your most candid of times (sleeping, eating, laughing, reading)

•taking will to see movies

•joyce always wanting you to stay for dinner

•you taking his cardigans

•him looking everywhere for them, only to have you show up in one

•"everyone of my shirts smell like you"

•him trying to teach you about photography

•thumb wrestles

•showering you with random and cute compliments


•wrestling around on his bed

•when he wins, he kisses you all over your face

•running your fingers through his hair as he falls asleep

•him never wanting to get up in the morning, scared he may wake you up

•so he just lays there and watches you sleep wondering how he got so lucky

•you being will’s favourite human because you can never say no to playing with him