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Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader
Word count: 970
Warnings: Angst
A/N: I just used my birthday to make it easier haha

Part 1 of Just a Glimpse

“Shhh, Sammy. It’ll be okay.” You reassured the seven month old as he fussed. “Here, buddy.” Holding up his favorite teether, you looked around for your father and grandfather.

Instead, it was your uncle that appeared. “Come with me.” Cas ushered you, quickly, towards the kitchen.

“Where’s Dad?!” You asked, panicked. Dean rushed in carrying a couple backpacks, and Sammy’s diaper bag. “What’s going on?”

He looked scared, which wasn’t something you had seen much. “Uncle Cas is taking you somewhere safe. Take this letter and give it to me when you see me. I packed Sammy’s diaper bag, you a bag with some clothes, and your laptop. The last bag is his clothes, some formula, and his favorite toys.”

Your eyes watered. “Daddy? What’s going on?”

He kissed your forehead gently. “I love you both. Please, be careful.” With one more kiss to Sammy, he walked out, his own green eyes filled with tears.

“Uncle Cas… Where’s Grandpa?”

He gave you a sad look that killed you. “I’m sorry. There is no time to explain.” He told you.

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Will Adele’s 25 break Michael Jackson’s Thriller record?

Will Adele’s 25 break Michael Jackson’s Thriller record? Maybe. 

But if it would, let us not forget that times have changed.

Today, buying records can be done by just a click. When Thriller came out, buying records means waiting for it to be released in the stores, physically going to the store, lining up for God knows how long, and waiting for your turn to finally buy it. 

Music is more accessible online now. You can view and download the video anytime. Before, fans had to wait for the Thriller video (or any of Michael Jackson’s songs) to be played on MTV. Or wait for him to perform in his concerts or some shows where he’s invited. He would often turn down guesting invitations.

Will Adele’s 25 break Michael Jackson’s Thriller record? That’s probable. 

But Michael Jackson has been dead for 6 years now and yet Thriller broke another record just recently.

“The new milestone continues Jackson’s reign as the best-selling artist of all time, with over 100 million sales for “Thriller” worldwide and 1 billion total sales to his credit.Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become the first album ever to be certified 30 times multi-platinum for U.S. sales, marking more than 30 million sales in the States. “ - Billboard

Michael Jackson is not around anymore to promote his music. We will never see him perform again (unless you believe in heaven and you believe you’ll see him there). But people are still buying his music. 

It was released on November 30, 1982. (I wasn’t even born yet) 

It’s been 33 years. 3 decades ago. Maybe some of the hardcore Michael Jackson fans are already dead, demented, deaf, or too sick to get up. 

So who’s buying his albums? You tell me.

Michael Jackson breaks down barriers, continues to influence generation after generation, and still breaks records. Like a true legend.

Will Adele’s 25 break Michael Jackson’s Thriller record? That’s not far from possibility given the present situation. Though it won’t be that fair if you look at the ‘how’.

Adele’s a great artist, her songs speak to the heart and her performances are also phenomenal.

Will Adele’s 25 break Michael Jackson’s Thriller record? Maybe technically. But, Michael Jackson is untouchable when it comes to music. I think it’s unfair to even compare him with anyone.

“In the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson, and then there is everybody else.“ -The New York Times

Will Adele’s 25 break Michael Jackson’s Thriller record? Not in this fan’s book, no.