all the best kisses are in s3


After watching yesterday’s clip i have a whole new view, all these scences in season 3 the pool scene the o helga natt its just all mean a new thing. We all thought in the beginning of S3 that Even was smooth af flirting with isak and all but holy fuck he tried to kiss Mikael and mikael is religious so can you imagine Even’s position when he fell for his best buddy only to be rejected when he leans in for a kiss. Even reading the Quraan in a foreign language for the sake of trying to understand what he did wrong, trying to grasp why his buddy won’t look at him anymore. The pain and the isolation he must have felt thinking that something is wrong with him because he is not the same as his friends.. him trying to take his own life now that right there fucked me up Even the sunshine that we all love was in that situation thinking that he can’t change his feelings and get his best buddy back he is reading that he is going to hell there is no way to endure that pain so he tried to kill himself and the way that affected yousef made me love him more than i already do. But somehow Even picked himself up deleted his social media starting new, thinking that maybe just maybe this time it will work out, he decided to give life one more chance. Then he saw isak on the first day of school and he cursed himself all over again. He knew what he was feeling wasn’t unreal there was nothing wrong with it… he went with it after getting rejected and trying to take his own life and his mental illness YET he still fucking went after isak cause he knew that this time maybe it will work out and that is bravery. him begging isak to call him the man of his life that damn smile that he smiled after the kiss in the pool the weight on his shouldder that was removed when isak kissed him back everything seemed right and he held on he didnt give up we all thought that Even saved isak because we saw it from isak point of view, but isak did save him right back. dealing with his mental illness his sexuality his suicidal thoughts yet he started new, now if thats not courage i don’t know what is thats why Even will always be my fav character in tv history tbh because i can relate to him and i will always hold on cause maybe one day i will find my own isak valtersen… and that is Even bech Næshiem the brave boy that inspires me everyday.

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Trying to make sense of what happened

Trigger warning for mentions of suicide.****

I feel so betrayed by what happened in “Imagine all the people living in peace”. I think a lot of people look super guilty. And most of those things are irreversible. Like Sara and the pepsi max gang. There’s no way -based on what we know- for them to be redeemed. Or the fight, because someone started that and someone got hurt so whoever started it is guilty. 

And most of all Yousef. Because at least in s3, Even tells Isak that they were rushing into things and they should take a break from it all so seeing him kiss Sonja, while being a huge betrayal, didn’t come as a huge shock. While Yousef kissing Noora, the best friend of the girl he seemed to be perusing so hardthis season, just a week after they had that romantic and deep encounter, seems inexcusable.  

But this is Skam and ignoring a few exceptions, almost all characters are redeemed with the message that “we’re all human. We make mistakes.”

So I’m trying to go down the list of people I want to murder and try and explain why they did what they did.

So this got a bit too long so instead of making one post this is now a masterpost! 

Underestimating Vilde

The Elvebakken case

Hvem er Yousef?

The Fight (not yet posted)

Noora coping mechanism (not posted yet)
The Way to a Man's Heart

Description: When Greg asks Sherlock to be his best man, the past returns in an unexpected way, confronting Sherlock and John with the need to define what they are to each other. Set about a year after series 3.

Review: This fic is so so good. With Sherlock in the role of Best Man once again, some old memories resurface for both John and Sherlock. Victor Trevor makes an appearance and I loved how he called Sherlock Will. I loved that. I loved how John listed off the things that they do that normal flat mates don’t do. I loved how they danced. I just loved all of it.

Rating: Teen


gotham S3 finale was good enough for me! of course i had hoped for a nygmobblepot kiss, naturally, but this ending is not bad at all, there’s plenty of time and potential for s4 for that to happen.


  • Pengy looks so good this episode ngl he out-beautifulled and out-smarted ed
  • Speaking of which, him winning is THE BEST NEWS
  • Ed just gotta chill and reflect
  • Docks scene is AMAAAAAZING 

Alfred and Bruce

  • when the water first showed I knew Alfred aint gna die tbh 
  • but the lack of surprise did not make the sword through his chest hurt any less 
  • when it happened to alfred it happened to me too
  • Alfred saying out loud to Bruce “I LOVE YOU” gave me an orgasm in my heart my eyes are wet
  • the only sweetest and purest and best relationship in Gotham, from the s1e1 till the end of time

Tabs and Selina

  • Whip is G O O D
  • She and Tabs are meant to be. They deserve each other and I KNOW it would be a pure and sweet relationship, perhaps like a villain version of Alfred and Bruce


  • Why
  • Bad idea
  • Can I pretend it never happened? You gave Oswald a mother and killed her for no reason again.

Butch/ Cyrus Gold

  • Hunty got levelled UP

Harley Quinn

  • Where Is She
  • this girl? 
  • She seems the only one with the correct age I have 0 other arguments for this theory

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Bob about Bellarke

I want to spread positivity about Bellarke so I’m going to talk from Bob’s point of view.

First, we all agree that Bob analyzes the show really well. He is one of the best readers of the narrative and has a deep understanding of his character and, therefore, of Bellamy’s relationships. Honestly, hearing him to talk about The 100 is a blessing. When Bob speaks about a scene he knows exactly in what chapter it happened. He doesn’t change his answer in each panel because he really thinks what he is saying and gives us honest answers, always being respectful and nice.

I’ve looked for panels, interviews, articles of S1 and S2 and, in short, his opinions were like “There’s a connection between them. They trust each other and work really well together but it’s not necessarily romantic

Why this? Well, Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke are growing since the beginning, and at the end of season 2 he knows that has feelings for her. He’d do anything for her, to protect her, just makes sense, but he hasn’t realized the nature of those feelings.  

That’s why Bob doesn’t talk about romance or denies the idea, because, even when it’s obvious in the eyes of spectator (part of them, actually), Bellamy isn’t aware.  

Now, we jump into S3…. and we get this. The script of this moments says: “It echoes. The lengths he’s willing to go to save her surprises even him

and this. An argument where all the feelings that he had been suppressing for months come to the surface. He’s verbalizing them.

And also this. There’s no subtext here. This is Alie using Raven’s thoughts and calling Bellamy out on his feelings for Clarke. 

Bonus: The script said “Don’t talk about Gina” but they decided to change it to

and this is his face when Murphy says: “You’re not the only one here trying to save someone you care about”

So after S3 and all those moments, what are Bob’s answers in terms of Bellarke?

He stopped to say “I don’t see them romantically” and started to tell us things like

He is not only describing them in the best and most beautiful way but also is dropping hints that it could happen…. it’s just that’s not up to him.

Another comment was “I think they both need to heal before anything romantic can happen between them” I mean, he’s not denying the possibility.

He even made a joke about how the Bellarke kiss has not happened YET

and has admitted that Bellamy has feelings for Clarke and have been realized (particularly in 3x05 when he says “You left me”)

So, yeah, I really think that his answers are correlative to what is happening on screen. He’s being more and more open about Bellarke and now acknowledges Bellamy’s feelings because that’s what he’s feeling in the skin of his character. He doesn’t answer the questions as Bob, but as Bellamy.

And what about S4?

Well I just want to say….

1. while they were filming the new season he has said too that “They don’t have many family or friends that they can be that honest with eachother but still love and respect them” [His own way to said they love each other]

2. without being asked, he compared his relationship with Gina and Clarke. He said that with Clarke, he can be open and vulnerable aka intimacy, one of the most important pillars of romantic relationships

3. when someone said that Clarke could be his reason to carry on he smiled like this

and that’s all. I don’t want to say that Bellarke is happening but…… 


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sherlock coming up to john and mary when they dance at their wedding and politely asks mary if he can have the dance and mary smiles sadly at him and gently pushes john to face sherlock and says ‘he’s all yours’

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okay i really want to know, 5 things you'd change about ninjago

honestly the bigger question is 5 things i wouldn’t change about ninjago, but i suppose i’ll narrow down the top of my list of things that Need To Change

1. I’d fix the timeline so that it Actually Makes Sense and allows more room for exploration of other elements. Biggest thing is really to make the Serpentine War take place a long ass time ago with none of the ninjas’ parents being involved. By extension, I’d also end up changing the way the elemental powers work or carry from generation to generation (like one of my 50-some fleshed-out explanations of how the powers should work, instead of this arbitrary “and YOU get it from your parents, and YOU get it from your parents, and YOU’RE obviously adopted because your parents don’t have it, and YOU get it from your parents” etc. etc. etc. because honestly just no. No. That’s not good enough for me sorry. :P

2. More emphasis on the everyone’s relationships with other people, rather than just the core cast. I wanna see more of Kai and Nya bonding over remembering their parents. I wanna see more of Jay interacting with his parents. I want to learn who Cole’s mom is and see how that impacts Cole and Lou. I want literally anything to happen with Zane and Julien and Echo, because after S6 we are Incredibly Ripe for a discussion which I really want to see. Basically, I want to learn more about who these characters are, who they care for, and who they care about - unlike in canon Ninjago, where the team pretty much Exists as a singular entity that has no ties to any people in particular. TL;DR: I want a minor characters to exist for more than one episode sometimes.

3. No romance bullshit. Listen, back in S1 and S2, Jaya was cute. Now, though, after everything that happened in all the recent seasons? Sorry, no. It’s quite literally the opposite of a healthy relationship 90% of the time - the one example I can think of where they actually communicated with each other without all the other bullshit is TLR, but considering TLR is probably one of the best Ninjago episodes of all time, that pretty much shows the state they’ve been in. All the two of them ever do is try to kiss each other, even when they’re fighting almost constantly, which really isn’t a good way to figure out what’s wrong in your relationship to try and fix it. Basically, fuck the love triangle.

4. Fuck S3 in general. Sure, you can have a season with some of the same general ideas in its plot - I mean, if you can even find an overarching plot in S3 to imitate, which is a pretty fuckin hard task if I do say so myself - but the sudden genre switch from “mostly fantasy” to “mostly sci-fi” is a really fucking sudden transition, and it really doesn’t work well with the show’s strengths. The sad thing about S3 is that a lot of the concepts introduced in it are wonderful - Cyrus, Pixal, Hiroshi’s Labyrinth, Pythor’s return, the Serpentine underground city, etc. - but the plot is so unfocused and all over the place that it just comes off as complete bullshit. Hell, even the sudden genre switch could’ve felt more natural if the plot took a bit more time and cut out the love triangle bullshit. But it didn’t. So fuck S3.

5. General characterization cleanup. In the last few seasons, everybody’s really been coming off as pretty flat - Kai’s the impulsive one, Cole’s the sorta-serious one, Zane’s the smart one, Lloyd kinda exists, Nya doesn’t have character unless she’s arguing with someone, and Jay is a nightmare and makes me want to die. This one I’m going to split up into subcategories for each of the main characters because this is a huge problem.

Jay: He’s been so screamy and whiny all the time in recent seasons, and sure, he also was a little bit back in the earlier seasons, but the Hagemans have slowly turned him up to eleven over time. S6 was literally so bad at points that I could hardly sit through it. It’s gotten to the point where I can instantly tell that the Hagemans haven’t written the script for something if Jay doesn’t piss me off - and so far I’ve always been right, because I’ve been able to successfully predict it for Day of the Departed and S7, neither of which were/are written by them. It’s worth noting that both of them portray Jay a lot better and have a “normal” amount of focus on him, so it’s possible that S6 was only really especially bad because the camera was on him the entire time.

Cole and Lloyd: Back in the second half of S2 or so (though it only really became obvious in S3), Cole and Lloyd actually swapped a lot of their “personality” traits. Before the swap, Lloyd was more of the “foodie” character and Cole was the “default leader”, but around Child’s Play their traits actually got swapped around. Now, back in the olden days, all of the characters were more 3-dimensional, so it was really hard to tell - but as soon as S3 started it was very obvious that Cole was suddenly “goofy food-lover” and Lloyd was “default leader the team would be incompetent without”. I’d switch them back. #MakeLloydSillyAgain

Zane: Honestly, of all the Ninja, Zane’s the one that most pisses me off right now, even more so than Jay. While Jay’s just annoying and screamy, our current Zane is a completely different character than the one we had back in the early days of Ninjago. Both versions of Zane are smart, but while the old Zane was kind and understanding, the Zane we have now is very egotistical and occasionally quite mean-spirited. The easiest way to show the difference is by taking a look at the scene where new Zane asks for wishes from Nadakhan - new Zane tries to outsmart Nadakhan and gets punished for it. Old Zane probably would’ve wished for his friends to be freed. :/

Nya: I’m too tired to try to come up with reasons for this because honestly Nya’s character has always been treated like shit. One thing I’d definitely change doesn’t have anything to do with her - it’s that I’d have her independence be treated as an asset instead of a liability.

Kai: I don’t have much to say with him - of all the Ninja, his character has stayed the most consistent throughout the show. He’s impulsive and a bit rash at times, but he’s not stupid; and he’ll do anything he can to protect the people he cares about. In recent seasons, the writers have frequently ignored the “but he’s not stupid” part, but other than that he’s pretty much the same as he was at the beginning.

k so that’s 5, good job woods it only took you an hour to write all this shit

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Hi.. I am kind of new to the fandom and i notice everyone is very excited about glen winter directing an episode. Why is that? I mean i know the fandom also loves antonio but he directed the glorious love scene and the yin yang kiss. So why is glen winter loved?

Glen Winter directed six episodes of Arrow. However, he’s adored in the Olicity fadom because he directed “The Calm” 3x01… which is probably one of my all time favorite, if not all time favorite, Arrow episode ever. He also directed “The Promise” 2x15 which is probably one of the best episodes of S2. He also directed “Left Behind” in S3 which was some GLORIOUS angst in the wake of Oliver’s death. 

Other Glen Winter favs:

Broken Dolls: Winter delivered us these shipper moments and we are forever in his debt.

And this shot!!!

And these iconic OTA shots!!!

The Flash vs. Arrow (first Flarrow crossover was THE SHIT)

LOT Pilot

Simply put… when Winter comes to play it’s gonna be good. He is a god among mortals.

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why are all you antis insisting that if lydia was in love with stiles since 3A she automatically should have told him so they could date? like how often do people ACTUALLY tell each other their feelings? last time i checked sterek never said their feelings to each other but they're so "in love" right? lol not to mention Lydia was dating aiden and Stiles starts dating Malia in the end of 3B so it's not like they could just drop everything and be together.. like be realistic


Are we talking about the same bold Lydia Martin who’s been very well of aware of Stiles’ feelings for how long now?

Aiden and Malia came in AFTER the kiss, like pretty way after, especially Malia, so she had hella time, sis.

And the difference between Stiles and Derek and Stiles and Lydia is that Lydia was incredibly aware of how Stiles felt and she knew how she felt about him as well.

She could’ve dove right in, but she didn’t.

Stop trying to argue with me on this.

They literally pulled that entire thing out of their ass. Lydia only started showing that she actually romantically felt for Stiles at the beginning of S6.

She didn’t even address it at all, ever, even after Aiden and even after Malia and Stiles broke up.

She said nada.

So as I have been saying before, I will say again, Lydia didn’t love Stiles since S3 and she doesn’t love him now.

They’re putting in all this extra shit in a rush to make it look like Stiles and Lydia had some actual romantic history aside from Stiles obsessing over Lydia and that problematic panic romanticized kiss.

They do have history. They did develop into two amazing best friends.

But that’s all being fucked up for some rushed garbage that is sidelining relationships that are actually important and dragging characters OOC.

So please, hold your shit Nancy. It’s unwanted and it’s not gonna make me change my mind.