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Tweek: Okay, well… My name’s Tweek, I’m 20 years old. Um… I’m really into supernatural stuff, My best friend is named Token, and I own a business with my mother.
Craig: Oh shit, really? You own a business?
Tweek: Yeah, have you noticed the bakery in town now? The Pastry Place? Me and my mom opened it about eight months ago. We got kind of famous over night for all the fun stuff we make. And yes, we also sell coffee.
Craig: So that’s how you afforded this house already. You’re a fancy businessman now.
Tweek: I suppose, haha. What have you been up to, Craig? I mean, where do you work now?
Craig: Um… Taco Bell. Hah. It’s kind of embarrassing compared to what you’ve got going on.
Tweek: Not at all! We’ve all got to start somewhere! if it wasn’t for my mom’s experience, I’d probably be in the same boat.

Off-screen Post #17.a

Monday, 1/25/16 12:30 PM

JIMMY: And since you gave us all those photos, we can add music to help our appeal. We can use that song Lost Boy. It comes on the radio all the t-t-time. Now whenever people hear that song they will remember that Kenny’s missing.
KYLE: You really think this will help, Jim?
JIMMY: In these kind of situations you just have to hope for the best. How l-long did you say he’s been m-missing?
KYLE: Two weeks.

JIMMY: Two… weeks… great. This is coming along nicely, Kyle.
KYLE: Yeah… thanks for doing this, dude.
JIMMY: No sweat. Honestly I had no idea Kenny was missing until Craig told me so yesterday. And really that’s your whole problem. Word has not been travelling.

KYLE: Not travelling? We’ve been telling everyone Kenny’s been in contact with since he left. How’s that possible?
JIMMY: W-Well, no offense Kyle, but your group has a huge ego problem. People p-rrobably think you guys made the whole thing up to get attention.

KYLE: …So… people this is all some big joke.
JIMMY: No worries, pal. Once this video goes up on the school news everyone will take your story seriously. Everyone’s gonna be looking for Kenny.

JIMMY: Once Wednesday comes around, you’ll have Kenny back before you can say “Thank god Jimmy runs the school news!” 

KYLE: … … I… hope you’re right, Jimmy…

New Vegas, part 16: Justice

The town of Novac had two snipers who took turns watching for trouble from the dinosaur mouth, Craig Boone and Manny Vargas, both retired NCR troopers and former best friends, though that friendship had become strained in recent months.  Both needed help from Bethany, and both tasks would end up testing the bounds of her moral commitments.

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CLYDE: Here, to make it easy, I drew a picture.

CLYDE: This is me. I’m super cool and kinda small but thats okay, I’m still gonna grow.

CLYDE: This is Craig. He’s my best friend and he’s really tall and he’s in love with Tweek so they hang out together a lot. He’s still my best friend though!

CLYDE: This is Token. He’s kind of like my mom sometimes and he looks out for all of us. He’s really nice and probably my second best friend if you don’t count Craig.

CLYDE: And this is Jimmy! He’s really funny and he likes the same video games as me so he’s automatically really really awesome.


this really makes me sad af. i found out & almost cried. my mindless days were some of the best days of my life & my experience was one of a kind. I’ve shared so many memories w team mindless regardless if it was tumblr tm, twitter tm or ig tm. I met some of the best people because I was a fan of mindless behavior & to know that it’s really over for real really kinda hurts my heart. I’m almost 18 & I feel like I’m 14 again 😭 I wish them all the BEST of luck with whatever they decide to do. Jacob, Rayan, Chresanto & Craig. even EJ & the other boy that was added after Ray left. I’m so glad I had a group of people like them that showed me it was okay to be myself. it’s been real team mindless. love y'all man 😭💘 @mindlessbehavior @kidswithafros @trendy2wice

Please Help Save Wander Over Yonder!

This little show is so positive, and well written, and TRULY AMAZING.

Wander is the most positive protagonist I’ve ever seen a western cartoon have, he actually used his wits and kindness to change villains hearts, to help them be the best version of themselves. He’s so positive, he loves EVERYONE, and he manages to help save the galaxy without violence.

His friend, Sylvia, is a kickass female lead too, she’s strong, tough, has a good heart, and helps keep Wander out of danger. She’s a wonderfully written woman, just like all the female characters in the show.

Craig Mckraken himself created this show, and it is so beautiful and has such a vast world, one that still has so many arcs left to follow!

Disney has scheduled this show to end after its second season concludes this June, but Mckraken has solid, wonderful plans for a third season, so we should try to help him get it!

Please help save this wonderful, positive, amazing show, it’s something everyone could use in their lives, and has so many positive messages, as well as some ASTOUNDING humor.


Please help keep this show around, and check it out yourself if you haven’t yet! It’s one of the best shows out there right now, I’m confident in that. Please don’t let this show die.

Stan: Of course I’m Kyle’s best man! We’ve had that planned since like kindergarten. They’re going to have it next summer, so we gotta wait a year- but we’ll have plenty of time to plan it all out.
Craig: I’m gonna guess the ‘will you attend’ question was for me.
Stan: Probably.
Craig: I didn’t even know, so- I kind of wasn’t invited. 

Kyle: Get in here or you’re not getting your god damn cookies!
Stan: Oh shit. I better get to the kitchen.

“When Jon Stewart started, nobody knew [who he was]. Now I’m starting, nobody knows. People have a right to not like me and people have a right to like me but at the same time I want to be enjoying it as much as possible.”
- Trevor Noah, The Indepedent | 2015.10.30  

I do think that’s the right attitude to have: work hard and leave the haters behind. But… 

With all due respect to Trevor, his situation is not as simple as he might think. When Jon started in 1999, he was replacing Craig Kilborn (who was quite an ordinary fellow doing an ok job). Jon had a ton of hay to play with, and he spun the show into gold, he elevated himself as some kind of a magical force to be reckoned with. 

Now Trevor has to live with a legacy. He has to somehow find a way to live up to the 16 years of dedication and integrity Jon brought to the table and be the best he can possibly be. It’s not just a matter of having a different world view based on his own experiences or having fun by changing the show to be less about politics. Satire is a subtle form of expression, first, and it’s a form of expression that, I’m sorry, works best with politics. If he wants to change the format to show more diversity of subjects, he will have to work extra hard to get people to listen as they listened to Jon.

And Jon earned more than just people’s trust and respect. He earned their love, their affection. Trevor must try to do the same or I’m afraid he’ll get lost into the late-night sea.

(Sorry about the little rant here. That’s just what I had to say. Thanks for reading and please carry on.)

Craig: Oh, you mean this one? It’s of my best friend- here, I’ll get a better shot.

Craig: His name’s Clyde. We’ve been best friends since like… kindergarten. By now he’s more like a brother to me than a friend. Him and our other bud Token both, actually. We all went to school together.
Craig: Token recently left for college, though. Me and Clyde have been closer than ever since. He even got me my job at Taco Bell when things started getting tough for me. He brings food on his breaks sometimes.
Craig: I think he’s been worried.
Craig: Anyway, he’s a fucking goofball. The kind of guy that thinks fart jokes are a comedy goldmine and regularly makes a fool of himself while trying to be cool.
Craig: But I’m glad I have a friend like him. Especially now.