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beauty products people should stop sleeping on

shimmer body lotion- this deadass will make you feel so good about yourself. Turns you into an instant goddess.

Hydrogen peroxide- take advantage of its bleaching properties!! If you have hair that you want less visible but don’t want the upkeep of shaving (like arms, tum, upper lip, tush, etc.), use this to lighten the hair. Also can be used on blackheads (but be cautious not to bleach any hair near your face). If you do this, gently exfoliate the area first and then use a cotton pad to apply this. Rinse it off after 20 ish minutes. Mix with baking soda and brush it on your teeth to whitten them. this can be done pretty often but be gentle and have limits please. Also gets blood out of anything.

Honey- honey is literally a miracle product I love it so much. Has anti bacterial and antimicrobial properties bc of its low pH and it basically has no water in it. use it as a face mask as often as you want. Mix with things like turmeric for extra results but be careful bc turmeric in particular stains your skin yellow for some time. Use in or as a hair mask to soften hair and prevent hair loss. Use in your tea, oatmeal, smoothies for health benefits but be careful not to microwave it bc that kills all of the good stuff. Also honey is best when its raw and it will say that on the label.

Sunscreen- do I even need to say anything about this. Do your best to get a natural one that does not have retinal palmitate bc that actually is really bad for you when its exposed to sunlight??? Capitalism is amazing. No rules

Face peel- these will usually be fruit based and you only have to use them for less than 10 mins usually. More gentle and even than physical exfoliators. Makes your skin nice and soft but don’t over exfoliate by using another exfoliating product afterwards and avoid the sun for a little bit afterwards.

Cuticle oil and hand lotion- basically just treat your hands kindly. Wear sunscreen on the back of your hands. Give yourself a hand massage when you can. The hands are the windows to your soul and they age like raisins if youre not careful

Dry brush- !!! ill probably do another post about this but basically you get a natural brush and brush your skin before you shower or you use the brush and an oil of your choice after you shower. Brush towards the heart. This will improve the appearance of cellulite, improve your circulation, help the lymph nodes thus detoxifying you, less dead skin, better digestion, etc. doesn’t take very long either!!!

You are a rare commodity
Something so pure and delicate
Should be placed on a throne of hearts that never shatter
—  E.M
Witchy Wonders: Honey

I know that I have not been posting as often as I would like, but I’m super excited to announce the new Witchcraft series I’m starting called ‘Witchy Wonders’. For my very first post, I’m going to be delving deep into the universe of honey. This classic and long-loved sweetener has so many uses and it represents so many things.


The long and rather broad history of honey is actually not as boring as it sounds. Knowing the history of any witchy tool can really help you figure out how it works and how to incorporate it into your craft. In honey’s case, the color really stands out, and oftentimes it is used to represent happiness or prosperity. 

Throughout history, honey has been dubbed ‘of the gods’ and it has also been happily associated with sweet and pleasant things because of its rich, thick flavor. When people had no other kind of sweetener to turn to, honey was their solid rock. Bees thrive nearly everywhere, so it is mentioned in history all over the world. 

Honey began its trek to greatness thousands of years ago, whereas Witchcraft has only been prominently known for around five hundred years. Therefore, it can also be respected for its age and usefulness. 


The color of honey varies depending on the flowers from which the honey has been derived. If a colony of bees gets their flowers in Autumn, the color of their honey will be much darker than we’re typically familiar with. If the flowers bloom in Summer instead of the later months, you’ll see the more infamous shade of yellow/golden syrup. 

With the usual color correspondences, gold stands for wealth, prosperity, abundance, good luck, and fertility. This makes honey perfect for money magic, as well as magic for general abundance. Since honey’s golden shade also represents good luck, an abundance spell done with honey doesn’t have to be super specific because it already brings good luck. For instance, if you were to do an abundance spell that wasn’t super specific without honey (or another good luck ingredient), then it could bring an abundance of sickness or loss or absence of some sort.

If you have access to some darker, autumnal honey, it can be used for earth magic because of its brownish color. Use it for animal magic, earth magic, spring and summer sabbats, and other such forms of Witchcraft. 


Using honey in the kitchen can make superbly delicious food, and it can also aid in Witchcraft. When honey is put into kitchen Witchcraft, you can use it so many ways. Add it to your breakfast in the morning for a happy and pleasant day. Dip fruit in it. Mix it with your favorite herbs. The possibilities are nearly endless, considering how many amazing recipes you can find.

Replacing sugar with honey in a recipe will make it closer to the earth and nature itself. Sugar has been refined and processed, therefore reducing its natural Witchcraft uses. Of course, sugar is still good for many spells, but less ideal for earth and nature magic,


For thousands of years, honey has been widely associated with happiness and pleasant feelings. This is because of its wonderfully sweet and syrupy taste. It leaves behind reminiscent feelings of spring and summer, and it marks the memory of nature and the flourishing earth. 

If you’re ever feeling in need of a sugary treat, make something with honey instead of sugar. It will bring you the same happiness without the unhealthy side effects. 

Honey is absolutely perfect for happiness spells to make things just a little bit better. You can also enchant items for happiness using honey and you can place them around your home to radiate positive vibes all day long. Honey is one of the best resources for witches with depression, anxiety, stress, and any other negative feelings. It can help you feel better when you’re feeling down, and it just makes things cheerful.

Whatever you choose to do with honey, it’s always a great tool to have in your witches’ armoire. Without a doubt, honey is the happiest, golden-est, grandest sweetener available for your magic endeavors. Have fun, and happy bewitching!

P.S. Do not hesitate to send me some messages! Questions, requests, and just a little hello sometimes are all welcome. :)

Sir Michael Philip Jagger vel Mick Jagger was born on 26 VII 1943

The only things Mick and I disagree about is band, the mucis and what we do.  ~ Keith Richards

You’d imagine Mick would be the happiest person in the world, and yet a lot of the times he isn’t.  ~ Charlie Watts

People often get the wrong impression of Mick. The clever buisnessman is just one side of Mick. The other side is the same as the rest of us, a true rocker!  ~ Ronnie Wood

I got nasty habits; I take tea at three.  ~ Mick Jagger

happy birthday and all the best to our sunshine - Mick Jagger!

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how do rfa react when MC starts nagging her S.O. in front of them? Like, MC is dating Yoosung and start nagging him in front of Zen or Jumin, I thought it would be funny. Hope I made myself clear, love all of your posts <3

LOL, that’s pretty funny! Hope I got this right…

Also hope you like this ^^

RFA when MC starts nagging them in front of her S.O.


  • If you start nagging Yoosung in front of him, he won’t say a thing.
  • Unless Yoosung looks at him, then he’ll say “Listen to your lady, she knows better.”
  • If you nag Jaehee, he’ll do his best to ignore and try not to pay attention.
  • But lowkey he’s really curious on what Jaehee could have done wrong, she doesn’t seem the type to do nothing wrong.
  • If you’re nagging Saeyoung, he laughs. Saeyoung is always so loud, next to you he’s an obeying puppy.
  • “She really put you on a leash, huh? Try not to screw things up again, dude!”
  • And Jumin… oh god, it’s amazing! Can he record this? You’re there nagging him and Jumin is all “Yes, honey.” BEST. DAY. EVER!
  • If he’s feeling really douchy on purpose, he’ll encourage you “You tell him, MC!” “Hey, MC, what about when he acts like a pompous jerk?”


  • If you start nagging Zen… ohohoho boy is trying so hard not to laugh, Zen is always talking about the beast and all… where the beast at now?
  • Lowkey a little jealous… when will he get a girlfriend who will do things like that to him?
  • If you nag Jaehee, he’s honestly terrified to shit. Jaehee is the scariest person he knows and yet here she is with her head low listening to everything you’re saying oike her life depends on it.
  • So now you took Jaehee’s title as “scariest person he knows”
  • If you’re nagging Jumin, it’s kinda like with Jaehee. Jumin is intimidating, but now he’s cornered like a defenseless animal.
  • But Yoosung is not scared, he thinks it’s pretty hilarious, though he won’t admit out loud.
  • And with Saeyoung… he does his best not to listen, but when he does, he’s almost getting as mad as you.
  • Because he nagged Saeyoung about the same shit before, how come he never listens? Ugh…


  • If you’re nagging Zen, she at first is worried about some kind of scandal, what if somebody tell the media they saw you two fighting? This could be bad for Zen’s career!
  • And she tries to ignore it, but it’s hard to believe Zen actually isn’t that perfect, after all. Well, these are things only somebody so close to him like you could know.
  • If you’re doing with Yoosung, she’s super discreet and gives you guys some space.
  • But if she’s still able to listen, she’s agreeing with everything you’re saying, she almost feels like going there and saying: “MC is telling you all this for your own good, Yoosung.”
  • If you nag Saeyoung, she… thinks this is more entertaining than she would care to admit.
  • Kinda like Yoosung, she wants to go there and help you, she also can point a few things in his behavior she thinks he could correct…
  • As for Jumin… well, usually she’s the reason of your nagging, you’re telling him to go easy on her, give her some vacation, he should do some things on his own once in a while, he’s acting like a spoiled little kid… nope, she won’t keep listening to this.
  • But deep inside, she’s rooting so much for him to listen to you.


  • Extremely discreet.
  • Gets super uncomfortable and tries to give you guys some space
  • He is like that to Yoosung.
  • And most times with Saeyoung.
  • With Jaehee, he… tries not to listen, but he can’t help it.
  • And it’s kinda interesting like you’re able to make her listen to you without letting her get mad or frustrated. You probably have some good boss skills going on.
  • As for Zen… oh god… he swears he doesn’t want to listen, he swears he doesn’t care, but this is so amusing, better than every soap opera he ever watched.
  • “I believe the word you’re looking for to describe his behavior is ‘condescending’, MC.” He says and pretends he didn’t do anything, looking away to avoid Zen’s glare.


  • So entertaining! Why can’t he record this?
  • He’s like that to Zen and Jumin.
  • He also likes to make this reprimanding face and does a little “tsk tsk…”to them  after you leave, then he better run.
  • If you’re nagging Jaehee… nope, he’s not getting involved in this at all!
  • It’s too scary seeing girls fighting… and lowkey a little hot, but he doesn’t want to think about this AT ALL!
  • As for Yoosung… oh, he’s such an asshole! He stays behind you shaking his head with crossing arms doing a judgmental face.
  • After you leave, Yoosung is super embarrassed and Seven won’t help when he  tells him: “What a disappointment, Yoosung. I thought I raised you better than that, tsk tsk…” And Yoosung is like wth dude?
Black Honey

I’ve learned through some research and some traditions that honey is one of the best substances to use in witchcraft. I like to think of it as liquid clear quartz. I have mad my own mixture of honey that I think you will all like. It’s called black honey, and it is best suited for “dark magic.” It’s good for curses, bindings, hexes, and lots more.

To make it all you need is:

Honey (of course)

Water (I just used plain tap water. But you can use any kind really. If you wish you could boil it first, since water is really psychic.

And something to dye it black ( I prefer to use calligraphy ink, but I’m sure you could use food colouring, ash)

Firstly, combine the water and honey. Make sure that it still retains a somewhat think consistency. Then add the dye. Make sure that it is completely, or almost completely black as it will help with the practice. Then you can place energy and intent on it. And it’s done.

@afrosandathames @sanctusnecromancy I think you two might like this
Honey and Mori x Guest

This is part of a one-time-only series of host x guest dates - Admin 

Mori:  Welcome, princess.  

Originally posted by imagine-warlock

Honey:  Oh boy!  I love it when we have pretty princesses with us during tea, don’t you, Takashi?

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Mori:  Mmm.  

Guest:  Oh dear!  I don’t know what to do with all this attention!  

Honey:  Don’t be shy!  Here, you can sit next to Usa-chan if it makes you more comfortable.  Usa-chan is always there for me when I’m feeling bashful.  

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Guest:  Ohhhhh this is so cute!!!!! 

Mori:  Shall I cut the cake?  

Honey:  It’s super yummy!  It’s strawberry shortcake, which is my favorite!  We even have a chocolate drizzle if you want!  *proceeds to eat the cake whole* 

Originally posted by dailyohshc

Guest:  Uhhh… oops!  I guess I didn’t get my cake fast enough

Mori:  Mitsukuni.  Let our princess have some first.  

Honey:  *gasp*  I’m so sorry, princess!  I didn’t mean to be a meanie!  *chin wobble*  

Originally posted by tangofox

Guest:  Oh Honey senpai!  It’s not a problem, I’m glad you got to enjoy the cake!  There’s plenty of others I’m sure.  I’m not even hungry anyway!  Please don’t cry!!!  

Mori:  *Brings out separate cake and some candy.*  It’s ok, Mitsukuni.  We all make mistakes.    

Honey:  *dries tears*  You’re the best, Takashi!

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Guest:  *OMG this is too cute how can they have this effect on me?!*

anonymous asked:

hi!! i couldn't help but notice u reblog a post about acne? and i have combination skin :(( what did u do to help urs??

hello!! sorry for the late response, i just knew i would totally go into depth on this question ;; oh yup irfnwirv i completely understand, dude. combination skin is the fuckin worst bc ur skin isn’t just dry, it isn’t just oily, it’s both n it’s dreadful. hmm, well, following the guidelines of “help” i never truly got rid of my acne until i began medication. but i can give u as many tips as possible!!

to begin, though we share the same skin type, there will always be slight variation between our reactions to certain products, procedures, ect. and when it comes to ur face u gotta be cautious, so just experiment with things lightly at first. okay as i would say to anyone with acne, the basic always begins with,


i shouldn’t even have to explain why this is unhealthy and damaging!! i know its tempting and i did this so frequently. i also put my chin in my hand a lot in class which was not a good idea bc the irritation on my chin was so sensitive. it just increased inflammation and created moisture tht would inflict the skin. whenever u catch urself slipping, drill the fact tht you’ll only create scarring which is very hard to get rid of!

02. don’t wash your face 80 times a day!!

i read online tht this girl washed her face very frequently throughout the day and that was the reason behind her clear skin, so i fuckin went and did this. not my best decision!! it is important to keep ur face clean, but ure not a lasagna pan tht needs to be scrubbed for 20 minutes to get the grime off. the more u wash ur face, the more u strip the skin of its natural oils, thus producing a continuous buildup of oil as is desperately tries to replenish itself. this will also increase dryness in dry patches where the skin is even more starved of oil. in the morning and at night is perfect!

03. exfoliation!!

my all time favourite method for combating combination skin was an exfoliate of brown sugar and natural honey!! simply be gentle when massaging it into ur problem areas. brown sugar helps scrub the skin of its flakes whilst the honey works to soften and clean pores of dirt and oil. you can even leave this mask on for 5-10 minutes after rubbing bc ur skin will be even softer!! its best to pre-wash ur face with warm water and rinse off the mixture with cold water. then use a lightweight moisturizer to settle everything! (again, only exfoliate when necessary!!) foam cleansers/gels/tea tree oils only strengthened my skins dry patches, so this honey brown sugar shit was rlly all i could use.

04. who cares

i spent junior high being an insecure ass stick bc of my acne. but tht was such a waste. w h o  c a r e s. just do ya thing n if someone wants to be a fuckin waffle cone ass about the specks on ur face then be the bigger person n walk away bc they clearly have the same iq as a burnt pistachio. a few other tips, tie ur hair back when its greasy, flip ur pillowcases every so often, use a green colour correcter to cancel out red scarring, eat some ice cream n move on.

Do Kyungsoo//Roommates - Part 3, Finale

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Summary: Kyungsoo’s new apartment has some quirks. Like you, the ghost who still maintains the fact that the apartment is yours, not his. (3/3)
Scenario: fluff, angst, mentions of death, violence 
Word Count: 6,161

Part 1 Part 2

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I love Mori? Even though he says nothing most of the time, idk its just so adorable to me!!

Ouran Ladies:  Welcome!  

Renge:  We are the ladies of the Ouran fan club!  We are regulars at the Host Club and are divided into subgroups of fans for each of the boys!  You may be surprised to find out that Mori senpai has one of the largest followings here in our club!  

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Helen:  Oh I love the deep, smoldering gaze of Mori!

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Trisha:  And don’t forget about his brute strength!  Mmm!  

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Carrie:  And best of all, his utter devotion to Honey senpai!  All the moe!!!!  

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Ouran Ladies:  MOEEEEE!!!!!!

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This is a birthday present for @oqal  💕 💕 💕

It’s Rose and Pearl (us!!!) smooching in the Strawberry Fields!!

Becca, you mean the world to me and I hope you have the best birthday ever! I hope the package gets to you soon honey because!! You deserve all the best!!! And I hope it will make up for me not being able to celebrate with you honey!

Bug!Au FrUk England x Fem!France part 2

If you want to read Part 1, go here ^^ Please :,V

Feliciano called for Arthur but… nobody came.

“Ve?” Feliciano was a bit confused.

“Ve? Mr. Arthur? Hey? Are you there?” Feliciano called again, he started to fly around the leaves,maybe Arthur just hide himself because he was shy of meeting a cute girl! but…

“A-Arthur?” Nobody came….

“H-He’s gone! H-He dissapear!!” The poor little bee started to fuss, he didn’t like this! Maybe someone came to kidnap Mr. Arthur or he was eated by a spider or…

“WAAAAAAAHAAAA!!” Felicinao started to cry

“Oh my! Poor thing!” Marianne was concerned and worried, she held the crying little bee carefully

“D-don’t cry please! I bet he’s just around, we will find him!” Marianne said to Feliciano, trying to cheer up the little bee but Marianne was confused and… she had a small bad feeling about this… Arthur, maybe he… didn’t wanted to show himself to her?

Marianne and Feliciano started a search to find Arthur.

The first day, they tried to find him flying… but nothing. The second day, they went to the rock fields but… nothing. The third day they tried to find him in the trees… but nothing and the next day they went to the mushroom fields…. Nothing at all.

Where was Arthur? 

Marianne and Feliciano started to lose their hopes… specially Marianne. They can’t find Arthur, Where he was? He really…dissapear?

The sun was starting to hide and the night was coming. Marianne was giving another try to find Arthur but suddenly Feliciano fainted.

“Feliciano? Feliciano!!” Marianne cried worriedly

“H-Honey, Honey….” Feliciano said weakly. Of course, He didn’t ate his precious honey for days, he was starving and he didn’t had energy to continue anymore, besides, he was away from his Beehive for a long time. He was tired, he need to go back home!

“Oh please, Feli, hold on! I’m taking you back” Marianne said worriedly and she started a flight to Feliciano’s hive.

Inside of the BeeHive, All the little bees watched carefully the return of their most lazy sibling.

Many little bees were surprised, others just huffed and watched the scene with a frown, some of them found this a bit funny. Marianne held Feliciano carefully to the Queen Bee and the Regent Bee.

“Hmpf! That happen when a bee doesn’t follow the rules! If he was more careful….” The Regent Bee Roderich, huffed. He wasn’t happy with this and he was worried of course1 Even if he didn’t show it that much.

“Poor thing? what happened? I was really worried about him, he didn’t come back home for days!” The Queen Bee Elizabetha was more Merciful and gentle, she missed her little lazy bee

“Oh! I can assure you that Feliciano wasn’t fooling around. He was helping me to find an old friend of mine” Marianne tried to save Feliciano’s skin since the Regent Bee was scary.

“Really? What a sweetie, My little Feli is so kind” Queen Elizabetha was easy to convice

“What kind of friend?…” But the Regent Bee was other story.

“My Moth Friend! Feliciano knows him, he really cared about him and he was doing his best to find Arthur!”

“A Moth?…. but young lady, Is IMPOSSIBLE to find a Moth at day… Moths are nocturnal or at least most of them” Roderich explained

“Oh! Is true…. Moths are nocturnal creatures, they can’t really fly well during the day!” Queen Bee answered

“Of course!! They are nocturnal!” Marianne realized and she finally understood  why they couldn’t find Arthur all this time! Even Feliciano comment once that Arthur always looked tired at day… He’s nocturnal!

“Thank you so much, your Majesties. Please, take care of Feliciano, I will find my old friend!” Marianne made a reverence and she flew away.

“Do you think she’s going to be fine by herself? Is so dangerous outside and more if it’s night” Queen Elizabetha said concerned but The Regent Bee held her carefully to drive his queen inside the Hive

“I think she’s the stubborn type.That Arthur guy sounds really important to her. I hope her to be careful but we can’t really do nothing… our bees need us here and we can’t send any of them outside, dear… But she will be fine if she find that Arthur guy”

In the mushrooms field… Arthur walked slowly, almost lazily. He didn’t had a good humor like always but this time, there was something bothering him….

He can’t forget…. he can’t stop remembering Marianne and Feliciano, He can’t forget about Marianne.

She really changed! she wasn’t a fatty, annoying little caterpillar anymore, she grew up to be a beautiful butterfly and she looked so kind…she was enchanting, she was…

“Damn…” Arthur hissed to himself, holding his head a bit. Stop thinking about her! Arthur said to himself but it was hard to not think about Marianne… she was….


Eh? someone called him! Arthur looked up surprised

Impossible! It was really her? Arthur hide behind the mushrooms, careful to not show himself. Marianne was almost in front of him, she was on an old rot on top of the stream. The moon was bright that night and the stars were twinkling.

Marianne was there… worried

Marianne was there…sad.

She was calling his name…she was… trying to find him? she was…Sad? Because she couldn’t find him? 

Marianne finally lost all her hopes to find Arthur and she fell on her knees, completely crestfallen. she will never find Arthur, that was she thought and Arthur felt like shit…

She was really calling his name but… What she would say if he show himself to her? He wasn’t a butterfly… He was just an ugly moth and she always knew about it. arthur looked down but… he looked up again and…

“…!” Arthur gasped  abit.

A big frog… frogs eats bugs… THERE WAS A FROG BEHIND MARIANNE!

No way! NO WAY! He wasn’t going to see Marianne’s death , not in front of him!

“MARIANNE!!” Arthur yelled at her as he jumped to fly towards Marianne and the frog.

Marianne suddenly hears her name and she turned around, The frog was almost ready to send his long and wet tongue to catch the butterfly when…

“A-Arthur!” Marianne cried scared. Arthur manage to crash against the frog. The poor frog was surprised and  confused! His tongue didn’t reach Marianne! He was just hunting!!



You Majesty, Queen Bee Elizabetha VII!
Her Hive is in charge of make the best honey of the field. All the little bees love their Queen. Theywork everyday to make Queen Elizabetha happy and she takes care of them with love. Kind, gentle, merciful and extremely beautiful, Queen Elizabetha is beloved!

But taking care of thousands and thousands of bees isn’t an easy job, that’s why the Regent Bee Roderich helps Queen Elizabetha.
Because Queen Elizabetha is to merciful for her own good, Regent Roderich is in charge of putting discipline and make the bees work properly… but Feliciano is Roderich’s headache.

And…. He’s the reason why all the little bees have curls… Hey! Queen Bee isn’t able make babies by herself!

tiny dancer (jane/kurt fanfic)

summary: jane has to miss eden’s dance recital and the whole team pitches in to help

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: I have no explanation for this one other than it’s all I could think of today and I just had to write it.  You’re all probably getting sick of this AU by now…but if not, enjoy this very long and extremely ridiculous but (hopefully) fun fic!

tiny dancer

Jane waited anxiously, her eyes darting between the fussing baby in her arms to the iPad currently propped up on her hospital tray. She gently rocked her newborn son, attempting to soothe both him and her own nerves.

Just as she was about to pick up the iPad to call him, the screen lit up with Kurt’s name and an incoming call. She reached out to accept the call and waited the few seconds for it to connect.

“Hi mommy!” Eden’s cheerful voice came through, followed by her smiling face.

Jane immediately felt herself calm down at the sight of her happy daughter.

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