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Flirt // Chandler Riggs Imagine

Chandler is more slightly more over-confident and cheeky in this one, instead of the aDORABLE CINNAMON ROLL he usually is.

Requested by: @fannyimagines

PROMPT: The reader has a part on twd as Carl’s love interest. Chandler flirts with her during a panel, only making the fans ship them more<3

Hope you enjoy my loves!



C H A N D L E R // 1 2 4 8

I nervously tugged at my top as I stood behind the stage with the rest of the cast. We were about to go on for a twd panel at ComicCon. I had done panels a million times before but this was the first time I was properly nervous.

The only reason I was so scared was because I noticed I had been getting more attention lately on social media, which worried me because I might be asked more questions than normal. My recent ‘fame’ It was due to the fact that I was beginning to get a bigger part in the show. I had been on The Walking Dead for years, playing Melissa Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s daughter. I had a decently important role, and I loved it.

Now, in season 6, I had lots more screentime due to the fact that I was becoming Carl’s love interest. Chandler was my best friend on set, so naturally, we were both super excited to have more time to work together. Well, I was probably more excited than him because let’s face it, Chandler’s pretty damn cute.

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I Fell In Love With Your Voice

||| Requested by @singlepringle5 & @blancheinneverland |||

Part 1 (It’s not really that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on)

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Summary: Taehyung met you singing on the streets and just couldn’t leave you there. 

Genre: Fluff, angst

Word count: 1,349

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Your POV

You woke up with him carrying you on his back.

“Wha? Taehyung, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I doing, I’m taking you to my place of course.”

“What?! No no no. Put me down.”

“I can’t we are here already.” he said as you two approached a fancy looking tall building.

“You live here?”

“Yeah! Top floor.” he smiled.

“Top floor? Isn’t that like the penthouse?”

“Yeah!!” he seemed too excited to tell you this.

He went inside and every staff member greeted Taehyung politely but they gave you strange looks and you could hear them whispering. You leaned closer to his ear.

“You should really put me down, I feel like I don’t belong here.”

“Don’t worry about it.” he went to the elevator and only when the doors closed he let you stand on your own. He didn’t talk for the whole ride up but you kept your eyes locked on him. When the elevator stopped at the top floor he turned around and looked at you. He thought about taking your hand but decided not to at the last second and stepped out, you closely following after him. There was only one door on this floor and he slid his card to get it open.

“Tae, is that you?” a voice came from within. 

“Why are you always late? You were supposed to be back a few hours ago, you even missed practice-” a young man came from one the rooms but he halted as soon as he saw you.

“Who’s this?”

“Jimin, this Y/N.”

“Are you intending to break the rules again?” he asked crossing his arms on his chest. “Have you forgotten that no girls are allowed in the dorm.”

“But this time it’s different. She’s different.”

“How so?” he looked at you. “Come, we need to talk with the others.”

You didn’t expect anyone else to be here but there are more? You were about to ask Taehyung that but he turned to you.

“Wait here. I will be back soon.” he said, giving you a smile. 

You watched him go after the one called Jimin down the corridor and disappear after turning right. You didn’t know what to do, this didn’t feel right, you had no intentions of being a burden. Maybe you should go?..

Taehyung POV

Jimin seemed annoyed with him again but Taehyung can’t help it. He has to convince them to let you stay.

“Look who decided to show you.” Yoongi said as soon as he walked in.

“He brought a girl home.” Jimin told everyone without waiting another second.

“He did what?” Namjoon jumped from his seat.

“Where’s Jungkook?” Taehyung asked.

“Not here obviously. Hey! Don’t change the subject.” Yoongi was starting to get annoyed as well.

“Now now, let’s all not get carried away. Can you explain what’s the meaning of this?” Jin asked.

Taehyung took his coat off and told them everything, how he has been coming to listen to your singing and how he found out that you’re homeless and how he made the decision to bring you back here. He didn’t want to lie but the only thing he kept to himself was your first meeting as it held a special place in his heart.

“I don’t trust her. How do you know she’s not one of these crazy fans.” Yoongi was the first to talk.

“She didn’t recognize me even when I took the mask off.”

“That doesn’t mean shit, she could be lying.”

“No need to be paranoid. I say we let her stay.” Hoseok interrupted coming out of the kitchen.

“What? No. I’m sorry Tae, I’m with Yoongi this time.” Jimin said.

“Well if she really is homeless there is nothing she can do to us, so I don’t see the harm to let her stay here for a while.” Namjoon said.

“If she IS homeless.“ 

“Come on Yoongi don’t be an asshole, let’s help a person out.” Hoseok said.

“No, no way.”

“But why do we have to be the ones to help her out?” Jimin asked. “There is plenty of places she can go.”

“But Taehyung brought her here.” Namjoon spoke.

“Why are you even trying so hard, don’t tell me. Are you falling for her?”

Taehyung didn’t expect Yoongi to say that, so he couldn’t stop his cheeks from flushing.

“You are, aren’t you?” Yoongi teased.

“Hyung, what do you think?” Taehyung asked Jin to change the subject.

“Well we certainly can’t throw her out now that she’s here, but she could cause us some trouble because I’m sure a lot of people have already seen you two together. We will be lucky if there won’t be any buzz in the media tomorrow.”

“But it’s already this late, only the staff saw me.”

“That’s what you think but our fans are everywhere. Anyhow, I say we let her stay here for at least a few days till we find her another place but Taehyung you will have to take full responsibility if anything happens.”

“Of course . Thank you so much!” Taehyung clapped his hands and ran out of the room. “I will be right back.”

“That kid.” Yoongi snorted but then a loud shout was heard from the corridor. Taehyung came rushing in.

“She’s gone!” he said snatching his coat. “I have to go find her.”

Your POV

You stood there for a few minutes waiting for something to happen. You could hear them arguing in the distance when you finally decided to go. It was already dark outside and pretty chilly but people were still wondering around. You looked up at the penthouse for the last time and turned to the direction you thought the park was in. You were walking for at least half an hour when you heard footsteps behind you.

“Y/N! Wait!” it was Taehyung. He was red and out of breath from running. “Do you even know where you’re going? You could have gotten lost.”

“How did you find me?”

“I was running like crazy in different directions but then realized you would probably go back to the park. Thank God I found you.”

He looked you in the eyes.

“Why did you leave? Don’t you trust me?”

“I’m sorry I can’t stay with you.”

“But why, I got it all sorted out, almost everyone don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You won’t be.” he said taking your hand. “Come now, it’s getting cold.”

“No.” you said, freeing yourself from his grasp. “Why are you doing this? You barely know me.”

“Your voice.” he immediately answered.


“I fell in love with your voice. I can’t let it go to waste in the streets.” he said taking your hand again. “Let’s go, I won’t take no for an answer.”

You were so shocked by his statement that you didn’t resist and let him guide you until he stopped.

“Your hand is cold. Put this on.” he took his coat off and handed it to you.

“What about you?”

“I should be fine.” he smiled.

His coat was way too big for you and he couldn’t stop laughing at the fact how cute you look but you liked it, it was warm and smelled like Taehyung, so you couldn’t help but smile.

“There you go. I finally saw that beautiful smile of yours again.” he grinned and gently squeezed your hand. “We should hurry or I will freeze to death.” he laughed.

Somehow just chatting and being with him made your heart flutter, you haven’t felt this way in a long time. He intertwined your fingers and you didn’t protest this time. You two were walking in silence when you remembered what you wanted to ask.

“So besides Jimin, how many “others” are you living with?”

“Besides him and me, there are 5 more of us and I’m sorry to disappoint but there are no girls.”

“What?!” you couldn’t believe it. Seven men living under the same roof. “Are you all related or something?”

“Oh yeah, I never got the chance to tell you. We are BTS.” he smirked.

A/N: Lately I have been writing so slowly… 😫 When I think about it, I would be with Yoongi, who would want to take in a complete stranger, but it’s fiction so anything is possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

{Modern Vampire!AU} the8 & joshua

i wrote these as a comission kind of thing for a friend of mine and since people wanted me to post them, here they are!!

{blood mention/drinking mention} 


  • is totally attending different colleges under false names because he’s stuck in his age for the rest of his life might as well look like he’s doing something other twenty year olds should be doing - right?
  • got transformed when he went to korea for vacation and well….he didn’t want to tell everyone in the US that hey im a vampire now so he decided he’d stay in korea instead,,,
  • doesn’t take the time to hide his fangs like other vampires his age, so people sometimes are like wow what sharp teeth! and he’s just like uh yeah all people in america have these and he can’t believe it but 70% people believe him…….
  • as cliche as it sounds you meet him at a party
  • a party…..neither of you want to be at seeing as though u got dragged here by a friend of yours and joshua had come over to see if seungcheol was going to finally give him his book back but well….seungcheol just HAPPENED to be throwing a party……
  • and so you’re both like standing beside the snacks table which is just a mess now with chips splayed all over the place and “punch” leaking out of cups and like 
  • you have your glass of water which you had gotten for ur friend who had refused it and joshua is just shifting back and forth with this annoyed expression on his face
  • and you look up at him and you’re like
  • “…… you need to use the restroom…..or are you trying to dance?”
  • and joshua gives you a sideways glare and he’s like “neither. im trying to find out where seungcheol is. i need to talk to him.” and you just sip your water like “that might take some time, i just saw him disappear out the door with someone, don’t think he’s gonna be coming back for the night.”
  • you can literally see the pissed off expression on joshua’s face just get worse and he looks like he might punch a wall or something so you’re like
  • “what do you need from him anyway?” and joshua, through gritted teeth is like “a…………….book.” and you’re like……………a book? really? you look like you want to murder him over a book, what is it like 100 year old copy?
  • and joshua’s like “yes” and you’re like LMAO RIGHT (it actually……is……joshua bought it for a class he had back in the 1920s)
  • but anyway you have no way of knowing that and of course you don’t believe him and joshua just turns around and grabs a cup of punch and downs it in one shot and you’re like “woah-”
  • but then he’s like “um,,,,,,,this isn’t juicE?” and you’re like YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS PUNCH
  • the myth about vampires being party animals with high tolerances: debunked by hong joshua
  • and joshua wipes at his lips and he’s like “it’s even grosser than juice, it’s disgusting”
  • and you’re like “yeah alcohol is gross if you don’t drink it often” and joshua mumbles “i don’t drink human drinks often but god…” and you’re like human?? what now??
  • but anyway this joshua kid, he’s interesting. he’s got something about him that’s different and your friend has long since abandoned you and he’s the only one here who isn’t completely full of himself so you’re like
  • “wanna ditch the party?” and he snorts like “i want to find seungcheol and -” and you’re like “yeah yeah, that won’t happen tonight c’mon let’s sneak out”
  • and you grab his hand and joshua scrunches up his nose but lets you pull him along because honestly the smell of sweat and other things is clogging up his nose and so when you’re outside just the two of you in the night air
  • joshua can finally breath a bit easier and that’s when he notices that you smell,,,,,,,,,,well you smell sweet
  • and ofc he can’t tell you this lmao but he’s intrigued because he’s been a vampire for a bit over century and sure there have been humans who smell sweet but yours is something more,,,
  • and his urge for human blood has been calmed by a 60 year diet of straight up cows blood but he takes a step closer and almost has to actually stop himself from moving your hair a bit away to expose your neck
  • but yeah you notice this, the way joshua is basically borrowing holes into you with his eyes and you’re like well you chuckle and he’s like ?? and you’re like “you’re staring at me so intently, at the party it didn’t seem like you were the least bit interested”
  • the comment makes joshua embarrassed, of course no blush because no blood, but he just looks down and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t take it the wrong way
  • but you giggle because you think it’s cute and confidently you’re like “hmm i don’t know i think i want to take it the wrong way”
  • and joshua is kind of left speechless and you’re like “…….if that book you gave seungcheol is actually 100 years old do you have other books that old in your dorm?” and joshua doesn’t have enough time to sort out a reaction he’s just like “….well yes”
  • and you’re like omg cool let’s go
  • and you’re leading him off again and joshua wants to shake off your hand because he shouldn’t be doing this, but then again he’s had like 10 different roommates through the years he’s been attending ‘college’ and it’s not like he’s ever hurt someone when they’re alone
  • but that sweet,,,,,smell
  • but it’s too late you’ve basically dragged him to the dorm and joshua begrudgingly lets you follow him inside and the bookcase beside joshua’s bed is stuffed to the point of suffocation
  • and you immediately run over to see his collection while joshua takes an awkward seat on his bed and you pick a book up and you’re like
  • “wow,,,,,,,it’s falling apart, i think this one REALLY is 100 years old” and joshus is just like “i already told you-”
  • and you’re like “you must have got them from your grand parents or something, right?”
  • and joshua looks at you for a moment and smirks and you tilt your head in confusion but he’s like “yeah. grandparents.”
  • and that’s how you spend a good hour going through all his books and joshua slowly gets a bit more comfortable with your presence
  • until you sit beside him, point to the open book in his lap and because you’re leaning over neck exposes itself right before him and he just,,,,stares
  • and when you look up you see how fixated he is and you flush red because wow he’s looking at you like,,,,,,,,,,like that
  • and you maybe…..totally…….really……thought he was cute too and you hadn’t any intentions when you came over but now,,,
  • and you’re not the type to hold it back especially since joshua is just blatantly looking at you and so you lean up a bit and put your lips over his
  • and somehow joshua gets hypnotized by the sweetness of you and he lets you kiss him,,,he lets you kiss him while he chants in his head that he needs to stop but he can’t - he can’t 
  • but then you pull back suddenly
  • and joshua sees the alarm in your eyes and you bring your fingers to your lips and when you pull them back
  • theres a tiny hint of blood and you’re like
  • “……………..f-fangs?”
  • and joshua’s eyes widen and he’s like f U C-
  • and you’re like “you ha- h-have fangs?” and he’s like oh god how do i get out of this but he literally cannot think straight because the blood on your finger is driving him crazy and before he cant stop himself he’s reaching out for your wrist, bringing your finger against his own lips
  • and you’re like oh my god o h my g o d
  • and joshua almost - almost licks the blood off but then stops himself and is like “you should go, please”
  • and you’re like “no what - no - are you ok?”
  • joshua swats your hand away when you try to reach out and he grabs his head and he’s like ,,,,,,,, “just forget it- forget everything”
  • but you just stand there and gently you put your hand over joshua’s and you’re like “i don’t want to leave, until you tell me you’re ok”
  • and joshua can’t believe you he looks up from between his hair and he’s like “are you crazy, you’re the one who won’t be ok if you stay here - i’ll-”
  • and you laugh because you’re like “if you would have wanted to bite me, you would have already. im not scared, but you look like you’re in pain - do you want………”
  • and you offer up the still small smear of blood on your finger and for a second joshua stares at it but then he shakes his head and goes “i can’t give in-”
  • you nod and leave the room for a bit and joshua hears the sound of running water in the sink and you come back and smile and you’re like “that’s it, my tongue might still be bleeding a bit but i got the blood off my finger. are you ok?” 
  • joshua looks at you and he’s like,,,,,once again you’ve left him dumbfounded and he’s like 
  • “you should go.”
  • and you nod, turning to go through the door but then you turn back and lean up and tap your cheek and joshua is like ,……..what the heck are you doing
  • and you’re like “i dont want to kiss you because your fangs cut my tongue, but you should at least give me a kiss goodnight.”
  • and joshua, again if he had blood would be blushing, but instead he just turns his head and he’s like “i said go”
  • but you pout and you’re like “kiss goodnight or i tell seungcheol you don’t need that ancient book back”
  • joshua turns to you and he’s like,,,,,,,fine and he presses his lips to your cheek and pulls back, still scared a bit because your smell really is pulling on his heartstrings
  • but you just grin and wave like you’re really going to leave but then you turn one more time and you’re like
  • “… your books? they’re not from your grandparents are they?”
  • joshua takes a second but he can’t even help but smile
  • “no. no they’re not.”


  • is part of an ancient, royal chinese coven of vampires who have disguised themselves as high ranking government officials to be able to keep their double lives secret
  • is the son of council women vampire who is close to the president of china, but is also second-in-command of the actual coven
  • is always super graceful about everything he does and the chinese media call him the ‘ice-cold prince’ because he doesn’t make many expressions
  • you, are a simple tourist who came to see zhongnanhai but you’re also to curious for your own damn good so you end up breaking off from the tour group and skipping down a long, dark hallway because
  • yeah you’re sure they’ll be something cool at the end of it
  • and there is 
  • there’s two men, who look rather important seeing as though they’re dressed in suits and one of them is holding what looks like,,,some kind of animal??
  • and you’re like “oh! maybe this place has a house ca-”
  • but then one of the men turn around and you can see blood dripping from his mouth
  • and the animal they’re holding is ,,,,is dead
  • and you’re about to scream and one the men drops the animal to lunge at you
  • but suddenly there’s a hand over your mouth and the man freezes up in shock
  • and you look up and you see this handsome young man holding you against him and in quick chinese he says something that makes the other two cower in fear and run off
  • and when he lets go of you, you turn and i mean you damn near drop right there because
  • he’s so beautiful?? like a painting come to life??
  • and you want to stutter out a thank you but he just looks at you, eyes a deep brown ringed by vibrant red
  • and you can only manage a- “you - you’re a vampire too”
  • and the boy just rolls his eyes but nods and puts a finger to his mouth as a signature to keep quiet
  • and then, you actually don’t even notice but he’s still supporting you with his other hand around your waist
  • and when he lets go you almost lose feeling in your leg because wow ok what everyone in china is a vampire? everyone in the imperial city is a vampire? beautiful people are all vampires? what the he c k
  • but he then gently takes your wrist and leads you back down the long hallway you came from
  • and as he’s walking you think to yourself that,,,,wait if he hadn’t been there -would you have been bitten?
  • and before he leaves you back in the main entrance you came from, you ask him for his name
  • and he just simply says “xu minghao” and you’re like “can i ask another question?” and he’s like “no.”
  • but you don’t listen and your’e like “do you - do you bite people-”
  • but he just smiles and touches the top of your heart, almost the same way people pet children and he turns around and in a flash he disappears
  • and you’re,,,,,,,standing there, stuck with the vague image of his face still in your head and you want to just shake it off because you’re probably not going to see him again
  • and you can see your tour group returning in the distance and so you take a step forward, but then you decide no - you can’t just join them, you have to see this whole place for yourself (what other fantastical things could be hiding there??)
  • so instead of joining them and guaranteeing safety, you go back into another hallway
  • and as you’re wondering you don’t even see the time pass
  • and you don’t care because this place is huge and beautiful and hey, no other vampires to bump into
  • but then as you’re about to raise your camera to take a photo of this mural you see when a hand blocks the lens
  • and oh god the hair on the back of your neck stand up because you’re like,,,,,vampire-
  • but then when you turn it’s him again,,,,,,,xu minghao
  • and before you can say much he gives you a sideways smirk and he’s like
  • “you really like to get yourself into trouble so much?”
  • and you swallow like wh-what 
  • and he’s like “tours are over. and you’re still here, even when you know vampires are running around?”
  •  you go a bit red in the cheeks but you’re like !!!! “im sorry, ill leave”
  • but for some reason he doesn’t step aside, he’s just like “it’s fine. you can keep looking but ill stay here in case you run into any of my friends.”
  • and you can hear that he’s half joking, but then you take a step forward and he falls into place beside you
  • and you know,,,,,having him there does bring some kind of peace of mind but then fifteen minutes of silence you turn to him and you’re like
  • “how do i know you’re not luring me to my death?”
  • and he flicks those pretty eyes at you again and grins
  • and before you can take your next breath, he grips you in his arms, tilting you sideways and brushing his lips against your neck - the coldness makes you shiver and then
  • you feel it
  • the graze of his sharp teeth and your body is practically pressed against his yet,,,,no heartbeat
  • and you’re like oh GOD WHy c ouldn’t  i keep my mouth shut
  • but just as you squeeze your eyes closed
  • minghao let’s you go and you drop to the floor in shambles and he’s just chuckling, squatting down beside you on the floor like
  • “if i wanted you to be my dinner, i would have just done it - don’t you think?”
  • and you huff and you’re like heY you played a trick on me-
  • and minghao shrugs like “sorry~ you just looked so vulnerable hehe”
  • and you swat at him and his eyes widen and he’s like
  • “look at you - enough courage to even try to hurt a vampire?”
  • and you’re like “im gonna get up and im gonna chASE You unTil YOU APOLOGIZE” and you do get up and try to jump at him
  • but minghao just laughs and basically teleports his way down the hall
  • and you’re like COME BACK
  • and he’s like hehehe you think you can catch a vampire???
  • and that’s how you end up trying to chase him down through the halls, once you almost knocked over a vase but minghao was fast enough to catch it - while aLSO STICKING HIS TONGUE OUT AT YOU
  • and you’re just like frustrated because he’s so fast
  • and you’re like it’s not fAIR you’re subhuman
  • and you want to give up but then minghao appears by your side, kissing your cheek faster than lightening and being like “c’mon - i bet you can get me if you try!!”
  • and you do this till you finally run past an open window and you’re like oH GOD ITs so dark
  • and minghao appears on the windowsill like you’re right, it is - you should get back to your hotel and you’re like LMAO if i knew how
  • and he just grins and he’s like “how do you feel about a vampire escorting you?”
He’s Not as Bad - Part 2

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‘Stop hitting me.’ Jay shouted at you as you continued on pummelling the cushion in your hand.

‘Only.’ Hit

‘When.’ Hit

‘You.’ Hit

‘Stop.’ Hit

‘Being.’ Hit

‘An.’ Hit

‘Idiot.’ Hit

You stopped breathing heavily and glaring at your CEO who still had his hands up in defence. He peeked through his eyes to check whether you were still going to continue on to hit on him, literally or whether he was save. ‘You’re done?’ He asked sincerely asking whether all your pent up anger was already released because he knew that the only way you could handle stress is through releasing it and one way to release it is to hit things. He was the one who suggested boxing to you explaining how you should ‘channel’ your anger towards a more productive activity rather than pummelling him or anyone with a pillow or anything close to your reach. You hit him one more time just for that extra satisfactory and threw the cushion out of your reach scared that you would continue hitting him again if it was beyond reach.

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You just turned me on.

It was 12:15 am and Justin had booked a private jet for you guys but that was supposed to leave in an hour and you didn’t want to be late. You guys were going to Puerto Rico to visit your family, and Justin was going to meet them for the first time. He was nervous but he didn’t do anything about it, he just lied down on the couch as if his bags were already packed. 

“Justin!” you whined as you tried to drag him off the couch “Come on pack your things we’re gonna be late!”

“Can you do it for me? My stomach hurts,” He said holding his stomach. 

“Oh, are you nervous? You don’t have to be nervous baby my parents will love you.” You said placing your hands on either side of his jaw. 

“You sure?” He asked pouting but also placing his hands on yours. “You know the media says a lot of bad things about me, they can believe those things, everyone does.”

“No, my parents aren’t even aware of this thing called the internet,” I giggled “I mean they know but i told them not to read any of that stuff.”

He got up sighing and walked up the stairs to our room to pack his things, so we could leave. He was downstairs in ten minutes and before you left the house you gave him a kiss on his lips, intertwining your fingers with his, you hopped in the car that was going to drive you to the airport. 


You guys were standing on the porch of your old home where your parents live and knocked a few times, before the door opened revealing your mother and father with open arms. 


They both embraced you and you guys stayed like that for a few before you took a step back and looked over at justin who had a strange but warm look on his face. 

“Mom, dad, this is justin,” You say pointing at justin who’s hands are in his pocket but he quickly extends one hand for your parents to shake, but what your parents do surprise you. They pulled him in a big hug like they did to you, you already knew this vacation was gonna be good. Justin was shocked at first and didn’t do anything with his hands but he quickly hugged them too. 

“Nice to finally meet you, son,” Your dad said with his Spanish accent, it was really funny hearing him talk English. 

“It’s nice to meet you too sir,” Justin said but your dad wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t comfortable with justin calling him sir. 

“Oh no no no don’t call me sir call me padre!” He said and you burst out laughing. “You’re my princesa’s boyfriend, you’re going to be her husband later, you are part of the family!”

“I agree, but let’s go inside, i cooked delicious food.” Your mom interrupted you guys and you smiled. “Alberto! Come take your sisters suitcase!”

“Mom I’m busy,” Alberto shouted back at your mom in Spanish and your mom flipped and started saying things in Spanish and he came downstairs with a red face. “Hi sis, justin”

“Hi Alberto,” Justin said waving at him, they already met each other because your brother came to visit you a year ago. 


You were about to explode of all the food your mom fed you. She kept putting things on your plate and you could say no but justin couldn’t he didn’t want yo break your mom’s heart by saying no to all the food she made with her own hands. No offense it was delicious he said but he was about to explode too. Now while your mom was washing the dishes, your dad and justin were sitting in the living room talking about god knows what and you were ‘helping’ your mom. 

“Go go away,” She said pushing you away from the faucet “You don’t do anything so just go sit with your padre.”

You, of course, left because you wanted to. You sat down in the middle of justin and your dad on the couch and started watching what your dad was watching, something you both loved. 

“Soccer!” You said excited as one person of the team you were for started running and was about to make a point but he missed last moment. You and your dad both got up and Justin snapped out of his thoughts. “PUTA!” (bitch)

“Hijo de puta!” (son of a bitch)

“es estúpido!” You joined your dad as you two were scolding the soccer player. (he is so stupid) 

“Si el es, pendejo!” (yes he is stupid) 

“He can’t even fucking play, i could do better than him!” You shout at the tv and look over at Justin who was smirking like crazy. You sat down again and Justin began coming closer and you felt his lips pressed to your ear. 

“That was so sexy,” He whispered in your ear and your stomach started going crazy “You just turned me-”

“lo hizo de nuevo!” Your dad yelled making you both shiver and look up at him. (he did it again)

“Papá ¿por qué no a salir del campo?” You asked you knew your dad could understand English but you wanted to turn Justin the fuck on so you looked down at him and winked. (dad why doesn’t he leave the field?)

“No lo sé!” (I don’t know)

You sat down again, this time, you got closer to Justin and pressed your lips on his earlobe and whispered “¡Puedo ver su pene que sobresale de los pantalones” (i can see your dick sticking out of your jeans) 

“I don’t know what the fuck you just said but-,” He said covering his pants with his hands. “I’ll be right back.” 

I fuckin love you - Chris Hemsworth (Part 2)

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(Part 1) (Masterlist)

“Oh my God, come back here, Chris!” (Y/N) hissed exasperated from her dressing room’s door, but being ignored by him. 

Josh was the first to pull his phone and point toward Chris, encouraging the blond man to keep his yelled, improvised speech. “Dammit, (Y/N). I fuckin love you. There. I said it. That’s my interest for you. That’s why I keep behaving like a teenager!” Chris paused for a brief moment, turning on his heels and pointing his index finger at (Y/N)’s direction. “I’ve been trying to keep my feelings in check, keep to myself. And you always make everything difficult. Do you know how hard it is? But who cares anymore? I love you. Only you. Now, please, can we make this official?”

Josh quickly moved to record (Y/N)’s reaction. It looked like she couldn’t decide between to be angry or giggling over Hemsworth. Everyone that worked on the set was there watching the couple’s most important moment. Some of them whistling and others just recording as well. But the clock seemed to freeze when (Y/N) stopped chewing her bottom lip and ran towards Chris. Their bodies collided as (Y/N) hopped and Chris snaked his arms around her waist, picking her from the ground and making her wrap her legs around him. At first, her arms were hugging his shoulder but she quickly got her hands tugging Chris’ hair. Their kiss was worthy of a novel scene, had such passion that could leave The Notebook’s kiss to shame.

And now it was all over the internet. And tv shows. And interviews. And a crazy proportion of comments at social media. It was insane. (Y/N) couldn’t believe that people would have this kind of response. In only one week. One single little week.  

“C’mon, (Y/N). It can’t be that bad.” Josh groaned while reading the comments on her Instagram and Twitter. She scoffed, grabbing her phone off his hands and getting up from the sofa. The boy rolled his eyes and followed his friend. “Stop whining, you have a handsome boyfriend!”

(Y/N) turned on her heels and crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re not helping. At all." 

The boy sighed and shook his head in disapproval. "You’re looking for a problem that doesn’t exist. Look, Chris’ coming over, right? Just woman up.”

“I really hate you sometimes.” (Y/N) stated with a serious tone, but soon she was giving him a tight hug. “Thank you.”

You took a deep breath, looking through the closed window of the limousine. You could feel the paparazzi’s predatory eyes. Three months has passed but they still didn’t give up. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come alone. You were so anxious that you wanted to be able to fly. You ran your hands through the delicate fabric of your dress while trying to build up the courage to get out there. Suddenly the door opened, taking you off your thoughts and making you yelp in surprise. 

Chris’ face quickly came to your sight and you smiled at him. “Hey, pretty girl. Wanna go out with me?”

You giggled like a school girl in love, reaching his hand and stepping in the huge red carpet. All the camera flashes were focused on both of you and Chris seemed pleased to show how beautiful you were. He kissed your cheek before finally taking you away from the paparazzi. And after some interviews, you were gratefully giving signs and taking pictures with your fans. You were so happy that your smile was going from ear to ear. 

“Chris! Can we take a picture with you and (Y/N) together?” a young girl yelled, swaying excitedly her camera. 

“Sure thing, sweetie!” your boyfriend said without thinking twice, taking the girl’s camera and asking for someone take the picture for him. “Baby, come here!” grabbing your hand, Chris pulled you close to him so both of you could stand with the crowd. “Everybody say ‘cheese’!” 

“Oh my god, thank you so much! And you guys are perfect together!” another fan said while taking pictures with her phone.

“I’m a lucky guy, right?” Chris stated proudly, watching you already at the other side talking with more fans.

“Chris, can I take your necktie off my eyes?” you whined, it was already half an hour you could not see anything.

“Not yet.” he hummed simply to your annoyance.

“C’mon!” crossing your arms and pouting, you just heard him chuckle. “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t. And we here.” Chris giggled, stopping the car and getting out first so he could help you. “Just give one second, baby.”

“Where’s here? Where are we? It’s been already more than one second, Hemsworth.” you mumbled but he just huffed a laugh.

“Alright.” Chris said quietly, guiding you through the darkness for a little longer before taking the necktie away “What do you think?”

You blinked a few times until your eyes adjusted to the light and then looked around confused as you notice the huge house in front of you. Chris nodded to you go ahead and you opened the door, quickly getting inside. You looked around, trying to find something in one of the rooms but then you were back the living room and still confused. 

“What is this?” you frowned as your mind worked to the millions of options.

“Our future house if you say yes.” he shrugged but you finally noticed how agitated he was. He was afraid that you could say no. You could see clear now and understand what was happening here. Chris Hemsworth was asking you to give the next step with him. You felt your heartbeat increase like crazy.

“I don’t know, Hemsworth. After everything you made me go through before you finally got your sorry ass to action…” you pretended to be in deep thought before jumping into his arms. Chris grinned in relief while you giggled “I’ll say yes only if we adopt a puppy.” 

“Consider the deal done.” Chris hugged you tight and kissed your forehead before kissing your lips tenderly. “A huge puppy and a tiny one. Like us.”

“I love you, Chris.” you whispered, looking into his blue eyes and smiling at him. 

“And I love you even more.” he quietly replied, squeezing you against him as he kissed you again.

Dream Come True * Jack Johnson Imagine*

Johnson week has begun


*Pretend that this is a little more in the future*

“Babe let’s take a selfie” you told your boyfriend Jack who’s lap you were currently sitting on.


“You have an addiction I swear” he complained “Just shut up & take it with me please” “Anything for you” he kissed your cheek and you took the opportunity to take your selfie


“Thanks” you said while uploading the picture to every social media site you had


Pre concert selfies w. @JackJackJohnson<3”


You guys were currently in London for JanoFest. You both were so happy that you didn’t have to be separate for so long and that you could be there the whole time.


You love getting to travel with your boyfriend but unfortunately because they have such a large fan base you didn’t get much privacy if you wanted to go out but you didn’t get mad or anything because you were a fan girl once too


“Y/N get off of Johnson it’s almost show time!” Gilinsky yelled while passing by Jacks dressing room


“That sounds like a great idea” Jack said pushing you off him “Hey!” “Don’t be mad babe, I’m only saying this because then I won’t be able to keep my hand off my sexy lady” You giggled “You’re so stupid” “I know, now walk with me to stage beautiful” he said standing up


“Help me up” You told Him so he pulled up and as soon as you were standing he kissed you "I love you” you smiled “I love you too” You then left his dressing room and headed toward the stage.


“Did you to get your quickie?” James Yammouni asked you as you both approached the group

“Fuck off” Jack told him “Only if Y/N helps” he winked at you “You’re disgusting” you said while hugging your boyfriend “James is jealous because I have the perfect girlfriend” “No actually I think he’s jealous that I have the best boyfriend in the whole world”


“ Johnson mic time" one of the stage managers said interrupting your moment “I’ll be back” he told you then let go if you and left.


You took your phone out of your pocket


@Y/T/N: can’t believe I’m in London right now!!!! With @JackandJackReal & @Janoskians boys are about to go on!


You sighed then looked up at the boys; they were excited they loved performing for their fans and it made you happy to see Jack so happy.


You were watching from the side of the stage as you always did when Tides ended they started talking to the audience


“So do you all know my girlfriend Y/N?”


That made you look up


“Well she’s here tonight; do you guys want to meet her?”


Oh my god no what is he doing?!


“Yes Jack, I think they do” Gilinsky encouraged which made the crowd begin to chant your name


“I can see her!” Gilinsky said while looking at you which made you groan because you knew he would come and get you


Soon enough you had been pulled out on stage something you’ve never had done to you and you were a little freaked out


“Y/N say Hi” he put the mic to your mouth “H-Hi” “I think Johnson has something to ask you”


You were confused so you looked at Jack who was at the other end of the stage.


Part of you thought that this was just another one of his pranks that he pulled on you and the rest of the boys very often.


“Y/N, Babe come here” Jack called you over then Gilinsky practically pushed you toward him.


“So Y/N there’s been something I wanted to ask you for a while now” Jack began but he then got down on one knee and you heart started beating faster.


“Oh my god”


“Y/N it’s been two amazing years and I love you so much and I can’t see my life without you in it every single day for the rest of my crazy life so I’m just gunna get straight to the point, Y/N will you marry me”


You were in shock this was not what you were expecting at all, you both ever even talked about it.


You couldn’t even think straight


“Y/N if you don’t accept I will” Beau Brooks said from behind the stage bringing you back to reality


“Wow um, Yes Jack I’ll marry you”


Jack smiled up at you before sliding the huge ring onto your finger which then made everyone in the crowd go crazy although you knew that there were many girls with broken hearts now


You couldn’t stop staring at your ring; it was perfect just like your Fiancé.


You looked up at jack and kissed him “I love you so much” “I’m so happy you said yes” “I’m so happy you asked” “You mean so much to me” “Likewise”


“Hey guys we’re happy for you but we do have a show to finish” Gilinsky interrupted you guys which made you both laugh


“Right sorry guys, I just wanna say I’m glad you were all here to witness this I love you all so much I wouldn’t be here without” Jack told the audience then you kissed his cheek before walking off the stage still trying to get over what just happened.




You tweeted but you were shaking so it took awhile.


When the show was over, you now had a fiancé a soon to be husband every time you thought about it you would smile


Now you couldn’t wait to get home so you could plan your future with Jack something you had always wanted but never mentioned in fear that he didn’t want the same things


You sighed and smiled at your fiancé who was now back to singing and thought


Maybe dreams really do come true


Mixed three requests by anons: “Blurb on kendall being super jealous about the relationship y/n and justin have and she’s being ultra jealous and then it all ends on extreme cuteness??” / “Story on kendall being serious mad at you because she thinks you cheated on her but you didn’t pls??” / “Short story where y/n is dating kendall and you both are about to break up bc some stupid shit and then kendall remembers why she fell in love with you and everything’s fixed and cute??”

Lol sorry for all this mixing of requests but it was just ideal.

“What do you mean HE is going with you!?” Your girlfriend asks exasperatedly over the phone.

“I don’t see the problem,” You say quietly. “He is my friend and we both like Rihanna, I’m just going to a concert babe, ” You don’t get why Kendall is so worried about you going to a Rihanna’s concert with your friend Justin Bieber. She has been to to Paris for almost a week already and she gets crazy possessive when she’s not around. She’s coming back tomorrow though and you are glad she is because it hurts to miss her this much. You know she misses you and that’s why she gets like this but you are incapable of cheating on her. You were a little bit of a teaser when you said to her that Justin was your man crush some time ago but you’d never be with him like that. So, in conclusion, Justin invited you to a Riri’s concert and you excitedly accepted. He also said that after the show ended you could meet Ri because she’s friends with him.

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Chapter 1: She’s Back

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Brandon “Barry.”

“If this nigga look at his watch one more fucking time I swear to God.” My nigga Legend said after I checked the time again. “The fuck is up with you my nigga? We’re supposed to be having a good time and you over there on some paranoid shit.”

“Fuck you nigga,” I chuckled.

“He’s waiting on Nell’s crazy ass to get here,” Dutch added in. “Who did you send to go get her?”

“This nigga over here let me use his sprinter.” I said pointing to Legend. “Don’t call her crazy, Miami calmed her down some.”

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Chapter 47: Love and War


“What the fuck you mean Attica is here in L.A?!” I stood throwing the papers down in disbelief.

The man who swore revenge on us is here. In L.A. Where my family and my friends are. This is fucking crazy.

“This is fucking crazy!” Erin screeched going up to Thomas. “How long has he been here?”

“Acccording to the tickets, about a week.” He sighed.

I held my forehead pacing the ground. “Oh My God! Oh my God!”

I stopped to look at the two of them.

“What if he found us?”

“Rue, chill. If he found us, we would know.”

“How? Attica is sneaky!” I reminded the two imbeciles. I swear if my family’s lives weren’t at stake, I swear I would be ignoring them.

“She’s right.” Erin sighed sitting down. “What am I gonna do? I finally got a boyfriend.”

I snorted. “So you’re done going after men that don’t belong to you?”


“Chris! You fucking played me, bitch! Don’t act stupid!” I stuck my index finger in her face. “You fucking told the media I aborted my baby knowing damn well that bastard killed it!”

“Rue, do you really think it’s the time to be getting angry again?” Thomas stepped in between us. My blood boiled more.

“Don’t get me started on you! You lied to me! You beat me, and you raped me!” I felt my tears coming but I sucked that shit up quick.

I refuse to cry in front of them. I refuse to show how this whole situation is killing me. Especially since Chris, Ty, and anyone else has no clue.

“I’m sorry, ok?! Look, if we want this shit to be over, we got to find him and reason with him!” Thomas shouted looking at both of us.

“Um, am I the only one who knows Attica is as stubborn as gum on your shoe?”

“Yes. Because your hoe ass fucked him.”

Erin rolled her eyes ignoring my comment. “Like I was saying, he loved me and we were all friends but when that event took place years ago, he was the only one who went down for it so I doubt he would want to hang out anytime soon.His mind is set on revenge, guys. He’s not gonna stop until he gets it.”

I sighed deeply realizing that Erin was correct in her statement. All four of us were to blame but he suffered the consequences so he ain’t trying to break bread with us.

“I get that but-”

Loyal, which was my ringtone, went off and they both looked at me. I pulled my phone out.

“What? A girl can’t like her man’s music?” I rejected the call not bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Even though he’s the reason why the past is after us.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Because Chris is famous, it made it easier for Attica and The Boss to find us.”

“Shut the fuck up, Thomas. You’re just looking for someone to blame but sorry, sweetie. It ain’t Chris.” I snapped walking out his house slamming the door.

I sighed looking at my phone and back at the house. What if it is because of Chris?


“Oh my God! Really?!” I laughed holding my stomach.

“Yeah my password is short nigga but my dick tall!” Jake took a sip of his soda.

Lately, I’ve been ignoring Ty and hanging out with Jake. I know what you think and It’s not cheating. We’re just friends. A girl needs a friend that’s a guy. Sometimes, girls are too much.

He released the straw from his mouth. “Yeah I listen to ASAP Ferg.”

“But you’re not short!” I smiled.

“But my dick is still tall.”

I spat out my Sprite to the left side of me into someone’s jeans.

“Oh my god I’m so-”

I looked up to see the owner of the jeans was Ty. Next to him, stood his stripper ex-bitch.

“Ty, what are you doing here?” I questioned then glared at Chyna. “And with her?”

“I should be asking you that! You cheating on me?!” Ty yelled causing a scene.

Jake stood up. “Maybe I should go.”

“Yeah you should.”

I reached around grabbing his wrist. “No. Stay. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

I felt Ty’s eyes burning through my head but I didn’t care.

“Kim, I’m not gonna ask you again. What are you doing with him?” He hissed.

I stood up looking dead in his eyes and replied:

“I’m doing whatever you’re doing with this thottiana.”

Ty squinted his eyes and Chyna’s mouth dropped. Before she could reply, I cut her off.

“Don’t act surprised. You know your body count is neck and neck with your age.” I turned to Jake.

“Come on, Jake. Let’s go.”

We walked out of the restaurant and began taking a walk to our respective cars.

“I’m sorry about”

I held my hand up smiling. “Don’t apologize. It’s gucci.”

My iphone 5s fell on the pavement and I gasped turning around.

“Jake, check it. I’m scared.”

He chuckled and I heard he pick it up.

“Your screen is fine, ma.” He handed me my phone. “Who’s those girls with you as lockscreen?”

“Oh.” I unlocked it and pointed to Seiko. “This is Seiko, my friend.” Then pointed at Kae. “This is Kae, my boyfriend’s sister and her daughter Angelina.”

He let out a low whistle. “Beautiful ladies.”

“But all taken. Don’t you see that big ass engagement ring on Kae’s finger?” I laughed.

“Damn She’s engaged AND got a kid? Nahhhhhh, but I don’t see a ring on Seiko.” Jake replied staring at Seiko.

“Still taken. Bye Jake.” I hopped inside my car and waved at him. He waved back and I drove off.


“Mama, can I get Angie back?” I requested outstretching my arms.

Shit, I don’t know why the fuck I’m asking. She’s my daughter.

“But I think Angie wants to stay with her grandma another day.” She gave her eskimo kisses. “Don’t you and Karrueche have plans?”

I smirked doing the birdman hand rub. “Oh yeah I got plans for Karrueche. Believe that.”

So I ended up letting Mama keep Angie and went back home. I got naked but kept my basketball shorts on with the outline of my dick visible.I grabbed the baby oil from Angie’s room and squirted it all over my chest. Shit, I look sexy as fuck. She can’t resist me now.


She appeared in front of me in a crop top and a thong. Oh, she gonna wear a thong? She is something else. Her nipples poked through her shirt and her ass pressed against the door as she suck hard on her strawberry blow pop.

“Tú me quieres, Papi?”

I felt my dick twitch at her speak spanish. Fuck, I can’t lose. I just can’t.

“Sí.” I maintained my cool composure coming up to her and lifted her up pressing her against my erection. She groaned and I smirked.

“You feel CJ?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“If you want him inside you, you just gotta say it, Mami.” I whispered sucking her neck.

I felt her hand reach down and get a grip on my dick. Fuck. She rubbed it.

“Does CJ want Oreo?” She moaned rubbing the tip. “Just say it.”

We made eye contact and found ourselves kissing. My tongue stroking her tongue as my hands squeezed her ass earning a moan. I bit her bottom lip and sucking it and bringing it back to a kiss. Her hands gripped my head. I reached around her ripping her thong off and tossing it to the side. Falling onto the bed, I planted kisses on her stomach and cupped my treasure.


Kae sat up removing the damn crop top and I threw that to the side too. Grabbing her, her legs went around my waist and I placed my mouth dragging my tongue all over her nipple and sucking hard releasing a popping noise.


“You like that?”

“Fuck yes.”

I released her and laid on the bed on my back.

“Sit on Papi’s face.”

She smirked climbing up while kissing and licking my tattoos. I grew impatient and pushed her pussy in my mouth. I felt her turn around with her chest pressed against mine and her pussy still in my face. I began twisting my tongue in and out licking her sweet clit.

“Mhh.” Kae moaned bouncing on my face.

As I continued devouring my Oreo, she pulled down my shorts licking up and down CJ. She finally placed it in her mouth deepthroating my shit.

“Damn baby. Suck this dick. Do it just like that.” I groaned slapping her ass and going back to my dessert.

Mhh good old 69. How come this is our first time trying this position?

“CJ tastes so good.” She mumbled going down again.

I kept slurping Oreo until I detected warm fluid on my lips. I played with her glut as I licked clean.

“You done, baby?”

She nodded sitting up and wiping her mouth. I grabbed her kissing her lips and rubbing my dick against her pussy. She groaned rubbing CJ against her and I switched places.

“Spread those legs.”

She spread them but not wide enough.

“Wider, babe. Wider!”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can!”

I took her thighs spreading them wider. I took one last lick of Oreo before plunging into her. She was tight as hell, like virgin tight. Her walls squeezed my dick but stroking in and out I’m demolishing that shit.

“CHRIS!” She screamed as I pumped in and out of her.

I grunted spitting on her pussy and rubbing it in. I began ramming her shit again as her manicured nails dug into deep in my skin. Standing up, I fucked her pussy in the air earning passionate screams. I laid on the bed and she placed CJ inside her pussy riding it. She began to bounce up and down and I held her ass.

“Mhh Papi I can’t take it!”

I slapped her ass. “You better take this dick!”

She came all over me but continued riding my dick. I grinned and taking her off. I know my baby likes doggystyle so I’m gonna fuck her doggystyle until she squirts.

Putting her on all fours, I spread her legs and entered her vagina from the back.

“I like doggystyle, Papi.” Kae stated then started yelling. “Oh fuck yes Chris give it to me!”

Pounding into her, I took a fistful of her hair.

“Whose Oreo is this?”

“Yours, baby.”

I smacked her ass watching it turn crimson at my touch. She came but didn’t squirt. I went faster.

“Chris, I came!” She screeched.

“Oh baby you should know by now that I don’t stop because you came.” I replied.

Turning her over, I grabbed her hips pounding that pussy.

“Chris, I’m falling off the bed!” She half whimpered, half moaned.

“You better hold on because this dick is not getting out of you like that.”

Kae slid off the bed with CJ never exiting her. I reached to the end of the bed continuing my strokes until she squirted. After she squirted, I automatically came and we both fell off the bed with my dick still inside her.

Kae smiled kissing my lips. “That was so fucking good. Wait, who won?”

I sucked my teeth. “Shit..”

“I mean neither of us said we wanted each other. We just went at it.”

I pushed her hair back kissing her neck. “Nothing new.”

Kae blushed. “So it’s a tie?”

I climbed on top of her.

“Yep. Now I gotta teach you a lesson for keeping my Oreo away from me.”

She’s Not M’ Girlfriend

Can you write one where Harry talks about his girlfriend/fiance in Another Man please?💜

Short and sweet, not exactly like the request, but I hope it’s good! Lots of love and thank you for requesting! 💜🌟💜🌟


Harry and Y/N were going crazy with nerves. His fingers were tapping on the steering wheel his hands and Y/N’s were trembling as she held his phone up so he could talk to their radio interviewer friend, Jackson, while driving.

“Harry! How are you, man?” Jackson started the conversation up cheerily.

“I’m good, I’m good! How are you, J?” Harry asked politely, checking the windows in his car to be sure he could be heard alright.

“Oh, I’ve been better, but I’m excited to get to talk with you! This whole magazine thing, it’s gonna blow up; I can feel it. Tell me, how does it feel to have an entire magazine issue dedicated to you?” Jackson asked.

“Oh god, wow, it feels great, I’m so honored. I’m really looking forward t’ it coming out. I know that the fans are litrally going t’ pounce. Y/N has already go'en mad at me twice. She’s only seen bits an’ pieces of the whole thing, so she’s very excitable right now. Hit me with a pillow pre'y hard yesterday,” Harry laughed into the phone she’s holding in her hand. Luckily, she was preoccupied in the car with him now, otherwise he’d fear her next weapon.

“Ah yes, the lovely girlfriend of Harry Styles. How is she?” J asked him in a teasing tone. Harry smirked to himself, looking over at Y/N who’s smiling and blushing wildly. This was the big reason Harry had agreed to do the radio interview.

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You Only Hate America Because You Think it's Special

Did you know: ‘Murica is a country of murderous, racist hypocrites who use Jesus and patriotism as an excuse for all kinds of crimes against the world.

Did you also know: The United States of America is a bastion of democracy that guarantees peace and freedom for all the nations of the world, partly using its tremendous arsenal of weapons, but moreso using its grand tradition of enlightened humanism.

Or maybe you know: The United States of America is falling apart and on the decline due to urban decay and the social ills brought on it by abandoning its wealth John Galt industrialists.

But then you might know: The United States of America is a shithole because it’s ruled by windbag “industrialists” who inherited daddy’s trust fund, blew their noses full of coke, and decided they’re John Galt.

Or maybe, this is all crap, and maybe, the truth about a country isn’t so simple as the little narratives some jackass like me can put on his blog.

Let’s. Find. Out.

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Begin Again

Ok guys. Here’s the first part of the first hiddleswift fanfic I’ve ever written. I’m still getting to know Tom so his voice or wording might not be exactly right–I’m working in it! Also it’s not mature, just angst. And if you thinks it’s too soon, I totally understand. But this has been stuck in my head for a couple days now. Enjoy!


“This is bullshit Adam!” Taylor spoke tensely into the phone, pacing around her Nashville kitchen. “You don’t just…and really I don’t think…I asked you if I should come…you told me not to bother…and now this, out of nowhere? What the fuck?!”

Adam continued speaking calmly, almost bored, making excuses. They just weren’t right for each other, they both could feel it, don’t lie to yourself, come on, think about it. Taylor felt like she was going out of her mind. All relationships went through dry patches, right? Or patches were things are just off for a while? Taylor continued to pace, and tried to fight for them. For their love. But he kept making excuse after excuse. He couldn’t listen to her. His mind was made up.

Taylor fell into the couch, the phone pressed to her ear. “But I still love you,” she sighed, broken, open. She had been crying angry tears, tears of frustration and panic. But now, all she felt was fear. She loved him and he was leaving. It was quiet on the other end of the line. “I know you do,” Adam finally said with a sigh.

“But…but you just don’t love me anymore, that’s what you’re saying,” Taylor said sadly, feeling the real tears start to form behind her eyes, the pain ripping her heart in two.

Adam was silent. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore than he had to. But–everything felt off. He didn’t miss her like he used to. When she was gone, he didn’t wait for her call. He just–fell out of love with her.

“Is it something I did?” Taylor asked, forming the wall around her heart once more, wondering what she was going to do now, how she would be the butt of everyone’s jokes, how he wouldn’t be there to calm her down or help her fall back asleep. “Seriously, you can tell me. Maybe I AM the problem,” she said sarcastically, wiping away her silent tears running down her face angrily with her sleeve.

“Taylor, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just life. We just don’t fit anymore, not like we used to. You can feel it can’t you? I know you can. We’re just–”

“Over.” Taylor finished for him flatly. “Right?” Adam was taken aback. He had been with Taylor through every mood, through elation to nervousness, from giddy to sadness. But not this. She had no emotion in her voice at all. “Right,” he agreed cautiously.

Taylor sniffled, then stood up and reached for her bag. “Well, Tree will want to coordinate statements, so I’ll have Charlie talk to her. We should wait a week or two to announce I think. I’ll go dark on social for a while. I’ll fly to LA tomorrow and pick up my stuff from your place–wait, no. My security will pick it up, I’m sure Tree will have me in meetings all day. So make sure it’s all packed up by the door,” Taylor said, grabbing her scheduler, making notes.

“Um…ok, Tay, whatever you say,” Adam answered slowly, totally not used to business Taylor, lack of emotion Taylor. “I hope we’ll be able to still be friends though.” He added as an afterthought. Taylor didn’t answer.

“Do you want to keep Roy?” She asked bluntly, forcing Adam into a question he hadn’t though about at all. “I mean–I guess? Cause he was a present?“Adam stammered. “I know he belongs to you Adam, I’m not demanding custody,” Taylor responded stiffly. “It’s just–I took care of him a lot. So if you’re keeping him, you’ll have to do it. Is that something you think you can handle?”

Adam checked his ear with his hand, making sure it hadn’t frozen off with the cold shoulder he was getting from Taylor. He swallowed nervously. “I can handle it, no problem.”

“Good then. I think that takes care of everything. I would hope for you not to be too bitter about this in the press once we announce the break up. I know I can’t tell you what to say, but. It would nice if you didn’t try to hurt me in the process.”

“Taylor, come on. I would never.” Taylor’s laugh was empty, no actual joy in her voice. “Yeah, well. I’ve heard that before. So.” Adam started to get upset. “God Taylor, how many times do I have to tell you–I’m not like all the other guys you dated. I’m different!”

Silence on the other end. Then, Taylor spoke, her tone resigned, cold. “Are you though? Just like all the others, you’re choosing to walk away.” Adam struggled to articulate his anger, his dismay at her lack of empathy. “Come on Tay! You know we were different. I loved you so much–we were happy for such a big chunk of it. Not every relationship is going to last forever. You made me so happy, for so long. Don’t do this.”

Taylor was struggling to keep her composure, to not fall apart on the phone, to not give in and beg him to reconsider. She took a couple deep breathes, in and out, in and out. Adam could hear her, he knew what she was doing. His heart hurt for her. Finally she said softly, “I didn’t do this Adam. You did. You did this. I wanted to work on it, and you said no. So I think we’re done here, Mr. Harris.”

“Mr. Harris? What the actual fuck, Tay?” Adam shouted into the phone. Adam would never have believed this was Taylor, the kind, sweet, funny girl he had loved. She was ice cold, she was hard in a way he had never seen.

Taylor thought of all the things she wanted to say to him, all the nasty words, all the bitter retorts, all the beginning and crying and cajoling. But it wouldn’t do any good, and besides, if you have to beg someone to love you again, they’re already too far gone. She settled for, “Please don’t call me Tay anymore.” And hung up the phone.

Two weeks later

The announcement of their break up via People magazine had just gone online, and Taylor was avoiding everything. Finally back in Nashville after a crazy week in LA, and Taylor was avoiding all calls, all social media. Tree was going to handle it all, and Taylor was just going to wallow. Except–she didn’t really feel like wallowing. She had been crying on and off for two weeks, thinking through every decision, every mistake she made. How she was probably too clingy or too boring. Questions running through her head on a nonstop loop–when did he fall out of love? How had she missed it?

But now, she was tired. She had processed the blunt anger and frustration, the sharp pain in her gut now mostly gone. She was not over it but…but over it enough. His name didn’t cause her panic or pain, just a wistful sadness.

She turned on the tv to watch some Law and Order when her phone rang. She checked the number and didn’t recognize it. She hesitated–the news just went live, it could be a newspaper, a tabloid–anyone. But what if it was important? She thought it over, and as she did, the phone stopped ringing. “Well that solves that problem,” she muttered to herself and she snugged into the couch more.

But when she looked at it again, she noticed she had a voicemail. She sighed and scrolled to check it. At first it was crackly and then she heard-“Taylor? Taylor. Sorry to bother you, I understand you are probably very busy at the moment. Or just not in the mood for a call, that would make a lot of sense. I just wants to say–I saw the news. About you and Adam. And I know that we’re not friends or anything, we barely know each other, but I wanted to make sure–you were all right I guess? Are you all right? Of course you’re not, what am I even saying? Anyway I’m so sorry for what happened Taylor. If you need someone to talk to, call me. Oh, this is Tom, by the way. Tom Hiddleston? We met at the Met Gala? Ok, Tom, hang up now. That’s a good lad. Goodbye.”

Taylor stared at her phone in disbelief. Why was Tom calling her? I mean, they had had some fun the night of the Met Gala but they weren’t really friends. Taylor had even forgotten to save his number in her phone when he gave it to her a couple months before. She was curious though. Was he really calling to check up on her? Did he like her? That would be too crazy to believe though, he was a gorgeous famous British actor. So accomplished. So way out of her league.

Taylor decided to ignore the voicemail. He was probably just being nice, and it confused her anyway. But the longer she didn’t respond, the worse she felt. He was just being nice, right? Maybe she should just text him. Just to say thanks. That would be ok, right? Taylor kept glancing at her phone, almost scared of it. She waited until the next episode of Law and Order ended before picking it up again.

She played around with a couple different messages before settling on, “Thanks for calling. Sorry I missed it, I was at dinner. I’m ok, thanks for asking. Have a good night!” Taylor read it over a hundred times. It wasn’t too sad or eager, right? Was it stupid? Maybe she just shouldn’t text anything. But finally, she decided to hit send.

The second she did she regretted it. Why was she even texting him? God she is too pathetic. But as she mulled it over, the phone rang in her hand once more. It was Tom.

She almost didn’t want to answer it because of the shock. Who called people back from a text? But he knew she was around, she had just texted him. She swallowed nervously and answered it. “Hello?” “Hi, Taylor, it’s Tom–remember me?”

“Hi Tom, sure yeah, from the Met Gala. Thanks before, that was really sweet of you.” “How are you doing? Are you alright?” Tom asked, his voice tinged with concern. “Oh, you know. I’m fine,” Taylor answered lamely. I mean, how personal was she going to get with a guy she barely knew?

“Are you really?” Tom pressed, unknowingly intrusive. But for whatever reason Taylor opened up to him. Maybe it was because she don’t know him, he didn’t really know her–he was neutral. “Yeah, I mean it was hard, but we’ve actually been broken up for a couple weeks now. I’ve processed it the best I can, you know? I mean, things weren’t great at the end there, I guess I thought we would push through it. That it got better later on. But he didn’t feel that way. So yeah. I’m ok. I’m all cried out,” she joked, realizing she had been rambling. She blushed. “Tom?”

“Yes love?”

Taylor was nervous but she decided to ask anyway. “Why did you call me?” Tom was quiet for a couple moments. “I mean, it was so sweet of you, I want you to know how much I appreciate it,” Taylor continued on sincerely, “But. You don’t really know me. You didn’t have to call, so why did you?”

Taylor was playing with her skirt, twisting the fabric here and there as she waited for his answer. Finally he said, “Because I like you. You were so kind to me at the Met Gala. I…I got a massive crush on you that night. And you’ve been running around in my mind since we last saw one another. So when I heard the news I…I felt like calling you. To tell you all that.”

“Wow,” Taylor whispered, her heart pounding in her chest, the noise ringing in her ears. “You just came out and said that. You didn’t even stutter.” Tom laughed. “It’s easy to tell the truth.”

Taylor smiled. “But it’s terrifying,” she added, lying down on the couch, the phone pressed to her ear. “It’s like anything else, it gets easier the more you do it,” Tom countered smoothly. “So why don’t you try it? What do you have to say to my declaration?”

Taylor was quiet for a few moments, trying to gather your thoughts. “Taylor, you can just say what’s running through your mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect,” Tom nudged her along. Taylor sighed. “Ok. Well, let’s see. I’m flattered you feel that way, I would never have thought. You were such a gentleman that night. And I AM broken up with Adam and I AM over the heartache of it and…I would like to try with you. I think I would like that. But…”

“But what?” Tom interrupted, her voice friendly and warm. It gave her goosebumps just hearing it. “But to the public, I just broke up. If I’m seen around with you, it will make you and I look terrible. They will write the most horrible things about you, you can’t even imagine.” Taylor explained, her throat getting tight, her eyes getting blurry. She hated having to explain this part of it.

“I think I can handle myself Taylor,” Tom interjected, amused. Taylor sat up and pulled her legs into her stomach. “Tom, listen to me. This is important, ok? Right now, you think you like me. But the amount of damage this could do to you and your career–this is something serious to consider. You think you can handle it now. They all thought they could handle it. As the only person who is in it, who has always been in it, and who has seen how it affects the people I love, let me tell you–this is not going to be easy. This may ruin your life. I’m really not worth that.”

There was silence on the other end for a bit. Then he said quietly, “It must be incredibly lonely to be you, Taylor Swift.” Taylor felt like she had been punched in the chest, the wind knocked right out of her. “I mean this is the life I chose,” she said, glancing around her giant empty living room in her giant empty house behind a giant iron fence. “I chose it, I have to take the good with the bad.”

“And these men you have dated before, they have never understood that?” Tom asked gently. Taylor swallowed nervously and sighed. “They all thought they knew what they were signing up for, but they didn’t. Not really. It’s a hard thing to imagine,” she said softly. Tom laughed. “Taylor, you need not protect me from anything. I can take care of myself. All I want is to try and make you happy. To take care of you. To make sure someone is watching out for you. Won’t you let me try?”

Taylor almost whimpered out loud. He was saying all the right things, everything she had ever wanted to hear from a man. He wasn’t put off by her warnings, even though they were valid. She wanted to believe he was telling her the truth, she really did. “I want to let you try,” she whispered, a tear falling down her cheek. “I really want to.”

“So let me, it’s that simple,” Tom answered back easily, the happiness in his voice evident. “Maybe next week–I’ll be in New York for a few days. Why don’t you come see me then?” Taylor asked shyly. “I don’t want to wait until next week,” Tom answered immediately. “Where are you now?”

“Um, Nashville, but it’s really out of the way for you, isn’t it?” Taylor stammered, realizing he was serious, that he wasn’t going to be put off. “Nashville! I love Nashville! I’ll fly in tomorrow. What’s your address?” Taylor gave it to him over the phone and after that they chatted for a few hours, telling stories and getting to know each other. The time flew by and Taylor realized why she had liked him that night. He was such a good listener. He was funny but could be serious. He seemed to care about the things she had to say, he made her laugh, a lot.

“Tom it’s three in the morning,” Taylor finally said, her body uncomfortable from lying on the couch in odd positions. “Right right–and I have a plane to catch, in oh–four hours,” Tom added cheekily. “I can’t believe you’re really coming here,” Taylor answered, blushing again. “The things you will learn about me, darling, are endless,” Tom laughed. “Now, go to bed. I’ll see you soon.”

Kiss You With The Antidote

i. San Francisco, CA

“I can’t believe this, Kurt. We’re actually in San Francisco, this is crazy!” Blaine says, sitting down in the armchair opposite Kurt in a small, cozy, coffee shop in San Francisco.

Kurt looks up from the coffee in his hands, a small smile spreading across his face, unable to ignore Blaine’s contagious excitement, “Do you want to know a secret?”

“Always, Kurt,” Blaine replies, “You know that.”

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Liam’s initials look like a brand and I bet Harry would pay billions for it.

Five year old Liam bit his lip as the moving van parked out front of the house next door. He hoped there was a little boy to play with. But then you stepped out of the truck. You were talking to the teddy bear in your arms and you grabbed your tiny suitcase from the back as your mom grabbed your hand and pulled you inside–a bit roughly. That was weird for Liam to see…you didn’t run near the road, why would you be pulled that way by your mom? Liam ran outside. He was wearing his favorite light up shoes, a Batman T-shirt and a pair of pants. He sat on his tire swing hanging from the big oak tree in his front yard. You came outside as people moved boxes inside for your mother. You looked around the house shyly and then sat in the yard beneath a shady tree. Liam saw you and he would never tell his friends, but he fell for the pretty little girl that was there talking to her teddy bear and . He walked over to the fence and peered between the slats. “Hi,” he said shyly. “I’m Liam,” he said. You looked at him and smiled sweetly. You were missing your top tooth. You lisped your name a bit when you spoke. “You lost a tooth?” He asked. You nodded. “Was it weird?” He asked. “Mine’s wiggly and I’m scared,” he said shyly.

“It was weird. But it doesn’t hurt,” you reassured him. He smiled softly. “Is that swing scary?” You asked.

He shook his head and held his hand out. “You can try if you want. I’m good at it. I can show you how. My dad showed me how to pump my legs and everything,” he said. You looked at your teddy bear and then at Liam’s hand. He smiled softly. “You can bring your teddy,” he said kindly. You nodded and held onto your bear as Liam helped you onto the swing. From that moment on Liam and you were inseparable.


When you were fifteen Liam found you swinging on his swing while waiting for him to get up so you could start your weekend together. Every Saturday morning the two of you would go on an adventure. When you were younger you weren’t allowed out of your yards and made up entire villages and imaginative lands. When you were a little bit older you could venture around the street. Now you two just walked for hours into town and came back late in the evening. Liam would hold your hand and walk you around. Somehow, despite spending almost every waking hour together, you’d never run out of things to say. Liam smiled from the front window watching his pretty best friend in skinny jeans and her favorite pea coat twirl around on the swing. You looked like a model and he was absolutely gone for you. He ran outside taking a running jump onto the swing, kneeling so he could peer down at you. “Hi, babe,” he said as you twirled around on the rope with a smile.

“Hi, Li,” you grinned up at him. He hopped off the swing and helped you down. You put your book inside the bag you had and Liam held his arm out for you to take. You hooked your elbow through his and smiled at him as he walked. “You okay?” You asked.

He smiled softly and looked ahead at the trees. “Um…I’m going to try out for X-Factor, again,” he said softly. He’d been putting off telling you–he knew you’d be sad to see him go like last time. He knew that part of you was grateful he hadn’t made it. He was too young and you wanted him to yourself for longer.

“Oh,” you said in surprise. “That’ll be awesome,” you smiled. “And you’ll get in this time. You should have last time,” you nodded knowingly. He loved your encouragement. He knew you were a bit bummed–even he was bummed he’d be leaving you for a bit.

He bit his lip. “I hope…I think everything would be so much better.”

“What would be better?” You asked.

“I wouldn’t get teased as much,” he mumbled. You pouted.

“They don’t you, Liam. They don’t know how…” You took a deep breath. It was probably that first day that five year old Liam showed you how to pump your legs on the swing. Or maybe it was the day you made his tooth fall out from hitting him with a ball…It could have been the day after your voice was hoarse from a screaming match with your mother and Liam didn’t say anything–just made you tea and wrapped an arm around you as you both watched the clouds because you were so upset with your mother and home life. Somewhere…over the past ten almost eleven years…you fell for the sweet boy next door. He was the only one who knew that your dad flaked out, your mom was a wreck, and you were basically on your own. Liam was your best friend and you told him everything. But Liam knew when you walked out the door for your first day of high school together that you would be popular–you were gorgeous, athletic, intelligent, and hilarious. You were the perfect girl and you didn’t see that. And Liam wasn’t popular. And he got teased for it. People ignored you when you talked about Liam. Or to Liam. But you didn’t care. Liam did. He wanted you to be happy.

Because maybe it was how you talked to your teddy bear when you were lonely when you didn’t know if Liam was up and ready to play yet, maybe it’s how nervous you got when Liam pulled you too far from the house but reassured you that it would be okay and held your soft little hand for the first time, or maybe it’s that despite the popularity you gained in the first few months of high school, you still talked to Liam. Still saw him more than anyone. You skipped parties and dinner plans to be with Liam as much as possible. And Liam fell in love with you.

“They have no idea how special you are,” you told him.

He smiled. “I guess I’ll settle for my best girl knowing,” he said softly and pressed a kiss on your cheek. You blushed as you both continued walking toward town to start your weekend.


You watched his name flash across every social media trend, every paper, every magazine. You missed him so much. He hadn’t forgot about you…exactly. He was busy. He liked your pictures on Instagram and messaged you once in a blue moon. But you were busy too. Your mom had become all but useless. You worked a lot…you tutored in your free time and worked as a school guidance counselor the rest of the time. Liam knew that…he knew you were probably perfect for that job. You moved out of your house so you could get away from the crazy. Instead of having weekend adventures with Liam, you spent your weekend trying to get your mother’s house in order. You would say hi to Liam’s parents and stare at the swing in his front yard that started your friendship. You missed him a lot.

You were so unbelievably proud of his success. People from high school were pissed they teased them. But they were sure to stick their noses in your business and remind you that you haven’t seen Liam in well…years.

His mom gave you tickets to see One Direction. And you took them. You cried as you watched the show because Liam looked so happy. You were so proud of them. You headed backstage when prompted. You looked around the area–there were clothes strewn about and tens of people rushing around like crazy. Liam was on the phone almost immediately when he was off the stage. “Mum, where are you?” He asked. “I didn’t see you at all tonight,” he said softly. His face paled and he looked around quickly not seeing you. The boys were taking pictures with other fans but Liam wasn’t interested as fans asked him what he was doing as he scanned the room. Then he saw you. Your breath caught in your throat, tears filled your eyes. His phone slipped out of his hand and fell to the floor. He hurried across the room–fans stood stunned. He gathered you in his arms, your feet lifted off the ground as he held you close to his body. He smelled awful but he was real and in your arms. You cried as you buried your face into his neck. “Hi beautiful,” he said and he felt awful for causing your tears. He knew you weren’t mad–or you wouldn’t be here. You couldn’t believe he was so much stronger now. You clung to him, unable to speak. He set you on the ground and cupped your face staring at you. “I…I–there’s no excuse, darling,” he pushed your hair from your face. You sniffled a little more and shook your head. You knew he was apologizing for letting you go.

“It’s okay,” you mumbled.

“No, it’s not,” he said. He was scruffier now. A bunch of stubble and thick muscles. “God…you…you got more beautiful,” he whispered in amazement. “You look amazing,” he said softly.

“Back at you,” you said. “But you…you look like…God, you look like a model, you don’t look like my LiLi that would spend hours walking with his dorky neighbor through Wolverhampton.” He smiled shyly.

“She’s not dorky. And she’s not a neighbor anymore I hear,” he said softly.

“No, she uh…she needed to get away. Too much bad.”

He frowned and stared at you. “You know, fifteen year old Liam was an idiot. He should have kissed you. Should have taken you with him to the auditions and not let go of your hand for one second,” he said softly. “Because he doesn’t deserve you now. He missed four years of your life and he can’t even begin to figure how he’s going to make that up to you.”

You smiled at him. He was a dream come true. “Liam,” you said softly.

“What, darling?” He asked sadly. He’d do anything for you. If you asked, he was going to do it. He owed you that much.

“Would you ever consider dating me?” You asked shyly. Your cheeks turned pink. His lips parted.

“Oh God, yes,” he said and pulled you close to him and pressed his mouth on yours. You moaned at the sensation wishing you had this five years earlier.

“Is this the girl next door?” Harry snickered as Liam inhaled your lips. Liam pulled away begrudgingly. You giggled and Liam sighed.

“Mm,” he hummed gazing at you as if your heart 

“We’ve heard all about you, babe,” Louis smirked. “Welcome to the family.”

You giggled and looked at Liam. “You remembered me?” You asked.

“Babe, he never shuts up about you,” Zayn said knowingly. You bit your lip and looked at Liam.

“I love you Liam,” you said softly.

He sighed with relief and cupped your face again and lightly brushed his lips against yours. “I love you too,” he whispered. You smiled and ignored the groans of the girls behind you. He peppered your face with kisses. “I love you so much and you won’t regret this, darling,” he promised and squeezed you again.

“I didn’t think I would,” you whispered and nuzzled further into his hug.

Chen - Out Of The All Girls

Oh God, she’s pretty. Chen can’t help but think as he watches you talk to Chanyeol who was at the beginning of the fansigning

“Hello, how are you?” He says to the fan before him, signing her poster quickly then passing it onto Sehun who was beside him. The girl says something polite and bows at Chen with a smile. He gives her one in return but she is not the one fathoming around on his mind, you are.

What do I do when she comes over here? A million suggestions were circling around in his head as he signed posters and thanked fans systematically as they came past.

One fan had become stalled at Baekhyun’s station before him which gave Chen enough time to think of an idea. He pulled out his notepad and quickly scribbled down the first few things that came to his mind. He quickly folded up the note and shoved it in between his legs and got back to signing posters and greeting the fans with pleasant smiles and sweet compliments. Chen was renowned for his smooth and sweet talking.

Here she comes. His smile widens, his palms were sweaty but he was an abundance of absolute joy.

“Hello.” He speaks confidently, exactly how you’d imagined him to.

“Hi Chen.” You say in a bubbly tone. You had no idea to what was about to happen, you were just insanely joyous to meet him finally.

“What’s your name?” He asks as he signs your poster, buying up all the time he could get.
“I’m ____.”

“Pretty name.” He looks up from the poster, smirking directly at you. You’re insides flutter with butterflies and you can not help but become slightly dysfunctional for a split second.

“Thank you for coming today.” There was note stuck between the knuckles of his gentle hands. “Take this as a token of appreciation.”

“Stop hitting on the poor woman Chen, hurry up!” Baekhyun snarls almost spitefully but you could see the tediness in his eyes. You hesitantly take the note with a smile and move over to greet Suho.

“Chen goes to his extremes for any one he finds attractive so watch out.” Suho says politely with a grin of satisfaction and appreciation on his face.

“Thanks for the advice.”


I can’t believe it. Kim Jongdae actually notice me. ME! You were going mental oven the note you hadn’t even looked at yet. You had refrained yourself from looking at it until you got home just in case there was something only your eyes could see.

You jumped onto the couch after kicking off your shoes. You turned on the radio from the remote before you and cautiously began to open the note with your heart beating at some ridiculous rate you’d never encountered before.

The note read:
“I was prepared to say this to you once I saw you but you know what the media and other fans are like, right? Crazy. Anyways, I wanted to say that I kinda hoped you were busy tonight because I want to see you. Now I sound like the crazy one, hey?
Well I hope you’re up for some fun tonight, call me.

Below the message was his number which you couldn’t help but gasp at. This is really Kim Jongdae’s phone number.

You quickly pulled out your phone, dialling the number directly into your phone. You were slightly hesitant to call him. What if he’s busy? What if this is all of a joke? What if we get caught? A million questions had crossed your mind but none of them critically stopped you from pressing that call sign.

Ring… ring… ring…

Your aim was to keep cool and you just prayed you’d keep your shot together.
“Hello?” His voice answer the phone after a few more rings.

“Is this Chen?” You squeak as you bite down on your lip.

“This must be ____? Am I right?” You can just hear the smile in his voice.
“Yes, yes it is. Thank you so much for today.”

“Oh, you’re already thanking me? Our day hasn’t even started.” The suggestion in his voice made you jump. You pulled the phone away from your ear as you desperately needed to catch your breath.

“So are you busy tonight?”

“No, I’m available.”

“Good, that’s great! I’d really love to go bowling if you would? Then we can go somewhere cool to eat?” Was this really happening? Chen from EXO was actually saying this in a meaningful and compelling way.

“Sounds perfect! Where should I meet you?” He chuckles.

“I’ll come to pick you up - like a gentleman should.”

“Very impressive.” You could not help but state.

“Is five o’clock okay?”

“Perfect.” You say checking the time. You had just under two hours to prepare.

Chen then asked for your address and you gave it too him freely.

“See you soon then.” He smiles, you could hear it the whole time.

“Yes you will.” And then you hung up, jumping up from the couch and dancing about, squealing and squabbling like a squirrel.

“I’m going on a date with Chen. I’m going on a date with Chen.” You sung as you skipped along into your bedroom feeling the need to choose a new outfit for tonight. You initially thought it would take you a good hour to decide on what to wear but it was actually quite simple. You pulled out what you were going to wear and hung it up on the door handle.

Out of all the girls at the fansigning, Chen found you the most beautiful. He liked you the most. He asked you out on a date with him. You were literally pinching yourself every five minutes making sure this unbelievable reality wasn’t an unlucky dream.


You were close to having a panic attack as your doorbell chimed simultaneously with the time. It was five o’clock on the dot and you were more than prepared.

You paced towards the door after grabbing your bag and opened it vastly to see Chen looking just as comfortable as you except with a small bouquet of flowers.

“My gift to you.”

“Aw, Chen, you didn’t have to.” You take the flowers anyway, appreciating his act of kindness. “Just give me a second.” You smile, taking a sniff of the lovely bouquet he brought. You lay them on your dining table and then make your way back to Chen.

“Let’s go!” You close your front door and walk out onto the busy naturestrip with Chen by your side.

“We will be walking, if you don’t mind? I figured it wasn’t that far away and it’s quite nice today.

"No, that’s cool with me.” Neither of you could stop smiling. You were a bundle of messy yet excited nerves.

“So tell me about yourself.” Chen breaks the inevitable silence. “I’m guessing you already know the main facts and details about me, but I know nothing but your name.”

“Well, I am eighteen and that’s all I’ll give you. You’ll have the opportunity to find out as much as you like about me throughout this little… Adventure that we’re going on tonight. By the way, I’m going to absolutely annihilate you in this game of bowling.” You nudge him gently in a jokingly way.

“No way! I’m the king of the bowling alley! You’re the one who will be getting annihilated!” the two of you continued to endlessly argue the entire way, making stupid excuses to why you were going to win.

Once you arrived at the bowling facility, you went straight to the desk to pay for two games. You begin to take the money from you wallet but the cashier was already handing out change to Chen.
“Come on.” He pulls at the sleeve of your shirt.

“What?” Clueless was written all along your forehead.

“I already paid, come on.” He grabs your wrist and pulls you from the line and dragged you over to the shoes.

“But Chen-.”

“I’m paying, because I don’t want you to regret paying when I smash you.” You roll your eyes, making your way over to the shoe container with your shoe size. You move over onto the bench, attempting to untie the shoelaces some idiot had left done up. Your pulled and yanked, fiddling furiously at the shoelace but it would not budge.

“Here, let me get that for you.” Chen hand meets yours as he takes the shoe carefully from you, his eyes glimmering in the neon lights that filled the alley. That’s when it all struck you, his handsomeness and his charming self was real and you were inevitably in love with him.
In seconds, Chen had given you your shoe back, his face beaming with a gorgeous smile.

“Thank you.”

“I am good with my hands, another reason to why you’re going to lose.” You push him playfully as both of you get up and make your way out to your alleyway. Chen looks at the gutter way and sees that the barricades hadn’t been pulled out - so he does it himself.

“Ready to get smashed?”

“Can’t you play without your baby barricades?” You pout cheekily.

“Of course I can!”

“Then why did you pull them out?”

“U-Uh, because I thought y-you’d need them.” He stutters with a slightest slice of hope that you weren’t going to pull the barriades away.

“Lies. You’re a big baby, aren’t you?”

“No!” He stubbornly walks back to the alley and takes away the barriades. Chen then walks over to take one of the pink bowling balls that glowed in the near dark from the stand.

“Hey, don’t get upset. It’s okay, we can play with baby barricades of that’s how you think you’re going to defeat me.” You rub his shoulder, massaging them without even thinking about who you were actually touching.

“We’ll use the gutters.” He says nervously as you peer Orr his shoulder. You pat his back and watch him as he paces up it the alley, rolling the ball on an angle. It rolls and hits over seven of the ten pins. Chen turns to you and smile proudly.

“See, it’s not that hard.”

“I’ll get the next three.” He snarls deviously as he picks up a green ball, which is a bit lighter than the pink on he had just used. He paces up towards the alley and bowls the ball again on an angle in the other direction, this time hitting two of the three remaining.

“Ugh!” He groans, his hands covering his face in annoyance. You take a pink ball and come up towards Chen, patting his shoulder. “Watch and learn.”

You watch the ten pins being place down by the machine and watch the lights on the gutter light up, letting you know were eligible to bowl. You pace a little faster than Chen did and bowl the ball in a direct and straight line down the lane watching it demolish all ten pins at once. You jump in joy and turn to face Chen who’s mouth way hanging in complete disbelief.

“T-That was a fluke!” He points out knowing that he was now the one who was about to get absolutely smashed.

“It’s skill.” You correct him with a cheeky smile. “Now let’s see you get that strike.”
Turn after turn, Chen was struggling to get a strike whilst you were occasionally hitting them. He did fortunately bowl a few spare but he was still so paranoid about getting that strike he so desperately needed.

The game ended an hour later; Chen spewing about the score different.
“You’re really good at bowling.” he scratches the back of his neck as the two of you stared up at the scoreboard.

“You’re not too bad. Some of those bowls were really good.” You modestly say.
“Thanks. We should go get something to eat. My shout considering you won.”

“Sure, you can choose where to go.” The two of you walk out of the bowling alley still chatting away about your previous bowling experiences.

“Hey.” Chen jumps, “We should do this more often. Like, we should go bowling or do more recreational activities like this.” HE WANTS TO DO THIS AGAIN? Your inside jump and bounce and you almost need to catch you breath to talk.

“Yeah, that’d be awesome. You have my number so you can call me when you’re free.” You smile at him as he smiles back generously. You look away, flattered and flustered.

Suddenly, Chen rushes ahead of you, scooping his arm around your waist and sweeping you from your usual pace. He pulls you close to him and let’s his wet lips collide up against yours. Your hands rest up on his chest, fingers curling up on his shirt. His kiss soft and mind blowing. Your body couldn’t process it all, you were way too lost in the moment. This precious moment soon ended in giggles and smile as both Chen and yourself stared at one another, no lust was certified - just pure love.

“I think I love you.” He says softly, “Please forgive my actions.” But he still didn’t let you go, his embrace still firm.

“No need for forgiveness, I think I love you too.”

“Good.” His smile lit up everything and it was a good feeling.

You Are In Love - chapter 20

“Adam please just listen to me.” I gripped his arm as he looked anywhere but my eyes. “We can work this out, okay? Please?” I begged, feeling my throat tighten.

“I just need some time, Taylor.” He shook his head.

“How long?” I choked and his eyes softened.

“I don’t know.” He kissed my forehead his lips lingering on it for a few second before he left. The door closed and I broke down crying, ugly sobs wrecking through my body.

A few hours earlier…

It had been three months since the release of my album and I had basically blown up everywhere. My songs were being played all over the world, people came up to me on the streets and even fangirled over me. The media loved me so I had cameras in my face but that ideas the only part of everything that I didn’t like. I had gained thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, it happened so quickly I could barely process it. All i knew was that I had number one songs and I had performed in TV shows and we were considering the possibility of a tour.

“Do you want to go out for breakfast, babe?” Adam asked as I got dressed.

“Yeah sure. Then I have to go over to Scott’s office but I think I have time.” I smiled at him as he nodded. “Okay I’m done let’s go.” I took his hand and we made our way out of our apartment building. We had bought a car recently so it was much easier to get anywhere. Adam drove us to our usual breakfast place and we sat down at the booth. “I have to go to LA next week.” I told him as I was eating my pancake.

“Yeah? What for?” He questioned.

“Interviews.” I replied and he nodded his head looking out the window. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, baby. It’s fine.” He smiled at me and I believed him. Little did I know.

I looked down at my phone. “Shit, I’m going to be late.” I curse and stand up. I payed our bill and walked out with him. When we stepped out, I noticed there were photographers standing outside, someone must have given them a hint that I was here. I heard Adam sigh when he noticed where I was looking so we walked faster to the car. “I’ll see you later. I’ll call you when I’m done with the meeting, okay?” I asked when the car came to a stop in front of The Big Machine Building. He nodded his head, smiling softly as I pecked his lips. “Love you.” I grinned at him and stepped out of the car. I walked into the building and greeted Sierra, before going to Scott’s office. I entered it and inside was Scott, Tree who was my publicist and Emily who was my manager.

“There’s our superstar!” Scott yelled excitedly and I laughed hugging him before hugging Tree and Emily. “So there’s some things we need to discuss.” Scott began when we were all seated. “Your album is doing amazing and there are a lot of people wondering when they’ll see you in concert so what would you say if we did a tour?” He questioned and my eyes widened.

“A tour? Like going around the world performing for people?” I breathed out, stunned.

“Yes. Everyone’s crazy about you, Taylor. They want to see you. It’s been so little time but you have quite the fan base.” Tree told me. “The critics love you, the charts love you which means the people love you. You’re already a worldwide success.” She smiled. “And not to mention, everyone’s predicting your nomination at the Grammys next year.”

“Holy shit! Seriously?” I gasped and they laughed, nodding. “I’d be totally on board for this. That is all I’ve wanted. Perform songs for people. Oh my god, yes!” I giggled. I couldn’t wait to go home and tell Adam about this. It wasn’t long before I was calling him to come pick me up.

I saw the car pull up in front of the building and walked quickly, smiling at him.

“Hi, baby.” I kissed his cheek as he started to drive away.

“You seem awfully happy.” He pointed out, smiling softly.

“I am but I’ll tell you about it when we get home.” I told him and he nodded his head.

“So what happened?” He asked when he closed the door, turning to look at me.

“I’m going on a world tour.” I grinned.

“A world tour?” I nodded my head. “For how long?” He questioned and I couldn’t read the look on his face.

“Like maybe a year or so.” I answered taking a step towards him as he sighed. “What is it? Something’s up with you so what is it?” I questioned. I had noticed a slight change in his behavior. He was distant. We hadn’t spent much time together because my schedule has been crazy but I did notice. “Is it because of the tour? Because you can come with me.” I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Come with you? Taylor I can’t just go with you on a world tour.” He shook his head, grabbing my arms and unwrapping them from his neck and moving away from me.

“Why? You said you’d be there for me.”

“Yeah I did and I will but I can’t go with you. I have a job, college, friends here. There’s an apartment I have to pay for and bills to pay too. I can’t just pack up and leave.” He told me.

“You don’t ever have to work. I can pay for us. I already have enough money. Money’s not an issue.” I said, shrugging and he scoffed.

“I don’t to live off of you. I understand, your job pays well but i don’t want that.” He gulped. “And staying here and not seeing you everyday? Not that that doesn’t happen now but it’ll be worse.”

“Not that it doesn’t happen now? What do you mean?” I questioned.

“Wow.” He huffed. “How much time do we spend together nowadays, huh? What an hour a day? Two if you don’t have something extra to do? Is that quality time when you spend half the time checking if you have any emails?” He looked away.

“I have a job that requires time. I’m following my dreams, I thought you understood that.”

“I do understand. I just don’t belong in your dream.” He murmured, loud enough for me to hear.

“Yes you do. You belong with me.” I took a step closer to him.

“You don’t get it, do you?” He took a deep breath. “Your life changed and me, I don’t belong there. Interviews and paparazzi and fans and headlines? I don’t belong in your world now. It’s too much.” He sighed, tears welling in his eyes. “Your world moves too fast for me to catch up. We rarely spend time together and you’re going to LA next week and you’re going on a world tour. I don’t belong your world.” He said.

“Yes you do. You will always belong in my world. I love you.” I walked to him, tears in my eyes as I looked up at him.

“I know and I love you too but I don’t think it’s worth it.” He whispered.

“It’s not worth it? Am I not worth it? Do I mean nothing to you? Is that it?” I knew it was a low blow but this felt like the end. Like he was slipping away from me in the blink of an eye.

“What? How dare you even say that? You’re everything to me.” He shook his head. “I just can’t deal with everything.”

“Then what do you want?” I asked, trying not to break down.

“I want you.” He sighed, looking into my eyes. “I just don’t want everything that comes with it.” His hand wrapped around mine, squeezing before letting go. “I’m going to spend the night at Charlie’s house. I’ll come over to pick up my things.”

“So this it it? We’re over?” I could feel my heart breaking.

“I…love you.” He smiled a broken smile. “But I need to let you go.” He sniffled, tears rolling down his face.

Pref - He cheats on you

Liam: “One Direction star Liam seen getting friendly with mystery blonde at Funky Buddha.” The anchor started to say. “Now it’s obvious that the girl in the picture isn’t Liam’s long time girlfriend." Pictures from last night started to show up on the screen. Soon after they were plastered all over every media outlet. I felt embarrassed and upset all at the same time. When Liam walked in the door I forgot everything I planned on saying to him. Every muscle in my body tensed up as soon as he walked through the door. I planed to ask him what happened and let him explain himself but instead I started yelling. "I hate you. Get out. Now.” I picked up the closest thing to me and threw it at him, missing his head by an inch. “I hate you. I hate you.” I tried to hold my tears back but now they were streaming down my face. “My heart is broken. Liam you broke me.” My voice broke. I could hear the boy’s voices coming into the house. “How could you?” I stormed past Liam and went straight to the boys. “You were there with him and you let him cheat on me? How could you? You four are supposed to be my friends. And you.” I spin back around at Liam. “You’re supposed to be my boyfriend. Why wasn’t I good enough?” Niall ran up and wrapped his arms around me, probably stopping me from going after Liam. “Liam goes.” The boys walked him out. I tried to escape form Niall’s arms but I didn’t succeed. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” I stopped trying to fight it and broke completely down in Niall’s arms.  

Louis: “Follow me, I’ll take you to his seats.” I stayed right behind Harry as we made our way up to where Louis was sitting. “Nervous?” Harry asked, looking back at me. “A little.” I was supposed to fly out and see Louis earlier this week but wasn’t able to make it because of the weather. Louis isn’t expecting me for another week. I took the first available flight, not telling Louis. I wanted to surprise him; the boys are in America getting ready for the US leg of their tour to start. “Up there.” Harry pointed Louis out to me and I ran up the stairs excited to see him. “Oh my god.” I stopped in my tracks when I saw some girl on Louis lap, her lips attached to his neck. “Hey Louis.” I called, hoping he’d head me over the music. As soon as they both looked up at me I knew they did. “Babe.” Louis pushed the girl off of him so he could run after me. “Wait.” He called as I rushed down the stairs, trying not to cry. I ran into the bathroom where Louis followed me. “Are you kidding me? Have you been hooking up with girls the whole tour?” I was broken, I was embarrassed. “Babe, It didn’t mean anything. I missed you, but I’m not making an excuse. I understand if you hate me. I hate myself too. I hate that I hurt you.” I took a deep breath, knowing I had to be strong. “Good, then you won’t blame me for leaving. Goodbye Louis.” I shoved past him, promising myself that I would never look back.  

 Harry: “Harry please tell me these rumors aren’t true.” I sobbed into the phone. Usually I don’t get upset by cheating rumors but this time it was different, this time it felt real. “Harry. Please.” I begged I just wanted him to answer me. He took a breath before speaking, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to lie to you.” My sobs became uncontrollable and my body started to shake. “Tell me everything.” Harry was reluctant but I didn’t care, I wanted to know everything. I wanted to know why he cheated on me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen, it was a mistake.” Harry’s voice broke. “I went to a club one night where I met this girl. I invited her back to the hotel I was staying at and we hooked up. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I thought it was innocent flirting.” I hated Harry, every part of me wanted to fly to LA and confront him. “I trusted you. I believed you when you told me you loved me. I trusted you when you went to LA for a week without me.” Harry started to break down on the other end. “I’m sorry.” He was breathing heavy. “Is that all you have to say to me? You’re sorry? That’s not good enough.” I hung up the phone and immediately started packing so id be out by the time Harry got home.  

Niall: My stomach was in knots. Liam helped me organize this trip so I could surprise Niall on tour. I flew from London to Ireland with a two-hour layover then caught my connecting flight from Ireland to Chicago. The boys were on tour and it’s been almost three months since I’ve seen Niall, between both of our work schedules it’s been impossible for us to see each other lately so when I got a couple days off work I got the first flight I could find. I walked through the terminal anxious to get to Liam. Liam’s picking me up then we’ll go to the hotel where I’ll surprise Niall. “Hey stranger.” Liam greeted me as I threw my arms around him. This whole time I’ve missed Niall like crazy and it wasn’t until I was reunited with Liam I realized I missed him too. “Ready to go?” Liam led me to the car, I hoped in as Liam put my bags in the back. He made jokes about how heavy my suitcase was as he got into the car. As we pulled up the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. “He should be in his room. Room 368.” Liam shouted as I made my way down the hallway and ran into the open elevator. As I approached the room my heart was beating a million miles a minute. As I put my key in the slot I heard a girls scream come from Niall’s room. I paused a second before opening the door hoping for the best. My heart broke when the door opened and there was a half naked girl sitting on his lap, his lips on her neck and his hands in her underwear. I turned around and slammed the door. I heard Niall call her a name before running after me. “Y/N wait.” Somehow he managed to catch up to me. “Please.” He grabbed my arm and I wiped tears before I was spun around. I didn’t want Niall to see me crying. “No Niall. I have nothing to say to you, you cheated on me. We’re done, you can go back to your slut now.” I managed to hold back my sobs until I was safe in Harry’s room. 

Zayn: This past week has been the longest of my life but I’m excited for it to be over. In an hour I will be home and in Zayn’s arms. I had a death in the family and had to go out of town for the funeral. I wanted Zayn to come with me but he insisted that he couldn’t because he had interviews. The funeral was long; all I wanted was Zayn to be there with me. But now all that is behind me and I can’t wait to be home. The drive was taking forever, it’s Saturday so traffic into the city is horrendous. Once I got past the traffic I was home free. I ran into the house, leaving the bags in the car. All the lights were off which meant Zayn was asleep. I ran up to our room, ready to jump on the bed and lay in bed with Zayn. I opened the door to see him lying on the bed, but he wasn’t alone. A girl was laying in his arms they were both naked. I felt like someone punched me in the chest. Immediately violent sobs escaped my lips, waking Zayn up. “Babe?” He pushed the naked girl off of him. “What are you doing here?” I ran out of the room, Zayn ran after me. He was begging me to stop and talk to him. “No Zayn, you slept with some girl in our bed, the bed we shared. I was away at my grandma’s funeral, which you refused to attend. I get home excited to see my boyfriend and I see you cuddling with some girl.” Zayn tried to pull me in but I turned away, knowing if I let him then all would he forgiven. “I’m sorry Zayn, It’s over call me when the slut is out of our room and I’ll come back and get my stuff.” I left our house not letting my tears out until I got to a hotel.