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Cosplay Throwback for Blackout Friday!

When I look at myself, I see a person that doesn’t fit a lot of social norms. I’m African American and Filipino, I’m overweight, and I have a huge interest in cosplay, anime, and a lot of other art related hobbies.

Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of dark skinned characters in the shows I loved watching. This is why I have a special place in my heart for strong, dark skinned characters such as Katara and Korra from Avatar and Yoruichi from Bleach.

Blackout Friday has shown me that my black is beautiful.

I may not be the ideal form of beauty that society has taught us to embrace, but I want to accept and love myself, to be comfortable in my own skin.

I hope that today and #28DaysofBlackCosplay gives inspiration to fellow Black cosplayers. You are all so beautiful, continue embracing yourselves and loving yourselves. Appreciate each other!

I may not be the best cosplayer, but I hope I can inspire other black cosplayers that you can cosplay no matter the color of your skin.

Today is for you all. Let’s celebrate each other <3

There are 2 types of Steven Universe Fans...
  • Type 1: Anyone can cosplay any character they want! Oh that looks so cute on you! Great cosplay! Great fanart! I love the way you drew this! What a cute style! Your props look really good; you must have put a lot of work into them! All size rose cosplayers are beautiful! Here, let me share some cosplay tips with you! What a cute pairing!
  • *respects all ships, fan theories, cosplays, fanart, art styles, interpretations etc.* *encourages one another* *respects everyone* *is civil and mature*
  • Type 2: Oh you can't cosplay rose because you are too skinny. You can't cosplay Garnet because you are too white. Your prop looks awful. Why did you draw them that way? Why does she look older than she is? why did you color her skin so light? You're black and short, why would you cosplay pearl??? you should do amethyst instead. Your make up looks smudgy and awful.
  • *reverse body shames* *Questions and nitpicks every piece of fanart* *feels the need to critique everything* *argues genders* *lights whole fandom on fire*
  • Please Don't be #2.

Aaahhhh this Melbourne Supanova roundup post is SO LATE, but I’m finally back home after an epic two weeks of conventions ((lies down forever)), and look at this beautiful haul of art and shinies! LOOK AT IIIITTTT

(thank you to @katieelle for the Mad Max prints, @jacobin for the Kylo charm, @robotverve for the sparkly TFA bookmark, @picturesquegoddess for the TFA badges, @sebbdraws for the Rey+Kylo print, @yluminary for the Ladybug print, @theartofjessiec for the Princess Tutu print, and @orenjimaru for the beautiful BVS prints, I love them so much!!)

Artist Alley was seriously next level this year, and I’m so happy to have met so many lovely+mad talented artists and lovely people and cosplayers all weekend!! I’M SO OVERWHELMED, everything is beautiful _(:з」∠)_


I was thinking about this one time when I tried to do this before.  I thought I could pull it off despite me only having like 3 followers in the past.  Well, now that I have almost 3,000 followers, I thought I’d try this again.

Anyone who follows me knows I love Terezi (heck, when am I not covered in grey paint?), and I love Terezi of every shape and size.  So here’s what my Terezi cosplay positivity project is all about: I wanna see all you beautiful Terezi cosplayers actually get some time in the spotlight.  What you can do is submit a link to a picture of your Terezi cosplay on your blog and all day on August 22 I will be reblogging these from you.  And I will leave no submission left un-reblogged.  I don’t care if you have a body like Tinkerbell, or one like Rose Quartz, this is about all the amazing people who have ever cosplayed the absolute babe that is Terezi.

On Hayley Atwell’s panel at ECCC 2015
  • there was a video of her catching grapes
  • she made note of how beautiful all the peggy cosplayers are
  • she said that in a romance for peggy, between angie and sousa, she’d pick BOTH (also perhaps at the same time)
  • not like a grape, but like eight, one after another
  • it was AMAZING
  • moderating the panel was a guy from Mythbusters
  • her patronus is an elephant, which she has tattooed on her ankle
  • she would like to maintain being a kind person in her life
  • she talked about touching Chris Evan’s manboob
  • she drinks beer and plays computer games with him too
  • also his lips are very soft, he smells good and is “very hygienic”
  • there was a video of her scaring james d’arcy
  • he screams
  • and falls over
  • onto the couch and then floor
  • there were prank wars on set
  • she is very good at charades 
  • her advice for young women watching: “Know your worth.”

Seriously gorgeous, kind, and wonderful woman.

Dear Downton fandom...

…tonight there is the last “real” episode.

After six seasons we’re all a family. We fight with each other, some people we like, some we don’t, we laughed and loved, cried and did happy-dances.

So thank you…

…to all the amazing fanfic writers. Thanks for getting the character right, rewriting horrible scenes and for writing some awesome ones.

…to all the amazing GIF makers. Because of you we could analyze all of our favorite scenes (and had plenty new reaction GIFs).

…to all the amazing video makers. No matter fan vid or scenes and clips. We saw the best scenes of our favorite people or could rewatch the favorite scene for 25324542 times.

…to all the amazing artists. You made sure our imagination becomes reality.

…to all the amazing cosplayers. You guys rock and thanks for the beautiful photos and hard work you put into the costumes.

…to all the amazing blog writers. Thanks for analyzing every second, writing your opinion, explaining and sharing your knowledge.

…to all the amazing people in the fandom. You are awesome. Thank you.

And thanks to the whole Downton cast, for the amazing and incredible, funny and heart-breaking perfomances.