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Bruce: I mean, just going from branding, a bat is a pretty sure fire bet since he’s the whole “solitary nocturnal spooky dude” kind of person ————————————————— Dick: a giant panda; they’re typically very passive and peaceful but can get aggressive if need be ————————————————— Jason: a wolf; they’re basically like dogs, just bigger. They can be aggressive when trying to protect themselves or their pack but are also very cunning and resourceful ————————————————— Tim: a crow; they’re highly intelligent and can actually solve complex puzzles and adapt to tough situations without becoming too stressed out ————————————————— Steph: a raccoon; they’re capable of making complex social relationships but are also resourceful and cunning, they know how to get what they want when they want it ————————————————— Damian: a cat; they have incredible agility, are superb hunters, don’t always listen to people but are always open to learning new things and skills. They also have high sensory abilities ————————————————— Cass: a red fox; they are highly cunning animals that can use their advanced hearing to pinpoint an enemy from feet away and are able to use hunting techniques that are extremely accurate by relying on the earth’s magnetic field ————————————————— Babs: a falcon; they have a remarkable memory and are extremely intelligent, they know how to cooperate and follow orders but can also hold on their own ————————————————— Duke: a lion; they’re highly social animals that depend on a team to survive but are also proficient hunters on their own. They’re also very protective of their own pride and will go to great lengths to make sure they’re all safe

Justice league trailer is finally here. It’s so god damn beautiful!
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Bruce Wayne and his brother Jack are both witnesses to their parents’ murder. Bruce handles the loss one way, while Jack goes another until Bruce is forced to hire a doctor for his younger brother’s deteriorating mental condition.

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i kinda wish damian came into the batfam as a baby just so there could be a bunch of embarrassing baby pictures and memories and times when damian physically injured tim for holding him :')))

That would be so cuuuute 😍 especially because he’d be trying to act all tough and Son of Batman™ and stuff, but the rest of the family can’t see anything past the fact that he’s the cutest baby in the whole world and are constantly obsessing over his button nose and baby cheeks despite his threats.  


“My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive.

Ezra Miller as The Flash, BVS (2016) - SS (2016) - Justice League (2017)