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Shoutout to all the non native english speakers out there. Ya’ll are awesome. I want to see more of your native tongues on my dash everyday!

Sort of happy story? Maybe? I don't know what to consider it.

So my life has been on a steady spiral downward. Family health scares, dog needing minor surgery (tooth pulled, but he’s also 10 ½ and has a heart murmur so it’s honestly terrifying to me), overall personal crap, etc., and on top of all of that, on Thursday evening, I found out that my grandmother most likely has cancer- they found something in her liver but it wasn’t liver cancer and they’re pretty sure it’s from somewhere else that made it to the liver and I have no idea how to describe it. But the fact that it’s most likely has just seriously fucked me up, as we’re really close and I lost my paternal grandmother to lung cancer in October 2015.

Needless to say, I haven’t been “all there.” I haven’t been sleeping or eating well, I’ve been shaky, and I’ve been making myself hyper focus on trying to not screw up at work because the idea of being fired terrifies me more than death. But guess who screwed up anyway? 

I do craft programs through work, and I also am allowed to run other ones, should I get permission to do so. Which I did. Things were all planned out with our guest speaker. Awesome. Went ahead and made a flyer, printed a few copies out, posted them, thought all was fine and dandy. Only I forgot to send the flyer to my boss for approval for the first time ever and I got an email about it and stupid stupid stupid me immediately took it as “oh god I fucked up so badly” and sent an apology email offering to take the flyers down and by the time I got into work, I was so worked up over it and went straight to my boss apologizing before I was even clocked in. Told her I hadn’t been thinking straight lately and swore up and down that I’d never do it again, which kind of got her asking if everything was okay because “you don’t look so well” and there were no problems and she didn’t see why I’d gotten all nervous about it.

I just told her that on top of a bunch of personal matters, I found out just before the weekend that my grandmother most likely has cancer and she just. She hugged me and was so nice about it and said she’d keep us in her prayers and I like, started tearing up because I didn’t know that people in a work environment (aside from my boss in my old library job, but I’ve had quite a few retail hells in between) could actually be that nice and actually care about their employees. I’m so used to people treating me like crap that this really got to me and I didn’t know how to handle it so I just thanked her and went up into the break room and cried like the stupid dumb moron I am. 

So I guess happy-ish thing? I don’t know what to consider it but holy crap I’m not used to people actually being nice like that. 

ID #82191

Name: Naomi
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hello everyone!
This is my first time submitting a post on here so I hope I’m doing this right :D

My name is Naomi and I’m a university student from Germany. I study Applied Computer Science which is less boring than it sounds, I promise! :D
I’m a bit shy in real life and it takes me some time to open up to people so I hope meeting people online will be easier! I want to chat with people from all over the world but English or Japanese native-speakers would be awesome! You don’t need to correct my grammar or anything like that but if you want to that’s great! If you not let’s just chat :D

I don’t mind age, gender, sexuality etc. so everyone is welcome :)
I think of myself as pretty easy-going, non-confrontational and generally nice. But that doesn’t mean I’m a push-over :D I try to be as positive as I can but I’m German so it’s hard from time to time :D

I really love British humour and comedy in general. Everything from stand-up to sketches, I’m game! I really love Monty Python and similar humour.

I also love TV shows like Merlin, Sherlock,Supernatural, Hannibal, RuPaul’s Drag Race (my current obsession) and many more that I’ve currently forgotten!

I also love to read and I’ll read anything! Non-fiction, novels, short stories, poetry. I also like to write in my spare time.

Apart from that I also really like being on the Internet (don’t we all?), video games, going out with friends and doing sports.

We can chat on e-mail, tumblr, LINE or skype. I speak German, Japanese, English and some French.

So if after all of that you think you might like to become pen pals with me please feel free to write to me! I’m looking forward to hearing from you :D

Have a nice day!

Preferences:  Someone who enjoys writing long e-mails as much as I do and can talk about all kinds of differenct topics!

Hey guys!

I am currently selling my Crosley Record Player!

 Details about the one you will receiveLIGHTLY USED, I only used this from July to December and no loner need it! The turn table is in perfect condition without any tears or wears. Will come with all parts necessary and contains a 45 rpm converter.   

AMENITIES: This stylish turntable is easy to use and allows for deck and MP3 player integration, featuring a belt-drive system so you can play 7" and 12" records at a 33/45/78 rpm. Fitted with an automatic return arm, diamond stylus needle and built-in dynamic, full-range stereo speakers for an all-round awesome listener experience. Compatible with both MAC + PC operating systems and runs on 12 watts.