all the awards tbh

Okay but El’s reaction after the kiss is one of my favorite moments in the entire show. She probably has no idea what a kiss is, and it completely took her off guard, but you can tell after that split second of shock, she liked it. She smiles because she has feelings for Mike too, but she doesn’t know how to express them. It’s such a cute moment, it makes me happy whenever I rewatch it.

  • Me: tbh I love YOI with all my heart but it didn't deserve--
  • Some annoying YOI fan: LMAO y'all are just salty bitches 😜😜😜 u don't know what you're talking about YOI fucking mADE HISTORY so suck it up bitch 😒😒😜
  • Me: ...okay but that's irrelevant to--
  • Some annoying YOI fan: suCK IT UP
EXO as things I've said about EXO
  • Chen: baekyhun's really hot... so is xiumin... and lay and suho tbh all of exo
  • Chanyeol: if there was an award for biggest kai fan it'd be awarded to me but I'd also be awarded biggest anti fan too
  • Baekhyun: stan yixing stan yixing stan yixing staN YIX-
  • Lay: SM is probably Satan's vacation spot
  • Sehun: not to be nasty but... I want a bukkake circle w/ ksoo and his clones
  • Xiumin: I'm faithful to 2 things- smores and kim jongdae
  • D.O: idk if I want to strangle chanyeol w/ my hands or him to strangle me with his dick
  • Suho: wow I wish sehun's mouth was a put hole... I know my balls would rest nicely there

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I saw Moonlight earlier this week and it was so so good! I'm happy that film was made and I cried bc there were such beautiful scenes in it, so much compassion and understanding, we need more of those, from the art and pop culture that is being made and from real ppl as well. After what's been happening this year, politics and sherlock, it's so important that films like Moonlight exist and get attention and profit. I hope you like it!

I absolutely loved it. In every way, it was stunning! Cry count was at least 3… and yes I completely agree. I hope it wins all the awards tbh, especially over La La Land for obvious reasons

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I don't know if artists know ahead of time if they're going to win or if The Academy gets in touch with a few of the nominees to make them seem like they're going to win. I know Mariah Carey never goes to the award shows bc they always screw her over. She only attended when the media was guaranteeing (?) her a win like with Emancipation of Mimi or Daydream or We Belong Together. Idk I'm just speculating and want to hear your response

tbh I think all awards shows are fixed, especially ones that have fans ‘vote’ on twitter etc

the grammys is still fixed but it doesn’t lie quite so much to the public. 

Usually though from what I understand, artists know if they’ll win so they can make an effort to show up.