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i’m honestly in disbelief that five-thousand people follow me. i am so, so grateful to all of you amazing humans, and to show my thanks i’ve decided to throw a tumblr awards! it’s been a while since i’ve done one on my own, and i really wanted to do something special for you babes!

how to enter:

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hi friends, it’s your girl erica here!

so a couple of weeks ago, i reached 1.6k followers and as a celebration, i wanted to do something! i asked you guys to vote in a poll i posted and tumblr awards won! i’ve recently taken a bit of a break from tumblr to work on my book i’m writing, but i now realize i can manage doing both - i just really need to balance my time. you know? PLUS, i just reached 1.7k which is insanity. so, to celebrate, here we are! my first ever TUMBLR AWARDS! yay! one winner for each award and two runners up :’)

you have a chance to enter up until tuesday, february 28th at 11:59pm! just before the 1st of march :) MY BABY RONNIEKINS’ BIRTHDAY <3 winners will be announced a few days after (i’ll see how many entries this gets and then decide on a date!)

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hermione granger award:
best theme
luna lovegood award: friendliest/kindest blogger
neville longbottom award: best icon
minerva mcgonagall award: best writing
ron weasley award: best creations
nymphadora tonks award: best multifandom blog
fred & george weasley award: funniest blogger
sirius black award: best harry potter

prizes under the cut! (i literally s u c k at like, everything, so it’ll probably just be writing and promos tbh sorry guys i can’t make edits for shit)


p r i i i i z e s :D

winners: three promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic, harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!

runners up: two promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic OR harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!



i jus realized that if each 1d member drops their solo alb in the first half of this year, they could be competing against each other during next year’s award season….. what if they’re all nominated for the same award like how messy would that be omg

anonymous asked:

Despite popular belief, it hasn't been easy being Taemin's assistant. These past few years spent with him have been more painful than you would have agreed to should you have known first hand. Everyday you've had to watch as Taemin stared a second too long at a pretty girl, or hugged a fan tighter than what was the norm. And every day you've stared on bitterly knowing that these girls will never know him like you do. They will never love him like you do. "Annie!" Taemin smiles,"It's time to go"

omfg you are perfect you really are
omg this is the kind of fics i like

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

anonymous asked:

(2) I'm sorry to send this to you but I know that you're one of the people that I love the boys just As much as I but in a good respectful manner that isn't as obnoxious as some fans can be So I come to you for help to give me examples of how real and genuine exo and other idols can be to show her that they are people as well

Hi, I didn’t get the first part of this message? So I didn’t get the reason as to why she doesn’t think Exo (and other idols) are real and genuine and therefore can’t know exactly what kind of moments and things you were talking about but I will try. Please tell me if I misunderstood! (I’m sorry for making this answer so long).

Generosity and humbleness
Kyungsoo and Jongdae will not be accepting gifts from fans anymore since they feel regretful that they can’t use everything fans send them and they don’t want us to spend that much money on them. They said instead we should wish them good health on their birthdays. (x, x)

Jongdae sent Daeul and Soeul presents after visiting them. (x, x, x)
Suho did as well. (x, x)

Jongdae gives away money to charities under his baptism name. (x, x, x)

At a charity event in China this year Yixing donated 10 ambulances to impoverished areas. (x)

Exo doing charity work both after and before debut. (x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

Love and support towards each other and people around them
When Shinee won at the MMA’s Jongin cried because he was so happy and proud. (x)
Baekhyun said in an interview that Chanyeol cries everytime they change manager and has to say goodbye to the last one. (x)
When Suho had his v app Sehun was looking and when they spoke on the phone he told Suho not to read the comments because people were mean and what they said wasn’t true. (x around 1.18)
Yixing talking about Baekhyun’s message to him on his own birthday. (x)

Exo talking about their mothers. (x, x, xx)
Yixing sending messages to his family. (x)
Yixing’s weibo post on thanksgiving. (x)

How people around Exo talks about them
Kyungsoo’s It’s Okay, That’s Love co-star Sung Dong Il saying that when his mom past away Kyungsoo stayed with him for two nights and three days. Eventhough he’s so busy he took time to be there for his friend who was going through a hard time. (x)

Taeoh’s dad talking about Jongin after he visited them. (x, x)
Seoeon and Seojun’s dad talking about Baekhyun and Chanyeol after they visited them. (x)

A staff member from the Dream Concert 2016 talking about Exo. (x)

Heechul from Super Junior’s message to Baekhyun. (x)
Jongdae talking to an old friend on the phone. (x)

Chanyeol’s mom’s post about him on facebook. (x)
Jongdae’s mom saying on the phone that she loves Kyungsoo (and the rest of Exo). (x)
Chanyeol’s mom supporting Kyungsoo at his movie premiere and hugging him back in 2015. (x)

Conserns and doubts
One thing that makes people real are their doubts and concerns and hardships.
Baekhyun comforting Yixing when he thought he didn’t sing good. (x, x)
Jongin hugging Kyungsoo after his voice cracked during a song. (x)
Kyungsoo telling Jongin that it’s okay to cry. If he cried then he cried, it’s okay to show how you feel. (x)
Jongin talking about how depression is nothing to be ashamed of. (x)
Jongin saying that he’s been using music as healing since this year has been hard for him. (x)

Sehun being nervous on Sukira. (x)
Xiumin saying that he was so nervous recording crime scene without the other memebers that he thought “I can’t go out there alone”. (x)
Xiumin talking about his extreme weight loss and telling fans to be more careful than he was. (x)
Suho saying he came to Jongin’s exomemtary because he had noticed how nervous Jongin had been about it all week. (x)
Kyungsoo has mentioned many times that he used to have bad stage fright after their debut.

Suho expressing his conserns about making new music. (x)
Chanyeol mentioning Exo’s worries this year (he also talked about it in his mama speech). (x)
Sehun and Chanyeol talking about how things were easier when they were younger and how they only had each other to rely on then, before the worries of being a public figure came. (x)

Gratitude and love towards fans
Exo crying out of gratitude and disbelief when they’ve won big awards. (x, x, x, x, x)
Jongin crying when he heard fans screaming happy birthday and his name during his thank you speech and his reaction after. (x, x)
Yixing crying when he won Most Popular Movie OST and Most Popular Newcomer of the Year. (x)
Chanyeol talking about why he cried during his ment at Exo’luxion [dot]. (x)

Exo looking at Exo-L with so much love in their eyes it makes me want to cry too. (x)

The lyrics to Promise (Exo 2014) was written by Jongdae and composed by Yixing. The rap part was also written by Chanyeol. The lyrics are very personal to them sice it’s about their love for Exo-L. (x)

Photo’s of Yixing reading letters fans have given him. (x, x, x, x)
Yixing handwrote 300 invitations for his birthday concert. (x)

Jongdae, Yixing and Sehun saying that we don’t have to buy their albums. It’s better if we spend our money on ourselves and people we love. (x, x, x)

Kyungsoo was worried about how the fans in the audience would get home since the recording of Star Show 360 ended so late. Most of them were young girls and it was already 2am and dark outside. (x)

Exo giving us small messages of love. ( x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

Other small things that I think show how sweet and genuine Exo are
Chanyeol and fans. (x)
Suho’s ment during Exo’luxion in America. (x)
Jongin’s gratitude in Tokyo Dome. (x)
Kyungsoo’s lotto 3rd win thank you speach (x)
Baekhyun being concered about Chanyeol during their bowling match. (x)
Jongin’s reaction to a girl’s struggle to be loved equally by her mom. (x)
Chanyeol crying during his Exordium ment. (x)
Jongin apologizing to fans for being injured and not able to dance. (x)
Xiumin talking about balance between being celebrety and having privacy. (x)
Baekhyun saying that Exo doesn’t feel good enough for us. (x)
Kyungsoo always being humble. (x)
Jongin playing a game of who can draw the best bear with fans. (x, x)
Kyungsoo talking about his family. (x)
Jongin wanting to work as a doctor. (x)
Yixing’s reaction to the rest of Exo’s message for his birthday. (x)
Kyungsoo saying that the other members are his soulmates. (x)
A list of reasons why Tao is amazing. (x)
Jongin’s v apps. (x, x)
Chanyeol’s v app after Mama awards 2016. (x)
All of Exomentary. And Exo’s live shows. (x)

Welcome to the first annual Teninch Fic Awards!

First things first, what is Teninch Fic? Well, let me tell you. Teninch Fics are fanfiction stories where any David Tennant character is paired with any Billie Piper character excluding the very popular Ten x Rose pairing. For example: Alec Hardy x Rose Tyler or Alec Hardy x Hannah Baxter (Belle de jour.) What Teninch Fic is not: Rpf (real person fic), a David or Billie character paired with a character not portrayed by the other. Ex: Ten x Master, Hardy x Miller.

Second, what are the Teninch Fic Awards, and how will they work? Also a good question. Because a lot of Teninch Fics get missed by ones who may be interested in reading them, even if they were previously unaware of that interest, we thought it would be nice to celebrate these amazing stories and their authors on a regular basis. By doing so, and maintaining this blog, it will also give curious readers and other interested ones a place to find some good quality stories. So, how will the awards work? Easy. You tell us which stories you love, then vote for them, and we’ll announce the winners.

Step One: (December 1 - 24) Nominate your favorite stories for different categories by messaging us here at the Awards blog.

Step Two: (January 1 - 20) Vote for your favorites.

Step Three: (February 1) Winners will be announced!

What you can do between now and December 1st? GO forth and read all of the amazing stories in the Teninch Fic tag on tumblr, scour the interwebz for all the fics from before the time of tumblr (yes there is no limit on the age of the stories to be nominated this first year!), and make a note so as not to forget which stories you want to nominate when the time comes!

This message brought to you by the dorkiest of dorky dorks: tennantmeister, @studio-forty-two, @moltobenebananas, and @weeping-who-girl

Exo Reactions To You Getting Clingy & Calling Them Pet Names In Front Of The Other Members Because You’re Tired

I really had other requests to do first but this was so cute 

Also, I have never felt more creative in my life than I was while I was coming up with all of these pet names omg someone give me an award. No, but really, I’m so uncomfortable with pet names. You better all love this. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *you come out into the living room where everyone is & he’s standing in the middle of the room telling a story*

You: *you go over to him & hug him, he hugs you back with one arm* “Bunny Boocan, I’m tired. Can we go to bed?” *you nestle your head against his arm*

Baekhyun: *gets all squishy & cuddles you, not phased by the other members laughing* “Sure, Jagi.”

Chanyeol: *he’s sitting at the dining room table, talking to a few of the members about songs*

You: *walks over & starts playing with his hair* “Chanyoyobear. I’m going to bed.”

Chanyeol: *enjoying the heavy petting session, also not bothered by the other members snickering* “I’ll be in there in a minute.”

Chen: *he’s watching Kai & Lay practice in the rehearsal room of the house*

You: *peaks your head in & gives him a pouty, tired face* “Jongy-Dongy, are you coming to bed?”

Lay: “Jongy-Dongy?” 

You: “If you ever have sex with him, you’ll understand.”

Chen: “Jagi… please.” 

D.O.: *he’s in the kitchen with a couple of the members, trying to cook but they’re all getting in his way*

You: *shuffles over to him & wraps your arms around him from behind.* “What are you making, my sweet little Soonshine?”


D.O.: *so done with life, he just stands there*

Kai: *he’s messing around in the studio with Chanyeol, Lay & Baekhyun*

You: *sits on his lap & starts kissing his neck* “Spicy baby Kimchi, it’s late.”

Baekhyun: *snorts*

Kai: *gives you a cute version of Soo’s death glare &shakes his head*

Kris: *he’s surrounded by members, just having random conversations with everyone*

You: *scoots your tired feet along & attaches yourself to his arm* “Wuffles, my gentle giant. It’s time for sleep.” 

Kris: *stands there, avoiding eye contact with everyone* “I asked you not to call me that in front of everyone.”

Lay: *he’s writing songs with Chanyeol in the office*

You: *Goes over & sits down at his feet, playing with his pant legs* “Yixy Stix, are you almost done?”

Lay: *ignores everyone laughing & does aegyo to you* “Almost, my sweets.”

Luhan: *he’s in the hallway, standing in the doorway of a bedroom & talking to a group of members inside*

You: *yells down the hallway* “Luggle-bug, come to bed.”

Luhan: *a hoard of laughter comes from the room, he looks down the hall at you in disbelief* 

Sehun: *he’s watching a movie with some of the others*

You: *sits next to him on the couch & starts playing with his fingers* “When it’s over, can we head to sleep, Hunnie-Pop?”

Sehun: *enjoying the attention* “Duh.”

Suho: *he’s working late on stuff in Kyungsoo’s room, sitting on the bed*

You: *stands behind him & puts your chin on his head* “Suho, my strong Appa, it’s getting late.” 

Kyungsoo: *snorts* “Appa?”

Suho: * he stands & kisses you* “Off to bed we go…” *shuffles you out, whispering* I told you not to call me Appa in front of them. Now they’re going to make fun of me even more…”

Tao: *everyone is in the living room talking & hanging out*

You: *sits on his lap so that you’re facing him* “Tao-shi, come to bed with me.” 

Tao: “Give me ten minutes.” *kisses your nose*

You: *whines a little* “Tao baobi, I’m so tired.” *puts your head on his shoulder & kisses his neck*

Tao: *tries to act cool in front of everyone but is really falling for your cuteness*

Xiumin: *sees you come in while he’s having dance rehearsal & winks*

You: *waddles over to him & starts stroking his stomach* “Minnie Mouse, are you almost done?”

Xiumin: *takes a second to let the giggling from the other members die down, then looks at you with a meaningful eyebrow raise* “Yes, Jagiya. A few more minutes.” *he smacks your ass hard as you walk away & you know there’s going to be very little sleeping happening because you’ve embarrassed him & that’s rare so you owe him* /sex, jsyk/



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Thank you to everyone that voted!!! I’m just trying not cry with a massive glass of bubbly right now!!!