all the awards for this movie tbh

Re; TP recent pics

yeah he definitely looks rlly old and tired in general but with this new unflattering haircut he looks more and more like jesse posey tbh

I actually don’t mind the haircut at all, but… he looks like he got bit by the meth bug, my gawd.  Maybe it’s bad picture quality.  And lol that he looks more and more like Jesse. 

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: 2012 Boyfriends

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: Part 3

well hey there lovely people, this is the 2nd 2012 masterpost bc as i’ve said before harry and louis went completely crazy in 2012 so to save you all from scrolling for 567886543 years i have split it into 3 parts…..

Part 1 yooo

jus’ scroll and enjoy bbies!

was there any real need tO FUCKING CARESS HIS FACE??????

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SO before I dive into my last college essay every I have some very important feelings about CACW 


-Bucky Barnes needs to be protected at ALL costs. He is such a great character and he has come so far since CAWS. Like example, in CAWS he barely registers Steve, yet in the movie he seems to remember so much, he is trying! He is trying to remember himself and his life, when tbh it would probably be easier just to submit to his pain. So yeah team bucky barnes all goddamn day. 

-Steve…. I am so torn, I am so here for you protecting your best friend. SO FUCKING HERE FOR IT. (#stucky4life) However I am not here for you thinking you are above everyone…. Yeah this accords things is unfortunate and tbh not really a good idea (yet) but lets be real, you do need some boundaries. 


-Chadwick Boseman deserves all the awards and basically they should extend his contract to infinite movies because he crush it so hard that I forgot this was a Captain America movie and not a Black Panther movie. (ALSO: Lupita and MBJ cast in the solo film? THIS MOVIE IS ALREADY PERFECT AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN FILM IT YET)

-Tony broke my heart in this movie. He has literally lost everything; his family, Pepper, the avengers, the trust of his community, and not to mention he almost lost Rhodey. I think his entire arch in the film was pretty justified, the accords are his way of trying to put himself/the avengers in check for everything that has happened, his fight with Steve and Bucky at the end was so heartbreaking, especially since he went there to bring peace. His arch in this entire film is just him trying to bring peace (in a weird Tony Stark kinda way) and people keep fucking it up for him. ALSO Steve wtf you should have told him. 

-TOM HOLLAND. (thats all) (jk its not) (i have a lot of feelings) He is Spiderman. I was completely convinced the minute he walked on screen. Don’t get me wrong Andrew Garfield is absolutely bae and I personally think he was amazing, but this younger Spiderman is amazing, his spunk, his willingness to to be a hero and tbh he is just adorable af. (#cinnamonrollstatus) Not to mention he totally stole the show from RDJ and thats hard to do. Also I can’t wait for his solo film, its gonna be so good. Also Zendaya is it so thats just a win for the world because she is a perfect goddess. 


-Paul Rudd deserves better. (thats all)

-Falcon and Winter Soldier are such a brotp. I just want a side movie with them bickering for 2 hours. 

-Natasha/Black Widow, needs a consistent story line, and the Russo brother gave her that in this film. She has always been sympathetic towards Steve and Bucky, so when she was team Iron Man i honestly got scared they would take that away but they didn’t and I’m so thankful. Shes just such a good character and I need her to have a solo film. Also bring back Banner so they can ride off into the sunset together and live a happy life; cause I totally ship them. 

-Wanda you poor girl, you’ve lost so much, and deserve a good life. 

-Tbh Vision you are cool but I’m still not feeling you just yet. 

-The Kiss. Idk it was okay, didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I’m very indifferent. I think Steve deserves to move on and Sharon is nice and clearly on his side so why not. They also didn’t over do it so I’m not against it, but also don’t really care about it. 

-I need more Hawkeye, cause Jeremy Renner fucking kills it. He is so sassy and badass, not to mention he does such a good job of bringing out the different emotions in Clint. ( sorry but i’m one of those people who loved his backstory in AOU)

Basically thats all. If I have anymore feelings, which i’m sure I will, I will be back to add to this. Feel free to give me your opinions and help me procrastinate on this essay some more. 

oh one more thing,


Tbh I’d love it if the oscars renamed the best animated feature category “best animation”, sort of like the special effect category, and if they gave the award for the actual animation rather than the entire film. Animation is a medium, not a genre, and to have all animation movies squised into a single category feels insulting. Why arent there any animated features nominated in the screenplay or photography categories? These are aspects of an animated movie too. Animation movies should'nt be put in a category by themselves. Animated features are hella hard and long to make and having them being snobbed by the other categories is just a wasted opportunity to congratulate artists who have created not only a story but an entire universe out of nothing.

for me, the oscars are pretty much irrelevant atm because the nominees are almost always the same types of movies (the ones that are “made” for the oscars), and the actor/actress nominations contain so little diversity, pluss the best animation movie category isn’t taken seriously by the oscar voters at all (they don’t seem to care much about it tbh)