all the awards for these two and their acting

Executive decision: create an awards show exclusively catered to fantasy and sci-fi movies

all the films that don’t ever receive an ounce of respect at awards shows because they aren’t taken seriously as a genre finally get the recognition they deserve

the Harry Potter movies are praised for their visionary production designs and a music score more iconic than most movie soundtracks released in the past two decades

Force Awakens and Rogue One aren’t swept under the rug because they’re only seen as nostalgic entertainment and instead are recognized for their incredible acting and special effects

Pacific Rim is awarded the highest honor for editing and production work and CGi design because holy shit did you even see that movie?

The makeup and styling team for the Star Trek movies finally get their moment to shine after spending years designing and building intricate prosthetics and makeup looks in order to bring a diverse galaxy to life

John Boyega and John Cho host the night and everyone has a great time and I don’t end the night fuming over movies robbed of the love they deserve


A.N. I’m bored and don’t want to work on my creative writing piece for class that’s due in a couple of hours.

JB: English Teacher

  • Everyone swoons over him literally everyone. The other staff members, the students, parents, the stray animals that wander into the school
  • Has his class do a book review every two months just to make them suffer
  • Gives extra credit if his students go the schools play.
  • Has the students watch movie adaptions of the books they read in class 
  • And goes on a lecture saying that the book is a million times better than the movie.
  • “The movie is decent, well not that decent but it’s decent shit.”

Mark: Art Teacher

  • After his class finishes a project he’ll put all it all over the classroom and outside the classroom too
  • Like he loves showing off what his students can do
  • Fights with the other Art Teachers saying that his students are better than theirs
  • Everyone thinks he’s a student because he looks so young.
  • “Stop mistaking me for a child, I pay bills!! I’M IN DEBT!! IM AN ADULT!”
  • Plans field trips to the museums just so he can educate his students more about art. Plus they can skip all their other classes for a day.

Jackson: Physical Education Teacher

  • No one is allowed to sit out during class, everyone has to participate.
  • Once a week has to lecture people that eating organic food is better for your body
  • Will die when he has to teach his classes about safe sex.
  • Says “IF YOU HAVE SEX YOU WILL DIE!!! Well not really but don’t do it! Boys are the literal definition of trash. Girls, you can do better.”
  • Will be the star of the student vs teacher games
  • But gets in trouble when he spikes the volleyball to hard and it accidentally hits a student in the face.

Jinyoung: Drama Teacher

  • He is one hell of a teacher and even all the kids that didn’t want to take his class ended up loving his class.
  • Loves that other teachers forces their class to watch his productions. He’s making money for his department
  • People think he’s gay cause he’s the drama teacher
  • Gives out the best life advice during class
  • Throws a fit when Mark’s field trips to the museum gets approve but not his field trip to play.

Youngjae: Choir Teacher 

  • Makes Jinyoung brag to people that he hired the best pianist for the schools musical
  • Loves seeing his kids trying their best when they get new music
  • Wins any award is possible in all competitions because of how well his kids sing
  • When the band and orchestra teachers complain about their kids misbehaving he’ll just drink his coffee and say “hmm that’s because your kids don’t like you.”
  • Is up to date with the schools gossip only because his choir president is also the newspaper editor, so he has to act shocked when he reads the school paper.
  • Screams at anyone who gets five feet near his piano 

Bambam & Yugyeom: Journalism, Yearbook and Newspaper Teachers

  • It was too much work for one teacher to do so the school hires two people
  • Boy they would regret their decision
  • These two did their work and all their students pass but because they cause so much drama in the school.
  • Bambam: “So class when I said I wanted the latest gossip for our newspaper, I didn’t mean to stalk people.”
  • All the yearbooks they work on, are always sold out.
  • Because it’s so aesthetically pretty and they make sure no one looks ugly for their school photos.
  • They approve any goofy senior quote and don’t care they get in trouble.
  • Yugyeom: “When I said to highlight the important part of hard hitting story, that doesn’t mean to highlight the whole story.”
  • No one knows what to expect each time they walk into their classroom.

Some modern day Hamilton. Credit to @astroidbelt for the Angelica Take a Break text post, X, I laughed for like five minutes straight after reading it. I  wanted to draw Hamilton with a man bun and cute outfits because theirs way too much pain and suffering in act two

Dating Scarlett Johansson Would Include...

Requested by @trevorphilipstownley

  • You never really believed in love at first
  • That is, until you met Scarlett
  • You thought you were just starstruck
  • But it turned out to be so much more than that
  • Scarlett feeling a little bit weird about dating a fan
  • But it didn’t take long for her to realize that you two were going to be together for a long, long time
  • Scarlett taking you to all of her movie premieres
  • And awards shows
  • Endlessly supporting Scarlett in her acting career
  • Her always thanking you in her awards speech
  • Talking about you in interviews
  • Scarlett getting all cute and smiley when people ask her about your relationship
  • Everyone on the internet shipping you
  • Except for those few haters
  • But, luckily, if any of them came at you
  • Scarlett would immediately defend you
  • Not showing a lot of PDA
  • But being very loving and intimate when you were alone
  • Scarlett being a slow, passionate kisser
  • Until things got heated
  • And, suddenly, you were a messy combination of hands in each other’s hair, lips on each other’s skin, and moans escaping from your lips
  • Scarlett bottoming 
  • Neck kisses
  • Paparazzi sometimes getting pictures of Scarlett with hickeys on her neck
  • Hating that your relationship was always in the public eye
  • But being able to keep the most loving, intimate parts of your relationship to yourselves
  • Going on lots of casual dates
  • (Ex. Watching Netflix and cuddling, ordering takeout and playing board games, etc.)
  • Except for your anniversaries or birthdays
  • In which case the two of you pulled out all the stops
  • Her daughter loving you
  • Scarlett always taking the time to tell you how much she appreciates and loves you
  • And you feeling the exact same way

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Can you do a famous malec couple au? Please

okay so full credit to @achilleanragnor​ for helping me get started on this because famous was too big a window for me and then this happened

  • okay so magnus is the troy baker of video games
  • honestly like, has there been a well acted game in the last eight years that didn’t feature a magnus bane voice line???
  • (the answer is probably no)
  • he’s had one or two small roles on tv, just on little shows and things but his home is voice acting, because that’s what he loves doing
  • he loves trying on new people, trying out new personalities, new faces
  • he also adores seeing all the production teams do their magic
  • anyway yeah magnus is super famous in the gaming community, been to awards shows, the whole works. nerds faint in his presence. especially at comic con
  • and then there’s alec
  • alec who his parents wanted to go to law school but he started acting in a theatre group instead and found he loved it so much more
  • alec who was at law school when he got the call for an audition for a superhero movie
  • alec who gave up law school when he got that dream call, much to his parents displeasure
  • (izzy and jace were proud as hell though)
  • he’s had a lot of pretty big roles - superhero movies, cult sci-fi, a fantasy show everyone seems to love
  • honestly alec doesn’t think he’s famous, no matter how many people sneak pictures of him on the subway
  • izzy and jace have to remind him of that alone because he’s always like “no, they’re not looking at me, are you crazy?”
  • especially when he’s out with jace, because jace is this crazy good musician and of course they’re looking at you
  • anyway alec got asked to do a little cameo role in a big rpg game and he kind of loved it??? which was a surprise because he really didn’t expect to
  • he goes to visit jace one day and jace is playing it because “dude, it’s your game of course i’m playing the shit out of this just to see what you look like”
  • jace is impressed, but alec ends up in bliss listening to the main character talk, who is played by, you guessed it, magnus bane
  • he doesn’t really think about it much though, and moves on until his agent asks if he liked the game thing
  • because this big epic adventure game is looking for some stage & tv actors to do their newest story
  • and alec reads the brief and damn it’s a good story
  • so he goes for it and he gets it
  • and it’s not until the production staff start talking to him that he realises it’s a full motion capture game
  • which is new but he’s still excited to get going, because it looks like a fun game, and there’s a full gay romance, which is really important for alec
  • he wants to do it right dammit!!!!!
  • anyway he gets to set the first day and surprise surprise, guess who alec’s love interest is?
  • anyway alec spends half his time being in awe of magnus’ amazing talent, and the rest trying to wipe the drool off his chin because the only person that can make the ridiculous motion capture outfits look sexy is magnus bane
  • so they spend the next few months filming this game, with alec falling a little bit more in love every single day
  • until finally they get to the end of the game, and the climax of the love plot, when in the heat of danger they share a passionate first kiss
  • and honestly alec forgets he’s acting until they get to that scene, when the production crew says they can kiss if they want but they don’t need to because the motion capture comes out weird anyway and the outfits will probably make it awkward
  • only just as magnus is about to pull away, alec leans in and kisses him for real
  • so when the game comes out and the two of them play it together on date nights, magnus is all “can you believe out first kiss has been immortalised in a video game?”
  • anyway they go out together and the fans all love them
  • their comic con panel involves so many “what happened on set” things it’s hilarious
  • they’re basically the power couple of video games and it’s beautiful
  • they get to accept a bunch of lgbt awards together and blow up the internet
  • and they all lived happily ever after
  • (including their video game characters)
Roommate left me on my own seriously ill, new friend totally got revenge for me.

Freshman year college, roommate and I HATED each other, long story, not relevant. But the week before Thanksgiving I started getting sick, ignored it, got alot sicker very quickly. She’s packing to go home for the holiday and bitching to someone one the phone that I’m faking it, not really sick etc. Meanwhile my fever is skyrocketing and I’m starting to hallucinate. I remember telling her that I needed help, needed water, practically begging. She laughs and says ‘if you die can I have your stuff’, and left. I managed to get to my cellphone and realized that the battery is gone (never did find it, she swears she never touched it, so…) Pretty much spaced out after that.

A guy I’d been dating for all of three weeks came by the room to see why I was ditching classes and avoiding him, heard what turned out to be me knocking a lamp over, and broke down the door. One trip to the ER and a week in his apartment (side note, he had the BEST roommates in the world, two guys and a girl welcomed me without hesitation and really took care of me) and I come back to the room. She’s packed up all of my stuff and shoved it into a corner.

My revenge? she had a huge crush on a guy… guess who? yep one of my new boyfriend’s roommates. I told him, also told him she was working up the nerve to approach him. End of semester we’re at a party and she walked up to him and started talking. He’s acting all in to her (Award winning performance) then stopped and really loud “wait aren’t you Mouse’s roommate” and started telling random people there “dude she totally left Mouse to die in that room”. She’s trying to blow it off, saying we’re such good friends. He just gave her one of those 'scrape it off your shoe’ looks and says “Bullshit. She’s MY friend and I wouldn’t date you if your nipples dripped brew.” He’s a bit loud and by the next semester I think he told everyone on campus the story.

Three years later and I can still remember the look on her face when he said that. Especially once the other drunk partiers started in on her. Moreso when she realized I was there and listening to it all. I’m now engaged to that 'new boyfriend’ (he kicked down a door for me, how could I not) and his friend is going to be his best man. Roommate? Transferred after freshman year ended. B-bye now.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | source

WinterHawk be like:
  • Clint: And the biggest dick award goes now officially to Bucky!
  • Tony: Ewww, we didn't want to know that!!
  • Natasha: *sarcastically* Wow, congrats.
  • Steve: Please use protection you two.
  • Bruce: When did this happen?
  • Bucky: Uhm... thanks I guess?
  • Clint: Why is everyone acting so weird, all I did was calling Bucky a dick
  • Clint:
  • Clint: Wait-
Ooops...Did I say that outloud?

Requested: Yes

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Can i get a Tom Holland imagine where the reader is a an actress and has a major crush on Tom and let’s it slip while accepting an award?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Fandom: Real world

Warning: none

Rating: cute, funny

3rd Person POV

Y/N Y/L/N, one of the best reveal actress of this year. She had been acting since she was ten years old, with ‘Narnia’, and thanks to that first film, she started getting other roles in other films. But this year was when she got finally the merit she deserved. 

This year she got the role of Wanda Maximoff, or the Scarlett Witch, in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ 

There is where she met her crush, Tom Holland. Y/N is 19 years old, and since she saw Tom in ‘The Impossible’ when he was fourteen years old, she completely fell in love with him.

They instantly became friends, and with time, Tom also fell in love with the young actress, not just because of her beauty, but because of her sense of humour and wonderful acting skills. Each time they shoot a scene together, he couldn’t get his eyes off her.

And today was the day when all would change for both of them…


Today were the ‘American Acting Awards’, where me and my co-stars would be for our nomination to ‘best action film’, but I was also nominated to other two categories. The one of ‘best reveal actress’ and ‘best female actress of the year’.

I was already wearing my long red dress from ‘Giorgio Armani’, and was on my way to the awards in my limousine, that the people from the awards had sent to my house.

As I got out of the car, the cameras inmediaty started shooting at me. On my way to the red carpet where I could see Tom and the rest of the cast, I stoped to talk with some intrewiers. When they finished asking questions, I walked to where the cameras were taking pictures and posed for them when I saw Tom and Robert walking to me.

We then posed together and then entered into the big auditory. 

                                                       time skips

“And the awards of best actress of the year and reveal actress of the year are both for Y/N Y/L/N” announced James Corden.

I walked to the scenario really happy for the events.

“Thank you. Hmm.. Wow. I absolutely couldn’t imagine that I’d won both prizes. I didn’t even thought that I’d won one, but I’m really thankfull. I’ve been working really hard this year to achieve everything I have now. Everything started hen I was really young and my mother signed me up for a tv advertisment. Sice then I’ve been growing up, not just phisically but in my career too. Then this year when I heard that I got the role for ‘Civil War’, in which I was going to act with such important actors and with mi crush Tom Holland… Oh fuck! Sorry. Well, summerizing, I’m really greatful” I said going down the stage embarrassed that I just conessed my feelings for the british actor infront of everyone.

                                                         time skips

I was outside the building when Tom went out and ran up to me. I quickly covered my face, too embarrassed to look at him in the eye.

“Y/N, hey. Ehmm…” he said not really knowing what to say

“I’m sorry for that. It just slip. It wasn’t supposed for everybody to know. I’m really…”

But he cut me off with a swee kiss. I kissed him back almost instantly.

“Love, would you like to be my girlfriend. I’ve liked you since we started filming actually.” he said smiling

“I’d love to, Mr. Holland”

Forbidden Fruit - Jared Leto x Reader

Title: Forbidden Fruit

Pairing: Jared Leto x Reader

Word Count: 3,250

Warnings: Implied Smut, Minor Nudity, Cheating

Summary: When you agree to take part in one of your friends’ videos you are excited. And excitment that turns into nervousness when you realize the kind of scenes you have with your crush and best friend Jared Leto.

Originally posted by vampirechelon

“Just a minute and we’re done sweetheart.” the make up artist told you with a smile and you gave her a nervous one.

“Oh no, don’t rush. Take your time.” you shook just softly your head and she chuckled.

“If I didn’t know any better and if I didn’t have eyes of my own I would say you’re not really excited about this huh?” she teased you slightly and you gave her an awkward smile.

“I- I- No, it’s not that. I’m just a little… nervous. Not- not about the scenes- it’s just that- it’s something new for me and… yeah.” you breathed out nervously and she nodded her head with a soft smile.

“I know what you mean- up to some part I guess.” she chuckled “The first time I came to work here as a make up artist I was shaking like a leaf. But then I saw that as far as it had to do with the thing I love most then- I would be fine.” she shrugged.

“I guess this can apply only if you love acting and singing though.” she added with an awkward laugh.

“Well, I guess.” you mumbled “Mostly acting, actually but- I am not doing it entire for that.”

“Then what if not your love for acting?” she asked, eyes focused on her work though.

“My love for my best friend.” you breathed out and she smiled.

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Minhyuk, Wonho, Kihyun and Hyungwon’s reaction when your friend accidentally kisses your lips

requested by anon~


Originally posted by kihqun

Minhyuk; It was lovely night for everyone to spend some time together and eat some korean bbq. MONSTA X and your friend was over to catch up with each other. You were busy handling with the pork when your friend decided to pull a prank on you and puckered her lips at you, trying to kiss you on the cheeks. Being called by Hyungwon, you turned to look at him, only to meet the lips of your friend, making you widen your eyes and push her away. Both of you would stare at each other in shock while wiping both of your lips with horror all over your faces. Minhyuk on the other hand was not happy to see that right in front of him but then he’d just casually throw a bomb since he’s the only one who could kiss you on the lips, “Are you sure you just wanted her to give her a kiss on the cheeks? Coz for what I’ve seen, you seem to want the lips that I kiss every single day.”

Originally posted by wearemonbebes

Wonho; Attending Sports Day has been a tradition for Monsta X, you and your friend. Everyone was thrilled when you were doing the korean wrestling versus your friend. Both of you were known for your strength and when the game as finally started, everyone was on the edge of their seats. The two of you barely budge from each other’s counterattacks. Finally, your friend was able to lift you up from the ground and slam you down on the cushioned mat. However, when he slammed you down, he accidentally kissed you on the lips, making Wonho look at him with so much hate. When he got off of you immediately, he met Wonho’s gaze and felt his soul leaving him when Wonho mouthed him a, “You better be ready when I get my hands on you.” May it be accidental or not, he’d literally show that person you only belonged to him and your lips are reserved for him only. 

Originally posted by monbeboo

Kihyun; You had a competition and you were paired with your friend. Kihyun and the boys were there to give you support and they sat right in front. The start had already got people cheering. Out of the six contestants, you were already a candidate for Champion and Kihyun was already starting to feel proud about it when that happened. Your friend pulled you strongly towards him, ending with him accidentally kissing you from the pull. Both of your eyes widened but decided to act professional and just finish the dance already. Kihyun would be really displeased, he’d be in a bad mood to be honest and when he goes to you after the awarding, he’d pull you by the waist and send daggers to your friend who kept on asking forgiveness, “I’m so sorry, it was an accident! I didn’t mean to Ki.”

Originally posted by faidream

Hyungwon; Dragging Hyungwon towards your friend’s new cafe, you couldn’t help but laugh at how Hyungwon could even barely drag his feet. When the two of you finally arrived at the cafe, all of your friends and his relatives were crowding him to which made you and Hyungwon take a seat first and order. Your time with Hyungwon was splendid. He would be all smiles to you and would even cover the sides of his lips and give you a flying kiss with his lips puckered up. But when your friend came, you stood up and was about to give him a hug when one of your friends pushed him towards you, ending with him accidentally kissing you. The smile on Hyungwon’s face would be gone in an instant and he’d be really pissed of to be honest. “Excuse me, could take that mouth of yours off of my girlfriend’s lips? I would’ve greatly appreciated it if you didn’t kiss her.”

Jude Law has been cast as Albus Dumbledore in the next Fantastic Beasts movie!

Acclaimed actor Jude Law will play Albus Dumbledore in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts.

The second film in the Fantastic Beasts series will show Dumbledore decades before he became Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

At this point in the story he is the wizarding school’s Transfiguration professor and a contemporary of Gellert Grindelwald – the Dark wizard we met in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, played by Johnny Depp.

Dumbledore was referenced in the first film, when it was revealed that Newt Scamander was expelled from Hogwarts because of an accident with a magical creature. It was Dumbledore who argued against his expulsion.

In the latest edition of the Hogwarts Library book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt says in his foreword that, ‘Albus Dumbledore was something more than a schoolteacher to me,’ but to reveal more would breach the Official Magical Secrets Act as well as his former teacher’s confidence.

The stage is set for Dumbledore to make his presence known and returning director David Yates said, ‘Jude Law is a phenomenally talented actor whose work I’ve long admired and I’m looking forward to finally having the opportunity to work with him. I know he will brilliantly capture all the unexpected facets of Albus Dumbledore as J.K. Rowling reveals this very different time in his life.’

Jude Law’s acting career spans TV, film and theatre. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards, three Golden Globes and two BAFTAs – winning a BAFTA for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the 1999 thriller The Talented Mr Ripley. He has also been nominated for three Olivier Awards and two Tony Awards.

Law first came to prominence in the 1997 film Wilde, where he starred as the poet Lord Alfred Douglas opposite Stephen Fry’s Oscar Wilde.

Law has worked with several Harry Potter actors throughout his career. In Martin Scorsese’s animated feature Hugo, for instance, Law worked alongside Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy), Frances De La Tour (Madame Maxime) and Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley). He also appeared in The Grand Budapest Hotel with Ralph Fiennes.

Law has even worked with Johnny Depp – Dumbledore’s Dark wizard adversary Grindelwald. Law, Depp and Fantastic Beasts actor Colin Farrell all played the same character in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Law’s most recent work saw a move into TV, and a starring role in the HBO drama The Young Pope.

J.K. Rowling made her screenwriting debut with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and has also written the screenplay for the second movie.

The film marked a start of a new era of the wizarding world, set decades before Harry Potter’s adventures at Hogwarts. Its sequel takes the story deeper into an increasingly dark time for the wizarding world, where Newt and our other heroes must decide on their allegiances.

Five films are planned in the franchise, with David Yates returning as director.

The sequel to Fantastic Beasts is slated for release 16 November 2018, and filming begins this summer.

@xavierdolan: Friday night in Paris, It’s Only the End of the World took home the Best Actor (Gaspard Ulliel), Best Editing and Best Director at the César Awards. It was a moment of sheer joy of course. That type of acknowledgement, these victories, these moments of exhilaration would be impossible without you all, and without the love and enthusiasm you have so generously shown to this film. It makes me think of Marcel Duchamp’s Creative Act. Two factors truly impact the fate of an artist, according to him. The first one is the artist himself, and the second one - to Duchamp’s own admission the most decisive denominator of the two - is the spectator “who later becomes the posterity”. The audience alone acts as the instrument from which originates or not posterity, celebrating artists on one hand, and on the other, forgetting other meritorious ones. “Millions of artists create; only a few thousands are discussed or accepted by the spectator and many less again are consecrated by posterity”, writes Duchamp. Considering all this, I want to thank you for your loyalty. On this film, but also from the very beginning of it all. What a comforting thought to know that cinema fosters connectedness that ripens into friendship over time. We lived, Friday night, a moment of validation that inspired us and propelled us forward, and towards other stories to tell with even more conviction and passion. That of It’s Only the End of the World saw one of its chapter come to a close on that night, but the adventure isn’t over. The film will live as long as you want it to!

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P1/2 Why are people acting like SC were ALL over social media these last two weeks talking to everyone but each other until banter today? Am I missing something? I remember Sam making a few MPC/work related posts-like at his agents Equality thing+a few w/ friends like at the bball game. But Cait was MIA until her award night, which Sam tweeted her first thing next morning. Besides that & posting promotional pics for events they attended & who styled them they've been pretty scarce online.

P2/2-we’ve seen a lot of Sam online this week but none of that was him posting it. It seemed like he was gallivanting w/ MM on his arm but every pic of them from wedding to Oscars came from someone else. If anything he ignored all MM on his personal SM, not Cait. He tweeted C when she was on she just wasn’t on much. W/ knowledge that he was w/ M I can see how it looks like he was ignoring Cait & strategically bantering w/ her now to fluff fans. If you think about it it’s actually the opposite.

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If Viola Davis wins an Academy Award on Sunday, as she’s favored to do, she will be the 23rd person to achieve the triple crown of acting: a competitive Oscar, Emmy and Tony (two Tonys, in her case). She will be the first African American to join the club.

Receiving an award is a fickle honor — a function of timing, campaigning and momentum as much as talent — but winning the triple crown is a meaningful Hollywood achievement. It requires both range and longevity. Club members are all deeply respected in their field; there’s not a stowaway in the bunch. Acting’s triple crown is a rare distinction. Not even Davis’s idol, Meryl Streep, has achieved it.

Read more here: Forget the EGOT: Only 22 actors have accomplished this more impressive feat


Imagine dating your brother’s best friend

Characters: Reader, Single! Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, mentions of family

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: All Fluff and SMUT

Word Count: 3,100

Summary: Jared Padalecki is your big brother. When you are graduating high school, Jared lands a job acting for a new show called supernatural. By the middle of your freshman year of college, Jared drags you along to an award show he must attend. He really wants you to meet this guy that he has been working with, Jensen. The two of you hit it off and the rest is history.

Things to know: I have been working on this story for weeks. I hope you guys like it. Not sure it’s my best work. 

The large oak doors stared at you ominously. You couldn’t believe this was finally happening. Jensen Ackles was on the other side of that door. That was all you needed to know to walk through it. 

You had met Jensen Ackles almost ten years ago. You remembered it like it was yesterday. Your brother Jared had landed a role on a new show called Supernatural. The show was a big hit, and he was having the time of his life. It was a nice change of pace for him after his stint on Gilmore Girls.

In January of 2006, Jared had to attend an award show. He begged you to accompany him, partially because he wanted you to meet his new best friend. This guy that he worked with that was quickly becoming like a brother to him. You were 19, in college, and excited at the idea of getting to go to an award show. You happily accepted Jared’s invitation and joined him at the Critic’s Choice Awards.

From the moment you laid eyes on Jensen, you could tell something was different about him. The way he smiled at you, his green eyes sparkling, when he first met you made your heart jump up to your throat. Sure, he was almost nine years older than you, but that didn’t stop you from developing a crush on him right then. The three of you spent the evening laughing and joking together. You got a taste of Hollywood life, though you were thankful that Jared was the one in the acting business. You would stick to your music, it was what you really loved. Jensen had been sure to make you feel included the entire night. You had even caught him staring at you a couple times throughout the event.

At the end of the night, he invited you to the set to watch he and Jared film an upcoming episode. You had made sure that J was comfortable with you being on set. “Jared, you sure you want me there?” you had asked skeptically when Jensen invited to the set the week following the awards ceremony.

“Of course, Y/N! I would love to have you there. You can see just how much hard work your big brother puts in,”  he had smiled and draped his arm lazily over your shoulder.

Jensen smiled widely. “Perfect. I can’t wait for you to see what a complete doofus your brother is on set,” he said with a laugh.

You smiled. “I’ve lived with him for 19 years. Trust me, I bet you haven’t seen anything yet.” The two of you looked at Jared and he rolled his eyes at you. This sent you both into a fit of laughter, and so the night went on like that. It had been a night that changed your life forever. If you had only known the wonderful things that would come from that night.

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 2

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 2,200+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 … Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

(A/N: You could say this part is more of a filler, but I hope you all enjoy it! I wanted to wait the entire week until posting this but I’m just too excited. I’m pretty pleased with where this series is going and appreciate any and every sort of feedback from you all!!)

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Nothing could have prepared you for the months that followed.

Word of your break up with Jiyong spread quickly through YG and there was an undeniable tension in the building every second that you were in it. You would walk by staff members, acknowledging some, but keeping your sight straight forward for the most part. It was next to impossible to avoid the whispers and stares, but you knew it was all just part of the process.

How long was this process supposed to last again…?

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hello darlings! i recently hit 10k followers, and you all voted for me to do tumblr awards to celebrate. this is to thank you all for supporting me along the way. i greatly appreciate it and love you all very much. 

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BTS reaction: their idol girlfriend is in a group under YG Ent.


Namjoon would be a proud bitch type. He would tell everyone that his girlfriend is so good that she had passed the YG audition. He would support you since the first moment you entered YG and when you finally debuted he would be worried that everything must be perfect when you’re on stage. Your group is now 2 years old and you’re one of the most famous kpop vocalists so NIKE offered you to be a model for their new female clothing line. At the same BTS were doing their compaign which means you had a chance to pose with Namjoon for one of the biggest sportwear companies.

“Now, beautiful, smile. We have to show everyone how nice we look together ”

“I think your fans won’t be really happy seeing me around you”

“They will love you. Many Armies are in your fandom”

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Jin is mommy so he would be worried about your health. He knows how exhausting can be dance practices. He would be too concered about you coming late home and literally fall down because of fatigue. At first, he would want you to leave the company and find another less grueling work, but he would realise that he shouldn’t act like that since he understand how much you wanted to be an idol. So now when he sees you performing on stage with your group, hearing the fans screaming your name he is lowkey fanboying. But he still is worried about your well-being.

“Jagi, have you eaten something?”

“Oh, Jinny, I had no time for lunch”

“I’m on my way to YG with your favourite Caesar salad and some buns”

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Suga wouldn’t say many congratulatory words when you entered YG. He would say a simple “Great job” and continue writting text for his new rap song. You wouldn’t be too upset because of that because you know that’s how Suga always acts. Your group after debut won hearts of many kpoper all over the world and now you are known as a ‘rap herself”. Suga would be secretly proud that his girlfriend is also a rapper with her own unique style. Once, during Gaon Chart Awards famous rappers battled with each other to show their rapping skills. As a rapper you had to take part. Your opponent was the greatest Min Suga himself.

“So, Jagi, let’s see what you can do against me”

“OK, but don’t leave me because I’m better”

“Prove that serious statement”

When you two were rapping one after one the audience were sitting with open mouthes. Noone expected such an intense competition. Now you two are called as CL and GD of the new generation.

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J-Hope would be even more happy than you when you told him that you are going to debut in a new YG girl group. He imagined himself on one stage with you when both your groups are recieving daesung and as is known dreams are becoming truth. It is 2 years since your debut and you are on MAMA. All idols of 94 line are prepairing to perform with a special dance. Among those idols are GOT7′s JB, EXO’s Kai, KARA’s Jiyoung, A PINK’s Naeun, GOT7′s Jackson and Jinyoung, Miss A’s Suzy, f(x)’s Krystal and of course Hoseok and you.

“Y/N~ya, are you ready to go on stage”

“I’m a little bit afraid that I would forget some moves”

“You will do great. And remember, when you are with me, you should be afraid of nothing”

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When Jimin heard about you joining to YG he was on the seventh heaven. He would teach you how to dance and sing properly and be not afraid to perform in front of thousands of people watching you. He would be a great help. When you debuted the knowledge he gave you was so needed. Your group kept in the top of search queries on Naver. You were invited guests on many TV shows like Weekly Idol and Running Man. And because of your great fame you were offered to be MC of Inkigayo together with Jimin and Minhyuk of Monsta X. 

“Thank you for keeping with us and see you next Sunday”

“Ji Min Y/N” insert here the first letters of your name to get something like JinJiDo

“Jagi, you did amazing today. And your dress, by the way, suites you perfectly”

“Thank you so much, oppa”

“Guys, can you stop being so sweet. I need to find a girlfriend”


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Taehyung would be the biggest fanboy of your group. Since te very first moment your first song was relised he would already be learning the words. But not only Taehyung loved the songs of your group. Your fandom got 1 million fans for the year. You were nominated for any awards as a new rising stars. So once you performed on Seoul Music Awards Taehyung was fanboying too hard during your parts.

“That’s my girl on stage. Do it. Do it. You are amazing”

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Jungkook would try to keep your relationship in secret, but he failed when doing red carpet interview for Golden Disk Award. He is a fanboy of all YG idols and when his girlfriend became one he was super proud. Your group were asked to appear on the event. You knew that Jungkook was going to be there so you tried to look as beautiful as possible. When you arrived you saw that BTS were talking with the interview about their comeback so you must wait when they will be done. Jungkook didn’t notice you at first, but when Jimin told him that you are looking he quickly turned his head in order to make sure his hyung wasn’t joking. Jungkook were looking in your eyes and whispering to Jimin

“My girl is so gorgeous. Look at her”

“Jungkook, she’s beautiful, but do you want others to notice you strange glance at Y/N?”

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It is your request @xyourpinksky Hope you’ll like it

10 reasons charlotte deserved the nomination

i thought a show about women supporting women meant people would support charlotte being nominated but!! apparently not. would like to disclose this isn’t me saying anything horrible about laura main, her acting was good as well, but people aren’t disputing this, whereas people are disputing charlotte’s talent. so, without further ado.  

  1. her acting in the christmas special was amazing. 
  2. her acting in the build up to the wedding was also, shocker, amazing.
  3. the scenes with her and phyllis were so heartwarming that i’m fucking glad both her and linda are up for awards.
  4. all the scenes she was in in general. 
  5. the scene where the girls handed her the money, charlotte’s acting was so believable and the scene was so warm. 
  6. the wedding!! the entire wedding. just amazing, on both charlotte, jack and linda’s part. 
  7. the scene where barbara’s dad shows up, the moments shared between the two were acted out so phenomenally. 
  8. the contraceptive scene. barbara’s awkwardness and anxiety looked so real and utterly believable. you can’t fault charlotte for that. 
  9. the scene in the bathroom with the diaphragm,  they used charlotte’s comedy skills for that and my god it was hilarious. 
  10. the scenes with val and the FGM. charlotte played her character so well, you could see the anguish in her eyes when they were watching the boat leave. (props to jennifer, as well!) 

anonymous asked:

If you could, how would the 2ps react to finding out their female s/o is a professional figure skater and has won like tons of medals and awards?

2P America: “that’s so fuckin rad…holy shit” he’s kind of intimidated, actually

2P England: he’d be so excited. You wouldn’t be able to get him to not go to competitions. He’d be The Most supportive

2P China: depending on how long you’d been together, he’d be kind of upset that you never brought it up, but still super impressed

2P Russia: *quietly sobbing* Al and Kuro are never going to leave him alone after they find out

2P France: he acts all apathetic, like usual, but is so impressed omg

2P Canada: he’d drop everything he was doing to begin choreographing a routine for the two of you to do together

2P Italy: he has no idea what he should say. He’s terrified that you were able to keep this information from him for so long and super impressed that you have so many awards

2P Germany: he is a bit Too Rowdy™ at competitions. He’s not allowed to go to those anymore

2P Japan: congrats. I think you just broke Kuro.

2P Romano: did you say you needed 78 new outfits to skate in? No? To bad. You now have 78 new outfits to skate in

2P Prussia: he’s crying you were already too beautiful and now this?