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From opening night of The Bandstand and over 100 played performances of Bandstand: The New American Musical later: Two Drama Desk Awards, one Chita Rivera Award and one Tony Award out of twenty award nominations, several for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Orchestration. A cast playing their own instruments on stage, an ensemble “boasting some of the most spectacular dancers on Broadway”, and leads giving the performance of their careers. But most importantly, countless of veterans feeling not only honoured but also heard and seen and saved and their loved ones and many other people feeling comforted by this incredible musical.

Lemonade Era Awards (as of September 18th, 2017)

  1. A-List Award: Best Movie Advertising
  2. African American Film Critics Association’s Best TV Show - Special or Limited Series
  3. AICE Award: Best Music Video
  4. AMA: Tour of the Year
  5. Art Director’s Guild Award: Best Award or Event Special
  6. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Formation)
  7. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Hold Up)
  8. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Sorry)
  9. BET Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade)
  10. BET Award: Best Female R&B Artist ‘16
  11. BET Award: Best Female R&B Artist '17
  12. BET Award: Director of the Year
  13. BET Award: Video of the Year '16 (Formation)
  14. BET Award: Video of the Year '17 (Formation)
  15. BET Centric Award
  16. BET FANdemonium Award
  17. BET Video Director of the Year (Sorry)
  18. BET Viewer’s Choice Award '16 (Formation)
  19. BET Viewer’s Choice Award '17 (Formation)
  20. Billboard Award: Top Female Artist
  21. Billboard Award: Top R&B Album
  22. Billboard Award: Top R&B Artist
  23. Billboard Award: Top R&B Tour
  24. Billboard Award: Top Touring Artist
  25. Black Reel Award: Outstanding Television Documentary or Special
  26. BRIT Award: Best International Solo Artist
  27. Cannes Lion’s Excellence in Music Video
  28. Cannes Lion’s Excellence in Music Video (Runnin’ *Lose It All*)
  29. CDFA: Fashion Icon Award
  30. Clio Award: Excellence in Music Video (Sorry)
  31. Clio Award: Video of the Year
  32. Cultural Driver Award: Impact on Pop Culture
  33. Daily Californian Award: Best Music Video
  34. GAFFA Award: Best International Female Artist
  35. Grammy Award: Best Music Video
  36. Grammy Award: Best Urban Contemporary Album
  37. Golden Boot Award: Collaboration of the Year
  38. Golden Boot Award: Most Unforgettable Moment
  39. Guinness World Record: Most Liked Instagram Pic
  40. Ivor Novello Award: Most Performed Work
  41. Japan MTV Video Music Award: Album of the Year
  42. Kinsale Shark Award: Best Directing in an International Music Video
  43. Kinsale Shark Award: Best International Music Video
  44. London International Award: Best Direction
  45. London International Award: Best Music Video
  46. MTV Buzz Award: Best Live Artist
  47. MTV Buzz Award: Most Surprising Collaboration
  48. MTV Movie Awards: Top Trending Award
  49. MTV VMA: Breakthrough Longform Video
  50. MTV VMA: Best Choreography
  51. MTV VMA: Best Cinematography
  52. MTV VMA: Best Direction
  53. MTV VMA: Best Editing
  54. MTV VMA: Best Female Video
  55. MTV VMA: Best Pop Video
  56. MTV VMA: Video of the Year
  57. MTV Video Play Award: Hymn For The Weekend
  58. MTV Video Play Award: Sorry
  59. Music Society Award: Album of the Year
  60. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year
  61. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Artist of the Year
  62. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year
  63. Music Society Award: Breakthrough Longform Video
  64. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Album
  65. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Collaboration (Freedom)
  66. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Female Artist
  67. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Music Video
  68. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Song (Freedom)
  69. NAMIC Award: Best Special or Talk Show
  70. National Film & Music Award: Album of the Year
  71. National Film & Music Award: Artist of the Year
  72. National Film & Music Award: Best Live Performance of the Year
  73. National Film & Music Award: Breakthrough Longform Video
  74. National Film & Music Award: Lifetime Achievement Award
  75. National Film & Music Award: Top Touring Artist of the Year
  76. National Film & Music Award: Video of the Year
  77. Nickelodeon’s KCA: Brazil Girls Power Award
  78. NME Award: Hero of the Year
  79. NRJ Music Award: Most Streamed Song
  80. One Show Award: Best Music Video
  81. One Show Award: New Trends
  82. PEABODY Award
  83. Pollstar Award: Most Creative Stage Production
  84. RTHK International Pop Poll’s Awards: Top 10 International Gold Song
  85. RTHK International Pop Poll’s Awards: Top Female Artist
  86. Soul Train Award: Album of the Year
  87. Soul Train Award: Best R&B/Soul Female Artist
  88. Soul Train Award: Song of the Year
  89. Soul Train Award: Video of the Year
  90. Talk Film Society’s Founder’s Award
  91. Teen Choice Award: Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist '16
  92. Teen Choice Award: Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist '17
  93. UK Music Video Award: Best Styling in a Music Video
  94. WatsUp Africa Music Video Award: Best International Video
  95. Webby’s Awards People’s Voice Award
  96. YouTube Diamond Award
Taylor Swift Tops Billboard Hot 100, Sam Smith Debuts at No. 5

By: Gary Trust for Billboard
Date: September 18th 2017

Swift leads for a third week with “Look What You Made Me Do,” while Smith scores his highest entrance.

Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” rules the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated Sept. 30) for a third week.

Meanwhile, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves),” at No. 2 on the Hot 100, becomes the most-streamed song of the week, reaching No. 1 on the Streaming Songs chart, and Sam Smith soars onto the Hot 100 at No. 5 with “Too Good at Goodbyes,” marking his highest debut and fifth top 10. The track also launches atop the Digital Song Sales chart as the week’s best-selling download.

As we do every Monday, let’s run down the top 10 of the Hot 100, which blends all-genre streaming, airplay and sales data. All charts will update on tomorrow (Sept. 19).

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Tatiana Maslany presenting the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” award at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - part 1

Jeffrey: These tremendously talented and graceful performers play everything from a KGB officer posing as an American, the host of a Wild West theme park, a high-profile defence attorney, a dystopian…a handmaid in a dystopian - I was working on dystopian all friggin’ day…I’m like “This is gonna hang me up” and it did!

Honestly one of my dreams as an ARMY is to see BTS perform at the Billboard Music Awards / BBMA’s. I was so happy and proud that they were nominated and invited this past year, and when they won top social artist award I teared up and was so emotional. 

Could you imagine if they get the chance to perform next year though? How much they would SLAY everyone? They’ll put all of the U.S. artists half-assed performances to shame. 

They deserve it so much, the amount of effort and dedication they put into their songs and performances. 

We as ARMY’s have to work just as hard to get them there. Let’s show them that we care about them, just as much as they care about us :D


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Im sorry but all she did was post a picture of her wearing a hat. How did anyone think that meant rehearsal? I know we are completely bored but theres no indication that her wearing a Rep hat equals rehearsing. If it was early next year a few months before tour then yes that would be logical but to automatically assume rehearsals now is odd. There are no award shows coming up to rehearse for and we all know if she does perform on shows to promote it wont be until a week b4 album drop

1- people are just speculating that maybe she is. no one said it was a for sure or done deal, so i see no harm in thinking maybe they are all together. maybe they arent, no big deal if it is an incorrect guess 
2- if she is performing anywhere - award shows are def not the only venues for that - anytime btwn next week and Nov 23, and has to learn whole new choreo and whatnot, isnt it a good idea to rehearse in advance? she could literally be performing on GMA on Friday the 29th, and rehearsing now would make sense. She could be a musical guest on SNL. She could be preparing for any number of appearances
3 - specifically because of the comment by mike meadows’ wife 

edit: hubs came through

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I'm having such an emo moment over harry today lol, he's about to start his first tour and he always talks about how much he loves performing so he must be so excited 😊 he's looked so happy and really pleased during every stage of his solo roll-out so far and it's just so amazing to think about everything he's achieved so far and know it's only scratching the surface of what he's capable of...

True 💕 Its going to be a beautiful time, tour, awards season and who knows what more! I hope Harry has a great time and is happier than ever every single day, he deserves all the fun, love and appreciation.

Okay I’m pissed about the VMAs and here’s why.

I want to preface this by saying I think they did a great job addressing the current issues we’re facing in America today.

That being said,

What the FUCK do they have against “Rock” in general. I mean, first, Jared Leto asks people to stand for his Eulogy about Chester Bennington, and people don’t so he has to ask AGAIN.

Then during his tribute performance they literally cut to commercial.

But they had time for Miley to perform her entire song. Right okay.

Then, they don’t even announce, let alone MENTION the rock category. Why have a category if you’re not even going to respect it? This isn’t even the first time they’ve done this.

I’m just saying, if you have time for fucking Katy Perry to run around and embarrassingly dab all over the place, you can spare three minutes for a fucking eulogy or a whole fucking category? Christ.

No offense, but Broadway performers, or any performers in general who give their all every night to tell a story, aren’t required to meet you after a performance. Acting and putting on a show is exhausting, they’re tired, anyone who’s ever participated in theatre knows how taxing it is on an individual, I can’t imagine how tired ben platt must be after literally sobbing on stage every night. Please respect artists and actors and know they love you and appreciate you but that shits hard and they are human and they need rest

2017 tony awards gothic
  • its been days since this day began. you don’t remember when you woke up. what time was it then? what time it is now? all you know is 8:00 PM EST is not only eight hours away.
  • there are people from a simpler time, reclining back in their chairs. “remember hamilton?” they ask, voice weak with age. we all remember hamilton.
  • you know that ben platt will win best performance by a leading actor in a musical. everyone knows that ben platt will win best performance by a leading actor in a musical. the jury is out if ben platt knows this.
  • “but lucas steele’s performance was so astounding, and taxing!” “brandon uranowitz is such a great guy!” you hear wilting voices cry, “gavin creel’s voice is a gift from g-d!” another whispers. someone grabs your ankle, leaning in to give you their dying words "andrew rannells…. Did That….“ you are not allowed to listen to them. they will only conflict you more
  • you want to liveblog the tonys. no one wants to watch you liveblog the tonys. your voice has been silenced.
  • nastasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812 is a long, long name. it seems longer everytime you say it. you think it grows stronger the closer it gets to the awards.
  • there will be an affectionate parody of Prologue from the musical that is now too long, and you are too fearful of to name. everyone will get up to get food during this scene. the actors sing out into the void, but you are only refilling the popcorn.
  • Hello, Dolly! is set to win best revival. the gays suffer in silence, What Would I Do? plays softly in the background. they are in denial. the next stage of grief is anger. you fear for the american theater wing
  • generations of theatre fans rise from their beds to lie in front of the screen. they watch the awards, muttering under their breathe that falsettos was robbed. they do not know if it is 2017 or 1992
  • "miss saigon?” they ask, “what’s miss saigon?” you sometimes think you are the only one with the answer, and sometimes you think the same questions.
2017 APMAs “Highlights”

I use the term “highlights” loosely ‘cuase it was a mess

  • Alex Gaskarth spinning around in his cute jacket while rocking the bandana look
  • Lynn Gunn looking honestly surprised when she won best vocalist after being the only woman nominated
  • The set it off singer trying to crowd surf during an acoustic performance
  • Dan “soupy” Campbell giving out the Subcity grant to Cassie Wilson who got to represent the disabled community and bring awareness to the need for more accessibility in music venues with her project Half Access
  • The singer of Nothing More looking like a modern tarzan, shirtless and wild and somehow vocally covering Skrillex while riding a robot??? 
  • Kellin Quinn not-so-subtly making fun of said robot immediately after in an interview
  • The Plain White Ts throwing it back to 2005 with Hey There Delilah and reminding us all that they haven’t released anything as good since
  • trying to take Derek of State Champs seriously singing the line “without your kisses ill be needing stitches” (honestly kinda impossible)
  • unintentionally showing that State champs won best music video without announcing the other nominees
  • all the winners taking forever to get to the stage because they put all the bands in the balcony or something
  • the blue haired boy in waterparks calling his mom a mind freak????
  • josh dun playing the trumpet to fucking smash mouth’s all star
  • some really well synchronized drumming honestly
  • terrible masturbation jokes
  • a nice tribute to Chris Cornell (soundgarden) by Pierce the Veil performing black hole sun
  • I guess falling in reverse still exist and people haven't realized ronnie radke is a fucking joke cuase they gave his band an award 
  • Laura Jane Grace getting the icon award and giving a well-written speech with some good inclusivity shit
  • a preview for an incredibly awful looking horror movie starring andy that they accidentally started to replay a second time
  • I guess they forgot to turn on kellin’s mic whoops
  • Alex Gaskarth deciding to go onstage with SWMRS for no real reason and looking a bit tipsy, red solo cup in hand
  • a bunch of very audible mic checks
  • Neck Deep begging us to buy their album when it comes out
  • Vic trying to read a prepared speech on his phone but giving up because he couldn’t get it to turn on

you can watch it here if you’ve got 4 hours to blow


This sweet little baby bean has touched my life. Born August 29th, 1958 and passed away June 25th, 2009.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of Michael’s passing and like most true fans, we mourn but we can still celebrate how wonderful and inspirational he is and was.

Michael Jackson is and will always be the King of Pop. He literally is a king too, King Sani in a tribal village in Africa! Jackson was always proud of his black heritage.

One of the things I love about him is his personality. He was misunderstood by many people (one thing in particular was his love for childlike things, but he always said that if you want to understand this, listen to his song “Childhood”). His personality people didn’t really understand. Jackson was a kind, gentle soul. His thoughts about music, life, and everything he spoke about or wrote about were expressed in a philosophical way. He was intelligent, humble, soft spoken, and very shy and grateful. He had a rich inner world (like a true introvert) and fans like myself always say: watch interviews to get a sense of who he really was!

Another thing I love about him is that he would show cultural appreciation in the things he did. He was all about embracing culture, individualism, love for each other, and the end of hate and ignorance. The epitome of what he was all about was to change the world for the better.

Michael really was a unique man. His attention to detail and his aesthetic-they contribute to why he’s such a legend. He was a genius and knew what would make people crave for more.
He reached global fame, one reason for his iconic dances. The moonwalk wasn’t invented by him but it definitely became his signature move. The Thriller dance, the “lean”, Billie Jean? He revolutionized dance. Another reason for his globalization is his philanthropy work. He donated $300 million dollars overall to 39 charities and holds the Guinness World Record for donated the most money as an entertainer. Everything he did was about raising global awareness through his music, his concerts, and videos. He created a scholarship, a foundation, and he’s created worldly renowned songs about encouraging people to help and take action to make the world better.

He really was a genuine entertainer. People had never seen anything like him-his outfits, his moves, his dances, and songs: they were all creative and inventive. Jackson’s carried on legacy reached global impact. The statues and memorabilia across the nation, the albums released after his death, and the reoccurring performances by impersonators carry on his spirit.

His albums: iconic. Thriller is known as the greatest album of all time. It went platinum in a week! Each song on it was literally a hit. It was #1 for 39 weeks; in the top 10 for 80 weeks! It was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for this. With his music, he received numerous awards and is known for winning 8 Grammys in 1984, which is also put in the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s actually in there 39 times! He’s won 26 American Music Awards, 13 Grammys, one of the few artists to be in the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame TWICE, 16 World Music Awards, has been honored by TWO Presidents of the United States, and many many more that I can’t name but because of all of the awards he’s won, he’s now dubbed the most awarded recording artist in the history of popular music.

All of his albums resonated with people. Jackson revolutionized the music industry, fashion, and dance with his innovative work and even paved the way for black artists. Say what you want about Michael Jackson but he is one of a kind. There will never be another Michael Jackson and nobody can deny his tremendous impact on the world.

Thank you Michael for blessing us with your creativity. You’ve touched this earth. You’re one of the most beautiful people to walk this planet (also literally because just look at him??).
I love you so much, I wish I could have met you or attended a concert but I’d say that seeing one of my favorite impersonators gave me closure.

Continue to Rest In Peace, angel.
And P.S. you may have been lonely sometimes but you were never truly lonely because you had us. You still do, always and forever.

Master list of Great Comet Broadway footage

So I decided to make a master list of all of the footage / performances from the Broadway cast of the Great Comet. I will continue to update this list as more videos get released!







“It’s Kevin.”


BTS who are celebrating their 4th anniversary today (June 13), came a long way since their debut on 2013. This post intends to show you not only their great achievements through the years but also how it took them 2 years (half of their career so far) before getting any recognition and how their hard work and perseverance payed off.


  • Melon Music Awards New Artist of the Year 


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  • Golden Disc Awards  Newcomer Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards New Artist of the Year (Male Group)
  • YinYueTai Rookie Award
  • Seoul Music Awards  New Artist Award
  • Arirang TV Pops in Seoul Awards  Rising Star Award


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  • Melon Music Awards  Best Male Dance “I Need U”
  • Melon Popularity Award “Run”  Weekly Popularity Award (December 7)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards  Best World Performer
  • Golden Disc Awards “Dark & Wild” Disk Bonsang
  • Seoul Music Awards  Bonsang Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  World Rookie Award
  • MBC Music Show Champion “Run” Best Performance Male Group
  • Cable TV Broadcast Awards Hallyu Star Popularity Award 
  • MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Act 
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best New Artist (Asia) 
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 New Artists Award (Asia) 
  • Arirang TV Simply K-Pop Awards Best Performance Boy Group


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  • Melon Music Awards  Album of the Year
  • Melon Music Awards  Top 10 Artists
  • Melon Popularity Award “ Blood Sweat & Tears”  Weekly Popularity Award (Ocrober 17 - October 24)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Dance Performance - Male Group
    Mnet Asian Music Awards HotelsCombined Artist of the Year
  • Golden Disc Awards “ The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1 ” Disk Bonsang 
  • Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award
  • Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Cultural Minister Award
  • Asia Artist Awards Best Icon Award, Singer
  • Asia Artist Awards Best Artist Award, Male Singer    
  • Hanteo Awards Wings Album Award
  • CJ E&M America Awards Best Male Idol
  • KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 “Fire”  Best Music Video Boy Group
  • KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 “Blood Sweat & Tears” Best Music Video Boy Group  
  • KBS World Radio Best Boy Group
  • KBS World Radio “Fire” Best Song


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  • Seoul Music Awards Wings Album of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist
  • Melon Popularity Award “Spring Day" Weekly Popularity Award (February 20)
  • Golden Disc Awards Wings Disk Bonsang
  • Golden Disc Awards Global K-Pop Artist Award 
  • Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
  • Seoul Music Awards Best Male Dance Performance Award 
  • Seoul Music Awards “Blood Sweat & Tears” Best Music Video Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  Album of the Year – 4th Quarter
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards V Live Global Popularity Award 
  • YinYueTai Best Stage Performance Award
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 Albums
  • Shorty Awards Best in Music
  • Global V Live Awards Global Artist Top 10


2013 - 2014: NOTHING BUT HOPE 

After 2 years of not getting any win, they started to tell each other “Let’s just not expect anything” but deep inside they all dreamed of a win, as V says “To be honest, just because you say “don’t expect anything” doesn’t mean we expect nothing” It was a hard time for both BTS and the fans. 


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  • 2015 The Show May 5 “I Need U”
  • 2015 The Show May 12 “I Need U” 
  • 2015 The Show December 8 “Run”
  • 2015 M Countdown May 7 “I Need U”
  • 2015 Music Bank May 8 “I Need U”
  • 2015 Music Bank December 11 “Run”
  • 2015 Show Champion May 13 “I Need U” 
  • 2015 Show Champion December 9 “Run”
  • 2015 Show Champion December 16 “Run”


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  • 2016 The Show October 25 “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • 2016 M countdown May 12"Fire"
  • 2016 M countdown October 20"Blood Sweat & Tears
  • 2016 Music Bank January 8 “Run”
  • 2016 Music Bank May 13"Fire"
  • 2016 Music Bank  October 21 “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • 2016 Music Bank October 28 “Blood Sweat & Tears”    
  • 2016 Show Champion October 19 
  • 2016 Show Champion February 22"Spring Day"
  • 2016 Inkigayo May 15"Fire"
  • 2016 Inkigayo October 23"Blood Sweat & Tears"


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  • 2017 M countdown February 23 “Spring Day”
  • 2017 Music Bank February 24"Spring Day"
  • 2017 Show Champion  February 22"Spring Day"
  • 2017 Inkigayo February 26 “Spring Day”

If you have been with Bangtan since the start or just joined the fandom a month ago, It doesn’t matter because greater achievements and memories are yet to be made. Happy 4th BTS anniversary everyone. Let’s reach even higher from now on ^^.
By @mimibtsghost