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Wednesday 18th May 2016 ||

A Level Physics: Unit 4 Notes

Force, Momentum and Simple Harmonic Motion

The last few weeks have been really, really busy, as the last few weeks before study leave tend to be. Mock exams, revision classes, award evenings and the now hour and a half round trip to and from school (thanks a lot Arriva) have all meant that I unfortunately haven’t had the time to keep updating this studyblr. However, now study leave has begun I have an extra hour and a half a day free to keep on top of this blog, which originally I though I would be able to ( I was so wrong ). Bring it on.

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Hi everyone! I feel so terrible for not being as active as I could have been these past few months but I’m hoping this will help me get back into the swing of things c: I love you all and thank you guys so much for sticking by me! ♥

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Good luck and I wish you all a happy back to school season!


It’s that time of year again! Game of Thrones poster time, which as usual has sent me into a frenzy of creativity trying to “fix” the official poster. 

Now, let me say a few things first. At this point, HBO really doesn’t need to have an award winning poster. As the Wall defends itself, the Show promotes itself. At this point, all of the extra marketing material, posters, teasers etc is largely irrelevant. It’s a nice to have, but it’s not necessary. 

That said, the posters, basically every year but Season One have frustrated me and made me a little sad. Season one was easy. They had Sean Bean, the image was iconic. It worked. Season Two, well at least they had a concept and they created some original artwork for it. It just looked a little too similar to the Hunger Games posters it was sitting next to in the subway stations. Season Three didn’t work as a poster period, but at least they had a concept and that translated to other mediums, the newspaper ad, the flashlights, the imdb page. So I’ll give them credit for that. Season Four didn’t have much of a concept but at least they created some pretty cool original artwork in the three eyed crow image. It’s just a shame that they gave that to someone else who ruined it a bit with a gradient and a noise filter. 

In any case, that brings me to this year’s poster which makes me really sad. Now, on the surface, Tyrion plus dragon is kind of cool and most people will see that and think “cool” and move on. And that’s fine. It frustrates me that no original artwork was created and that they literally used stills from last year. On top of that, it doesn’t really seem purposeful. The dragon and Tyrion aren’t connected at all. Drogon isn’t even looking at Tyrion. It feels like two separate things. It also just feels so dreary and gray. Black and white and grayscale can be beautiful and impactful but I don’t feel like it is here. 

I don’t know. It just feels pretty meh and I’m left wondering how much of a budget the designers are given or what materials they are given to work with. They were obviously given high quality stills since this has to be reproduced at a large size so why couldn’t they give them current things. 

In any case, here are my versions of the poster as well as a few other Season 5 posters that I did. I’m not claiming to have solved everything or anything, but I did my best. 

Also, it’s too bad the pie poster is irrelevant because there will likely never be Frey Pie in the show. Forever sad.

tldr; I’m frustrated by the new Game of Thrones poster. Here are my versions 


I mean really, I did a good job with this sandwich. A+ sandwich making skills. The way I aligned the ham with the edge of the crusty roll? Perf. Best Director of sandwich fillings at the Academy Awards for me, please.

I am actually here to apologise for the delay on the Sleipnir myth, which was caused by my uncle going on holiday without telling anyone and forcing us all to take on Dementia Duty in shifts, but now he has returned from his impromptu vacation and I shall be mything it up good and proper this evening, with the aim of getting the myth out by the weekend! I have also planned a few small extras because everyone has been so patient, so if those pan out, next week should actually be pretty darn mythical. 

And now back to sandwich nirvana.