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When did you start to draw like, with your own style? And how did you find your style?

I tried to make sense of this bc I wasn’t sure how it happened but found some interesting things while looking in others’ blog so storytime with some links after the read more cuz it got long lol

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Patater Art AU

Kent Parson as an art student at the same university as Tater and Kent is still a hockey player but maybe Tater got injured senior year of high school and had to stop playing (don’t think about that sad part)

so anyway Kent likes to sit in the library and draw people for extra practice, and Tater is always there working on projects (probably something math related since English is not his strong suit) and he makes faces at his work all the time, and Kent thinks it’s adorable, so he likes to draw Tater when he sees him

 and Kent starts getting really invested in this kid he doesn’t even know because he’s really pretty and all sharp angles and don’t get Kent started on his hands omg, and so a few weeks into the semester Kent’s sketchbook is filled with drawings of this guy, and oops one day tater actually notices Kent staring at him, and Kent looks away all awkward and blatantly avoids looking at him for the next hour,

so the next day on his way in Tater sees that Kent looks really invested in his work and he takes the long way around to his usual table to get a closer look and “you are drawing” and Kent nearly jumps out of his seat because they guy I’ve been drawing for several weeks is looking down at my sketchbook right now help

and Tater sits down next to him and just blatantly asks “I saw you looking at me, you draw me? Can I see?” and dammit he’s got these puppy dog eyes and Kent can’t resist so he just nods dumbly and hands over his sketchbook wtf is he thinking rn

and Tater is flipping through this kid’s book and he sees some really well done drawings of himself and also a lot of pictures of shoulders and forearms and hands- wait, that drawing has the same cut that I got on my arm last week? and my class ring too? and oh, Tater gets it now, and he looks over to Kent, who is red as a tomato and is pointedly not looking at Tater

so he just slides the sketchbook back and goes “is very good” and he wants to ask Kent if he wants more drawing practice (but he can’t do that that’s way too embarrassing he is 18 for God’s sake) and so he just kind of awkwardly stays there until Kent finally looks at him and blurts out “you have great hands!” a little too loudly because a few people turn around to look at them and Kent wants to die but Tater is laughing and also kind of red and still here, so Kent thinks it can’t be going that bad

and long story short these two awkward boys somehow manage to actually talk to each other for a minute and set up a date to a local diner and Tater ends up in Kent’s room after laughing because here he is shirtless with his hair all messed up from the kissing and Kent is scrambling off of him to grab his sketchbook and some charcoal because “you’re perfect and I need to draw this right now” and Tater can’t think of anywhere he’d rather be

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youre absolutely right im sorry i overlooked your shiro fancast. as for keith, sometimes i forget that isnt confirmed, sorry again. hunk, idk if his race has been confirmed or not, but heres a list of plus size faceclaims! given his race and body type, those limitations can definitely be hard to come by though. lakeffectkds (.) tumblr (.) com/post/146606817886/hey-everyone-ive-never-rly-seen-plus-size-fc

no worries at all sweet Angle and THAN K YOU !!!!! Omg

the signs when they pass a mirror
  • aries: checks hair with no shame
  • taurus: winks at reflection
  • gemini: poses
  • cancer: turns from all angles to get a good look
  • leo: "omg damn who is this cutie???"
  • virgo: literally walks by nbd
  • libra: re-adjusts every piece of clothing one by one
  • scorpio: keeps walking closer and then ends up seeing their pores and gets really grossed out
  • sagittarius: gets really excited to take a selfie but gets disappointed bc the camera didn't capture the magic
  • capricorn: keeps walking forward and backward seeing how they look
  • aquarius: "i've never actually seen myself...just in pictures..." *has an existential crisis*
  • pisces: *mentally* "but what if the lighting changes and i don't look good somewhere else..."

In the selfies competition, Sho decides that going with the “ero” angle might work, much to the *consternation* of Kazu who deems our Caster a “bad example”.

I have to beg to differ when Sho (smugly) expands on the theme of “Waking King” by inciting the imagination of fangirls to take flight regarding what’s “below”.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 15.08.2015

I decided to draw a pic of your sans doll in my style and I like how it came out 😄 sorry about the background, I had no clue what to make it tbh


haha h a self insert what even IS that ha a h