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Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 50 Spoilers

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Hairu is dead. Kijima’s head was injured by his chainsaw.
Kijima: Pawawawa.. yogurt…
Kijima: *pant pant* feel like eating yogurt.. waa-..
Furuta: Kijima san…
Kijima: Bawawawaaaaaaa!!
Kijima removes the chainsaw off his head and charges towards Matsumae
Kijima: Wooooahhhh!!
Matsumae manages to block his attack
Kijima: Woeeeeeee!!
Matsumae pierces Kijima’s stomach. He is dead.
Furuta: Kijima san…
Matsumae: (Yuuma… Aliza… Mairo…. I have avenged you all…)
Investigator: …this…
Investigator: This is Kijima group… We are having a fight at the 19th floor… if this continues…
Investigator: Ui special class… how long does it take for you to get here…!? …..understood
Furuta: ….
The investigators took their stance and ready to fight Matsumae
Matsumae: (Shuu sama… Im coming)
Investigator: I will be in front! Furuta first class, stand behind me!
Furuta: Yes
Furuta uses the investigator to block Matsumae’s attack
Matsumae: Using your comrade as a shield, do you not have the will to fight
Furuta: Ah? thats not it
Furuta pierces Matsumae’s eyes with his fingers…
Matsunae: Tch!!
Furuta: You re the one who started it. You all live on normally, but no matter what, you all are just human eating monsters right?
Matsumae: (my vision is gone…!!)
Furuta: You… *step on dead investigator’s hand* ah… nevermind
Matsumae cant see so she listens closely to his footsteps.
Matsumae: (coming…)
Matsumae attacks in the direction of the sound.
Furuta: You~missed~
Matsumae: !!
Furuta raises Kijima’s chainsaw
Furuta: Im sorry, MM san
Matsumae’s blood spilled onto Furuta’s face

Sasaki: In order to live, being surrounded by CCG, your bodyguards are all killed… How can you live on alone. This choice is equivalent to suicide…
Tsukiyama: Dove’s investigator! I do not need your judgment..!!
Tsukiyama: I will defeat you and leave!!
Tsukiyama: (Sorry Sasaki kun. I… caused you into this mess. Kirishima san… I finally understand what you said. A little… no… its so lonely… two lines that will never intersect… Opera!!)
Tsukiyama pierces his kagune towards Sasaki
Tsukiyama: (right.. how nolstagic…)
Sasaki: Ughh
Sasaki overtakes Tsukiyama and point his quinque (?) at Tsukiyama’s throat
Sasaki: fu…fuu… *panting*
Tsukiyama: I knew it… you are strong
There is sharp pain in Sasaki’s head as he was going to kill Tsukiyama.
Tsukiyama: ….whats going on. Haise Sasaki, kill me
Sasaki: Ughh.. *pant*
Kaneki: (dont kill him dont kill him dont kill him dont kill him dont kill him)
Sasaki: (what should i do!!!)
Sasaki’s mind: (Choose. Choose)
Sasaki: (How can I choose…) *trembles*
Suddenly, Sasaki’s right hand is cut