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I didn't realize that someone would die until like episode 5, but when I did, I knew it would be Han Sung, cuz he's tge only character every single person who's watching would like. And they are always the first/ the only ones to die. That dont mean it hurt any less

Tbh I didn’t expect Han Sung to die protecting Sun Woo. I was expecting him to die protecting Dan Se (or even Yeo Wool). It’s a very nice scene for V’s first time acting in a drama. I actually didn’t expect him to die at first. Knowing that he’s a new actor, I thought the writers wouldn’t give him such an emotionally intense scene for his first time. Then I remembered he shanked someone with a glass bottle in “I Need U”… Huh…

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Swings! There was nothing quite like them through all of my youth. Despite breaking my arm jumping off one they were great. A lovely place to chill out or an energetic thrill as you reached for the skies.

the signs as 2000′s songs

Aries:  Missy Elliott, “Get Ur Freak On”

Pisces:  Nelly, “Hot in Here”

Taurus:  Chamillionaire, “Ridin’”

Gemini:   Destiny’s Child, “Bootylicious”

Cancer:  Shakira, “Hips Don’t Lie”

Leo:  M.I.A., “Paper Planes”

Virgo: Pussycat Dolls , “Don’t Cha”

Libra:  Avril Lavigne, “Complicated”

Scorpio:  Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”

Sagittarius:  Kelis, “Milkshake”

Capricorn:  Britney Spears, “Oops!…I Did It Again”

Aquarius:  Gwen Stefani, “Hollaback Girl”

I’m seeing people play the blame game re: Hansung’s death, so heres the truth:

Hansung died protecting Sun Woo because Dan Se was told to kill the King by his grandfather who thought that Sun Woo was the King because Young Sil sent assassins to kill Sun Woo because Sun Woo said he was King when they were in Baekje. But Sun Woo only said he was King because the Crown Prince of Baekje heard that the King was one of them, and threatened to kill Ah Ro, and because Ji Dwi wasn’t coming out, he had no choice. But the Crown Prince only knew the King was there because Ban Ryu gave him the message from Young Sil, who sent the message to confirm/kill the King who he thought was Sun Woo because Ji So was protecting him when Young Sil initially had his guard almost kill Sun Woo. But Ji So only did so to protect Ji Dwi and take the spotlight off of him, because Young Sil made it known that the King was in Hwarang. But Young Sil only knew because Sun Woo dropped the bracelet, but Sun Woo only had the bracelet because Ji Dwi dropped it. But Ji Dwi dropped it in a fight with Sun Woo who was trying to find the person who killed Mak Moon, but Mak Moon died because he saw the King’s face and he only saw the King’s face because he entered the capital to find his family. But he was only looking for his family because they were separated most likely as a result of Ji So who was in love with Ahn Ji Gong  and was rejected by him and made to marry the previous King 

so, to conclude, Hansung died because Ji So was forced into marriage.

What I got from watching the Kakashi episode:

  • Two boys were competing for Kakashi’s affection.
  • Kakashi never accepted praise. He doesn’t recognize his own strengths.
  • Kakashi’s omega-3 fat content levels must be off the charts.
  • He rarely sleeps and has OCD.
  • Smol boy was emotionally detached after Sakumo’s death.
  • On the anniversary of Sakumo’s death, Kakashi brings him the flower the village traditionally uses for funerals.
  • Kakashi’s been visiting grave sites ever since he was an eight year old.
  • The data book did not lie when they said that one of Kakashi’s favorite foods was boiled saury.
  • Kakashi takes an entire day off from school on his father’s death anniversary, but doesn’t stay at his gravestone all day.
  • Kakashi is a smol imperfectly perfect child. Fight me if you think otherwise. 
Why I think Spring Day is about the end of youth

HYYH was all about youth and the struggles that came with it so I believe the consequent albums (WINGS and YNWA) are about growing up and leaving their youth/childhood behind.

There’s a heavy focus of clothes in the MV e.g. BTS sitting on a mountain of clothes. It’s possible that these clothes are ones they no longer wear. Everybody has clothes that no longer fits them when going through childhood and puberty. Perhaps these clothes represent their past as something they cannot “wear” anymore.

The train is in the MV, travelling to an unknown destination. It represents BTS travelling (into adulthood) and not staying still. In the beginning, Taehyung is seen stepping onto tracks as a train approaches. This could represent the the feelings of entering adulthood (scared, sad, helpless, etc.).

The beginning of the MV starts in winter and ends with entering spring. Entering adulthood may seem scary at first but it gets better. It also symbolises the passing of time and change.

“No season can last forever”

Jimin is shown with a pair of shoes in the beginning and end of the MV. We don’t know who they belong to. I previously thought they belonged to a dead member (Jin) but they might be Jimin’s. Just like the clothes, he’s grown too big to fit into the shoes (they represent his youth). At the end, he hangs up his shoes as closure, and a way to finally move on and accept that he cannot remain in “youth” anymore.

Omelas is portrayed as a motel in the MV. A motel symbolises all things temporary. You go there but don’t stay there forever. Also, the motel has no vacancies, so there is no room in “paradise” which may be youth. The boys realise they have to move on.

BTS are shown having food fights and messing up a room. Jin also pierces Jimin’s ear with a safety pin. These can all considered acts of rebellion, something most teenagers do. This also symbolises the themes of youth, coming of age and adulthood.

We are made to believe Jungkook is alone in the train but it’s revealed that the best of BTS are with him. Also, Jimin is with the group when he hangs up the shoes. Just like the album title, this may represent that even though it seems you’re alone, you’re not. Everybody experiences childhood and the struggles of leaving it. You Never Walk Alone. <3

how to be a human being by the glass animals

aries: take a slice

taurus: poplar st.

gemini: youth

cancer: cane shuga

leo: life itself

virgo: season 2 episode 3

libra: the other side of paradise

scorpio: mama’s gun

sagittarius: pork soda

capricorn: mama’s gun

aquarius: life itself

pisces: agnes