all that you went through

honestly tho can you imagine your girlfriend bein like “oh babe where gonna spend christmas with my very old friend :)” and youre with it cuz you heard he made her a device to stay alive and you hear all the stuff that they went through and you finally get to meet him and its a talking gorilla. like what the fuck

Yuuri’s final proposal.

I just love how they actually went through with this scene.

You all get it now, Yuuri’s asking for ONE MORE YEAR, specifically because he knows that IF IN ONE MORE YEAR, HE’S ABLE TO WIN GOLD, THEN THAT WOULD MEAN THEY WILL BOTH BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED.

And just look how delighted Victor is with the idea.

But what comes after is what I adore. Because you see, Victor knows how much Yuuri loves to be on the ice, he knows the boy still has SO MUCH TO GIVE. Even if it means they’ll be able to get married after Yuuri wins gold he wants the other boy to keep on going. He wants the boy he loves to keep on skating.

He loves to see him skate.


While Yuuri’s actually surprised with Victor’s new proposal. He then comes to understand what it means. Both Victor and Yuuri love to see each other on the ice. Victor for his part wants Yuuri to never retire, while Yuuri’s willing to retire just so the other man would not have to worry about him, and be able to do his comeback next year.

But Victor then clears all of his doubts. He says, he will make his comeback, both as a competitive figure skater and as Yuuri’s coach.

That’s when it all clicks for Yuuri, and he just can’t believe it, because this man is not just willing to stay with him for just one more year, but for as long as Yuuri remains on the ice.

This is the smile of a man who’s got his complete faith put on the other boy. He has no doubts about his choice.

At the end he can’t really decided wether to laugh or cry, because this russian man in front of him is just ridiculous, becoming a five-time world champion?! He has to be joking… But Yuuri knows better, and that’s what brings the tears, because he believes each and every word the other just said, despite of the odds, he believes Victor perceives it as a possibility. And he knows what Victor sees in him… greatness, and Yuuri is proud.


~A series on miscellaneous world building tips~

On Creating Fictional Cultures

Culture is not shared. Nor is it meant to be.

  • My Catholic family had Brigid’s cross over the doorway. My Catholic neighbors did not know who Brigid was.
  • My family called it a clicker. Mostly everyone else in my town called it a remote.
  • My friend assumed from a young age that she would attend an Ivy League university because her father had “connections”. I didn’t know what the hell an Ivy League school was until I was a teenager.
  • Everyone drinks orange juice cold. My cousins warm theirs up in the microwave. God knows why.
  • Cheese curds are  found in abundance in Wisconsin and in parts of Minnesota and Illinois. Everyone else in America is deprived of cheese curds.
  • My friend knows a lot more about Confirmation within Catholicism than I do. We both went through it, together, but all I can tell you is that a Bishop is there and it’s like Baptism Part II.
  • My family’s idea of a vacation was a cabin in the woods. My friend’s idea of vacation was going to the beach for the day. My neighbor’s idea of vacation was spending a week at a resort in Mexico.

You should have variation like this when you create fictional cultures. Your characters will not be aware of everything within their culture. They will have different ideas of what something is/should be. Religion will vary by place and even by family (even if those families are from the same place). Not everyone in the same town will practice a holiday the same way. Not everyone will attach the same significance to elements of their culture, their religion, or their home/country/ancestral land.

If all of your characters (including the background characters) walk around with the same knowledge about the same topics, your culture is going to lack depth. 

One character might have been told X about a certain magical creature where another character might have been told Y. One character might have many family traditions whereas another character’s family might not have any. 

In summary:

  • Characters should have varying levels of knowledge of their own culture, heritage, history, nation, etc.
  • Variances in language, religion, tradition, etc. should exist among characters who belong to the same language/dialect, culture, religion, etc.
  • When creating these differences, consider how certain factors such as place of origin, age, socioeconomic class (past, present, class of parents/grandparents), religion, education, family, and language create these variances.
  • Think of the family unit (defined by your fictional culture) as a subculture within a larger culture. Family A, Family B, and Family C all speak the same language, practice the same religion, and celebrate the same national holidays, but they do these things in different ways.

so, i noticed that my human bill turned a year old this month (ayy same birth-month!) so I thought it would be funny and interesting to compare him to the first real drawing I ever made of him (theres more but they are all sketches and TERRIBLE) and OH BOY CHECK THIS OUT the guy changed a lot! I love it tho, it’s a good change and he went through a lot of that but I’m super at peace with where he is right now. I really wanna draw my AU as a comic now.

You may have noticed me talking about the @mlcalendarproject before, but now it’s out and the whole thing looks amazing!! Now that it’s been released I can share my art with you guys; I had the month of January so I went with a Chinese New Year theme! ^-^

You can get the calendar for free here and honestly it’s amazing. And totally for free! I’m definitely going to be printing it off to use myself. :’)

If you consider all the trauma and shit Mycroft went through in his childhood, it makes what his parents say to him at the end of the episode all the more fucked up.

Their parents clearly didn’t understand Euros, and Euros in turn must have thought they were stupid too. According to Mycroft’s account, she cut herself and her parents thought it was a suicide attempt. It doesn’t seem like she gave them any reason to think otherwise. However, she told Mycroft the truth. In fact, it seems like the only one she talked to with any mildly serious regard was Mycroft.

Who is supervising the children when they’re playing? Not Mummy and Daddy Holmes, young Mycroft.

When Redbeard aka Victor went missing, it wasn’t the authorities or the Holmes parents who asked Euros where he was. Mycroft says “we.” As in, he too was sent to ask her where the little boy was. Their parents couldn’t get her to talk, “She knows where he is.” “We can’t make her tell us, we can’t make her do anything.”

She continued to tell Mycroft, the song is the answer. But after he couldn’t figure out her song, she told him the truth. She told him it was “drowned Redbeard.” Imagine young Mycroft being told by his sister, that the little boy HE had been supervising during play dates with Sherlock, was dead. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have felt completely responsible for that.

And then Euros burned their house down. He probably would have felt responsible for that too. And responsible for every single thing that happened after.

Unlike Sherlock, he never forgot that trauma either. Sherlock turned it into a lost dog story and forgot he had a sister entirely. But through the entire ordeal and through all the years after, Mycroft knew it was a human being, a kid, missing and dead because of his sister. He also had to live with the knowledge his sister burned down his home, and was then carted off by the authorities.

Then all the years of Sherlock’s drug use, where the heck were the Holmes parents then? We only ever see young Mycroft looking after him, in any way he can, while trying to be successful in his chosen career. I’m surprised Mycroft didn’t turn to drugs himself with all the stress and responsibilities piled on his shoulders!

So for Mummy Holmes at the end of this episode to tell Mycroft he should have done more, and that’s he’s limited. Like, fuck off. He basically gave up his childhood and his life to raise Sherlock and Euros. He feels responsible for the death of Victor, for his sister’s madness, for his brother’s drug use. Like, seriously. He could not have done more if he tried. He was willing to die so Sherlock wouldn’t lose his best friend again.

I just, someone hug Mycroft please. I have all the feels right now!!!! Also sorry if this isn’t the best written thing, wrote it on mobile!


for a sadness that comes a long way, his smile was inevitable.

For a long while ago we all sensed something’s odd with him, he barely smiled back then and had this faint happiness on his face all a long, yet today our precious sunshine took the courage to open up and remove that huge burden off his chest, telling us how he suffered silently after his grandma passed away on the 4th of September, crying brokenly for the sadness inside him. KIM TAEHYUNG, i’m so proud of you sweetheart for going through those hard times and managing to put a smile on our faces when you, yourself needed comfort and happiness more than anyone else. My heart aches so much to know about the hardships you went through, the pain you felt and never let out, i hope you never experience hard times again /knowing this is hard to have in life/ i hope nobody ever takes your happiness from you, i hope for more happy days to make there way through your life.

Thank you for being strong through your hard times, thank you for having the courage to let out all that burdens you, thank you for trusting us to reveal your weakness and vulnerabilities, thank you for asking us to keep your grandma in our memories cause you never ask that from anyone, lastly~~ thank you for being the one who you are, a true sunshine brightening up and spreading happiness and warmth. I love you, Kim taehyung, i really do. ❤️

hello!! you probably know my blog if you’re tagged and you probably also have no idea what my name is or what i’m about so here: i’m bee, i’m a brown muslim girl who grew up in dubai but my parents are indian, also i’m pretty gay

so i’ve been on for about four or five years, and left, but i came back in early summer 2016 after i read throam. i didn’t really do anything with it besides make shitposts and ramble about my life which is why i was so surprised when i found out im getting closer to 1k, and i decided to do this thing (that literally no one asked for now that im at one thousand followers wtf??)

anyway here’s a little thank you to every single mutual that has tried and failed to be proper friends with me and still stuck around even though i couldn’t really be friends with any of them bc my offline social handicap decided to follow me here as well, and to every mutual who’s been so incredibly nice to me, and every mutual who i see in my notifs and every other blog that doesn’t follow me back but has inspired me to keep this up (keep what up lmao) alright im gonna stop rambling

fav blogs are bolded <3 (i’m sorry for annoying your notifs lmao this is probably a one time thing don’t worry)(also think of this like a blog rec since i maybe only really talk to four or five of these but all of these blogs are 10/10)(also there’s A LOT of blogs because i follow like 4000 people wtf how did that happen lmao this is gonna look messy idk how to tunmgler)

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Morgana in every episode:

  • 5x11 The Drawing of the Dark

Morgana: Emrys.
Mordred: I know where he is.
Morgana: Where?
Mordred: Camelot. And I have his true name. It is Merlin.

Reminder that whatever you’re going through, you don’t have to go through it alone. Whenever you’re ready to talk about it to someone, they will listen. Don’t let bad experiences ruin you and your life. You’re better than that and you deserve better. Never think it is your fault. Shit happens sometimes. And we are just human. 

Most of all, know that you can get through this, i too got through it. And i have words to remember that by: “We move forward”

I can assure you that you don’t have to suffer through it alone, seek help, talk to someone. Don’t let yourself fall apart, cause it’s easier keeping yourself together than picking up the pieces again.

I learned and went through so much. And i can tell you, that’s it gonna be ok. Just, allow yourself to be ok. Give yourself permission to be ok,

  • The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.
    Thich Nhat Hanh 

We can all agree that Naruto has had some pretty emotional moments but I think the one that hit me hardest was this tiny pained inhale he does when Sasuke comes at him after beating his face into mashed potato

My boy is so tired. At this point he has been fighting for more than 24 straight hours watching countless people die and saving the world while trying to keep the people he loves the most alive only to find that Sasuke has turned away from him once again in probably the biggest betrayal of all. For all intents and purposes, he literally fucking died a few hours ago when Kurama was forcibly ripped out of him and since then, he’s done the impossible and triumphed over an actual deity as well as said a final goodbye to his father and mentors. This should be his time to grieve, to rest, to make sure that his friends are ok and maybe start picking up some pieces after the war but instead he is forced into another pointless battle with the person he still considers his best friend in order to save everyone. Again.

On his birthday.

All this poor kid ever wanted was his friend back and yet here he is defending not only his own life, but also those of the Kage and the Bijuu and even Sasuke himself who has always been too stubborn to see it. Naruto is fucking exhausted. Beyond exhausted and to make it worse, he thought it was over and everything would be ok. He has no chakra left apart from the bare minimum needed to keep his heart pumping and this incredible boy is still giving everything he has to save Sasuke even though his body is screaming at him to drop to the ground and never get up. He is always so completely filled with determination and he exudes it from his whole body which is why this particular moment is so striking. We’ve never seem him look so defeated before.

And this barely perceptible moment of weakness is all he allows himself to feel and show before going right back to business.


You broke the Tejano music scene wide open. No woman’s ever been able to make it. Now you’re number One. You walk into Mexico and…they don’t even accept Mexican-Americans and they love you. And now. […] All those barriers people have been trying to get past…you went right through them as if they didn’t exist. Maybe for you they don’t exist. I love you. And I’m very proud of you.


Dead animal warning - the vet at work took over the wash room today to defrost some bodies for a training exercise. I forget the animals we have in the freezer here, I need to get them out at some point for some comparison pictures.