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The Best of: Yuna Kim

2006-2007 SP “El Tango de Roxanne” at 2007 Worlds
2006-2007 FS “The Lark Ascending” at 2006 GPF
2008-2009 SP “Danse Macabre” at 2009 Worlds
2008-2009 FS “Scheherazade” at 2009 Worlds
2009-2010 SP “James Bond” at 2010 Olympics
2009-2010 FS “Piano Concerto in F (Gershwin)” at 2010 Olympics
2009-2010 EX “Meditation” at 2010 Olympics
EX “Homage to Korea” at 2011 All That Skate
EX “Fever” at 2011 All That Skate
2012-2013 SP “Kiss of the Vampire” at 2013 Worlds
2012-2013 FS “Les Miserables” at 2013 Worlds
2012-2013 EX “All of Me” at 2013 Worlds
2013-2014 SP “Send in the Clowns” at 2014 Olympics
2013-2014 FS “Adios Nonino” at 2014 Olympics
EX “Turandot” at 2014 All That Skate

anonymous asked:

I've been seeing people say H&L is wayyyyyy more complex than seimei for a while now and I don't really understand what that means? So I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a comparison post? You make such lovely gifs, and your explanations are always so funny and easy to understand, so it would be nice to see the comparison!

Thank you for the kind words, and please strap in for another one of my never-ending rants. At least this time I know it’s gonna be long because this topic is of special interest to me, so I will have the foresight to make use of a read-more link :D

Okay here we go. For a start, I wouldn’t say Hope and Legacy is way more complex than Seimei, for no other reason than the fact that Seimei was already pretty much pushing all imaginable boundaries of complexity. What I can tell you about these 2 programs though, is this:

H&L is more technically and physically demanding. From base value alone, H&L is worth 103.43 compared to Seimei’s 95.79, with the main difference coming from Yuzu swapping in a quad loop for a triple loop. Base value doesn’t tell you the whole story though, because what makes H&L truly demanding is not just in how many difficult elements are included, it’s also in how those elements are distributed. See below the layout with time stamp for both programs (Tumblr doesn’t like anything but tiny text so I have a bigger clearer version of this image here):

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does anybody else just like twenty one pilots? im just wondering because theres people who got into other bands/artists because of tøp or vice versa and they stan them too and blog about them and keep updated on the members but i literally just like tøp and thats it. like i listen to p!atd and fob obviously but if you ask me any details about them i wont know honestly unless i seen it on my dash once. twenty one pilots are the only artists im fully invested in or care about and im really not sure why but i just, nobody is like them for me or could be like them.

Tessa and Scott Hugging... Pt. 1

As per request… :-))) Thank you to everyone who voted, and steered me towards making this post first, your opinions were invaluable in stifling my indecisiveness! :-))) I’ve decided to split the GIFs into a couple of posts because I hate putting stuff under a cut, and I have many GIFs to share…enjoy! :-)))

In no particular order:

Grand Prix Final 2013

I love this one because they were SO happy! They were aglow with joy! <3 Their performance was jaw-droppingly sublime (one of my all-time favourites, actually), and they knew it, which makes it even harder to accept that they didn’t win the title.

Canadian Nationals 2012

This one always leaves me utterly speechless… eyes closed, no physical distance… look at the serenity on her face, look at the concentration on his… you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins… they are each other’s quantum of solace, zen palace, secret garden, you name it… and, to me, that is a truly beautiful, precious bond.

Skate Canada 2011

“Come to me my sweetest friend, can you feel my heart again, I’ll take you back where you belong…”, sang the Goo Goo Dolls. Tessa and Scott knew that they had done it, as evidenced by Scott’s little squeeze, and each welcomed the other into a warm embrace, because they had done it together, as equals.

The Ice Legends 2016

I was there, and I managed to film this hug, so it would be special to me regardless, but the fact that Scott decided to bury himself into Tessa is more than just an added bonus, it is an unequivocal example of how close they’ve become over the past few months. I think that the general sentiment in the patinoire went somewhere along the lines of: “What the f— are you guys doing out there in the dark?.” Ah, sweet torture…

All That Skate Summer 2011

This is one of those situations where I can’t really tell who is hugging whom… Scott invited Tessa into his arms, and Tessa hug-attacked him in response! <3 It was such a tender moment, Scott didn’t even hesitate to show Tessa that he thought she was beautiful, with or without a spray tan. His girl either way.


Yuzuru Hanyu performs “Take It All Away”_Dream On Ice 2013


All That Skate 2013- Opening Les Miserables

Again y'all holy shit it’s les mis and figure skating <3 


All That Skate 2013 Finale-Les Miserables

Guys… I don’t think you understand. There was an ice show with my favorite skaters with the theme of Les Miserables, my current favorite everything. 

Favorite Video Clips of 2013

Jordan Maxham - Maxhamum Overdrive

I’m admittedly never too excited about the Berrics or park parts in general, but this kid is something special. Mixing quick footed-ness (ollie up picnic table sideways kickflip off down stairs) with more conventional advancement (nollie tre 5050 on handrail) and a unique approach to just about everything else, he makes the expected new again. Now, stop dressing like a ginger Eminem from 2006.

Bonus: this trick

Gou Miyagi - Video Nasty

How do you define what a skateboard “trick” is? A wise man once told me it’s anything which requires skill to accomplish. So, by that definition, there should be nothing Gou Miyagi does that’s debatable as to whether it’s “legit” or not. At the Video Nasty premier I attended, someone yelled, “Oh no, please don’t!” by his third “wagging dog wiener” trick. (That’s what I’ll call it, or maybe just “the wiener waggle”) But Gou has the most fun, period. 

Intro/montage - Media Overload

Part political statement, part pure skateboarding fun, the backing track by Brand Nubian makes this opening clip the secret weapon it is. By the time the vocals and raw street skating kick in at the same time, you know this is a cut above the glut of indie/street/line/night/easternexposure3ripoff videos we’ve seen in the last year.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Speaking of Eastern Exposure 3, Chris Mulhern carries Dan Wolfe’s torch for the East Coast by mixing HD, new Hi-8 and classic Hi-8 in this innovative clip.

Huf - Stoops Euro Tour pts 1 & 2

Forget that overly dramatic Fallen piece of emo-skate that came out this year. The best tour video came from rookie to the national playing field, Huf. Although I’m skeptical of the marketing and actual construction of Huf footwear, as they seem like “lifestyle” shoes in disguise, this clip kills. Featuring a powerhouse team, including two crossover members of Team Handsome and one honorary Team Handsome member, Brad Cromer (If only he were actually handsome!), the vid takes a queue from Chris Mulhern and makes the demo skating look like 411vm tour footage from yesteryear, to exciting effect.

 Bob Burnquist - Dreamland

All respect to Danny Way, the only other superhuman on this level of skateboarding, but even he can’t touch this. This looks like a time-traveler left this behind from the future. Exactly zero average humans can relate to this kind of riding, but that’s exactly what makes it mind-Blowing.

Tyler Surrey & Gustav Tonnesen - Stee

Way too many technical achievements here to mention.

Brandon Westgate - Made

Having an unnatural pop has made dude see previously unskateable objects such as that “bump” to loading dock as toys in his unique playground. He probably should have gotten SOTY.

Bonus: Aiden Campbell stepping to Westgate’s tre-flip spot with the best hardflip.

Jim Greco - Deathwish

Greco has entered the Just Don’t Give a Fuck phase of his career, as evidenced by a Dickies yellow shirt sponsorship, wildly varying fashion/beard length choices in one part, and an affinity for darkslides. Note how he really, really tries not to ever put his hands down in this video. In many other over-30 pros, a part like this would smack of desperation, but it fits Greco like a glove.

Ryan Sublette - Depression Session

This video may not have been released in the calendar year, but fuck it, the part was on the internet in February. Ryan Sublette is a true treasure in skateboarding, and skates with more heart and personality than 1,000 Nyjah Shecklers. Watch this, and if you think he could have had “cleaner landings” you’re missing the point.

Danny Brady - Definitely Brady

Danny Brady resurfaces in a logical locale after the drowning death of Blueprint. As with all things Palace, it’s a stylistic hodgepodge, but the skating is on point.

2013 See Also: Element Europe - Hold it Down, Mark Suciu - everything, Ishod Wair - everything, lanky Minnesota dude Tom Rohrer’s sick style in Cut & Dry.