all that silent judging

Shared house traits

Gryffindor & Hufflepuff
-sweet summer child
-close, intimate, heartbreak mending hugs
-giggles “that’s what she said”
-likelihood you’ll fall in love with them +9999999%
-probably still owns a stuffed toy

Ravenclaw & Slytherin
-already wrote an encyclopedia on all the ways they’re better than you
-judging you not-so-silently
-“my words are both poison and exilir. tempt me, if you dare.”
-intimidating at first bUT THEYRE ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLLS
-“aw you didn’t have to do that!-…what do you want?”
-too many trust issues, someone just HUG THEM

Gryffindor & Ravenclaw
-already stalked you on all your social media accounts
-board games. video games. gaaames. 
-always has a mess. somehow knows where everything is. 
-BUSY. friends, hobbies, school/work, internet til 2am, busy.

Slytherin & Hufflepuff
-knows who they will search for first during the apocalypse
-“i trust you with my life. don’t let me down”
-literally gives the best first impressions
-it’s actually a little scary how much they could be hiding
-work, work, work, workwork

Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
-“god you’re so fucking weird and i love it”
-that friend who never yells at anyone until they do and everyone is terrified
-my otp is better than yours
-“rules were not made to be broken unless i say so”
-happier when all is peaceful and quiet

Gryffindor & Slytherin
-that friend that shares all the hot selfies they find. (bless them)
-has never made a good decision after 2am
-*loses something* *blames it on you* *finds it 2min later with their stuff*
-selfie game too strong

Klance Birthday Headcanons

I don’t wanna study and I found this amazing artwork post by @marvelpumpkin so I’m making headcanons before dreamworks make lance a leo or something dumb he’s a gemini you all know it

  • lance and keith’s birthdays are on the same day but because they’ve lost track of time in space and with zarkon doing his evil no one has payed attention to what day it is
  • hunk and shiro are the first to realise their shared special day bc they’re both preparing for a birthday gift
    • of course hunk is preparing lance and shiro is doing keith
    • they go to TheSpaceMall for it in disguises (hunk barely resists going to Vrepit Sals to say hi)
    • they only realise that they’re not buying for the same person after shiro buys a boomerang knife and hunk buys a quantum powered water pistol
  • shiro and hunk get the rest of the group in on it and they decide to throw a themed birthday party
  • they divide the rest area of the castle in two and decorate each side for each of the boys; keith’s is red with MCR blasting out the speakers and mariokart whilst lance’s is blue playing carly rae jepsen and a zarkon pinata 
  • (neither of them discover it all being set up because allura implied keith was stronger than lanceand now they have to prove each other wrong)
  • at the centre of the room is a huge, custom made cake by hunk
  • one side of the cake is decorated for lance and right down the middle it changes to be decorated for keith
  • they are both completely different flavours that should not mix
  • coran closes the room for ‘jigger glout’ reasons to hide it
  • the next morning, on the boys’ birthdays, hunk tells lance he should go annoy keith by pointing out that he’s older than keith
  • and of course the above mentioned artwork happens
  • lance is horrified and orders keith be born on a different day, which no one understands but it’s clear lance is angry
  • keith is just confused because outside a cupcake and a candle with shiro his birthday has never been a big thing for him
  • lance demands birthday recompense and asks keith for a gift-keith does the same and they quite literally butt heads
  • but when lance sees the party that’s been organised he’s even more shook-HOW DARE BLACK PARADE BESMIRCH CALL ME MAYBE
  • but once he’s done being a drama queen the two of them have a good time, keith being the one to eventually break the pinata with his knife and lance kicking no one’s ass at mariokart because as much as he likes winning he likes seeing his friends happy more
  • lance and keith both turn out to love the cake, both flavours, which confuses hunk because he was certain lance would hate a carrot cake
    • keith eats carrot cake no one is happy and they all silently judge the way shiro has raised him.
    • pidge does admit that matt also likes carrot cake so shiro might have just been a horrible influence
  • a food fight occurs when allura trips lance into the remaining cake and keith gets revenge for “the birthday boy”
  • shiro makes them share gifts because there are so few until lance cuts himself on keith’s knife and keith almost detonates the entire ship with the water pistol’s firing mechanism
  • eventually lance and keith sit around talking about past birthdays on the sofas they’ve had whilst everyone else does their own thing
  • keith doesn’t have much to say but it’s not a problem-he loves listening
  • the two of them talk until the wee hours of the morning and don’t realise they’re asleep until they wake up covered in a blanket from hunk
  • the resulting fuss and complaining they make isn’t entirely genuine
  • it was the best birthday either of them have
Day6: dating Jae would include


▪ honestly, if you’re the type to take everything seriously, this sunshine will change your view of life 

▪ always preaching about taking life easy and not over worrying about anything

 ▪ funny thing for him to say bc he’s always internally freaking out every time you smile or even glance towards him 

▪ you and Wonpil constantly teasing him and Brian over their bromance

▪ constantly tweeting some shady shit about you, but making it hella vague so you never know if it’s about you or Wonpil

 ▪ did I mention you and Wonpil are partners in crime when it comes to picking on him?

▪ prank wars are always on between you and Wonpil against jae and his other bf

▪ with Sungjin and Dowoon (not so) silently judging you all

▪ he can’t believe he picked a prankster as a gf, he can never catch a break

▪ sometimes, tho, you’re both really sweet to each other 

▪ not very good with expressing his feelings at first, but he just feels so strongly about you-

▪ so one day all the feelings that were bottled up came out like word vomit 

▪ all you could get out of the confession was “I love you sm ok like I literally never knew how much I needed a person until I met you, bruh, like I’m so in love with your face and everything-”

▪ that was all it took for you to tackle him and kiss the life out of him, RIP jae

▪ back hugs are a must. Will actually make up excuses just to hug you from behind “I saw some lint on your sweater” “ You just looked really cold" 

▪ you always having to initiate kisses, he’s actually very shy when showing some intimacy 

▪ loves playing with your fingers and your hair, especially when you’re telling him about your day and just chilling. He’s sitting there with a stupid grin, listening to your every word 

▪ so so so supportive of everything you do and stand for

▪ your personal cheerleader. Feeling sad? Cheesy memes coming up. Feeling exhausted? Jae’s there in .0002 seconds. Feeling hungry? Jae’s already at your place with chicken wings and soda

 ▪ actually very deep and will talk to you about everything going on in his beautiful mind

▪ not a casual cuddler, but you quickly convinced him otherwise

▪ pls never ever let this chicken nugget go, I promise he’ll treat you like a princess 💖

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mafu and amatsuki making huge ass pudding video wtf. things to take note:

  • mafu casually throwing the “cup thing” away
  • mafu keep using the huge ass wooden spoon to hit his plushie toy.
  • “100 friends” joke
  • mafu counting the milk cartons one by one from 1 to 10 while amatsuki’s head bobbing to each count.
  • they don’t have a huge enough plate so they put the pudding on top of a coffee table, wrapped with shit ton of plastic wrap
  • { when we tip the pot, do we go “3-2-1-go″ or “1-2-3-go″ or “ready-go”} << two men struggle on how to put the pudding on the table.
  • idk why but the floating icons covering their mouth is so funny to me. 
  • amatsuki asking if the staff wants some << actual angel
  • “thank god i didn’t eat anything for the whole day“ << lmao @ sakata
  • 3 grown ass man sitting on the floor eating huge ass pudding together, feeding each other pudding.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • who the fck eats pudding with shoyu
  • the three of them looked so tired. lmao.
  • mafu keep playing his phone while amatsuki and sakata kept on eating the huge ass pudding.
  • mafu and sakata playing.
  • *after finishing the pudding* amatsuki “ we can go home now!!!” mafu: “wait.. *stares* we have to clean”
drawpile moment

While Drawpiling with @blesstale, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2!⚓️✨

So Newbie imagined PT as his his pirate self from the glory days, and they watched PotC on a tablet left behind from visitors to his ship.

Turner went into the basement of Davey’s ship and they saw the brains of that crew member pulling himself off of the wall to greet them. Ew!

The Kraken makes its second appearance and Newton asks if PT’s ever fought one- to which he replied “YEAH! It was nothing short of epic! Explosions, screaming, swords, kissing–”
Newton: “–Kissing?! You kissed it?”
PT: “Well when you’re facing a leviathan with all hope lost, you get a little desperate.”
Newton: *silently judges*
PT: “Sometimes monsters need a little love!”
Newton: “kissing, though…?”
PT: “…it was still epic! You saw the mouth on those suckers! All those teeth?? Kraken kisses are dangerous…!”

Signs as Cats

(Guys I’m so freaking sorry exams have been getting to my head and I’m becoming more forgetful every day…)

Aries: Mark every square inch of the house as theirs

Taurus: High on catnip

Gemini: Curling up on their human’s lap while watching big cat documentaries

Cancer: Sunbathes and attempts to ignore the birds cheeping outside

Leo: Investigates all water bodies suspiciously

Virgo: Silently judges people who walk past their window

Libra: Mmmm yes scratching post

Scorpio: Secretly wishes they could strangle the neighbour’s dog

Sagittarius: Gone all day, up all night

Capricorn: Acts like a dog and loves walks and balls

Aquarius: Has figured out access to the kibble cupboard

Pisces: Knocking down vases but oh how can anyone resist those adorable eyes?

NCT at Prom

Chenle: The wild person who you can hear screaming on the dance floor as all their friends sit at the table silently judging them.

Doyoung: Comes wearing the most expensive suit so he looks better than everyone else only to spill food and drink down himself. Spends the whole time nagging his friend or date.

Haechan: Silently judging everyone for what they’re wearing and their stupid actions. But is secretly super insecure about what he himself is wearing. Would eventually loosen up by the end of the night and play pranks on others.

Jaehyun: Giant flirt going around telling people how amazing they look whilst having the time of his life.

Jaemin: Disappeared half way through and his friends couldn’t get a hold of him. Constantly tripping over things and looking like a puppy during the time he is there.

Jeno: Turns up with the biggest glo up of the century and gives the cold shoulder to the people who didn’t bother seeing how amazing he was before. Literally looks like an angel with a smile on his face the entire day.

Jisung: Small awkward chick who follows his friends around the entire time and avoids having pictures taken.

Johnny: Drunk by the end of the night and ends up shit talking the entire time as his friends worry about whether he’s okay and whether he needs to sit down because he attempts to do the robot to slow songs.

Mark: Wins Prom king for being so perfect and ends up being a stand in DJ even though this was supposed to be his night to relax.

Renjun: Sits at the table as his friends all make a fool out of themselves and secretly takes pictures and videos as blackmail for later. Doesn’t talk much the entire time, too busy people watching

Taeil: Awkward fluff ball who is surprisingly popular with the ladies who all want him to dance with them. But ends up tripping over his own feet and has to spend the rest of the time sat down with his friends.

Taeyong: Looks like an actual fallen angel who had come to make your life hell with how good he looks. He would spent the time talking with friends whilst almost everyone admired him from afar.

Ten: That kid that dresses up like it’s a convention instead of Prom.  Would probably wear a waistcoat and top hat and spend the whole night calling everyone ‘my lady’ and ‘good sir’ before everyone is 100% done with him.

Winwin: The kid that cons friends into buying them drinks and snacks because they’re adorable.  Dances with everyone and anyone who asks even if he doesn’t like them.

Yuta: Roasting all his friends at the table and stealing Winwin from dancing with other people. Lowkey the only person listening to Haechan’s comments on other people’s attire and agreeing.

Lucian Cruisin'

Traveling with the chocobabes

  • Noctis falls out of the car because he decided to sit on the back. You can see Ignis wondering to himself if he should slow down or just keep going
  • Gladio sneezes while you’re asleep in the Regalia. You wake up, panicked, because you think you’re under attack
  • “I could eat a horse,” a man says as you walk into a Crow’s Nest. You realize he is sitting in the booth alone. You lock eyes. He doesn’t look away.
  • Gladio makes you, Prompto, and Noctis hold hands when you guys are in a crowded place so that you don’t get lost or kidnapped again. Ignis affectionately calls it the “Baby Chain”
  • Deepthroat by CupcakKe comes on in the Regalia while Noctis has the AUX cord. He rushes to change the song, but you hold his phone away from him. The Regalia is silent as you all silently judge him.
  • There is a 90% chance that when you walk into the tent, one of the boys will be in the middle of changing. You’re learning more about them than you ever wanted to know. 
  • A baby chocobo has imprinted on Ignis. He tries to lecture you all later that night, but you can’t take him seriously with the baby bird jumping up and down, begging for attention
  • You keep running out of shampoo and conditioner. You think nothing of it until Gladio walks by and you get a whiff of coconut and vanilla. No wonder his hair is so shiny
  • Prompto and Noctis keep stealing your clothes. You try to retaliate by stealing their clothes, but they don’t care. You accept that this is something you have to deal with
  • You’ve run out of Ebony. You’ve run out of off-brand coffee. You’ve even run out of caffinated teas. Ignis is vibrating. His hair is messy, his shirt wrinkled, his eye twitching. For once, you feel more comfortable with Noctis driving
  • Playfully, one of you ask Ignis who his favorite is. With a straight face he says, “I would sell any one of you for a single corn chip.” You know he’s joking, but Noctis’s pout and Gladio’s offended expression make you and Prompto lose it every time

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having an evil as fuck laugh or giggle?

You guys have no idea how much I missed writing other characters. Love me some Choi boys, but it’s good to be back to the regular hcs.

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + V and Saeran and a MC with an evil laugh


  • Look, he’s blinded (deaf, actually) by love, your laugh sound like the most angelic of chants to his ears
  • So he never noticed before until he saw this colleague actress talking to you during a little casting party
  • And the other lady was nodding and listening attentively, like she was taking mental notes or something for everything you were saying.
  • Curious, he approached you two. “What are two adorable ladies like you talking about? Me?”
  • “She’s teaching me how to make a great villain laugh for this movie I’m doing.” The actress says plainly. EXCUSE ME WHAT, MISS?
  • “Yeah, you know… because I have that evil creepy laugh sometimes, she heard and asked me to teach her, cool, right?” If you say so… he doesn’t see nothing villainous in you.
  • But as you two watch the movie, he listens to his colleague’s evil laugh and… yeah… the resemblance is uncanny.
  • He’s definitely taking the evil laugh workshop with you for when he plays a villain, it’s pretty convincing.


  • He’s playing LOLOL while you read a magazine
  • Then he hears this laugh and wonders if he got killed by some new villain in the game or something… but his avatar looks fine.
  • He takes his phones off and hears again, what the hell? It’s… you?
  • He heard you giggling or  chuckling before, and they are a little… different from what he ever heard before, but your laugh really is something else.
  • But hey, if you’re laughing, it means you’re happy, why would he judge, then?
  • “Yoosung, have you ever read these magazines and their tips to satisfy your man in bed? Listen to this… the erotic pizza”
  • He chuckles nervously. From the way you’re laughing so mischievously, he’s so sure you want to try doing the erotic pizza. Lord help him.


  • Okay, your laugh is always different
  • Sometimes you do the snore thing, sometimes it’s a super high pitch and… sometimes is this low weird laugh
  • She always find them funny, she laughs too whenever you do it, but she’s laughing at your laugh.
  • And it’s not different when you two are in the movies.
  • You laugh because of some scene, she laughs at your laugh, and keeps giggling even after you stopped laughing already.
  • “What are you laughing?” you ask. “You’re just so funny, MC.
  • Though you have no idea why she thinks you’re funny, you smile. It’s good to see her so happy.


  • Another one who didn’t notice before because he’s too caught up in your spell
  • But Elizabeth is not, and the poor thing is all bristly whenever she hears you laughing
  • Both you and Jumin are surprised, and you are a little worried she might not like you
  • But she does, as she’s usually snuggling in your lap and rubbing herself against you leg, so… Elizabeth, what’s good?
  • Then he puts two and two together, and… yeah, it’s your unique laugh he never cared so much.
  • And he still doesn’t, he just hopes Elizabeth gets used to it one day, he doesn’t want an animosity between his two most precious ladies.
  • “She loves you as much as I do, my love. Perhaps you can try to tone it down a little for a while?” “But Jumin… how can I not laugh when she does these cute things?”
  • Ah yeah… a fair point.


  • First time he heard, he couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Honestly, he doesn’t mind at all, he thinks it’s funny.
  • He’s always trying to find the perfect joke that will unlock the evil laugh
  • Just so he can throw a punch line about it.
  • “What’s up? Did you finally finish that plan to rule the world?”
  • “The only world I plan to rule is yours” would sound a lot sexier if it wasn’t for the evil laugh
  • But… it’s still pretty sexy.
  • Who’s laughing now?


  • Okay, he had a pretty evil laugh during his Mint Eye days (Christmas DLC, anyone?)
  • Now that those days are gone, he doesn’t laugh much because he’s super self conscious he will sound creepy
  • But what the hell? You sound even creepier than him sometimes. So that makes him more comfortable about it, if such a normal person like you do that, why can’t him?
  • So it’s kinda like a competition, somehow. Who does the most evil laugh?
  • And it’s okay when you two are alone, but sometimes you do that in front of RFA members
  • They all are judging silently, because who will dare to say a thing? And Yoosung is like: “Saeyoung, what are they doing?”
  • “The same thing they do every night, Yoosung, trying to take over the world!”


  • This poor blind man
  • Is it Halloween already? Why is he hearing this witch’s laugh?
  • Oh… it’s just you…
  • It takes him a while to get used to it, tbh
  • But he does eventually, and turns out your laugh is just another very spirituous part of you that amuses him
  • And he even praises you if you ever say something negative about it.
  • “Your laugh is wonderful as you, my angel. I’ts so good to know I make you that happy to this point, you know?”
  • Yeah, you do. And although he can’t see it, you’re giving him a very shy smile, no, not a laugh, just a smile.
@malfoyneegrangernet // May Challenge // 19 Years Later

In the early morning of September 1st 2017 Draco Malfoy woke up from a horrible nightmare. He rubbed his eyes a few times to make sure it was not real. He looked at the woman sleeping peacefully next to him and tried to feel better, but failed. Because that morning, all Draco could think about was that it’s been nineteen years.

Nineteen years since the Second Wizarding ended and his life changed forever. He had been just seventeen at the time and had expected his life to change one way or another after leaving Hogwarts, but he never knew just how much.

That morning Draco wasn’t able to get back to sleep, so he started getting ready for a very important day. He walked silently into his son’s bedroom and looked at his sleeping form under the soft light of sunrise. It helped him feel somewhat better, but only just. He then glanced at the prepared trunk in the corner and the knot was back in his throat.

The last time he was at King’s Cross Station was actually twenty years ago. He never finished his last year at Hogwarts, couldn’t really stomach the thought. Instead he studied from home and finished his exams at the Ministry. It wasn’t the most gracious way of finishing school but it was all he could handle.

Draco dragged himself to the kitchen and made two pots of coffee instead of one. He needed the energy. The memories of the past were going to follow him all day.

Later that same morning he smiled at his wife and pretended everything was okay. He prepared breakfast for his son and told him funny stories about his years at Hogwarts. They were all from before his fifth year. 

The three of them flooed directly to the station and the weight on Draco’s stomach grew heavier the closer he was to seeing the Hogwarts Express. Because he knew, that wasn’t all he was going to be seeing there. He was also going to see the ghosts the war. The taunting memories of those who did not survive the dark years while his guilt did. He rarely saw his guilt inside the comfortable bubble that was his life. 

He might see the shape of Crabbe smiling at him from one of the compartments. Or his aunt spouting nasty curses at first years. Perhaps Dumbledore’s eyes will shine at him from somewhere. He could even imagine receiving a condescending scowl from Lavender Brown. 

Then there was the possibility of seeing some alive but equally daunting faces. Where was Katie Bell now? Did she have a son? Daughter? Will she be there seeing her off too?

His fears dissipated a little when he couldn’t find Katie Bell among the crowd that had formed on the platform. Instead, he spotted a familiar head of messy black hair, and his heart sped up again when Harry Potter smiled to him. He knew he would be seeing him there; why did it take him by surprise?

Draco remembered he should be focusing on his son, but when he looked down he couldn’t find him. Looking back up, suddenly everything was different. The crowd had somehow grown thicker, a mess of faces and expressions, some he knew, some he didn’t, but all judging him silently as a very loud ringing filled his ears. Draco shook his head, trying to make it all stop. He was vaguely aware of sweating profusely, and he could feel the blood cursing through his body, but not to his head, because the edges of his vision started to black out. He reached out for support next to him, trying to find his wife, but no one was there. That’s when he knew he would pass out.

Seconds before dropping to the floor, two hands landed on his shoulders.

“Draco, Draco!”

The voice made his vision start to feel clearer, and he could faintly see the worried lines on his wife’s forehead.

She hugged him tightly, whispering calming words in his hear, clearly understanding perfectly his internal crisis without him having to say anything. He closed his eyes, slowly but surely breathing more steadily and finding the strenght to hug her back.

He dared to open his eyes a fraction and was not surprised to find that everything that had happened, only happened in his mind. No one was judging him, not even looking at him, and the amount of people seemed to have reduced by more than half. He coudln’t see Crabbe, or his aunt; only children like his son, laughing, playing, excited to go to Hogwarts.

Draco broke the hug and stared into his wife’s dark eyes.

“Hermione,” he whispered. “I love you.”

She smiled one of those smiles that made him feel like the luckiest wizard alive. “I know what’s going through your head, but Draco…” she trailed off, signaling to the Potter-Weasleys, where Scorpious and Albus were already loading their trunks into a compartment while Ginny scolded James for something. Harry, Ron, and Neville were having a loud conversation, and Teddy tried to sneak into the train with Victorie.

Hermione looked back at Draco. “You’re here with us, with me, for a reason. Never forget that.”

Draco knew that he would need more reminders in the future, but for now, he could manage just holding his wife’s hand and thinking that at least nineteen years had not gone in vain.

Speed Date W/Okada

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This is a little short but I needed to update this series. I have plans for a longer second date Okada fic once I finish the first round of these. I can’t remember who recommended I write Okada with Gedo in this but whoever you are, THANK YOU. This was so much fun to write and I honestly can’t wait to write more of these two.

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole

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mr. neighbour || 12

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook; angst
Notes: I’m sorry it took so long! But here it is. Also warning, there’s some swearing so I apologize if that kind of thing bothers you ;w;
Series:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Jungkook was avoiding you. There was no doubt about it. He would reply to your texts with minimal words if he even responded, and he would conveniently go to school or come home at different times from you. You didn’t want to admit it, but it made walking to school and home a bit lonely.

The most frustrating part though was that you had no idea why he was avoiding you. The fact that it started happening after your little drunken incident made it all the more suspicious. Had Jungkook been lying about you not saying anything weird that night?

“Argh!” In annoyance, you shoved your fingers into your hair and tousled it around wildly. The other patrons of the café looked at you and an embarrassed blush bloomed on your cheeks. Great, now people thought you were crazy.

“People think you’re crazy.” A cup was placed in front of you and Taehyung sat down across from you.

You glared at him weakly and took the hot cup into your chilled hands. “What are you, a mind reader? Get out of my head.” He only grinned at you, not the least bit bothered by your glare. “What are you doing here anyway?”

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COMPANY || six.

pairing: reader x hyungsik

rating: pg [angst]

word count: 2.5k

a/n: A little bit of Hyungsik POV so we know what’s going on in that head of his… ;)

table of contents | one | two | three | four | five | six | 

m a s t e r l i s t


“Ah, Mr. Chairman,” I leaned back, crossing my leg. I settled into the hard wooden chair, the mahogany bars pressing into the curves of my back. Sit relaxed, and sound relaxed, I could almost hear Father’s voice encourage me. “How are you?”

“I’m doing well, but I’m afraid I must cut right to the point, Mr. Park.”

My thighs tensed against the seat. Even if you’ve lost your confidence, don’t ever let them know… the deep thunder of his tone was so clear in my mind; it was like he was beside me. I exhaled the tension from my body. What would my father do in a moment like this? All the files and folders of my plans for the company rushed through my head. Each colored tab and scribbled note was fresh in my mind, and how pleased the Board appeared when I last pitched my ideas to them– it was nothing to worry about. They were impressed, even she had said so. And she hated to admit I was right. “By all means, Mr. Chairman.”

“The Board has lost its confidence in you. You pitched great ideas in your recent meeting, but unfortunately, we are not certain if you are still capable of carrying this company forward.”

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mark tuan as a college student!

check out the snipsnop preview of all the beautiful members as college students here <— 

also known as mook, mork, and tark muan ಠ⌣ಠ

  • chemical engineering major
  • that guy who never studies but has like a 3.9 GPA wtf 
  • encyclopedias as light reading so that he’s ready for weekly trivia game night at his fav pub 
  • screams v loudly when playing video games; neighbors complain often but the Resident assistant is chill w/ mark so whatevaaaaaa
  • roomie: jackson
  • jackson’s side has clothes and all kinds of shit on the floor but stops in a perfect line in the middle of the room so that nothing crosses over into mook’s side
  • why does mark have no belongings 
  • bambam: mark hyung, y do u have nothing on your walls…so plain (mark: that’s what I call the “do less aesthetic”)
  • tries to ride his skateboard around campus but it’s pretty ineffective because the ground is like 90% thicc bricks 
    • bumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbump
  • wonders why he has a headache –> hm must need to drink more water, dehydration is pretty bad today
  • watches cute animal videos often
  • big ol pupper is bringing in the groceries? amazin
  • long plain t shirts, baggy jeans, + large bose noise-cancelling headphones 
  • black jansport backpack that he’s been using since like 5th grade 
  • uses one notebook for all of his classes with really sparse notes 
  • small scribbly handwriting 
  • doesn’t believe in full-on breakfasts; coffee for breakfast kind of guy
  • sits in the middle left of the classroom & silently judges all the try-hards in the front hahaha
  • write email down to potentially join a club?????? merp nty gg gl hf nice try, good day sir
Sleep - pt 3

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“The chances of relapse are extremely high. She’s only been here a year after all. The system says she can leave because of how much better she has gotten but honestly patients should do two years minimum. So Mr. Jung, you are accepting responsibility for her as her guardian, that being said, you need to watch her. You need to watch out for signs.”

“I understand. I understand completely.” He answered.

“Mr. Jung, if anything happens…you will have to make a choice and do what is best for her.”

“I will. She means too much to me, for her sake, I can’t be selfish.” He said.

“Alright then. Nurse Ahn will bring her out in a few minutes. Sign here.”

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So… This #metoo thing is giving me anxiety. I was just on facebook wondering if I should post it for all of my friends and family to see… But fuck. I don’t know, man. That’s hard. It feels like it makes the most sense to share an experience along with it… But…. The idea that my Dad would know that I let an off duty cop into my apartment once, and that that man then forced himself on me, and that I thought it was my fault, so I never said anything…. I can’t stomach that, you guys. I can’t.

So I came here, where my family can’t find me, to let it off my chest but still feel safe(ish). I don’t want to have to explain it to my Dad. I don’t. It would kill him to know that that happened. And I don’t need some asshole on facebook judging me for admitting it, or judging me for staying silent all these years. They werent there. They don’t know how scary he was, or how skilled he was at making me feel powerless. They don’t know the guilt I felt because I gave up fighting. Or that I tried so hard to justify it and ignore it.

So, anyway, me too.