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Spoilers! for ONS chap 49 (?)

new chapter. more content. MORE MIKAYUU!! sorry i mostly talk about mikayuu ^o^;; 

ok i don’t understand why mika has to sit on a different seat when he could cozy up in the extra space beside yuu right there XD they didn’t have problems doing so last, last chapter :3C 


mika using the “fuck-off” face when ferid talks to him lol 


the dork hit his head on the seat in front of him when Crowley suddenly stepped on the breaks (for his revenge on Ferid) and of course Mika asks him “Are you alright, Yuu-chan?”

Yuu: “Ahh…no…I’m not ok.”


but honestly tho the main highlight for me in this chap were the Tepes siblings’ past like

Asura was the favorite of the 1st progenitor and he told Krul that he was doing it for their future if he accepted to becoming a demon. But ofc Krul wouldn’t have it because that’s her “onii-chan” and she wants to stay by his side. 

We already know how this ended. (points at Asuramaru sword) 

*lots of weeping and chest clutching here* 


Urd you fine piece of   //fire emoji 

nct as ppl on the first day of school:
  • Taeil:*is half an hour late. even though school already starts an hour late on the first day*
  • Hansol:Honestly I lost all motivation the second i saw this building again
  • Johnny:I was living in the basement all summer
  • Yuta:*walks while grabbing the butt of the person next to him*
  • Kun:this clock isn't showing the correct time, I feel betrayed
  • Doyoung:this is the fourth floor so please don't try to jump out of the windows for fun
  • Ten:*doesn't take sunglasses off all day*
  • Jaehyun:but doesn't everyone speak english?
  • Winwin:it's only the first day and i already have no clue what's going on
  • Mark:it's already easter in six weeks. no wait i meant christmas. no, halloween, that's what i meant. no wait i actually don't remember what happens in six weeks but it's something!
  • Renjun:*already making studying plans*
  • Jeno:I was just hanging out with my cats most of the time
  • Haechan:i think we should get another week off bc it's too hot and i don't look good when i'm sweating so much
  • Jaemin:*yells about something every five minutes*
  • Chenle:*chews gum the whole day*
  • Jisung:my mom told me to bring more to drink why didn't i listen to her

i literally do not understand why people have such a thing about OCs and why you wouldn’t write with one? i don’t? understand? if someone put that much effort into creating something, why would you dislike it purely because it wasn’t someone else (ie. an author, producer, writer) who put that effort in? i just ????

anonymous asked:

So i was thinking on this prompt: Aaron is about to get hurt and Neil saves him and obv he gets hurt. How would Andrew react? Thanks u!!!!!

i hope i did the prompt justice because holy shit

  • okay so aaron is totally against neil’s whole entire being but can you imagine neil getting bullied by some asshole
  • and neil who is totally not into physical violence but uses it only when he has to and likes running his mouth until the other person snaps is not expecting aaron to help him ever
  • like never ever
  • but when aaron takes offense to one comment that he over hears about all the foxes he suddenly gets furious
  • and its weird bc aaron never cares about the fucking foxes
  • and its probably fucking katelyns fault
  • but he finds himself joining himself at neils side and jumps in
  • neil who is shocked af is like what in the fucking world suddenly stops arguing and lets aaron take over
  • and shit bro aaron the asshole of all of exy is defending his teammates for the first time ever
  • and hes killing it
  • neil who is watching carefully sees the asshole who was still holding his ground and fighting with aaron raise his fist before aaron realized
  • and neils moving before he can even think and jumps in
  • bc he cant imagine how pissed fukcking Andrew will be that someone hurt aaron and he takes the hit before it can land on aaron
  • ofcourse bc neil is our cute hero and shit
  • matt suddenly who was close by w nickey finally notices and is pissed
  • bc his perf son neil got hit 
  • and he comes and saves the day
  • aaron is the one looking at neil shocked as shit now and looks at the bruise forming on neils face
  • and aaron who cant ever say thank you to anyone is not going to say it to neil fucking josten
  • just crosses his arms and tells neil he could of fucking handled the hit
  • but neils not saying anything back bc fuck that punch hurt and he didnt do it for fucking aaron
  • but obvs isn’t worried bc our bby boy has gone through worst
  • andrew who isn’t there at the moment bc he couldn’t have find it in him to come along to pick up the girls doesn’t find out about this until neil comes to the roof 
  • and neil whose lip was busted but not badly of course doesn’t bring it up
  • but when andrew all blank faced looks at neils face and notices the bruise by his jaw and his busted lip 
  • throws the ciggerette he had out for neil over the side of the building just as neil was about to grab it
  • and neil watches the cigarette fall instead of andrew bc shit 
  • andrew who doesn’t care at all for the cigarette is watching his boy carefully but patiently bc he knows neil already knows he wants a good ass explanation 
  • neil gives in after a couple minutes and tells andrew about what happened
  • and andrews reaction is just lighting neil another cigarette
  • and looking away and quietly saying under his breath 
  • wind rustling his beautiful sliver hair
  • “next time just let him get hit.”
  • and shit im crying bro

[Lie] I’m fine

You know what?

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