all that shinanigans

mlp season 7 ep 3

so who still thinks Spike is the worst character? 

cause he seemed like the best one to me ;)

about Twilight though; what she did was dumb, but I don’t blame her;

I did something like this more than once mostly with my aunts’s kid

and yes taking care of a kid while busy is the worst; all those shinanigans where so relatable XD (minus the crazy magic of course)

also Flurry is Satan confirmed! (still super cute tho)


Tessa & Scott || gala shinanigans

  • jamming to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance @ Worlds 2010 gala practice [x]


[practice instructor decides Tessa and Scott are having entirely too much fun and steals Tessa away…Scott pouts without his dance buddy]


um…first off-HOLY SHIT

I have a hard enough time comprehending more than 10 people would ever want to concider following me between my fandom juggling and shit-posting but…


gaaaah, I don’t even know where to start! thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following me through all of my shinanigans,weather its been cause of voice over, music, art, or general failed attempts at hilarity, it really means a lot that all of you would bother to stick around someone like me 

Thank you all so much <3


I wanna do something special to celebrate this, but I don’t know what! you guys tell me, what would you like to see me do for my 21006 special?