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Sometimes, you just don’t take good photos all week because you have other stuff going on to focus on… And that’s okay! Not every moment can be captured, not every breakfast photographed, not every meal a masterpiece. Sometimes you eat steamed potatoes with tomato sauce because that’s all you can or want to make. You have the same boring/ugly breakfast all week because that’s all you wanted. That is okay. As long as you’re eating enough, and getting enough nutrition overall, you are doing just fine 🍌 Your food doesn’t have to be Instagram quality all the time. Focus on colours and balance and no matter if it’s unaesthetic or not, make sure it fuels your body well. Eat to live, not live to eat ✨ (market haul from the weekend) (thanks for putting up with my irregular posting guys) (appreciate you all) and ps my YouTube Channel is up and running and it’s called “Chelsea Diehm” if you wanna look and also expect more videos ASAP 🌻

i’m going away on holiday to ireland tomorrow for one week (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

gonna leave all my blogs on a queue. hope you have a lovely time! and omg enjoy the hannibal finale, i’m looking forward to catching up once i’m back xx

And I’m so glad I unfollowed a lot of those “popular” bloggers who are mean to their anons/followers no matter what. Like the anon could ask “how are you” and they say “fuck off you piece of shit”, and people still think those bloggers are nice and “precious little cinnamon rolls”. Like even if it’s sarcastic sometimes, some people are being mean as a joke a little too much

Like trust me, you don’t want to be in any clique on this site, they are all garbage and all people do is shit talk lmao. Especially the anime blogs/50% anime blogs that complain all day about petty stuff, and just vague post every other anime blog. Most the time they do what they are vague posting about too. People who think in groups 24/7 and not by themselves ever are people you should stay away from anyways on here and in real life. I used to look up to so many bloggers on here and now I could give two fucks. It’s almost like movie celebrities and stuff, looking up to a lot of them is a bad idea and you might just get disappointed later. Some celebrities are legit good people though, but I don’t know them personally still

My least favorite thing on here is when nice people get shitted on by these bloggers and people think it’s funny lol, and then everyone attacks that person. Like when people are being nosy then yeah….Mind your own business but ehhhh…I wouldn’t make it public and shit on them for attention. Like if they are being offensive then maybe I’d answer it and warn people, but meh. I try my best to keep to myself but still make it apparent I’m not doing anything fishy (pretty much acting normally, just staying in my lane lmao). The anime community is one of the most nosy and nasty communities if it’s a group of people.

PSA! If you see me IRL

Hey guys,just a little psa since I plan on going to some Cons and such soon.Now I know this is very very unlikely but I figured I’d make a post about it anyways!

 If you see mun in public in cosplay or out of it,you can come up and say hi.  I will  just smile and say hi back and be super excited that wow one of my followers said hi to me wow I can’t believe this. I won’t ever be rude to you unless you say or do something that is rude to me.

 If you see someone who looks like mun but you’re not sure,just walk up and say hi. Ask them about fandoms,if you bring up Hetalia or Tumblr to me I will practically blurt out my blogs and get all excited about my followers Nerd Alert. You are more than welcome to ask me questions about my cosplay,headcanons, take pictures with me, and all that other stuff!

Do not however run up and hug me,you might be wrong and might make the other person panic. Do not yell and screech at me from a cross the room,I will get confused and more than likely think I’ve upset you somehow and leave the area. Do not pick me up unless I say you can. And most of all,Don’t make a scene! I love you guys but I don’t want to upset others okay loves?

So in short,you are totally welcome to befriend the mun if you see me,because all of you are my lovely little Sweets (Unless you don’t like being called that) and I love you all so much!

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Could you imagine... Gem shards are coming out of Danny and they reform back into limbs and stuff. All the others are horrified as Danny is in this mess of rainbow limbs and pain. Dan is crying, not because it hurts (even though it really does), but because he knows it's his fault and he really deserves this punishment. The horrified looks on the others make him feel even worse. He's a monster, and no matter how hard he tries, he's always just a monster. He hardly had any control of his body



Here’s something I don’t get-

Steven Universe.

The characters are all crystal gems or whatever, right?

So, the hell’s up with Pearl?

Pearl’s not a gem. Pearl’s coagulated oyster juices on external stuff that gets all up in that.

All the other agendered lesbian alien jewels are named after actual gems and stuff, but not Asperger’s agendered lesbian jewel girl who isn’t a girl because no genders.

I’m more and more becoming a hot mess… like I’m getting upset over things that I don’t need to be upset over like I literally wanted to cry all the way driving home… and like I kept thinking of other stuff that even upset me more and like I don’t know what to do anymore I honestly don’t know anymore


So! I’ve recently hit a little over 100 followers and I’ve been meaning to do something for it, therefore I’m going to offer my Photoshop fun and do a giveaway! I’ll save all the mushy stuff and just get on with the rules and other boring things.

     must be following me                 likes/reblogs count
     don’t unfollow me afterward       roleplay blogs only

Winners will get:
     1st – Theme + Basic Coding + 50 icons of their choice with the PSD.
     2nd – Theme + Basic Coding OR 50 icons of their choice with the PSD.
     3rd – 50 icons of their choice with the PSD.
     4th – 25 icons of their choice with the PSD.
     5th – 25 icons of their choice.

                                YES, THERE WILL BE FIVE WINNERS.

                            Giveaway ends: Sept. 7th, 2015 @ 8PM PST.

Once again, thank you for 100 + followers, now reblog away!! Art Credit.

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aa sorry if this is disrespectful in any way or if im using the wrong terms but how exactly do fictives work specifically? are they sort of "walk-ins" to a system? or can they also be alters in median systems? i myself have had a few in my system, though they left a while ago and another popped up about a week ago (i wasnt completely aware of this, as i was blocking her out from talking to me apparently?) sorry aa im not very well versed in all of this stuff quite yet

Fictives work as any other system member would work. They can be walk-ins and members of median systems.


tbh i’m all for platonic dan and phil never really getting into dating or having interests in relationships and so maybe they just continue to live together for a few more years (maybe even move somewhere where they can have a dog) and just continuing their careers and furthering their success as a duo and maybe when they’re grazing the boundaries of old age they settle down somewhere quieter and tweet or post videos every now and then about how they’re doing so fans can still feel connected and included in their lives and BELIEVE ME romance isn’t even a necessity to see how much they love each other and I’m just all for phan living life to the absolute fullest alongside their best friend okay

Riley: [ in a crowd and can’t find Will ] ‘this calls for drastic measures’

Riley: [ cups her hands like a megaphone ] “RILEY BLUE SUCKS”

Will: [ flips over a hot dog stand and rolls out from under a baby stroller ] “whaT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY”

Capheus: [ almost hits a tree with the Van Damn ] “haha I’m sure just I didn’t hear you right but WHAT THE HELL”

Sun:  [ trips over her dog’s leash ] “excUSE me”

Nomi: [ knocks her coffee over onto her laptop ] “i’m sorry did I just hear you INSULT the cinnamon roll?????”

Lito: [ bursts out of his trailer and looks around wildly ] “WHERE IS THIS FUCKING VILLAIN”

Kala: [ throws a vial across the room ] “SHOW YOUR FACE MONSTER”

Wolfgang: [ calmly pulls rocket propelled grenade launcher out of fridge ] “it’s murder time”

Riley: “… that worked a little too well”


tmr characters random personality types: [ thomas ]

zodiac sign: scorpio ; mbti type: intp ; hogwarts house: gryffindor ; aligment: neutral good ; bending type: water bender ; temperament: melancholic.


Hanayo Koizumi Avatars