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I refuse to believe that there are no other fanart of Namazuo and Yamaguchi together

Today I got a room all for myself! Human friend was trying to organise things better this weekend and got this CD shelf to put small stuff on. There were so many shelves, that I can have a whole shelf to decorate for my own room.

So far i have some bird pictures cut from a packet of postcards, a purple fabric sample for my rug, my old pillow, and a dollhouse shelf with some tiny clay animals to decorate. I am going to find a wrist watch with a broken strap to be a wall clock so I can tell the time!

AMC still hasn't updated the bios yet they can add Beths death scene, tributes, ect. ?

I just find it weird. AMC still hasn’t updated the bios, but they’ve added tributes to Beths time on the show, scenes about her death, behind the scenes, the actors talking about it, and much more about it. Yet they can’t updated ANY of the bios? They’ve added behind the scenes, the actors talking about the episodes, Noah and Tyreese’s death scenes, and all of that other stuff too.

Why is it so hard to update the websites bios if they have no more story AND the season is over?

Unless one of them still has some story left…

Guy, guys, guys! I think I’ve solved the mystery on why the characters are always changing, and back tracking. Why impacting moments are never mentioned again, and why some episodes have more shipping moments than others….it’s NOT the Character’s fault AT ALL. In fact, I have a little project tmntdictionary might enjoy….

My theory is that the writers are not communicating, or even looking at each other’s stuff at all. OR a few do, and one or two just does their own thing.

Remember that April and Donnie kiss? After looking up who wrote that episode and comparing it with another…I have reason to believe that he’s a major Apriltello shipper. He wrote “A Foot Too Big” and “In Dreams” (which both have a lot of Apriltello going on), but apparently hasn’t written any other episodes that have been released as of now. There have been a few Apriltello nods since that episode, but nothing of significance….this means the other writers decided to not pick up the ball on this subplot.

My project, and if TMNTDictionary would like to contribute (You don’t gotta, but I would love to know your opinion), is to research each writer, look up what episodes they’ve done, and compare consistences.

That’s why I felt today’s episode wasn’t all that great, because it looked like whoever wrote it, ignored the character development already made.

I Won’t Do That || Arena Day 2 || D10

Sawyer got another parachute from Darwin, with food in it this time. She didn’t seem to have a problem sharing food, which was nice. I was fine with her keeping all the other stuff. It was hers, I didn’t really need it. She had come back from her adventure around the DIY store with a whole heap of other stuff. I wondered if she’d tell me what she was planning.

The soup was really nice. I think it’s a bit funny that the food we get here is more normal than any of the food we got while in the Capitol. And so far, we’d had a lot of good luck, giant termite aside. I figured that meant there was more interesting stuff happening around the place, which probably meant…

Trust the Game Maker’s to ruin a nice meal with their Fallen announcements. I’m not sure I even wanted to know. It was stupid of me to think I could be friends with any of them. Sawyer had the right idea of not getting close to anyone.

I looked down at the roll I had in my hand. “Tell me what happens after.”

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Its just that a lot of BTS blogs are sending Bigbang hate and bring up problematic things Bigbang did ages ago, so obviously VIPs are gonna get mad.

I get that, I think some ARMYs are being a bit bitter but honestly I think ARMYs are just salty about the whole bts being accused of rigging album sales which I get too, okay I’m gonna say this and I’m gonna say it once, I have been a teensy weensy bit upset how VIPs have been acting if I’m gonna be truly honest. Like from the word go I saw things on my dash like “all other groups promoting alongside BigBang should just give up” and stuff along those lines and it was kind of a little disheartening and I think if it wasn’t for posts like that I would’ve been much more involved in bigbang comeback and I know it’s ridiculous and you shouldn’t let things like that get to you but I know bigbang are bangtans seniors and they really look up to them, but I don’t believe that means that bigbang fans are above any other fans in anyway and yeah that’s all I’ve got to say and now I’m going to hide in fear

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Ok so I like both guys and girls, but I think anything more than making out is gross. I like doing that with boys but don't want to date them, but I want to date girls and not do anything sexual with them at all??? I saw you helping other people figure stuff out sorry if this is weird

Well again, this would help if I knew your gender, but ok. If you’re sexually attracted to guys but not girls and only romantically attracted to girls but not guys, then it sounds like you’d be either (if you’re a girl) heterosexual homoromantic or (if you’re a boy) homosexual heteromantic. If you’re nb or dont go by the hetero/homo labels then it would sound like an androsexual gyneromantic, meaning sexually attracted to only guys and romantically attracted to only girls.  

Ok people thinking natasha was relegated to love interest in AOU - what movie were you watching? Was her jumping in a flying truck to get the cradle, badassing her way in a bike, all the various other stuff not enough? Is she not allowed to have emotions, fall jn love, want to run away from her painful past after being vividly reminded by it? You forget in the end she chose her job before Bruce, and lost him because of it. She’s not allowed to mourn that even? That’s somehow “pining”? Natasha wasn’t born to be a soldier, she didn’t choose it, she was made into one. She wants to make amends, it’s possible she also wants to live a normal life, be ordinary. It’s not a goddamned disappointment to ~feminism if she sees herself as settling down in a farmhouse somewhere with Bruce Banner, a man who, like her, struggles with a darkness and tries to rise above it.

I just. hands.

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hey, i still haven't watched aou since the movie will come out on thursday in my country and i'm proud of myself that i was able to avert my eyes of any spoilers but i was wondering what all this joss whedon drama is about? could you pls explain? since i saw the trailer i was so excited for aou but with all the bad reviews and critiques i'm afraid to be disappointed.

People are complaining about Natasha’s characterization and brucenat. It’s okay to be excited, the movie is not all bad but there is some stuff who made me and other people uncomfortable. I won’t go in details, only after you watch you’ll able to understand why people are so angry and unhappy with Whedon.

One should, by all means necessary, remain open to Life: to love, to happiness, to joy, to truth, to beauty… those few things above all. But the daily struggles that a person goes through to maintain those spaces in our lives that allow us to remain open are a constant battle against everything that opposes us. There comes a moment in our lives, in all of our lives, when a person must assume responsibility for every single thing that has occurred and will occur. No, it’s not easy and more so it can be even more difficult to come to terms with the idea that I as a single individual am responsible for so much… it means taking a look in the mirror at one’s self and being brutally honest about one’s life situation and realizing that one’s happiness in life is a choice that, once made, must be fought for. I understand that happiness and all the other awesome stuff that life is made up of is out there waiting for us, but if we do not make the choice to embrace it, to accept it… it can very often pass us by as we become too enmeshed in our daily lives and the cycles of just living rather than being. A person must make time for the beautiful aspects of life, one must be out there doing and not just waiting. Life is too short to just wait around for happiness to fall in our laps… though on the rare occasion that it does we better be ready to grasp those moments for all they are worth. It’s just that sometimes people want to exclaim: life is not fair! And the truth is that it is not fair. I was fortunate that when I was being raised I was never told that life was fair and that what I saw around me was that life was a struggle… not that this was a bad thing. Just that this struggle, as such, was simply a part of life and that it was well worth every bit of the good fight put in to it. And yet, life is so freaking amazing! Every part of it, the good and the bad, can be see to possess a beauty and a reward beyond measure if we but accept it ALL as a part of what it happening to us right now. However, that life in all its glory, is made up of the choices we make and the battles we chose to go through on a daily basis… I do not think can be denied. Does that mean we give up? Hell no! It just means we try harder. It means that when life pushes you around, you push back even harder… which in return leaves those spaces open wherein we can be happy and loved and see the beauty and the truth, in both its harshness and it subtleties, and come to see that every ounce of what we put out is worth the effort.

  • All touranbu sketch chara I did this week :                                                           - Mikazuki Munechika                                                                                           - Kashuu Kiyomitsu                                                                                              - Hotarumaru                                                                                                        - Yamatonokami Yasusada                                                                                  - Tsurumaru Kuninaga                                                                                                                 

I will continue as I can for others chara for now I will take a little break and drawing others stuff maybe ahah ; w; love you all                                

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hi elfdolly!! i read your skincare routine, and it seems you really know a lot of beauty. may i have some of your best beauty tips or things you've learned over the years? preferably natural tips!! thanks (:

i don’t know that much really!  well what I do know is just what I know works for me.  i think that’s the most important thing.  like, don’t let other people try to figure it out for you, cos it’s really valuable to know all about how your own body reacts to stuff.  Other than that:
♡ I only wear makeup once a week or so.  I don’t know how much of a difference it makes for my skin but i’m trying to be comfortable with myself :)♡
♡ I don’t use black eye makeup really ever.  I think brown and grey look lots better if you are fair-haired or pale. ♡
♡ I really like Tarte cheek stain!! ♡
♡ ricepaper blotting tissues for when I get all shiny! ♡
♡ i like to put rosewater (though I haven’t had any in a little while :c) and coconut oil on everything  ♡
most of my life I’ve really hated my face structure.  And I’ve tried so hard to change it with makeup.  Please don’t do that!!  It is always a big huge struggle for me but I know I need to accept my face first before i can do my makeup
Take care, babydoll♡♡

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i think the post you made about the sixties was a bit unnecessary. aside from segregation (which was awful), and all of that, there was a good vibe, and great music. some people just want to rejoice in that and forget all the other stuff

so when did you realize you were a racist?