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“Old people believe all that bullshit Fake News on their facebook home,” say I, a tumblr youth™, as I reblog an indignant social justice-flavoured post from mic dot com without fact checking. 




Hey, this is probably all old news but since I was internet-less for a few months they’re news to me so I figured I’d share them. There are three new SU books coming out that I didn’t know of before. They are:

Make Art! (On Purpose) (June 13th, 2017)
Anti-Gravity (July 25th, 2017)
Lion, Mane of Mystery (September 26, 2017)

kinda hate posts where ppl act as though because fans make memes and jokes about certain aspects of a character, then we automatically don’t understand the depth of that character as well. like hi not every single post has to be character analysis and a kowtow to character development. let people make memes. i promise you they probably also understand the significance of that character too.


Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1,790

Request: Yes!  Leave requests here

Warnings: none

Summary:   Anon requested: Spencer imagine where the reader (and team) has to save Spencer after he gets captured by the unsub and he is seriously injured when they save him? Fluff? Thanks!

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“Garcia we need a location,” Hotch demanded again.  His FBI vest was already strapped on tightly.  He was ready to find Reid.

“I-I’m trying my hardest sir,” Penelope stuttered in panic.  Tears were rolling down her cheeks in agony of not knowing where her boy wonder was.

But you felt the worst of everyone.  Not only was Spencer your boyfriend, but you felt as if it was your fault he had been taken by the unsub.  You were supposed to keep a close eye on him and now he was gone, probably being tortured somewhere unknown.

“The phone he was using must’ve been destroyed because it’s signal is completely gone, I can’t even see which towers it’s been near,” Garcia said.  Her finger were typing furiously at the keyboard.  

You thought back to the phone conversation Hotch had with the unsub.  He told you all something you knew was important, but all you could think about at the time was making sure Spencer was okay, so your mind tuned out the deep hollow sound of his voice.

Suddenly, Hotch’s phone began to ring for the third time that night.  He looked over at you, seeing the pain evident in your eyes and decided to answer, setting the phone on the table and putting it on speaker without saying a word.

“How’s my friend Aaron Hotchner doing?” the unsub said.

Hotchner nodded his head at you, signalling you to speak.  You wiped furiously at your tears and steadied your voice, knowing you didn’t want to show this scumbag any kind of fear.

“Tell me where you are,” you said in a stern tone.  

“Well, well, looks like we have a feisty one.  If you’re smart, young lady, you will let me speak to Aaron.”

“I will let you speak to him as soon as you tell me where you are,” you replied.  There were still tears pouring from your eyes, but your voice remained elevated, not giving away your broken demeanor.  You looked at Penelope, who was working to get any sort of signal on the new phone number.  She was good at her job, all you needed to do was buy her time.

“You must be Y/N.”  He dragged out your name, giving it an eerie emphasis.  You channeled your inner Spencer and tried to recall what it was the unsub had said to Hotch on their previous phone call.  As your mind raced, he continued to speak.  “I know all about you.  Yes, the youngest member of the BAU, moved in from Utah, what, seven years ago?  You used to work as a lawyer but moved up to the FBI to follow in your father’s footsteps since he died in action.”

His words were supposed to hurt, but you felt nothing but the sudden feeling of realization.  He knew too much about you, there was no doubt on who you were speaking to.

“Richard Barkley,” you said.  That name haunted you forever, and this unsub didn’t match his M.O.  But with the way the unsub stopped talking, you knew you were right.  “Richard.  Barkley,” you repeated, putting emphasis on his name.

“Well done, my dove,” the voice said on the line.  You looked over at Penelope, who stopped looking for the phone signal.  Instead, she pulled up his address, but you knew that he wasn’t there.  “I guess you’re smarter than I thought, but I just don’t think you’re smart enough.”

“’I just love to sit here in the Spring’,” you said, repeating the words you’d heard him say over the phone earlier. “’The sight is lovely, don’t you think, Dr. Reid?  Quite the sight indeed’,” you finished, hanging up the phone without hesitation.  “I know where Spence is,” you said while rushing out the door, the rest of the team close behind you.

You knew you had to move fast.  Richard wasn’t one to hesitate, and you knew you would die thinking about what he might do to Spencer.

Police cars were already surrounding the gazebo, and as soon as the SUV you were in pulled up, you were out of your seat and running to the steps.

“It’s underneath it somewhere,” you told the team.  Suddenly, gunshots rang out from below the ground, and Morgan was running to a hidden door, opening it and running down the steps.  Prentiss, you, and Hotch followed close behind, guns up and ready to take fire if necessary. 

Once you were on the hard floor of the cellar, you saw Spencer’s lifeless body in the corner, a pool of blood underneath him, pouring from his chest.  Another shot rang out, followed by a few more, but you didn’t care.  You ran to Spencer feeling every inch of you collapse at the sight.

When you reached him, you held his face so gently as if one wrong move, he would break.

“We need paramedics, now!” Rossi yelled, kneeling beside you.  You had no clue when he showed up.  “Y/N, he is alive, okay?  He’s breathing.”

The sounds around you drowned out as your heart ached for your boyfriend.  Your tears began to mix with the blood on his shirt.

“Spencer, please oh my god,” you started to say as the paramedics kneeled next to you and Hotch tried to pull you away, but you kicked and screamed trying to escape his grasp.  

“Y/N stop!” he yelled, tightening his grip on you.

“Clear,” you heard a medic say, and Spencer’s body jolted.

“Please!” you screamed, still struggling against Hotch.  The room was spinning.

“Y/N!” Morgan shouted, helping Hotch hold you.

“We need to get him out of here,” one of the medics said, laying out the stretcher. 

You finally stopped struggling and fell into your boss’s arms, your legs completely failing you.  As you sobbed into his chest, you saw JJ and Emily crying in the corner while Rossi talked to the medics.

Your world felt like it was slowly falling apart.

Spencer was in surgery for almost two hours, and your foot didn’t stop bouncing the entire time.  Emily sat next to you, holding your hand.  Morgan was out of his seat for the millionth time, pacing again.  Hotch was behind you, holding firmly onto your shoulders to keep you from trying to get up anymore.  Rossi was sitting across from you, reading a magazine.  JJ was sitting with Henry and trying to explain to Will what happened without breaking down.  Penelope was on the other side of you, crying just as hard as you were.

They were all scared about Spencer, but they were mostly scared about you.

“Dr. Spencer Reid?” you all heard from the door.  Morgan was the first to the doctor, followed by everyone else.

“Tell me you’ve got some food news,” he said to him.

“I do.  Your agent lost a lot of blood, but the bullet was only about an inch deep.  We were able to get it out without losing much more blood.  He’s in recovery, but he may not wake up for another hour or so.  The receptionist will give you the room number.”

The amount of relief you felt was overwhelming, enough to knock you off your feet once again, causing you to fall back into your chair.

“Thank you,” Hotch said to the doctor.  He turned back to you and watched as you ran your hands through your hair.  Your eye were bloodshot and your nose was runny, and he couldn’t help but wonder what you would’ve looked like if things ended up differently.

“How about you stay here overnight?” he asked you.  You just nodded knowing you wanted to be the one to see him when he woke up.  Morgan, Garcia, Prentiss, JJ, Will, and Henry all made their way to Spencer’s room while you sat.  Rossi sat next to you, not really wanting to take you out of his sight.

“Why don’t you go with them?  I’ll go when she does,” he told Hotch.  Hotch nodded and walked towards the elevator to catch up with the rest of them.

“I love him,” you suddenly admitted.  It wasn’t a secret or anything but it was all you could think to say.

“I know,” was all Rossi replied.

“Barkley killed my dad,” you said.

“Barkley is dead.”

“He’s had it out for me ever since he went to prison.  I was the one who put him behind bars,” you said.  All this information was old news to Rossi.

“Richard Barkley is dead, y/n,” he repeated.

“He changed his M.O. to throw us off,” you replied.

“He’s dead.”  Hearing him repeat it over and over again was reassuring.

“I love Spencer so damn much,” you said again, another tear making its way down your cheek.

“I know,” he repeated again.  

An hour and a half later, it was Henry’s bedtime, so JJ and Will left to get him home.  The rest of the team aside from Rossi decided to call it a night as well.

“You can go home, you know,” you told him while reading a book next to Spencer’s bed.

“I think I’ll stay here a bit longer.  I’ll be in the lobby.  Take care of her, Spence,” he said, causing you to look up immediately hearing your boyfriend shuffle beside you.

“Oh my god, Spencer,” you practically shouted.  His eyes fluttered open, a warm smile appearing on his face.  Careful not to hurt him, you gave him a hug.  “Babe,” you breathed.

“You know, our plant at home is gonna die,” he said, causing you to crack a smile.

“I’m so happy you’re okay,” you told him, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“I’ve been shot before.  I guess I’m just used to it by now,” he said.

You two sat, watching each other.  His eyes were full of light looking into yours and you felt your heart flutter at the thought of how much you loved this man.  He was your lifeline.

“I don’t know what I would do without you,” you said, a single tear falling from your eye.  He reached up to brush the tear away with his thumb, holding your face so tenderly as if you were the one who had been shot and he didn’t want to break you.

“I love you y/n,” he replied, continuing to brush his thumb against your cheek.

“I love you, too Spencer,” you replied.  You grabbed his hand and leaned in to press your lips against his.  

You spent the rest of the night reading your book to Spencer and sharing sweet kisses every now and then, attempting to make up for the time he was asleep.  You truly felt so warm in his presence, and you know you would do anything for him, and he for you.

this might be old news to y'all but last night i watched the hbo documentary on dee dee and gypsy blancharde and lemme tell you that is the wildest fucking story ever i’m flabbergasted!! but on a real note though i genuinely feel bad for gypsy like she spent her entire life under her mothers imprisonment being relentlessly abused and manipulated only to finally break free and be subjected to 10 years of incarceration… poor thing never had and probably never will have a shot at a normal life

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between Yangire and Yandere?

This ask has been sitting around for quite some time, as I was not sure whether to respond with heavy sarcasm (Click that link it’s great), giving “useful” information or name a bunch of characters that fit in the two stereotypes. I decided to do a bit of the last two.


Wikipedia got it quite right and there is not much to add. Although following addition from Urban Dictionary describes it with more than one sentence:

It already speaks about Ryuuguu Rena, and the anime School Days which features Kotonoha Katsura, Hetalia features the yandere character Belarus, and I wouldn’t dare to forget Gasai Yuno from Future Diary. Queen.

As 7th in Future Diary would say “Live for love, die for love!”, this applies to the yandere stereotype. Also stopping anyone in their way in whatever manner, may it be manipulation, bulling, actually murdering, ect.

If this is all old news to you, then you probably have heard about the game called Yandere Simulator/Lovesick that is currently developed. It is, I repeat, still in development but you can try out the debug builds which are pretty good already. (Or watch YouTubers, depending what you enjoy.) 

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Yangire is a little harder to grasp than the term yandere. It starts with the same “yan”, which means violence, but ends with -gire (to snap) instead of -dere (lovely). 
Yangire’s are intelligent, charismatic and independent, hiding their real personality and wearing a mask. Unlike a yandere they are not motivated by love, but “snap” due another strong emotion like jealousy or a past trauma.

My personal favourite yangire’s are Oh Sangwoo from Killing Stalking, Dokuro-chan from Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and lastly Hannibal Lecter. (I am aware that HP and Hannibal are not anime, yes.)

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Isn’t he handsome? 

Anyway, I hope that clears up the difference! 


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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 478

Part 2 of Last Chance

Things seemed to improve after you and Dean bought a house. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a place to call your own. He took pride in doing things around the house, mowing the lawn, and the way you’d eye him when he came in all sweaty.

You were hopeful, thinking that this was the change that you needed. A fresh start, a new set of walls, and the ability to air the place out probably helped, too. He asked you to marry you 6 months after you’d moved in. You’d said yes instantly. There was still that tiny worry in the back of your mind, but you pushed it down. You’d always been the type to worry.

10 months after moving in, Dean mentioned having a family. You had been shocked, to say the least, but you sat and discussed it. It was decided that you wouldn’t try, but you wouldn’t try to prevent it, either.

Almost a month and a half later, you were staring at a positive pregnancy test. Dean was over the moon. He’d lifted you up, the grin never leaving your face. You loved seeing his face light up, loved when he’d fall asleep with his hand on your stomach, and would talk to you about the future.

The first time he felt his unborn child kick, his eyes watered. “You know your daddy, huh?” He kissed your belly, making you all emotional.

You found out that you were having a boy, and you were expecting him to start dancing right there. He would have been happy either way, but he’d been hoping for a boy. The further along you become, the less interested he seemed. He still loved to fall asleep with his hand on your stomach, but many things didn’t get his attention.

“Babe! This is hysterical!” You giggled from the bath tub, watching your stomach move as your son did. “It’s like he’s doing the wave.” You laughed, poking the side that he was currently curled up on.

Dean didn’t come in like you expected, but at least he responded. “Yeah, that is always cool.” He agreed. Your heart sank. He’d seen all this before, and it was all old news. Lisa denied that Ben was his, to this day. However, you and Dean knew in your guts Ben was a Winchester. He’d been there through part of her pregnancy, and had been through all this with her. Leaving you the first time mom, living the first time excitement alone.

You gave birth to your son two weeks later, and were beyond thankful to no longer be pregnant. Seeing your son’s face made all of it worth it, though. When Dean held the sleeping infant on his chest for the first time, you had to get a picture. It was the calmest he’d been in a long time.

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arz: “work hard and you will achieve your dreams”

also arz: once we get 15k subs we’ll post our first YouTube vid and reveal the name of our channel

I’m sure your ex(boyfriend) would have loved to send out a tweet saying that if he got 15k subs he would post his first cover but he did this thing called work hard for it

Still In Love

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask. || enjoy ♥

Band: One Direction

Boy: Harry Styles

Warning(s): None

Harry stared at the screen, his heart breaking a little bit as he saw your face. You were wearing Harry’s most favorite outfit on you in the photo. Whenever he saw you wearing that outfit, butterflies would fly into his stomach and his words would jumble. But that was back when you two used to be together, which obviously ended a few months ago.

‘‘Why are you showing me this?’‘ harry sighs into the microphone.

‘‘I know you two ended a few months back. But I’ve been hearing rumors that you still love her? Is that true?’‘ the interviewer asks, leaning in with curiosity.

The crowd fell silent, you could feel the intensity inside of the room. Harry glanced back at the photo of you. He than looked back at the interviewer and stared him deep in the eyes. There were no words spoken. Harry just closed his eyes and shook his head, giving everybody the signal that his response was no.

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SO I don’t know if this is old news to y’all or what but I just happen to stumble upon the Danganronpa Wikia earlier today and apparently they have the name of the schools each student attended before Hope’s Peak. Some of their namesakes were really cool like:

So then I get to Byakuya’s. It’s gotta be named after some prestigious university or something of that nature, right?


Well, I totally forgot about this until now.

TRICKSTER: Mister, my name is Ed Coleman, my wife’s name is Amelia, I got two kids, for crying out loud I sell ad space

- 3x11 Mystery Spot

and then

AMELIA: Jimmy, you sell ad time for A.M. radio. 

4x20 The Rapture



remember that whole thing that one night when lili was posting memes from reddit and we were all speculating that she might have been with cole, considering he is the reddit master. then there’s the whole thing about the laptop types and stuff. 

cole’s recent story just confirmed this for me. in the reflection you can see his laptop, and guess what it is… a 15 INCH MACBOOK PRO HARHARHAR

yo I know this is kind of old news and we were all already confident they were together that night but I’m just hella excited

sometimes I complain about inaccurate British stereotypes but then I remember that it was breaking news when someone threw out their baked alaska on the great british bake off