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Requested by anon: Hello could I have an imagine please, I don’t think my last one sent through. Could it be where y/n is best friends with Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Allison from the very beginning and y/n is sarcastic and funny like stiles, she loves him but he loves Lydia and then Isaac comes and sweeps y/n off of her feet and Stiles hates it? And Allison and Scott are watching the whole thing happen and them two are the only ones to figure it out?  Sorry that’s extremely long:( I just love your blog 

A/N: First of all: Don’t worry about your request being too long, I really love detailed requests! :) And I’m really glad you like the blog darling and I hope you’ll like the one-shot! Also: I connected this with a birthday party because it fitted so well.

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„Is this my birthday girl or her older sister?”, a very familiar voice that always shoots warm waves through your body  asks behind you. You turn around and try to look at Stiles reproachfully but you can’t keep yourself from grinning.

“Very funny, Stiles. You are just jealous because I’m more mature”, you claim.

“Obviously. Now come on, let me hug you”, he orders and you walk into his spread arms without hesitating.  As he embraces you tightly, your heart beats a little faster and once again you’re happy that he isn’t a werewolf. That he has no idea how you feel about him. And that Scott shuts up about it because he knows how bad that would hurt you. “Happy birthday, Y/N. We have the most awesome present for you but because I love to torture you, you’ll have to wait until tonight before you receive it.”

“Is it too big to carry it into school?”, you retort sharp-witted while anticipation rises inside of you.

“Maybe”, Stiles admits and your grin becomes a little wider.

You slip out of his embrace and turn back to your locker, stuffing your books into your bag. Having birthday doesn’t mean that school will be any less exhausting. Stiles does the same next to you and while he’s standing there in real life, you also have him copied on some photos in your locker door. Stiles is your best friend. You got along immediately as you arrived in Beacon Hills and every good memory is connected to him. You see yourselves smiling into the camera, dressed up at your school dance. You see your whole group of friends laughing hysterically, him having his arm wrapped around your shoulder. That’s your favourite one. But it’s also your biggest problem. While you have developed feelings for him that you can’t deny, he hasn’t because he loves someone else since third grade.

“Are you gonna go grab some food after school with Malia, Liam and me?”, you ask him nevertheless. Why even try not to be close to him? It’s hopeless anyway.

But you can see in Stiles’ reaction that it won’t happen and his apologetic face only makes your heart cramp. That’s how fast you go from happy to sad nowadays. “Sorry, but I can’t. I promised Lydia to help her decorate for the party.”

You can’t complain because it’s your party and it’s really nice and sweet that he helps her with making it perfect and you feel grateful for that. However, you also know that he only does that so voluntarily because he wants to spend time with Lydia. It’s a mess.

You gulp it down, display a fake smile and shrug. “No problem, we’ll see each other in a few hours anyway. More curly fries for me.”

Then you shut your locker, wink at him and quickly walk to your first class. As much as you love being around him: sometimes you just want to get away.

Your afternoon with Liam and Malia passes nice and uneventful except for Scott calling you, sounding weird and asking you if he could bring someone to your party you don’t know yet. You had been surprised but said yes because you’re absolutely sure that Scott wouldn’t bring someone you didn’t want to be there. There’s nobody in this world you trust more than him.

You leave your home for the party at 8 pm, wearing a nice dress and being giggly excited. You want to be happy tonight and enjoy this opportunity of just being with your friends and having fun. That doesn’t happen too often. So as you arrive at the already crammed lake house, you display your biggest smile and this time, it is honest.

Stiles is the one who greets you after you rang the bell, his reddened cheeks proving that he already had a taste of Lydia’s special punch. He pushes out a loud, enthusiastic yell and pulls you into the crowd to the rest of your closest friends. Your heart almost explodes with affection as you see all of them assembled there: Stiles, Lydia, Liam, Malia, Kira, Hayden, Mason, Scott and Allison. Those who haven’t congratulated you yet do so now, hugging you and kissing your cheek.

“I thought you wanted to bring someone?”, you ask Scott after he ruffled through your hair.

“Yeah, he’s just running late”, he explains apologetically but you only shrug because you don’t really care. Especially since Stiles finally gives you your present and it really is huge.

You rip the paper off, excited like a little kid, and a big picture frame is revealed under the layers. You lift it up carefully and stare at it, holding your breath. It’s amazing and beautiful and makes you speechless. They put every photo of your important and happier events together in that frame along with movie tickets, drawings and other stuff that describes your time in Beacon Hills. You can feel how your emotions are almost overwhelming you and gulp down the happy tears. You really don’t want to cry today.

“Thank you so much, guys! That’s the best present I ever got!”, you exclaim and share some big smiles with them until Lydia presses a glass of punch in your hands and you all drink. That’s when the party starts and it’s a good one, as usually when Lydia organizes it. You drink, you dance, you laugh with your friends. It’s simple and pretty much perfect until you go to the bar to get more ice for your coke and stop behind Allison and Scott who obviously don’t notice you.

“She’s good today, isn’t she? I think it’s getting better”, Allison mumbles and for some reason you intuitionally know that she’s talking about you. You freeze and can clearly hear Scott sigh.

“I don’t know. I hope you’re right but this morning her heart told me that she still loves him.”

Great. There it is again. The topic you wanted to avoid. You stare down at your glass while your joy slowly fades away. Maybe you should go outside to erase those thoughts, keep your cool and get some fresh air. Yeah, you should probably do that. You place the glass on the table, turn around and walk straight to the door, ignoring the dancing people around you. You pull the door open and want to step outside, but somebody is blocking your way. A freaking tall person, you realize as you almost crash into his chest.

“Ups. I’m sorry”, you blurt out, stepping back to look up at him.

“Oh, it’s okay. No problem. You’re Y/N, right? The birthday girl?”, he seems a little nervous and the fact that you can’t answer him at first doesn’t really help. All you can do for a moment is stare at him. At those blond locks, the dazzling blue eyes, the perfect jawline. Whoever that is: he’s one handsome guy.

“Er, yeah. Yes”, you finally answer, blushing already. “And…you must be the guy Scott talked about.”

“Yes, I’m Isaac. Happy Birthday, I guess.” You shake hands and he smiles down at you. It’s a great smile with a trace of sass in it. You step aside and let him in, closing the door behind him. You totally forgot what you originally wanted to do. All of a sudden, it’s just really hard to take your eyes off him.

Side by side you slowly walk through the room. You don’t know where you are going but it doesn’t matter to you anyway.

“Sooo…you are Melissa’s kinda adopted boy that ran off to France”, you state, recalling what they told you about Isaac Lahey. A grin flashes over his lips.

“Is that what they call me nowadays?”

“Actually, only I call you that. It’s easier to keep track of all the people here like that. Why did you come back?”

He shrugs. “You know, France is great when it comes to weather and all the romantic stuff, but it got kinda boring.”

“Well, it’s never boring in Beacon Hills”, you state dryly, although you wouldn’t mind having an Eiffel tower here to enjoy the nicer things of life now and then. Isaac observes you from the corner of his eyes and he seems a little impressed. You somehow like that a lot.

“I’m sorry that I’m crashing your party like that. And I didn’t even bring a present”, he apologizes. You turn around and smirk at him on the spur of the moment.

“I’ll forgive you if you drink something with me.” He’s more than ready to do that. And you are so distracted that you don’t even notice Stiles’ glares as you walk to the bar with him. Scott does, though.

In the next few days, you and Isaac grow closer. You really like him. You have to admit that you being impressed of him at first sight doesn’t wear off. It’s not that deep, complicated affection you feel for Stiles, it’s very different: more refreshing, simple, joyous and not less strong for that matter, just different. Sometimes you can feel Scott’s eyes on you when you interact with him and you momentarily wonder what he thinks about it but in the end, it’s not important. This is the first time you just listen to what yourself want.

Seven days after the party on another Friday, you walk to your locker and Stiles is waiting there for you, his arms crossed in front of his chest and his expression thoughtful.

“Hey, what’s up? Everything alright?”, you ask him, slightly worried. He gives up his stiff position and tries a smile.

“Yeah. I just wanted to ask you if you wanna grab some lunch before we are having movie night tonight?”, he retorts. His eyes wander to a spot over your shoulder for a second and you realize that Isaac is leaning against some lockers down the hall, waiting for you and giving you some space to talk to your best friend.

This time, it is you who has to be sorry. “I would love to, Stiles, but I promised Isaac to help him with his English homework and he wanted to help me with that essay for French. But we’ll meet at eight at yours, okay?”

You can see on the way his brown eyes turn a little darker that he doesn’t like the answer and it really astonishes you. He usually never reacts offended when you have to cancel.

“You are spending a lot of time together”, he states.

You raise your eyebrows. “Ehm, yes. Not more than you and Lydia, though”, you indicate.

“True but…you didn’t know him back then. He wasn’t exactly the greatest of guys if you ask me and…”

“Stiles, he has spend how many years in France now?”, you interrupt him indulgently, shooting him a weak smile. “People change. You don’t have to worry about me, I promise. I see you tonight.”

You press a kiss onto his cheek, turn around and walk towards Isaac. As both of you disappeared around the corner and are out of earshot, Scott steps behind Stiles and puts an arm on his best friends’ shoulder.

“Man, you have to stop that”, Scott says, not unkind.

Stiles only frowns and grabs his books a little tighter. “I don’t like it.”

“I know. But she’s happy. And she deserves to be happy! She will always be your best friend, Stiles, but you can’t have her all to yourself, you know that. That would be really egoistic and that’s not what you are.”

Stiles nods slowly. He already knew that this would happen one day. He just had no idea that it would be that hard.

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Teen Wolf Preference: How they help you smile...

Requested by anon


Whenever you’re feeling low or just not quite right, all Stiles has to do is spend time with you. He’ll bring you some sweets and he’ll sit with you and tell you all about his nerdy theories or make a tonne of jokes. If that doesn’t work? He’ll sit and cuddle with you until he sees a smile…


If you felt sad or horrible Scott would do silly little things like his stupid dancing that never failed to get you to laugh or crack a smile. He would do anything, no matter how embarrassing just to make you happy. 


When you weren’t feeling right it was always Isaac who would find you. He’d watch whatever you wanted on TV, even if it was something he hated as long as it made you feel better. Because you were honestly worth watching people get married on some cheesy reality TV Show…


When you felt down and sad Lydia had one quick way to cheer you up and that was shopping. We’re not talking serious shopping though, we’re talking finding the ugliest pieces of clothing and making fun of them or giggling about shoes that looked like they could kill. It made you smile 9/10 times. 


Allison had two fail safe ways of helping you smile. Number one was a bountiful supply of cuddles, and number two? Was a marathon of some of the scariest movies and lots of popcorn which you could cry and laugh over.


requested by anon

“You know that no matter what, we all love you.” Allison smiled, “We don’t care about anything as long as you’re happy.”

“Yeah, exactly.” Stiles beamed, “We want you to be happy and comfortable and you deserve to be.”

“Thank you for telling us, I can’t imagine how hard that was.” Derek smiled slightly.

Teen Wolf Imagine #1 - Isaac Lahey

Request from Anonymous: Could you maybe do an Isaac Lahey imagine where the reader is a human and a part of the pack, but she and Isaac have despised each other since the first time they’d met? And they’re constantly arguing and trying to piss the other one off and stuff? Then at one of the meetings Scott decides to pair up people to train together, who he reckons would benefit most from each other’s strengths in different areas, and he pairs y/n and Isaac so that he can help her with…

This takes place during Season 3 so Isaac, Lydia, Ethan, Aiden, Allison, Kira, Malia, Stiles, Derek, and Scott are all there.

Warning: Slight swearing

“Okay, the pack meeting is now starting, that means put down the food, Stiles, we have to talk.” Scott sat down next to you, staring pointedly at Stiles, who was currently shoveling mouthfuls of curly fries in his mouth.

“Any questions that we can get out of the way before we start?” Derek asked, standing slightly away from the rest of the pack with his arms crossed.

Isaac nodded, straightening up a bit in his seat across from you. “Yea, why is Y/N here?” He raised an eyebrow. “She’s just a human. Stiles has connections at the police department, but Y/N…” Isaac trailed off, shaking his head.

You shot up from your chair, hearing it screech against the floor. “I’m just as useful to the pack as you are!” You thought it was true, at least. Allison had been training you for a while with various weapons, and you had taken it up very quickly, combining your fighting skills with your few years of gymnastics.

“Oh, come on, what do you even do?” Isaac stood up as well, and the two of you were inches apart.

You were about to retort when Scott interrupted. “Guys, guys, come on! You’re both useful, just sit down.” Scott looked over at Derek, sending a pleading look to him. Derek shook his head and then walked over.

“Scott, remember what we talked about last time? About pairing people up? Now seems like a good enough time to do it.” Derek recommended.

Nodding his head, Scott started talking, gently easing both you and Isaac into your respective seats. “Derek and I came up with a plan after we left his loft last time. We’re going to be grouping everyone up in pairs and then start working on our fighting. We’ll mainly be pairing people with different fighting styles together so we can improve in different areas.”

You nodded. What did this have to do with you and Isaac fighting?

“Malia and Kira, Lydia and Allison, Stiles and Ethan-”

“What?! He’s a freaking werewolf!” Stiles protested, arms flailing. Ethan smirked.

Scott shook his head. “Fine, Ethan and Allison, Lydia and Kira, Malia and Stiles-”

“Oh, come on, Scott, that’s my girlfriend!”

Malia rolled her eyes and slapped Stiles lightly on the back of his head. “I’ll go easy on you.” 

Stiles muttered under his breath, rubbing the back of his head and glaring at Scott.

“Right, so, Malia and Stiles, Aiden and Derek, and Isaac and Y/N.” Scott quickly glared at you and Isaac before either of you could talk. “Don’t argue. I’ll be observing all of you, making sure nothing gets out of control. Now let’s go, start fighting!” 

You slowly stood up, avoiding eye contact with Isaac. You never understood why Isaac hated you. It seemed like he just immediately despised you the second you met at his first pack meeting. The two of you had gotten along fine before Isaac became a werewolf. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was just werewolf hormones. You smiled a little, feeling your confidence come back. 

True, you might not understand how guys worked, but you knew how to fight, especially against such a direct fighter like Isaac. You were more of a quick and nimble fighter, choosing knives instead of a sword like Kira’s.

“Let’s go Wolf Boy, you heard what Scott said,” you called over your shoulder, smirking a little at Isaac. A quiet growl fell from his lips and he darted in front of you stopping in a corner of Derek’s loft.

“Okay, let’s fight.” He snarled, bright blue eyes turning a dangerous gold.

You quickly snagged a pair of your knives that you had left on one of the tables and twirled them, on in each hand, light glinting off the sharp edges.

Isaac attacked first, swiping a clawed hand towards your stomach. You stepped back, shooting out a leg and successfully hitting Isaac in the ribs.

Isaac growled, fangs growing, and ran at you, slamming into you. You sprung out of the way and into a back handspring,  neatly throwing a knife at him in the midst of this. Isaac dodged to the side, the knife just barely missing his lean torso.

This time, you ran at him, faking a kick to his knee, and darting around to his back. You kicked him and he spun around faster than you thought he could, one of his hands gripping your wrist and bending it to force you to drop the deadly weapon. Isaac twisted your wrist and an agonizing pain jolted up your arm.

“Isaac,” you groaned out, your eyes clenching shut in pain.

He immediately dropped your  wrist. “God, sorry, I just got caught up with it. I didn’t mean to really hurt you.” His voice held an emotion that he hadn’t directed at you in a while. It sounded like he actually cared.

You opened your eyes and took a few steps back, seeing guilt and shame register in Isaac’s cerulean eyes.

“Oh come on, don’t act like you care. You just doing it so Scott doesn’t yell at you. Well, I don’t need your sympathy.” You snapped, suddenly sick of how this one boy made you feel such a wide variety of emotions, all at the same time: blinding anger, shocking despair that he seemed to hate your guts for no reason, confusion during the rare times he was nice, the want to push his buttons because he seemed to constantly do it to you, annoyance when he succeeded in bothering you and getting under your skin.

He looked taken aback. “Y/N, I actually mean it. I get it, I’ve been a bit of a dick. But I shouldn’t just go around hurting you because of it. I just wish…” He trailed off.

Of course he would stop in the middle of sentence.

You raised your eyebrows. “Continue, please.”

He let out a deep breath. “I just wish you had liked me more before I became a werewolf.”

Now it was your turn to look taken aback. Pausing for a few seconds, you started thinking. “That’s what this is all about?” Your voice was quiet and even. “Isaac, the only reason it seems like I didn’t like you much before is because we were never around each other. When I found out you were a werewolf I was ecstatic. I would finally get to be around you! We could be better friends, maybe even something more.” Where the confidence to say that came from, you had no idea, but it caused Isaac to look down at you, hope hidden in his eyes.

“And then you started acting like a douche for no reason and I thought you might just be a jerk. But I still like you, and I hate myself for it.”

“Don’t hate yourself!” He grabbed your hands, his big palms dwarfing them. “I’m going to make this up to you.” He swore solemnly. “I’ll take you out for ice cream every day until you forgive me, and if you end up being 300 pounds heavier when that happens, it won’t matter. I’ll just be happy I’m with you.” Your heart skipped at his words and you were sure he could hear it.

Nodding, you replied, “Okay.” You waited for a few seconds, getting your sense of humor back. “But I expect you to pay for all of my toppings.”

He smiled, a real, genuine smile that you hadn’t gotten since before all of the werewolf mess. “Of course.”

Secret Lovers - Part 2

Request for Anonymous;  Would you write an Isaac lahey oneshot please? Secretly dating and your brother is scott?

A/N: Part 2 of this imagine. Hope you like it. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but my computer is running out of battery so I made the end in a hurry.

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

… .

“… and that’s why we’ve kept it a secret.” you told Scott, looking down at the ground and fiddling your fingers.

He took a deep breath before standing up and standing in front of you. He looked you in the eyes, opening his arms and signaling he wanted to give you a big hug. A smile fell upon your lips as you quickly stood up. His hug was long and warm, and you felt the protection coming from your brother.

“Those two are pretty good together.” he told Lydia while pointing at you and Isaac.

Scott walked up Isaac and grabbed his arm firmly. “You better take good care of her,” he commanded. Isaac gave him a quick smirk and wink. “and you, sissy, better head to bed. It’s getting late.”

You nodded and gave Lydia a hug goodbye and Isaac a quick kiss on the cheek as you hurried up the stairs.


You got a ride from your brother to school. When you arrived a hot-looking Isaac and a grumpy looking Stiles were waiting for the two of you.

You jumped into Isaac’s arms as you placed a kiss on his lips. “Come on, we better get to class.” he said grabbing your arm and leading your way.

Stiles’ eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he gave Scott a weird expression. “The hell?” he asked, scratching his head. Scott gave him a quick nod and smile as they proceeded to enter the school.

After class you were putting your books away in your locker when Lydia came over.

“Hey, you.” she smirked, “got any plans for the weekend? Oh, and don’t forget it this time. I wouldn’t wanna interrupt anything again..” she laughed as she gave you a wink.

“I actually have a date with Isaac on Friday night.” you squealed as she proceeded to squeal along with you. “Oh, my god! Could I help you get ready? You know, I think I’m better at fashion.” she said looking up and down your body.

You gave her a fake smile as you laughed it away.

All of a sudden you felt two large hands covering your eyes. “Guess who.” a deep voice said.
You turned around and saw a beautiful creature named Isaac, standing in front of you. “Hey, baby!” you smiled, giving him a long kiss on the lips.

On the other side of the hall Scott and Stiles were spying on the two of you.
“Come on, bro. Do you really trust this guy?” Stiles asked Scott, furrowing his eyebrows. “If she’s happy, that’s all that matters.” Scott sighed. “I’m not gonna let him get away with this-“ Stiles continued as he stomped his feet over to you and Isaac.

“Hey!” Stiles yelled pointing his finger at Isaac, “What do think you’re doing with her, huh?”.

Isaac’s eyes started glowing as he gave Stiles a small growl. He turned towards him as Stiles got closer and closer with anger filled in his eyes. Stiles approached him with fists forward getting ready to throw a punch. Scott grabbed him by his wrists pulling them back. “Stiles! Calm down!” Scott shouted, trying to hold an angry Stiles back. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked. 

Stiles turned towards Scott, furrowing his eyebrows at him with heavy breaths escaping his lips. “Help me, we’ll totally win this fight” he said through gritted teeth. Scott shook his head, “no”. 

You won’t get away with this!” he yelled as he walked away keeping full eye contact with Isaac. 

“Calm down, babe. He’s not gonna hurt you.” you told Isaac, trying to calm him down. 

“I know. Was just trying to scare him away which actually worked.” he said with a smirk. You playfully punched his shoulder as you and Lydia both let out a small laugh.


Your date night had come and Lydia was getting settled in your bedroom with all her clothing options for you to wear, makeup, hair stuff and basically thing you’d never seen before. 

“So, I’m thinking this, this or this.she said pulling a few dresses. “No, no..” you said shaking your head, “and guess what? No!” you continued not really caring about her effort at all. 

“Oh, come on, y/n, would you please just try this on? With these heels?” she begged. You sighed and politely agreed, even though you didn’t really want to but since she insisted you figured you’d give it a go. 

You dressed yourself in the nice crop top and skirt she had given you. You took a quick look in the mirror and cringed your nose. “You look beautiful!” Lydia gasped. “Now all you need is a final touch of lipgloss, and my baby is ready to go!” she squealed, bouncing on her heels as she gave you a lipgloss.

“There. Done.” you anxiously said, turning towards Lydia. 

“You look stunning, sweetie.” she smiled proudly, when someone knocked on your door. 

“I have an Isaac here for you, “ your mother, Melissa, said. “Is it okay if he comes in?” 

“Definitely” Lydia replied. 

Isaac’s eyes widened at the sight of you. “Wow.” was the only thing he managed to say. You smiled as he pulled you in to a tight hug.