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Suzy has been getting a lot more hate than usual lately, and I think this is why we should have a sort of “Month of the Suzy” or make it sort of “Year of the Suzy.” To give our full support and cheer her on more than we usually do, to show her she is loved by many Game Grumps fans.
I’ve been lucky enough to meet Suzy in person if even for a few moments and she is super nice, cool and adorable, like, just as much as you’d think she was. She deserves all the love in the world, and it makes me so mad to hear what people have been saying about her.
So I say April, (just spitballing a date here) we make it a month of as much love for Suzy as possible, meaning leaving cute comments on a lot of her videos or making her cool stuff to send, and officially calling it the Month of Suzy. We can even put all the fanart/stuff together in one big video for her, and hashtag it #LoveforSuzy !!!
Who’s with me for this? Come on guys, reblog to spread the idea or like to show you’re interested!!!

The German pilot was seeing a psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with a severe psychosis and the psych told him he was unfit to fly. He got a letter which he had to turn in to his supervisors, and he didn’t, deliberately. This man knew he was unfit, yet he still took flight, still locked out his colleague and deliberately aimed the plane for the mountain. Even if it was suicide he chose to take 149 people with him.If it was a school shooting where the killer shot themselves afterwards, then it would still be treated as murder and the focus would be on the people in mourning. If a parent took their own life after taking their child’s and partner’s people would be screaming bloody murder because they involved innocent bystanders. 

This man deliberately took the life of 149 people. He was a murderer, regardless of his mental state or reasons. 

People are focusing on what he was suffering from,  that he was white so ‘’suddenly not a terrorist’’ and just plain on missing a very important point.

149 people died. This is a massive blow to Germany.Thousands of people are in mourning and instead of trying to give them condolences or support many are too obsessed with their petty social justice standards. For fucks sake, show some humanity.  

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Ok so I keep thinking about this post and I usually only post/reblog images and imagesets but this is getting me all upset. It reminds me a little of how the BP and Storm split went down; regardless of what you feel about their marriage, you can’t deny that it was a super shitty (pardon my language!) way of going about splitting them up. Even if you don’t like them together, T’Challa wouldn’t divorce her the way that he did (i.e. without warning & for reasons that were hardly her fault/had nothing?? to do with their marriage???) Just like Scott wouldn’t say what he did to Emma.

Like is there even a narrative reason that had to go down the way it did, that they had to say what they said and make Scott and T’Challa look like insensitive douchecanoes (and leaving Ororo & Emma hanging without saying anything) when they really supposedly aren’t???

Jonnor YouTube restriction

This seriously makes me so mad bc out of all the terrible things that people, mostly children, are exposed to on the Internet, they choose to restrict them from watching a sweet, completely innocent scene that changed TV history.

Jude and Connor are such a beautiful representation of kids/teens exploring their sexuality at a young age. This scene will set a positive example for kids who are going through the same problems, and help them see that it is OK to be who you are and that you don’t have to label yourself.

This iconic scene has greatly impacted the destigmatization of the LGTBQ community, and just to see it censored like it was never a big deal is extremely disappointing, and yes this is censorship. Why are there videos of people doing drugs, partaking in criminal activity, racism, horror, attempting rape, and sexual assault?

They are basically telling kids that they would rather have them involved in these terrible things, than have them feel comfortable with exploring their sexuality. Unfortunately, the restriction of this video is a huge step backward in the LGBTQ movement, and needs to be lifted.

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You know what makes me mad is that all zayn has done is release that statement and do that bullshit interview and then he's in the studio with naughty boy. like you can't tweet and thank the fans and tell them you love them or something? All of these fans are heart broken and I feel like he doesn't care much

I was hoping for the exact same thing, but I learned not to expect anything and then you won’t be disappointed. It would be nice for him to tweet something, knowing that he still cares, but I don’t even know if we are going to get that for awhile. I feel that it would make more people accept it if he did tweet something or just do something. Yes Liam’s tweet did help a lot, but he didn’t leave the band, Zayn did. We all know how Zayn don’t like the attention, but it could help a lot. When I say “for him to tweet something”, I mean him, not someone tweeting off his account. But I do think he cares, but I’m also not him. In the audio, he said that he didn’t want to disappoint the fans and that’s why he kept doing it for so long, and I actually believe that. But I also feel kind of sad because I seriously thought he was happy.. I guess I was wrong.

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

Tokyo Ghoul x Bleach Opening 1 Crossover [video]

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